Penny Arcade Adventures Debuts on PSN This Week

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We loved hearing all of your questions back in August, when we showed off some of the first details of the PS3 version of the game, so I thought I’d come back to give you even better news: The long wait is over! Penny Arcade arrives this week on the PlayStation Network. On Thursday we’re launching On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One, making it available for download on your PS3.

In case you missed some of the earlier descriptions, the game is set in an alternate 1920s universe inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, where Gabe and Tycho operate the Startling Developments Detective Agency, taking cases that are far from routine. After a giant robot stomps your house to rubble, you join the duo as they follow the malevolent machine and attempt to solve the mystery (and find you a new place to live). Every aspect of Episode One was crafted by the team here at Hothead to feel authentically Penny Arcade, with Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins themselves directly involved in the game’s creation. Check out the trailer to see a little bit of this first installment of the RPG-Adventure series in action.

The first episode features 6-10 hours of gameplay and will be available for download at $14.99. We integrated the game with a number of PSN-specific features, including the oft-requested trophies. You create a customized character that you see not only in 3D but also in the game’s comic-strip style 2D cutscenes. And if you play future episodes in the series, you’ll be able to carry your character’s look and stats over from one episode to the next on the same platform. New episodes will follow every few months, with Episode Two becoming available on PSN before the end of this year.

At Hothead, we’re really proud of the game and hope you enjoy it. We are excited about our debut on PlayStation 3 and think this will be just the beginning of what we have in store for the platform. And we’re always happy to hear what you think: come on over to our forums and give us your feedback.

One last thing. I would be remiss not to mention the rumors you may have heard: this game shows robots doing things to fruit that not only skirt the edge of decency, but that may be illegal in some states. All of these rumors are true. Go check it out tomorrow on the PlayStation Network!

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  • Congratulations for the PS3 release guys.

  • Nice, I’ve been waiting for a descent RPG game.

    best of luck on the PSN

  • @1 guitarprnz
    do you have any constructive to say ?

  • @3 andyrj82
    You should check out Valkyria chronicles ,Disgaega 3 and Eternal Sonata

  • Good for trophy collectors, I suppose. Definitely looks interesting, but I’m not a huge fan of the webcomic, so I think I’ll pass. Good luck though!

  • how much will be the additional episodes btw?
    same as the first $14.99?

  • video isn’t working

  • Nice!!! I’m looking forward to checking this out..


    @7 Yep..

  • @ Feris

    Thanks for the recommendations… it’s just that I’m a big 2D/Comic style games.

    I’m sure those are a vary descent title as well.

  • loved the xboxlive demo but too expensive for me, now im getting the psn 15 version with trophies!!! hurry up on psn episode 2 please!!!!

  • 1,499 pennies to be exact (plus tax)!


  • This Game Looks Cool Will Definitely Get. Also Is This game Co-op Offline And Online Or Neither or Both.

  • @ msstatedawg

    Video worked for me

  • Dude: this game shows robots doing things to fruit that not only skirt the edge of decency, but that may be illegal in some states. All of these rumors are true. LOL

  • well its seem you guys changes your tones about the PlayStation 3 is it because it had become successful? a question i would like to get an answer to what was it like to go developing pc and pc like system games to developing ps3 games?
    2.will you guys ever support the psp?

    IT a great lil system and it a hell of alot cheaper to makes games on it and there also the fact that the psp had the PlayStation store direct access now making it even easier to get yo games out there.
    by the way welcome into the ps community hope you guys stick around .

  • Nice.

    grats on the PSN release!

  • Not bad. Not bad at all. I’ll get it.

  • Thanks for showing PS3 some love! I’ll be grabbing this tomorrow.

  • Will there be a Demo? I am not sure if i can jump into RPG gaming, as i never have gotten into it. I am waiting for an RPG to draw me in. I know that the new Bethesda Game is close to what might make me play one…

  • Since my dual Quad Core Opteron, with 16 GB of RAM, RAID1 15k RPM SAS HD, and SLI 8800 GT512s couldn’t run the game correctly (probably Vista x64’s fault) I’m going to buy it again on the PS3.

