PSP 3000 update

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Ratchet PSP bundle box

Based on ongoing discussions with our retail partners and the feedback they have received from their customers, SCEA has seen significant interest in the Ratchet & Clank Size Matters PSP Entertainment Pack in North America, which includes the updated PSP-3000. As a result, we will be streamlining our PSP hardware lineup and will no longer be offering the previously announced 4GB Memory PSP Entertainment Pack.

Consumers who are interested in a larger capacity memory option can purchase a 4GB PSP Memory Stick PRO Duo, which will be available this fall for $44.99 (MSRP). The Ratchet & Clank Size Matters PSP Entertainment Pack will continue to be available in Mystic Silver in North America, and, starting in December, will be available in Piano Black.

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  • weak…I planned on getting that one.

  • The only one I would get is the size matters one, but it would have to have black.

  • That sucks! I guess I’m not going to upgrade from my 2000.

  • You can pick up a 4gb stick pretty cheap online so that’s not a big deal.

    What about the scanline issues I’ve heard about?

  • COME ON!!!!

    I was seriously getting hyped up about getting back into the PSP scene! (I’ve had the original for a while now, and since it’s got multiple “issues” I was going to upgrade to the 3000!) BUT NOW!!!! (Grr….) I was planning on getting the 4Gig pack! (I was interested in getting Everyday Shooter along with the 4Gig and the astonishingly beautiful piano black PSP, but now I’ll have to wait!!!!) I’m not going to lie, but this makes me kind of mad! Doesn’t it make sense to please ALL consumers! Don’t forget about the minority! The majority may be VERY important, but us “minority” are loyal fans that care!

    I guess I’ll just have to add it to my christmas list… :(

  • Why on Earth would you cancel the only pack that I have heard anyone is waiting for? You know that not everyone wants the Ratchet & Clank package with the 1 measly GB card. What ever happened to a Black Core system? We will provide the cards and games, you don’t need to preselect them for us to have your own advantage, Sony. Keep your game and your card and take some of the (over) price off! PS the scanlines are pathetic didn’t anyone test?

  • FAIL! I guess that’s the only 3000 retailers can sell, because it’s the only 3000 they have. I was about to upgrade my 1000 to a 2000 the week after my buddy got a 2000. 3 days later the 3000 is announced and a great bundle w/ 4gb stick to carry w/ me on business for those boring flights to watch movies. Now that’s not available, you can’t fix the scan lines, so Q1 09 to Q2 09 the 4000 will be announced. With internal 8gb memory, brite lcd and no scanlines.

    I’ll wait…







  • what! ive been planing to get the 4GB pack and sell the mem card (cuz I alredy have one) so I could get the new PSP in black I do not want to wait that long ive been waiting I gues there is only one thing that we can count on with sony: they will alwas manage to screw stuff up just at least give us the $170
    PSP by its self now thats all I want! I dont want rached and clank and I shur dont want a SILVER PSP and theres no way I’m gona wait that long maby I should do what all my friends are telling me to do “get a DS” “the DS is better” “save your money and get a PC/360” I wanted to be a loyal playstation guy but man I this is not something easy to deal with IDK the DS has a touch screen and the 360 has halo3 and my PC is well. . .

  • There have been many negative reactions regarding the PSP 3000’s screen. What exactly are you planning to do about the issues in teh new screen?

  • I saw this PSP-3000 on my nearest GameStop, but i didn’t notice that. I thought it was really a 4GB Memory Stick.

  • and what about all thos who preordered? there orders are gona get canceled there not going to be happy

  • oh and whats up with 45 bucks for the card thats like $20 more than it was in the bundell! forget sony an 8gb sandisk pro DUO is only $50 I gues sony just dosent wand to give it mem card to peple for a resonable price so they called off the bundell

  • So by “streamlining” do you really mean “screwing the consumer out of $50”?

    Looks like you’re cribbing from MS now.

  • You guys are dumb. You can buy the PSP 3000 with the 4gb right now. They’re IN STORES NOW!!!

  • I’m all fine with my slim thanks.

  • Boooo. Count me out. I was going to upgrade, and this looked like an excellent deal. But not anymore.

  • So… If the 4GB stick is being taken out… does the price go down?

  • Care to comment on the “scanline” issue that seems to be plaguing the 3000’s screen?

    Is Sony doing anything to fix this?

  • wow…so there isn’t going to be a black version anymore? No chance I will be getting the silver version. When it comes to my Sony Electronics, they HAVE to be black.

  • Wow. This is the first time i am actually mad . The only good bundle is now cancelled. OMG Sony Are you Serious Really?

  • Wow that kinda bites. And why a bundle with such an old game?? And no four gig either? Come on Sony, just make a PSP 2 or something, no more firmware updates ore upgraded PSP, Just make a number two.

  • Man I remember when a 1 gig stick was like $100. That was the worst. $50 for 4GB that’s a steal lol

  • @8.
    Dont make stupid comments. 2 analog sticks is the stupidest complaint I’ve ever heard.

