NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM Hits Next Week, Only on PS3

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Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers, I’m Hiroshi Matsuyama from CyberConnect2, the developer of NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM. I’m very excited to have this opportunity to speak with you all about the game. Since this is my first post, I’ll cover the basics today.

I’m sure some of you that have seen our trailers for the game have thought “I bet this is just a pre-rendered movie” – but it’s not! Everything from all of our trailers is 100% real-time footage from the game running on PLAYSTATION 3 hardware that you will all be able to experience when the game is released next week.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm features two main game modes for players to enjoy – “Free Battle Mode” and “Ultimate Mission Mode.” In Free Battle Mode, you can play as one of 25 characters from the animated series. The battles aren’t strictly one-on-one either – you can bring two support characters into every battle, who will help you out in short bursts. This is the same three person team structure as the TV series, but now you can create your own teams with all sorts of original combinations. We’ve put a lot of effort into our battles to make sure they match the look and feel of the animated series. You can perform all sorts of amazing moves with your favorite characters and even fight on walls and run over bodies of water.

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM

Ultimate Mission Mode lets you take on 101 missions across Naruto’s Hidden Leaf Village, which acts as a hub for the game. Here, you can acquire new Jutsu moves, purchase items, and even chow down on a bowl of noodles at the Ichiraku Ramen shop! The game’s storyline covers episodes 1-135 of the Naruto animated series, so it’s incredibly comprehensive. In addition to the head-to-head battles, you’ll encounter huge boss battles, races through the forest and tree-climbing battles in this mode.

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM

At the strong request of our fans in North America, the game offers full voicing in both English and Japanese with all the original actors from the animated series. We’re also going to be releasing downloadable content for the game well into next year. It will mostly focus on new support characters and missions and best of all, it will all be FREE!

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM

These are just the basics of the game, but if you want to check it out for yourself, we have a playable demo that you can download from PSN right now. In my next post, I’m going to give you an exclusive look at how we made the game, so check back here soon!

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  • I remember FIRST hearing about this game, and got pretty excited, it’s like you are actually playing the cartoon!

    thanks for the post!

  • FREE DLC is awesome. I may rent this, seeing as how I’m not the biggest fan of Naruto. It does look incredibly stunning…

  • I want this game!

  • I’m upset that this game won’t have trophies, it would be one game I would enjoy earning them all on. Maybe in a patch?

  • I agree with depward on both points. Free content is awsome, and this is a game I will have to rent. The demo was fun, but being dumped into a battle with little/no instructions made it annoyingly hard. If I can play a bit from the beggining and learn the game correctly I may enjoy this one.

  • I’m surprised and impressed at the fact that a licensed (and anime) title has come so close to center-stage. It looks good, plays well, and seems like you guys really put some solid effort into it. Bravo, and I wish you the best on your launch. I’ll be doing my part though, if I’m being honest, this will probably be pushed back to X-mas.

    By the way, and sorry if I’m asking the wrong person, but any word on the PS3 Tales game? I love the series.

  • Cannot wait!

    I know this is early but will you guys be using the engine for a naruto Action/Adventure RPG that goes into the shippuuden series? That would be great [or just an RPG that doesn’t really have to do anything with Naruto]

    Anyways, I played the demo. Really beautiful game!

  • Your game looks STUNNING! I played the early access demo from Qore a while back and I was blown away. The only thing I noticed was that the recovery time from a “knock down” hit seemed a bit long and really could make the fighting portion one sided. I hope this was reviewed.

    I wish some of the mission mode was available to play. My hopes is that it exceeds what Rise of a Ninja has set as,what I think is, the new bar for Naruto games. That game wasn’t perfect also but it really immersed you in the game

    • Thank you for the positive response to the demo! Please keep in mind that the demo was released months before the full game was finished, so there will be even more polish in the retail product, taking into account a lot of the feedback we received from users.

  • Limited Edition already paid for. Love you CyberConnet2. Please tell Namco to show the PS3 more love.

  • Looks really nice. :)

    Good job

  • It looks like a great game.

  • Both language tracks… gold star!! Finally companies are listening!

  • Sweet, but do we expect a trophie patch? its still a buy for me

  • Sony… How many amazing titles are we going to have to choose from in the next few months O_o please release SOME of these wehn there’s a drought. I don’t get why all these games have to release at once.

  • I really want this game but:
    FIFA 09 + LBP + Economic Crisis = :(
    The dolar in my country is really high, so
    i’ll have to wait…


  • Original voice cast takes this game from a maybe to a definitely will buy on the huge list of games I want to pick up over the next couple months.

  • This game looks really good, too bad I don’t care for the license.

  • The demo was alot of fun. Don’t know if I can afford another game though.

  • Please add trophies!!!!

  • When will i ever get to sleep? Between this and Little Big Planet and NBA 2k9 when do I get to just sit down and relax and get some sleep. This is turning out to be my favorite fighter game of all time. Naruto is the best anime ever.

  • Looks stunning, much better than Rise of a Ninja. Hopefully the gameplay will live up to the visuals.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for including the Japanese voice cast. It was so irritating that RoaN shipped without them and we had to wait for a patch. The English voice cast would make the game unplayable :)

  • Thanks Hiroshi.

  • Played the demo a while ago and I suprized at how amazing the game is. When I have a chance I will make sure to check out the game. Is there any other anime’ish (not naruto) games coming in the future? (Gantz, Ergoproxy, Samurai 7, DesertPunk, etc.)

