PSP (PlayStation Portable) v5.01 Update

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PSP firmware update 5.00 added direct access to the PlayStation Store, and we’ve since found an issue related to larger-capacity Memory Stick PRO Duos, which we’ll be addressing with a new update (5.01). When downloading content from the Store to a PSP with an 8 GB or 16 GB Memory Stick Duo media inserted, you may see a message indicating that the media does not have enough free space, even when sufficient space exists. Update 5.01 resolves this issue and will be coming soon.

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  • More like:

    -Patched the store so CFW users can’t access it.


  • Nice quick fix, have an 8 gig stick and store stuff has been ok so far.. very nice having a psstore app and account management app on the psp now using same PSN info.. thanks for the good effort and delivery.

  • @XxBigP123xX like it wont get updated ASAP

  • nice havent really been hit with that message and i got the 8gb but its awesome that the store is on the handheld now keep up the good work

    but it would be cool if you guys would implement backround downloading into the psp store especially with the legacy umd titles that are around 1gb in size

    i mean i have comcast blast service and i get like 35-45 mb downstream where i live but the psp is wireless b

  • Good quick fix. With the new store for the PSP, I think I will have to get a larger memory card.

  • Thanks! Tho i only have a 1GB stick and it says the error.

  • Eric, thanks for the info and the quick fix.

  • I havent even updated my psp to 5 yet lol, been playing my ps3 way to much.

  • o i got a quick question eric

    is there any other way that i can reset my psp activations on my account???

    because its at the limit but i traded in psps in the past toward newer models and sold 1 to a relative that needed a new one

    and i no longer have access to them to deactivate them manually

    i mean if i knew about the 5 activation limit before hand i would have deactivated them before trading them in and selling the 1 i had

  • Do the first 20 posters get 8 or 16 gig cards? I didn’t even know they came that large. :-)

  • hahhaha i wish yea thier gettin up there now i got the 8gb before last xmas and i dont even think the 16 is really out in most stores yet

  • kinda weird that they still bundled the 1gb with the psp3000 i’d think they’d atleast go with a 2 or 4gb now

    1 gb isnt alot of information anymore

  • @ Charliesdad Yes………please lol, nice update.

  • I don’t understand the firmware updating process. Fixes come in days and features in years. I would like to know the process of how this stuff gets done.

  • Nice. That reminds me; I need to get a bigger Memory Stick Duo :)

  • Yeah, I had this problem with my 2 GB memory stick. Thanks for this!

  • PLEASE add a screen shot capture mode! One that lets you take a capture at any time unlike the PS3’s.

    I’m tired of asking for this and seeing all the rumors list this as a feature and getting my hopes up for nothing.

  • Looks like I’m not the only one with this dilemma. I’m notorious for breaking my PSPs, plus I downloaded a few demos for friends that don’t have PS3s. Is it possible to call customer service or something and get one deactivated?

  • I guess this is a good fix for those with memory stick issues. It would be better if Sony didn’t try to pull a Microsoft and release the psp-3000 which has a well known hardware issue with scanlines and then try to claim it as a feature.

    The fix I would suggest is to just use the psp-2000 lcd screen on yet to be manufactured psp-3000 units. Then re-release the proper psp-3000 with a brighter lcd screen with no scanline issues and no other issues other than those on the previous psp models.

  • Man, I really want the PSP-3000. Im still rocking the original from Launch date…

  • 16 GB Memory Sticks?? I have a 4 GB and have been drooling over the 8. Consider my bar reset… :|

  • Okay, so how about fixing the PSP 3000 issue next?

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thanks, I only have 4 gigs in my PSP so I have not had any issues.


  • Any word on a fix for PS3 error 80022D11?

  • Eric i would like to have direct access to a buddy list on my psp.i also want yahoo or aim mes sager support.also flash player 9 on the psp.I just want those idea pass along and i don’t know where to leave the request of things i want in the next firmware.At the rate thing are going i will have the perfect hand held keep up the good work and let me know if u can pass on those ideas.

  • Hey eric any chance you could forward this on, I have no idea who to send it to, with regards to the work-flow of the different global divisions of the websites.

    I discuss the issue here:

  • Why can’t the PSP just operate the same way the iPhone 3G works. Simple downloads of games, just games. PSP2 needs to be at least be revealed next year.

