PSP 3000 update

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Ratchet PSP bundle box

Based on ongoing discussions with our retail partners and the feedback they have received from their customers, SCEA has seen significant interest in the Ratchet & Clank Size Matters PSP Entertainment Pack in North America, which includes the updated PSP-3000. As a result, we will be streamlining our PSP hardware lineup and will no longer be offering the previously announced 4GB Memory PSP Entertainment Pack.

Consumers who are interested in a larger capacity memory option can purchase a 4GB PSP Memory Stick PRO Duo, which will be available this fall for $44.99 (MSRP). The Ratchet & Clank Size Matters PSP Entertainment Pack will continue to be available in Mystic Silver in North America, and, starting in December, will be available in Piano Black.

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  • No more PSP refreshes, this is getting silly. New PSP please.

  • @49:

    I think this is the worst idea Sony could have had with the PSP, now more than ever when the download content is rising so much, a bundle with a 4 GB is absolutely PERFECT for Xmas, but NO! Sony HAD the screw us once more taking away the ONLY bundle with a mem stick that big, of course we can still buy it but what does it mean for Sony? This: if you want a PSP 3000 with a 4 GB mem stick spend like $250+ on it, catch it?

  • Where the heck is “gamesblow” when you need him/her……. :'(

  • now, thats stupid, i was really looking forwards to that version because really the silver psp is that sharp looking and the black does all the way.

  • @52 sorry m8 i actually meant 39 :S

    i agree with you tho :)

  • @52…

    This very blog post says the stand alone Piano Black will be out by Christmas…Then you can buy a 4GB or 8GB or 16GB Mem Stick and IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE A SONY BRAND…

    What REALLY is going on imo is that North American retailers were refusing to carry 3 skus of PSP 3000 PLUS inventory of the 2000 bundles they already have.

  • The best bundle gets canceled? That makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t believe the reasons you are giving for canceling the 3000 black bundle. Something is really fishy here. I don’t like this at all.

  • @57: you know dude, the post says that there will be a black PSP by December, BUT it never says it is the bundle that was taking off just now, could be just a normal version without any game or mem stick at all, but I agree with everybody else that thing this is more fishy than the sea, I bet my Masamune this is related to what the post 58 says

  • Question for all the conspiracy theorists… much space does the PSP get at your favorite store…now you think those same stores are going to devote MORE space to the PSP by carrying Series 2000 bundles AND 2 series 3000 bundles AND a Series 3000 core? Retailers in NA make more money pushing the DS then the PSP and I’ll bet my *** that SONY was told that there was no way they were getting retail space by the likes of Walmart and Target…so they dropped the pack.

  • Wow lots of negative feedback, i like the idea, i’ll take the Ratchet bundle with a black psp 3000 as a christmas gift :D

  • Will white ever be in North America, or are we screwed on that too?

    If I order from Japan, can I install North American firmware?

  • You guys need to recall this thing until you sort out your screen issues. I was looking forward to upgrading my 2000 to this 3000 but with the scanline issue, I’m going to have to pass. Plus it’s kind of a let down: if you’re going to put out a new hardware revision so soon after releasing the last one (the 2000), you really ought to bring more to the table than just a built in mic and a brighter screen (which ends up being broken anyways). As others have noted, put some dual analog love in there. Upgrade the wireless to 802.11g or (shudder!) 802.11n. Give us dual memory stick slots. Maybe even ditch UMD and stick to download only titles/software. Upgrade the processor so it can handle HD output (720p) or some form of wireless video (as I recall, Sony is investing in tech that allows for wireless HD signals; put it in the PSP so I can play games on the big screen while home without being tethered).

    So much potential for this device, especially in new hardware revisions, and it seems you guys are squandering your opportunities for expanding the market for this cool console.

  • Man Sony doesn’t know what they want to do with the PSP.

  • I love my PSP 2000. If anyone dose not have a PSP it’s a great time to get one.

  • @63: The last thing I would want is all downloadable games for the PSP. I prefer to have the actual phyiscal copy personally.

    In all honesty I didn’t know there was a scanline issue with the PSP 3000. That really sucks and I got to agree with Poster #60 on all of he/she comments.

    At Wal Mart they don’t give the PSP as much shelf space for games and hardware as they do the DS. Walmart gives so much more space to DS games and also puts out all the DS colors.

    It does suck for those who wanted the 4GB Memory Card but Sony is still releasing a Piano Black PSP 3000. They might’ve gotten rid of this bundle because they would lose money on it.