  • wait…this isn’t the game we got a demo for 3 months ago is it? i was wondering where that game was…

  • awesome. The Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series is the only fighting game series besides Super Smash Bros that I’ve really been able to enjoy. Free DLC only sweetens the deal. I’m really looking forward to this :D

  • Matsuyama-san; can we expect an online mode as DLC at some point for this game? It’s even planned? Or the idea for online wasn’t even think in this game?


    • We do not have any plans to enable online play via a patch at this time, but it\’s a feature we understand is important to a lot of our fans. We will listen closely to all your feedback on the game when it is released, so please let us know what you think.

  • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm looks amazing on the PS3. I love that you guys are going to offer free DLC to support the game’s life cycle, and that you have considered the fans in releasing it with both English and Japanese language. That goes a long way to show that you care for the consumers and fans of this franchise.

    • I am happy to hear such a strong response to our plans for free downloadable content. We will actually be announcing more about our plans for this content tomorrow (dates, characters), so keep an eye out for it!

  • I’m ready to pick up my reservation for the limited edition the day it comes out

  • This was always a day one purchase for me but free DLC just sweetens the deal. Nice to see the custom teams from the PSP Ultimate Ninja games on PSP are confirmed for Ninja Storm. I cannot wait for this game! Do you know yet if the next Ultimate Ninja game will cover events after the Sasuke retrieval arc?

  • You know what would be great? A cowboy bebop game. Too many strictly teens anime adaptations.

  • This game will be the best Naruto game for a LONG time.

  • Dattebayo!!!

  • Just love it :D Well I already have spent so much money on LBP, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Resistance 2, and Valkyrian Chronicles, so why not add this one to that list as well :p

  • This game is a day one for me.

    Have CyberConnect2 been looking into Bleach or is it only Naruto for you guys? Because I would love a Bleach game for the PS3 with this engine.

  • the demo was the shizzle…
    I can’t wait to do the full blown missions…

    def. catching the first batch.


    When doing the story mode…do we get to play as other characters as well or is it ONLY Naruto’s missions?

    Like when we get to Gaara vs Rock Lee do we get to play as Rock Lee and fight Gaara, and Rock Lee vs Kimimaro, various fights vs Sound 4, etc or is it stricly ONLY missions/story from Naruto’s perspective in 1-135?


    Also…Have you made the transition from going from the walls back onto the floor easier & vice versa? Like can we freely hop back onto the ground and onto the walls or do we have to knock the opponent back onto the ground and onto the walls?


    Thanks for answering and please give me a human response XD And not a robotic corporate one that avoids my question! lol like tech support does! (haha oh the fun!)

    Oh and…day 1 buy for me =)

    • You will definitely get the chance to play as other characters in the Ultimate Mission Mode. For example, you may have seen videos we recently released in which you play as Tsunade against Orochimaru. You will play as Naruto in the Hidden Leaf Village portion of the game, but transition to other characters in the actual missions.

      The wall combat is still initiated by knocking your opponent into the wall. We did look into other ways we could implement it, but found that this was the most intuitive.

  • episodes 1-135? guess who the last boss will be hehehe

    jeezzee you guys are really doing it.

  • Can you guys please reconsider patching this game for trophies? It would make a lot of us exteremly happy. Heck, I’m willing to show you a reciept for my purchase if you do this :)

  • Oh and…

    Please consider doing a Bleach game using this Engine and fighting mechanics!! That would be AWESOME!

    Using shunpo zipping around the 3d battlefield clashing swords, going bankai, etc, etc ;D *nudge nudge* Matsuyama-san

    Oh and….Naruto Shippuden too! =P

  • ah…this is the game we got the demo a while back for. i wondered what happened.

    man…this game looks F’ING AWESOME in motion! if the game looks better than the demo then this should be incredible just to even watch.

  • Oh sorry did you think I was gone XD

    *Jacky Chan Uncle Voice*

    One more thing!

    I too am a fan who would love an online patch, because I am currently in the Home beta and I have a friend there who’s looking forward to this game as much as I am and I would have loved to have some awesome ninja fights with her! lol

    And finally! (promise it’s my last thing! haha)

    Please consider a trophy patch as well, it’d please your fans even more and would get you a bucnh more sales too for those trophy hunters ;D

  • Great news. Did you just say “FREE” DLC, AWESOME. I loved the demo and look forward to the retail game. Thanks for the update. Could you provide a high-res version of the screen-shots on flickr?

  • The game looks amazing, it really does.
    Dont think we are going to see any game getting as close to the real anime like this one will.

    Not sure if I will really get the game yet in these expensive times, but the Collector’s Edition sure is tempting..

    The graphics beat a certain other game by a long run, who would have thought it was even possible? Amazing!

    Well nothing else to say other than, looking forward to the sequal, and I hope you can fix the only mistake that this game will have on that one. (Something with online! :D )

  • Japanese voices FTW. I absolutely loved the demo and will definitely be picking it up (but, probably closer to the holiday break). Is there a chance trophies will be patched in at some point?

  • You guys at CyberConnedt2 are great devs. I
    don’t even like Naruto that much but your games have always been good any chance we see a .hack game with this engine I miss that series.

  • I was going to say “Add trophies and it’s a guarenteed purchase” but after watching the trailer, trophies be damned! That looked incredible. Sold, day one.

  • @Hiroshi
    This is kinda off topic, but will we ever see a real dot hack mmorpg here in the usa for the ps3? (hopeful)

  • I am planning to pickup this game. Please plan a patch for trophy and online support. You already mentioned above that you have no plans but you know a lot of your fans want them. So here’s my feedback to you. We want trophies and online!!!

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