  • Good to see support of a independent developer :) I’d be inclined to get this if I liked Penny Arcade whatsoever.

  • I was playing the demo for the game on my 360 yesterday. Its actually a cool game but I am not a fan of the turned based combat. Not sure if I will purchase the game either because it costs $15 and there will be future episodes which will probably cost the same price. But its nice to see that you are releasing the game on the PS3.

  • I just have a simple question. Will early adopters get kinda screwed on this or are you guys not going to bundle prices if you buy more than 1 episode at once?

  • @16

    heheh, give em heck!

    it’s true they ripped on the PS3 waaaay more than other consoles…

    in fact i haven’t read their comic for a while after they made Jack Tretton look like an alcoholic..


    Thank you very much for taking the time reading this double post

  • some1 please delete comment numero uno! thanx.

    OT: please tell me there’s a demo for this. as I won’t be purchasing a multi plat game that has been on the other console for months now at 15bucks when I can support the exclusives on PSN. I def wanna try b4 i buy.


  • Personally, I’m not a fan of the price. At this rate I’d imagine you’re going to be up to $60 for a game with maybe 40 hours of game play?

    Most RPG’s can claim a lot more than that.

    Not to mention, we’ve all seen it before, the first people to buy get burned on the price, because it’s only a matter of time until the bundles appear.

    You should be rewarding people who take a chance on a game and buy it up front… not making them regret it.

  • Any chance of a demo, I’m not sure if it’ll be worth $15.

  • No Trophy support and a $15 price tag. I’ll pass! Not to mention it’s an old 360 port. We don’t take to kindly to full priced hand me downs around here, no sir!

  • @29 Ghostm

    Did you even read the post you troll? It does have trophy support, and it’s still $20 on Live Arcade. We may be getting a late version, but we pay a discounted price for the same features. Instead of just blatantly coming here to hate, how about you educate yourself and READ THE POST!

  • Very nice!

    Thanks for the info.

  • Eh, I’ll pass on this one. But any word on Lumines Supernova’s release date?

  • @32 google it, there isn’t any word and they’ll *formally* announce it here when they know, until then, play the PSP/XBLA version? Or keep it on topic.

  • @Everyone complaining about the price

    First off, we are getting the new revised price, this game was (and still is) $20 on XBLA and we get all the same features. So cry if you want, but your ignorance isn’t getting you anywhere. Secondly, the game itself is amazing, having played through the XBLA version, I would highly recommend buying it. It’s very fun, well detailed, deep, and overall has a humor to it that, well, only a Penny-Arcade reader may understand. I know I’m picking it up. Screw the haters.

  • they basically $#** on the PS3 then release this game at the same price point as something like Ratchet & Clank and expect us to be happy?

    i’ve never said anything negative on this board but this is a joke. but after all the bs they talked to come out with an overpriced game at the same time that games like Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, LBP, NFS Undercover, WipeOut, Prince of Persia, Bioshock, Dead Space, Valkyria Chronicles etc are coming out…

    eh…i think not Penny Arcade. sorry.

  • ps: my above thoughts are not at Sony or the PSN…i absolutely love both and am more than pleased with the games and quality apps coming from both Sony and SOE…

    my thoughts/feelings are directed at Penny Arcade and the people behind it who a while ago could care less about the PSN or PS3 community but now ant to bring a late…overpriced game to us now that the PS3 has picked up momentum.

    just wanted to clarify.