  • How about some games? The PSP line up for the rest of the year is utter trash. I guess Sony abandoned the PSP, seeing as not even them are releasing a game for it.

  • HAHAHA Stupid Sony… I was also getting the 4gb PSP3000 pack when it came out in a few weeks… but now? Ratchet and Clank? Wow… So when 12 year olds stop being your target PSP owner let me know… They will always want the DS. Sony had a chance to make a mint this holiday season and they chose to ignore it… And it is a slap in the face to say hey, if you want the 4gb stick buy it… 49.99… LAME!!! Heck if you wanted a piano black PSP buy the crap silver one and spray paint it…

  • Or buy the Lexar Gaming 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (MS Pro Duo) Flash Card Model MSDP4GB-40-658 for 24.99 —decisions decisions o_0

  • The memory stick prices have to be cheaper.

    I can get a 160gb HDD for the PS3 for $25 more.

  • hopefully this is just to fix the special scanline feature and then they release it.

  • That’s to bad, I don’t know what customer feedback they get but the 4gb pack was the one I wanted.

    The reason now that keep me back it’s the hardware failure thing about the screen that even and update will not fix it because… it’s in the hardware lol. If the improve it’s the screen why you make a bad one and released even if you know it?

  • I was waiting for the 4GB Entertainment Pack.
    No big deal, juss buy the 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo seperately, or even 8GB or 16GB. Whatever, who cares. I juss want a Piano Black PSP 3000.

  • @15
    “You guys are dumb. You can buy the PSP 3000 with the 4gb right now. They’re IN STORES NOW!!!”


  • Are there any plans to address the scan-line issues of the new 300 screen?


  • So let me get this straight… you have a product, that’s selling like hotcakes, and you’re going to cut it down ? Did I read that right ? Seriously ?

    I must be missing something….

  • Man I can’t believe this, guys someone up there MUST be fired, you have been screwing us over and over and over in the last few weeks(months) so much this is really annoying and frustrating, If I could I would take the job of whoever is in charge of these decisions and do the job for free just to show you guys how the job must be done. The PSP 3000 with a 4 GB mem stick was the one everybody I know wanted, but then you just come out here and mouth off such a ridiculous thing like this, I can’t believe you guys, I’m really trying to understand what’s the logic behind your decisions like this one or the one of taking off PS2 BC compatibility AT ALL from the PS3, but really I can’t find it anywhere, I’m completely pissed and dissapointed on you guys, you don’t even deserve my Meteor anymore.

    Oh and BTW, FIX THE SCANLINES ISSUES EVERYBODY TALKS ABOUT! And don’t go playing know cuz I’m sure you know about it, it will be a blasfemy against our intellect if you deny there is a scanline problem on the PSP 3000 when there are tons of proves of that on the NET

  • What happened to the other stuff coming this year for the PSP? Camera, GPS, further PSP to PS3 connectivity. The year of the software! Plus just to add that I would love a kart racer with breakfast cereal caricatures. Being on the back of every cereal box would do far more for console sales than 100 LBP games.

  • I don’t believe this, something doesn’t seem right. I mean the new PSP has been out for what, a couple of weeks now and they are already canceling one of the packs? I think this has something to do with the problems the new PSP has been having and not that there wasn’t demand for it. As you can tell by these post, there is demand.

  • what customers are they asking that do NOT want the memory stick UGH!

  • ???? you could’ve at least left it as a limited time offer and then went ahead with stream lining it. :P

  • Wow, this really sucks.

    I would rather have a nice Memory Stick… and you just launched the PS Store. Have fun actually storing a UMD Legacy download on a 1GB Stick, it’s kinda making us buy a 4GB Stick anyways…

    This sucks.

  • Gamasutra just had an article on retailers being more cautious with inventory given the current economic climate.

    Quote: Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, who says he’s “cautiously optimistic although sales are a little uneven.”

    Echoing recent statements by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, Sebastian agrees retailers are being more cautious about their upfront inventory purchases.

    You may have also hear the other recent story about retailers no longer wishing to carry multiple SKU of boxed items……though the PSP Entertaiment pack isn’t a music peripheral..retailers DO have to decide where to commit floor space to various products and I’m thinking SONY has heard from retail that the space isn’t going to be there for them.

  • this is a scam totaly and compleatly

  • @8

    What’s this “we” stuff?

    Speak for yourself!

  • Yup, I was planning on buying the memory stick pack… that is until I saw how crappy the screen actually is. Now this announcement just finalized my decision.

  • @44…did you see it ‘live’? It looks awesome…the stories on the net are WAAAYYYY over blown.

  • Goodness Sony. Shady deals all over the place recently. Please don’t alienate us.

  • @37

    i do agree there is something fishy about all this.

    but cmon 44 comments = demand ???

  • Oh this is [DELETED]……..

    I PRE-ORDERED THIS!!!!!!!!!

    I dont WANT a GRAY PSP……..

    I want a BLACK ONE!!!!!!!!!

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