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Lots of travel = not a lot of time to read. Help me, and fellow readers of the PlayStation Blog, by sharing your favorite links of the week in the comments below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 10/13)

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  • My comment reporting the B&W problem I was having has been erased? I was very polite and I’ve still been moderated?

    I wasn’t expecting this from you guys… thank god the problem is now mainstream and so you will have to correct it fast.

  • Update: I’m sorry, my error, I posted in the Killzone/SOCOM update topic, it wasn’t in this one. So no “bad” moderation happened.

    The B&W problem remains tough…

  • @MK24ever – it seams a number of people experiencing the problem, I am lucky though.

  • hi Jeff-

    did i post something wrong with my list of problems with 2.5 in this post that got deleted??

    i thought you asked me to elaborate?

    what did i do wrong??

    just wondering..

  • I don’t see it on the list, but I’m hoping you guys read about the scanlines and interlacing issues with the PSP-3000. Hoping that it’s a firmware issue that can be resolved soon so that I won’t have to cancel my pre-order for the Black 4gb bundle. Jeff, are you guys looking into this?

  • Phantasy Star Portable! Yeah! I can’t wait!

  • so i see if you don’t say something on here that they like, they will delete it. I had 3 things erased even though no swearing, I dont get it sony.

  • When is Sony going to make an official statement about their online servers being messed up?
    I have been unable to play Both Socom and R2 beta without errors popping up ever so often.

  • TGS sucked, LBP delayed, no trophies in Socom, poor NPD sales, poor Japan sales. Probably one of the worst months for the PS3.

    Year of the PS3 indeed.

  • Interesting that you didnt include the LBP delays in the post, just typical.

    Wipeout HD servers seem down at the moment too.

  • Sony…please…make…them…fix… SOCOM.

    No trophies right now, no stats right now, NO PARTY SYSTEM THATS ADVERTISED EVEN ON THE BOX right now, server issues, game studdering, graphical glitches, bad graphics in general..

    The game is fun, but please make them fix it!

  • Someone really needs to delete BEAU’s (41) hateful, ignorant nonsense.

  • @Touchy Ed


    I already had some of my comments deleted that were related to the issues arising form fw 2.5, but that comment gets to stay?

    Jeff must have missed it i hope..

  • I agree with TouchyEd.

    And to Beau. Don’t EVER speak for me ever. Your ignorance, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness doesn’t represent anything Americans should or would be proud of.

    To even think that you were proud of submitting that statement is disgusting.

  • I want littlebigplanet?!

    I saw a commercial that said you can unlock the dark side of LBP and kratos and stuff ONLY when you pre-order at gamestop.. does this mean that if I buy the game somewhere else my game will be different than the ones sold at gamestop? please answer this I really need to know! and if that is the case…thats kinda weak…

  • Hey Jeff,

    Can you guys create an update that will make the XMB load faster while your in a game. Every time I am in a game and I press the PS button, the XMB takes a long, long time to load and I always get killed, for example, in Warhawk, I go to the XMB to put my music on and it takes a real long time to load up. Please tell them to get an update out.

  • ok people shut up im just glad i got a ps3 and not an xbox ,anyways i just wanted to say they need to come out with a patch that fixes all the probles on socom its an amasing game but it could be better, even a few more guns and maps would be nice to.

  • Wow – all those stories and not a hint of the LBP controversy?

    Wow, I guess Sony really does keep its head in the sand.

  • Since 2.50,I been experiencing a lot more console reboots, where the screen stays pitch black, PS3 still on, right after going to XMB to quit a game.

  • @70 Desz

    my roomate’s PS3 is experiencing those same problems!

    I wrote a list of common problems 2.5 is creating, but it got deleted for some reason…

    and Jeff is still traveling right now…hopefully someone reads these posts!

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