    Always Remember:

    “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

    Think about it

  • NOOOOO!! sony why?….. i was planing on getting that pack :[

    sooooooo lame

  • Question for Jhon Koller. Does this mean that you guys are going to also be fixing the PSP-3000’s, screen issues that customers have been complaining about? I surely hope so. I will definitly be tring before I buy this time. After the nightmare I had with the 3000’s sceen and between customer service reps, I have no choice…

  • PLEASE tell me there will still be a piano black version. I’m holding out for it! This will be my 4th PSP.

  • I’d like to know if there will be new extended batteries I just got a Slim last month and haven’t been able to find any of the discontinued extended battery packs.

  • OK I just read the last sentence, LOL. Nice to know there will be a black version :)

  • Actually…I do have a question for Mr. Koller…I ‘think’ that the GPS was confirmed for release this calendar year for North America…where is it?

    BTW…if it is, as I suspect a lack of retailer buy in when it came to devoting space to the PSP…could you not have sold it through SONY STYLE?

  • Alright Sony….
    Neing a proud PSP owner, I bought it on day one and I use it every night. It has two burnt pixels that its had since I fired it up for the first time. I had no real thought on this post until I read some of the comments.

    1) For crying out loud, OFFER A BLACK MODEL.

    2) You just launched the PSP Store and this is a sorry way to promote buying from it.

    Release the other model. It’s Christmas, it’ll sell.

  • Oh, and I accidentally clicked 5 stars for this Blog post, when I actually meant 1 STAR!! I’m just so used to reading awesome posts with good news on here that it’s a force of habit to click 5 stars.

  • bad call Sony. bad call.

  • So you decided to eliminate that particular bundle? Ok, that’s fine, I can deal with the other one. There’s only one thing stopping me from buying a PSP 3000, the internerlacing issue. Interlacing on a progressive scan screen is not a feature, it is a flaw. It should not exist nor should it be a problem for a screen that display progressively. Fix this and I will buy a PSP 3000. Until then, no sale.

  • @73…that’s unfortunate that you manned up…I clicked 5 stars and they sent me an email saying I could have a free cookie!

  • Can we please get a WHITE PSP-300?! Seriously. Why does that screen have tingy yellow colors?!

  • Seriously, who has a PSP and DOESN’T have a 4 or 8 gig stick yet? There’s been 4 and 8 gig sticks out there for ages with affordable pricetags from sandisk etc.

    Though I do agree, the 1 gig stick is as pointless as the 32 gig stick was with the first kits of PSP. Now you can download games from the store but a lot of the cool games like syphon filter can’t fit on a 1 gig stick.

  • That’s too bad. That was the one I was waiting for. I already have R&C, I’m not interested in the movie, 1 GB is just too small, and I don’t really want a silver one. The only good thing about this bundle imo is echochrome since I don’t own it and it looks interesting. I guess I might pick up the standalone one eventually.

  • Nice Pack :D

    Only on PSP because size matters!

  • I think I’ve been loyal with the PS brand for so long… maybe it is indeed time to rethink if it’s really worth standing up and patronizing disappointing decisions from this company…

  • “I’m personally excited about the 4GB Memory bundle because we’re including a – you guessed it – 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, which is the biggest Memory Stick we’ve ever bundled with a PSP. Similar to the new PS3 model, this PSP bundle is the result of the current consumer usage model – where more and more of you are finding that extra memory space is crucial.”

    “…we will be streamlining our PSP hardware lineup and will no longer be offering the previously announced 4GB Memory PSP Entertainment Pack.”

    Sometimes people get what they want, and then… Wow, all I can say is that this is a huge disappointment. I think it’s ironic that I’m glad to have a PSP-2000 (Madden bundle) over a PSP-3000 right now, all things considered.

  • Fail. I agree with the other posters, this was the bundle that had me interested. Now we have screen problems, less interesting bundle…

    Maybe I’ll look for a used PSP2000? Or just forget the whole thing.

  • The new version of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) looks nice, I don’t see much difference from the older black one, but still I can see the buttons much clearer than the older black one.

    – Proligy
    – Good Gaming

  • lol this is funny, size matters and they cut the size down for the memory card, I too find this strange, i bought the 2000 model late into the cycle, think i’ll stick with it, I really don’t get that much use from it anymore, though I still love it, wanted the 3000 only because of the anti sun reflectiveness aspect, but now that I read about the screen issues, I don’t know. I’m interested in the GPS myself, when the heck will that ever be out though, I’ll end up getting a phone with gps, if it doesn’t come out soon…

  • i agree a new PSP would be nice

  • I played with a PSP 3000 for about an hour last week.

