PSP (PlayStation Portable) v5.01 Update

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PSP firmware update 5.00 added direct access to the PlayStation Store, and we’ve since found an issue related to larger-capacity Memory Stick PRO Duos, which we’ll be addressing with a new update (5.01). When downloading content from the Store to a PSP with an 8 GB or 16 GB Memory Stick Duo media inserted, you may see a message indicating that the media does not have enough free space, even when sufficient space exists. Update 5.01 resolves this issue and will be coming soon.

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  • I have a 4GB memory stick and I’ve had this glitch.

  • Please make a new handheld featuring all of the good things a PSP already has, but with an added SECOND ANALOG STICK ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE and also added L2 AND R2 BUTTONS. Also, please make the L1 L2 R1 and R2 buttons EASY TO HOLD DOWN because a lot of times when I’m holding down L1 or R1 with my PSP I just barely let go of it and I need to press it again when I want to hold it. So in review:



    – IMPROVED L1 R1 BUTTONS (for holding down)

    And better quality games for it… thank you.

  • By the way, if you make a system like this ^^^^^^^^^^^[my above post]^^^^^^^^^, I will stop using cfw, etc. and buy all my games from the store, etc. I don’t know why you can’t make a handheld with these features right now because it’s easily possible…

  • i downloaded 5.0 and it corrupted my 8gb memory stick. its useless now. 50 bucks down the drain.

  • Hey Eric…. I know this is a PSP update and all (love 5.0 btw) I was wondering if you guys could do something about the video playback on PS3 when accessing the XMB. This isn’t the usual deal with bluray and DVD that you’ve heard already. Rather just playing movies off the hard drive or UPnP Media Servers. The PS3 now pauses the video when ever I go to the XMB. This is a nice change and all, but sometimes I don’t want to pause the movie I’m playing and just want to send out a message real quick.

    So I was wondering can you guys add an option to allow us to have this auto pause function turned on or not? Perhaps with the HDMI patch or other 2.5x update.

  • @ TheGraciousOne:

    Ooooh. The Not Clause. Truly you are the very measure of wit.

    Although, I’m afraid I must agree with him – unless this update recognizes only the 8GB cards and higher, I still encounter the error.

    I had 229MB left on my 1GB card the other day, and I tried downloading the demo of NBA 09: The Inside, which weighs in at 118MB. The store told me I didn’t have enough room. I tried again after installing the firmware update this evening to the same result.

    I had the idea similar to a previous poster (kspraydad) that perhaps the download and installation process actually required double the space, at least temporarily, to install the game from the download then delete the source file. I’m not sure if that’s actually what’s happening, but after deleting a few Megs of photos and such to bring my card up to 237MB of free space, the 118MB download and install went through, appropriately leaving 120MB on the card when it was done.

    Now, I just got a 4GB card the other day, and it’s not yet half-full, so I’m for one am no longer that concerned about the space limitations on the 1GB, but it that the error seems to persist, and for smaller cards than originally thought.

    Cheers. :)

  • mortal kombat is still on the store its just not under newest titles

    idk if its not in downloadable games i forget but its under View By Title letter M

  • Note to self:
    Don’t hastily reorder your sentences unless you plan on doing a full reread to proof it. You end up sounding like a fool… >_>

    Anyway, carry on. ;)

  • eric, is there an exchange program just for memory sticks? i have a case number already opened for this, i just need a new memory stick after 5.0. i can’t even download the new update because my psp no longer recognizes the memory stick. its frustrating. thanks

  • hey eric i just spotted something while i was double checking the mortal kombat thing that ive been hearing about on and off again

    when you go to highlight tekken 5 under downloadable games in the ps store for ps3 the text in the first line of the details for tekken runs behind the game selections for some reason

    it says “The hugely popular arcade and console fighting game, TEKKEN 5 DARK RESURECTION ONLINE is now available with an ONLINE BATTLE feature!” in line 1 of the details and part of the sentence is behind the game selection

    just a heads up

  • Guys, you need double the amount of free space to download and install your demos and games. The file downloads in some sort of DRM’ed archive file and then has to extract itself. If you have just the right amount of free space, your psp would have to be WRITING OVER the archive file while at the same time reading from it and trying to extract it, which just doesn’t work. There’s no way around this, sorry.

    I too would love for the psp to be able to access the friends list and at least be able to send/receive txt messages. It would be absolutely super if it could voice chat with other psp/ps3 friends too.

    Also, I would like for future psp online multiplayer games to use the same PSN login as the ps3 instead of each individual game having its own special user accounts. This might also encourage more developers to make online titles for the psp.

    Adding the store was a good, very important step, but the full PSN integration isn’t quite there yet.

  • @59 freeluv
    Have your psp do a memorystick format. If that doesn’t work, have your computer do a format on the memory stick, and then have your psp do a format. There’s no way a firmware update could break a memorystick (unless there’s something weird with it to begin with and the new firmware just isn’t compatible with it)

  • Firmware 3.90 seemed to break my fake memory stick (eBay), and it is no longer recognized. The lesson here is, stay away from eBay! (I only got my fake stick as a gift…)

    I guess this isn’t the time to ask if we could get an option to enable the full 333MHz when playing our games off- and on-line, is it…?

  • Hey don’t know if anyone else has noticed but I think I found a glitch with 5.01.

    I’m in Australia and when I exit the PS Store my PSP doesn’t auto-disconnect from my Wi-Fi anymore. Might need 5.02 ay?

  • Awesome i love my Sony PSP!

  • Timke to ‘look’ into the PS3 firmware video issues now and fix them.

    2.51 anyone?

