Penny Arcade Adventures Debuts on PSN This Week

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We loved hearing all of your questions back in August, when we showed off some of the first details of the PS3 version of the game, so I thought I’d come back to give you even better news: The long wait is over! Penny Arcade arrives this week on the PlayStation Network. On Thursday we’re launching On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One, making it available for download on your PS3.

In case you missed some of the earlier descriptions, the game is set in an alternate 1920s universe inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, where Gabe and Tycho operate the Startling Developments Detective Agency, taking cases that are far from routine. After a giant robot stomps your house to rubble, you join the duo as they follow the malevolent machine and attempt to solve the mystery (and find you a new place to live). Every aspect of Episode One was crafted by the team here at Hothead to feel authentically Penny Arcade, with Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins themselves directly involved in the game’s creation. Check out the trailer to see a little bit of this first installment of the RPG-Adventure series in action.

The first episode features 6-10 hours of gameplay and will be available for download at $14.99. We integrated the game with a number of PSN-specific features, including the oft-requested trophies. You create a customized character that you see not only in 3D but also in the game’s comic-strip style 2D cutscenes. And if you play future episodes in the series, you’ll be able to carry your character’s look and stats over from one episode to the next on the same platform. New episodes will follow every few months, with Episode Two becoming available on PSN before the end of this year.

At Hothead, we’re really proud of the game and hope you enjoy it. We are excited about our debut on PlayStation 3 and think this will be just the beginning of what we have in store for the platform. And we’re always happy to hear what you think: come on over to our forums and give us your feedback.

One last thing. I would be remiss not to mention the rumors you may have heard: this game shows robots doing things to fruit that not only skirt the edge of decency, but that may be illegal in some states. All of these rumors are true. Go check it out tomorrow on the PlayStation Network!

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  • 14.99….huge let down and sorry to say but this game isnt worth that.

    sorry i might consider it if it were $9.99

  • PS I have already played this game on xbox and I paid $19.99 for it…I was a little disapointed so I wont be spending 15 to relive the expirience on my favorite console..

    seriously please tell me what your game offers that justifies charging 5 dollars more than other easily as good games

  • Does this game support Co-op?

  • @37

    Sure they can release the game on PSN, sure they have trouble with the torque engine.

    But the main reason (other than the price) would be the fact that PA is very very biased against the PS3 for a long time. Sure they do comment on the good games here and there, but sure diss them every single chance they get.

    Indeed I would inclined to join them in this biased opinion, but I have seen Sony take a LOT of positive steps to gain back the image that they lost. Which I believe deserves a pat on the back. Yet PA guys come out with the MGS spoof, the Bioshock strip, firmware 1.94 etc.

    Like I said back in August, don’t come running to PS3 when we’re on the rise, and kick us while we are down.
    Lets put things into perspective, if PS3 sold as much units as the 360 in NA at the time of this game’s XBLA launch, would the devs not delay this game to (at least) have a simultaneous launch with all the other versions.

    And btw, if you think the internet is all filled with peachy words and positive reinforcement, obviously you’ve not seen PA have you…

    I don’t have beef with the price, its the attitude that blew me off this game.

  • ^facepalm^ stupid fanboys who cares if it was on 360 first omg lol so is bioshock a bad game now not worth the money because it was the 360 first get over it both ps3 and 360 are good systems thats why there bringing it to ps3 they wouldn’t spend the time and money if it wasnt

  • i played the demo for this on the 360 it’s an ok rpg didn’t find it as funny as i thought it would be.

  • that’s mad cool, i so have to download that game soon and also the trophy are always a sweet treat.

  • @55

    *facepalm your facepalm*

    Obviously didn’t read my comment did you.

  • I am likely going to purchase this title. I am a sucker for RPGs

  • @58

    i see your comments and you have no one to blame but sony there the ones that where slacking on psn. It took them months and months in the beginning to release new games. while every week xbla was releasing games. there just know getting the word out on how good game like sshd and everydayshooter are. dont start hating on companys for releasing there game on psn its not as big yet as xbla for a reason and thats sony

  • looks like a pretty cool game i may have to invest :) keep bringing the games :D

    more ps1 games pleaaaaase the jap store has gazzillions!. i know theres probably tons of hoops to jump through but there is a tons of games i would love to play again.

    keep up the good work

  • Just curious if this will ever be available in the EU store or will it only be available for America?

  • @60

    Sure Sony needs to take more and better steps towards PSN releases. Like I said, I am not “hating” on Hothead for releasing games on PSN, Penny-arcade on the other hand… Why should I give them the moola when they are the ones making fun of the PS3.

    Instead of acknowledging Sony for taking these positive steps, they come up with comic strips that make fun of specific things (not that they don’t do it with other consoles, but PS3 seems to be getting the brunt of the “hate”).

  • I just bought it, but i can`t install it

    error 80029564

    Please help!!!

    What can i do??!!!

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