    I experienced the “scan lines” on God Of War, SOCOM Fire Team Bravo, and The Simpsons Game.

    While the quality of the screen color IS vastly improved, the “scan lines” (they’re not really “scan lines” in the most technical sense) are definitely there and it’s a shame that moving forward this will be the ONLY option for PSP owners IF Sony decides that they’re not going to remedy the situation.

    Now, while the scan lines ARE there … they’re not quite the worst thing I’ve ever seen … but they’re so subtle that they become unsettling during gameplay on a level thats near-sub-conscious … which isn’t good at all. They’re distracting while simultaneously NOT truly impeding gameplay … which makes for a very uncomfortable play session.

    I’m not “mad” at Sony … they’ve done a lot of outstanding things with the PSP to date … this is really just one minor slip-up and they truly DO have an opportunity to remedy it (it may cost them a bit, but they really do), and I’d love to see it fixed.

    PLEASE Sony … don’t do this to your loyal consumer base.

  • hrm. I don’t really understand why you decided that, but I guess I’ll just have to get the stuff separately…. :/

  • :( I already bought Everyday Shooter for PS3. I want to play it on my PSP, but I don’t want to be a punk [DELETED]. Help me, Sony!

    Also, any chance of a matte PSP color coming out outside of a bundle? That would be nice.

  • With this particular announcement I wail not be purchasing this pack. The 4GB pack was an awesome bundle. I am not sure where they are getting there info from. Maybe they should have sent out another survey. Matter of fact they should do that, many people want different colors and larger memory.

    Before any of that they should really fix the problems with the PSP-3000. I will not purchase one until they do, if they ever that is.


  • What the heck is up Sony?? Why can’t you get this PSP-3000 thing right? First issues with the “new & improved” screen and now you’re pushing back the release date of the black 3000 and WITHOUT the memory card!!! COME ON!!! Those screen issues better be fixed with the black “core system” because that silver PSP looks like CRAP!!!

    I want the black one with the new screen without scan lines.

    Start listening to the users/consumers Sony or you’ll be up the creek with lots of silver PSPs with broken screens.

    Who decided to put National Treasure 2 with the bundle anyway?? Terrible decision. If you want to sell an item leave Nicholas Cage out of it.

  • Another thing, if you guys are taking out the stick in bundle, will the price drop? Oh let me guess, NO. Why is this you may ask, because they really know consumers will want MORE memory. I just see it as another way to make money off the consumer. Profits are high on accessories like this.

    I suggest people wait until black Friday for deep discount. I will NEVER pay 40+ dollars for a Memory stick.

  • Common Sony you can do better than that?! Don’t disappoint your customers constantly with a dead bug will you?! How about those scan lines people are complaining about online? I mean scan lines they see with the PSP-3000. I’ve just bought a new PSP of the older slim version, so am not planning to buy this version just yet. It’s already my third (one = dead :-()

    @8, ow grow up will ya. Releasing PSP2 is a) too soon, b) too much nonsense as the PSP offers anything a small multi media device can offer right now.

  • Sony needs to recall the PSP 3000 and fix the interlacing problems with the screen.

  • I’m unable to tell if Sony is purposely screwing their customers over (again, and again, and again) or if it’s just a crazy string of really bad (but honest) mistakes on their part.

    I hope for the latter, but I’m starting to suspect the former.

    At least they have the decency to post B.S. blog entries with “this’ll fool them” excuses for everything. Now THAT I can respect.

  • I was going to purchase the PSP 3000, however, after hearing about the interlacing (scan) lines, I think I’ll hold off a bit now.



    I just wanted the handheld in black

    bwwwaaa *cries*

    *sniff* now I have to wait until December *sniff*

  • On a related note, is there an update about the status of Everyday Shooter for PSP (date, pricepoint, etc.)

  • I had planned to upgrade from my old 1001 PSP to the 3000 but after looking at the reviews and all that line artifacts I’m really considering waiting for the 4000 or fortunately the psp2 (if ever comes out).

  • Anyword on the GPS atachment for the US?

    Give me that with e-books and PDA functionality and this will be my only wireless device outside my phone. I am sticking with my PSP-2000 for now though.

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