  • thanks fo the update playstation but what i would really call an update would be tat you guy update the psp flash player for us to be able to watch youtbe video or live feeds thats what i would call An update

  • Another good job Sony

  • That’s a great fix! Thanks!

    My suggestion for the next update: Be able to access your friend’s list on the go! Access your messages via Wifi!

    That’d be amazing and something I’ve always wanted!

  • @hurtween
    I would like to watch active video while using the xmb. If you still want to do this, there still is the ability to watch active flash video in the browser while using the xmb.

  • hey sorry to get off topic but, i’m an american living in japan and it is awesome that PS3 games are non-region coded. But, i was wondering if it would be possible to compile a list of the games that have language settings that adapt to the language settings of your PS3. I order games from all over, and it would be nice to know when i should order it from over seas or if i can just go to the corner store. maybe, just an idea, you could make an icon for games like these that you can just put on the box. anyway thanks

  • @FeaturePreacher

    haha ya i was just doing this yesterday…..
    trying to watch music videos through youtube, and then bringing up the xmb doesn’t stop those videos yay!!! i can respond to the messages and the music doesn’t stop!!!!

    Only downside is alot of videos come up black screen for me, and the sound quality is not as good as my copys…

  • i liked being able to have a music video playing and then going to xmb, to scroll through and pick another music video while the vid was still playing. 2.50 vidoes auto-pause is weak.

    i had some friends over yesterday and they tried to do this they said to me “man why does this [DELETED] pause now? thats not cool”

    Like come on SOny.

  • I didn’t have any problems with it…but i think sony is doing great by paying attention to the details

  • I want trophies on my psp! I am sure a lot of other people do to! make it so!

  • Hey, Eric

    Why can’t we sign out of the PSN now on PS3? We were previously able to sign out willingly (by pressing triangle and choosing to sign out) now, the only way we can sign out is by turning off the modem. Please give us back the option in the next update!

  • With this update is it possible to fix the music section too? Allow everyone to make playlists and number the tracks in order. The ps3 has this and not the psp so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    This would be a huge huge plus in the music section.


  • I was getting this error even on my 1 GB stick, even though I had more than enough memory. Will the update fix it for me too?

    I got around the error my downloading to my ps3 first, and then transferring to psp.

  • Yeah I am with post #1.
    My large capacity memory stick works fine.
    Downloaded Echochrome on it.

    No matter I don’t use CFW but this 5.01 update better not brick my PSP!

  • Thanks for the quick update. I’m not fortunate enough (and apparently neither was the QA team) to have such a large Memory Stick.

  • 2Q -does the playstation store update thursdays like ps3, and will we soon beable to ms friends on xmb screen?

  • Any word on the next ps3 update that solves the NTSC / PAL video playback issues ?

  • :) Does anyone know when Home is going to be avialable??

  • Awesome, thanks for the quick FW fix. I had this problem with my 8GB stick and saw others on the official US boards had the same issue.

  • well i love the update on the psp , i had the old 2000 psp and now i have the new one and i love the new one. i realy injoy how i can go to the psn on the psp and download demo but your going to need to buy a 2gb if you want to keep your demo games , i just erase the demo when am done with it , i also download the lego batman game and had no probelm doing it . also love the internet radio and skype , and i love useing them at work thank sony keep up the good work. also i was wondering if home will be use in someway with the psp?

  • Nice. My 15GB iPod is acting up and I was looking at getting a 16GB Memory Stick to just make my PSP my all-in-on portable entertainment system. But when I heard of issues I decided to look at another iPod. This will definitely affect my decision.

    Now, add in PDA features and e-books and I’ll get a Sony Walkman cellphone (my wife has the pink one – it’s nice) instead of the Palm cellphone I am looking at.

  • lol @1. Probably true.

  • ok, now how about

    cmon already with 2.51!!!!!

  • PS3 does the same thing with thumb drives. It doesn’t see all of the available space. Hope that last update fixed that.

  • I’ve got an 8 GB stick but no problems for me.

  • Eric, I’m having no luck at all with this fix on my SanDisk 4GB Ultra II stick. I installed the update and tried to download Crash Bandicoot with plenty of space and got the same issue. For some reason when I switched to my regular SanDisk 4GB stick I had no problem downloading the same game. So it looks as if the problem didn’t get fixed.

  • Glad it got patch as I only have a 4GB and I was getting that error when trying to DL Jeanne D’Arc, even though I had over a GB of space.

  • @1 They wouldn’t or at least shouldn’t patch it to block CFW. I use CFW but I don’t download PSP games I didn’t pay for. I use it for homebrew and I buy my psp games. I don’t know why people think modding your PSP is illegal you bought it you can do whatever you want to it. Just please people buy PSP games keep the system alive use CFW for homebrew applications only.

  • @83 The PS3 store and the PSP store are the same store.

  • @78 Hit triangle on Account Management. It has the log out option there.

  • @69 It’s called remote play!

  • ****Found BUG with 5.00 Update****

    Problem with USB auto detect constantly activating rendering the PSP useless in this state.

    Enable USB Charge and USB Auto Connect. Plug in the charger to the DC IN port.

    The only solution is not use the new USB Auto Connect feature before charging the PSP via DC port.

  • SONY,

    Think you could create an add-on for the PSP? A second ‘snap-on’ analog that would connect via the media or usb port? I would assume it may be possible through the media port, since we have attachments that connect here giving us control over the unit (Volume Up/Down, Skip Forward/Back, etc). As for attaching it to the unit, possibly through a thin skin that covers the unit? Or design that grips the top and bottom of the PSP holding the analog nub in place?

  • @ setherington

    Yeah , that does happen sometimes. I had encounter that before. The solution is to manually disconect from the internet by turning off the wlan button. I know it sucks but what can you do about it.

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