  • @SDkngsht

    Well, your thoughts are valid, but your rational is backwards. The reason the game never saw the PSN the first time is because they were having development troubles (the PS3 is well know for being hard to develop for) and it took them longer than average to get their engine up and running on the PS3. It has nothing to do with biases (more likely would be money and time) and how many times do I have to tell you people, the game isn’t overpriced!? The PS3 isn’t picking up this momentum as you describe it either. They just happen to have a decent Q3-4 lineup and the fanbase (the already installed fanbase) is excited for. What would really help Sony is to not criticize their developers, whether it be 3rd party or first, on their release date schedules. This gets no one anywhere. Try telling your friends how cool the PS3 is (I know every person I show my PS3 too loves it and wants to buy one) and how it’s worth their money, regardless of when these games come out. I’m glad you tried to clarify your statements, but you are doing more damage than good. People always complain that they want a certain game when it comes out on another system first, and then they come kicking and screaming when they get it later saying that they don’t want it. Seriously? Schitzo much?

    All I’m saying is don’t come to this blog, clogging up the comments with blather about how you don’t care. If you don’t care, than just don’t say anything. The developers want your feedback, yes, but they don’t really give two craps if you wanna just complain about the already discounted price or how you have personal issues with release dates. It’s like you all own both a 360 and PS3 and just come here to hate when you don’t have simultaneous options on both. Open your mind, be positive, or be quiet in the back. Thank you.

  • Sweet! Hothead showin’ PS3 owners some love. Thanks!

  • @ 30

    That’s my mistake =\. On the last blog post they had said it didn’t have any Trophy support. That’s my fault for not reading this one before commenting. No need to call me a troll buddy. Be nice so others can play nice with you.

    My apology Joel DeYoung, but I’m still not buying this game. If it was $10 then I’d might reconsider.

  • @Ghostm

    My bad dude, I’ve just seen you badmouthing around here more lately, it’s a bit discerning. I want to play nice but with so much negativity floating around, it seems like in Ghostbusters 2 when they fell into the sewer ooze and then starting fighting each other. So much aggression makes other aggro. Sorry for the troll comment, just wanted to make a point.

  • @ 37 CitizenInsane27 | October 22nd, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Either way you look at it. It’s an old game from the 360. Why are you trying to convince people to buy? Is this your job? You can just buy it yourself and enjoy. As for me, I’m not going to pay $15 for an old XBL title. $10 then I’d might reconsider.

  • @ 40

    I’m just tired of developers coming here when they need to cash out on PS3 owners after treating MS’ 360 like a king. I don’t really care for 3rd party exclusives at this point because the industry is changing. First party exclusives are where it’s really at. I simply want these developers to release these titles simultaneously on all platform. Not only we get the back log without full features. Some of those ports are rarely on an equal level.
    So, I end up jumping to conclusion! =\

  • Thanks for the post Joel.

  • It’s nice to see more support for PS3, I hope you will start making these launches on both consoles at the same time from now on.

    We are thankful, but feel neglected.

  • $15.. ouch game inflation. Sorry, but I’ll continue voting with my wallet against charging too much for small downloadable games.

  • people complaining about 15$ dollars being to much money is stupid the game is 6-10 hours long. its funny if this game was on ds or psp it would be a 30$ game and everyone would gladly buy it with no complaints.

  • @42
    I couldn’t have said it better myself. If you are not going to release a game on time on the ps3, then I am not buying it.

  • @CitizenInsane…

    i hear you but while some spoke of the challenge they were more critical and now seem like bandwagon jumpers.

    and as a programmer (in school) i don’t like when people use the word “hard” or “too difficult” when the word they meant to use was “new” or “not what we’re used to”…for anything to progress there needs to be change. a NEXT GEN system that works exactly like the LAST GEN isn’t really NEXT GEN at all…feel me?

  • I am disappointed with the price of this game. Not only do we have to play the game way after every other platform, but we also have to pay the full price. Why are PS3 owners always getting treated like second class citizens.

    I love the PS3 as the best piece of hardware out there, and I truly believe it deserves better than the current treatment given to it by a lot of the developers.

  • These $14.99 games are killing me.

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