  • I agree with erico316. I would really love to have access to my PSN buddy list. That would be an awesome addition to the already great list of features.

  • That’s gorgeous work- nice, quick and efficient. Bravo. :D

  • I didn’t even know 16GB sticks could be used on a PSP!

  • SillyHatMafia – Yup you can get up to 32GB for 130euro :)

  • eric thanks for the heads up!, as for the psp-3000 the brighter lcd feauture is very tempting to buy…however,the scanlines issue is not a cool one so i am gonna wait up for the psp2 or something to upgrade.meanwhile,i would be using my old phatty psp thank you very much! ;)

  • i really wouldnt consider that an issue i got to try the psp 3000 and gave my crisis core umd a try and i think it looked just fine but hey

    thats just me

  • hmmm… Sony is tempting me to get a psp, especially since I already have a ps3- it would definitely help for music during my college studies, lol.

  • Thank you. Nice to now this.

  • good update personally i havent had any problem

  • Maybe you should fix it where you are allowed to share our information with 3rd parties. What kind of fascism is this?!

  • Sweet although never encountered that error.

  • thank you kind sir! although I only have a 1gig I’m glad that i won’t be seeing that error message when i upgrade to that whopping 16gig… that is once i get the money to support a purchase like that. ouch indeed :(


  • cool i actually havent updated my psp in a while (i lost my charger AND my car adapter) i feel so stupid cuz i havent played my psp in like months and i don’t have the money to buy new stuff. i was at camp and then i got hit with all these betas, which btw are awesome. huh, that was kinda all over the place but whatever, i need a job

  • @Eric or any other firmware developers

    Don’t fear redesigning the in-game xmb to reduce the amount of memory it uses in order to allow for in-game access to music for all ps3 games, cross game invites, and persistent voice chat for ps3 games.

    I have 3 suggestions.

    1. Remove the video and playstation strore categories. The 360 does not allow its users to play videos or visit the xbox live marketplace while playing a game, so you have no threat from the competition there. Remove items that you can’t and will never be able to access while playing a game. This action would result in the following categories being left in the in-game xmb: Users, Settings, Photo, Music, Game, Network, & Friends.

    In the Settings section, only Network Settings and Accessory Settings would be available.

    In the Photo section, only the photo thumbnails would be available.

    In the Music section, only the stored playlists and non-playlist music tracks would be available.

    In the Game section, everything would be left as it is.

    In the Network section, only Remote Play and download management would be available.

    The Friends section would be left as it is.

    Hopefully this will reduce the amount of memory that the in-game xmb uses so that in-game access to music can be a system wide feature.

    2. The other suggestion would be to change how the in-game xmb behaves. Make it where only the horizontal categories are displayed with none of the vertical categories displayed. To access the vertical categories you must use the x button to access it. Once accessed the horizontal categories would go away.

    3. A final suggestion would be to combine the 1st 2 suggestions.

    Remember, make these or similar alterations to the in-game xmb only if they will allow in-game access to music to become a system wide feature that does not depend upon the developer to use them.

  • thats cool!

  • Can we get a PS3 update which adds Mortal Kombat II back to the store. Since it was removed with no explanations.

    Kind of kicks current owners who want to add a larger HDD and cant re-download it.

    And others who were just about to buy it, only to find it NOT there after the 2.50 update.

  • Eric…

    Some forums are filling with people complaining that they have ‘500mb free on my memory stick and can’t download (from PSP WiFi Store) a 400mb file.

    My guess would be that you need double (or more?) than the dl size to allow the file to be installed before the dl file is deleted.

    Can you confirm that this is right?

    If it IS right…can we have that mentioned on the store instead of just the dl size…ie. please note X MB of free space is necessary to dl and install.

  • I had this problem with my Sandisk 512 MB memory stick pro duo. I,m glad Sony is fixing this issue which I previously thought wouldn’t get addressed. Thanks.

  • I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but I call BS here. This issue has existed for some time now on the PSP. To say it was just discovered now… I just can’t believe that.

  • will a fw update take care of the interlace issues on the psp 3000 series? just curious as i’d like to upgrade to it if this issue is solved.

  • I just updated the PSP & it did not resolve my problem. I tried downloading the Lego Star Wars demo and I have more than 59 MB of free space. What a bummer. I got the error message “You have insufficient space”………… Good job SONY….for fixing the update.

  • ……. nottttt.

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