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Lots of travel = not a lot of time to read. Help me, and fellow readers of the PlayStation Blog, by sharing your favorite links of the week in the comments below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 10/13)

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  • lol i would post a link but i get all of the links here….

  • 2.5 recovery menu found.

    Thanks for the UPDATE Jeff!
    By any chance would you happen to know
    when the Video store and PSN Cards are coming
    to CANADA?
    Sorry one LAST question
    I have a Pre-Paid MasterCard why doesnt the
    PSN accept my Pre-Paid MuchMusic MasterCard?

  • I don’t care what some article says- I’m having a hard time believing that Tecmo is making a PS3 exclusive. Are we sure this isn’t some sort of timed-exclusive thing or maybe just something they “give” us just to take away later on? How sure can we be that it’s sticking around?

    It’s been a good week anyway. Here’s to hoping for yet another. :D

  • Oh, and I got me a LittleBigPlanet preorder for my LittleNariko. :D I’ll need to get some of next weeks assignments done this week so I can spend some precious time with it when it releases (definitely need to get the launch week goodies :D ).

  • you forgot to post the link for the biggest story of the week, namely, LBP getting delayed.

  • Hey great post Jeff,can you tell us when we the QORE subcribers who havent received invites will get more information on receving them?

  • #6 said it.
    that is this week biggest news. seems just a bit biased forgetting that

  • Hello Jeff,
    On the last blog post, you have asked me to elaborate on my comment (2.50 being defective). Well the problem is that the Playstation Store (PS3 and PSP) images are broken. I am talking about the thumbnails of content on the store. For some reason, they are not displaying any image but just a whitish square. Note that this does not happen every time, but it does happen.

    Something has gone wrong with your 2.50 update

  • CES we were told the camera and GPS for the PSP was coming this year. Did I miss the memo?

  • Sorry I know this is random but we need a FFVII remake badly! Please get a hold of the original programers and all and remake FFVII, possibly with new features? like online play? Make your own character for batteling other people? Idk just please make the remake

  • thanks for the list, jeff

    any idea on when the insomniac guys will drop by again? R2 beta is awesome but i have to ask them a few quesiton about the single-player campaign.

  • ok so if my previous comment isnt going to be accepted then i urge all people that come here to check this link.

    i think it fairly sums up the state of things at the moment.

  • Next week is the start of all the great new games coming out for PS3, can’t wait!

    Still, I wish to know how games like Fat Princess are coming along. We haven’t heard anything since E3!

  • Thanks Jeff you are truly a dedicated employee.

    Many people want your job, but from what I see, you live, breathe, eat and sleep for Sony.

    So just wanted to say that I for one appreciate all the hard work you and Sony have done.

    Keep up the great work !

  • How do ps1 games with a multiplayer component like Mortal Kombat 3 work with remote play? It seems that only one psp can interact with one ps3 at a time. You can use 2 controllers on the ps3 to use the multiplayer portion of a ps1 game on the ps3. So why can’t you use at most two psp’s with remote play when playing the multiplayer portion of a ps1 game? Anyone have a solution for this, or will it need to be addressed in a new firmware release for the psp and ps3? Also think about if a game like Mortal Kombat 3 was released as a downloadable ps1 game. What would 2 people each with a psp do? Would they both have to have the game or would there be some kind of game sharing?

  • You guys forgot to mention anything about rock band 2

  • Mirror’s Edge On PS3 Gets Exclusive DLC

    Hopefully someone working at the blog could confirm if this is going to be strictly for the ps3 and that the pc and 360 versions don’t get anything extra.

  • any truth to GTA IV getting trophies?

  • Hey Jeff, any idea where my Qoore Annual Subscriber beta code is?

    Emailed Sony support on Friday and still no response…


  • *Qore

    beta code for Resistance 2*

    Sorry forgot to add that lol

    Thanks again!

  • forgive me in advance but i don’t know if this was answered already…

    how do we get the little big planet tshirt? which store? when?


  • come on you left out the biggest news of all. On how you guys panic and recalled LBP when a patch would have been fine. The biggest and most important game of the ps3 and you guys went and muffed it up. I just got the ads out of the sun. paper and there it is LBP in stores on the 21st. YOU will have some peeved costumers when they drive to the store and see that the game is not there. This was a over reaction. Don’t get me wrong Jeff the game is good, I feel bad for MM they worked hard on this game they said they can patch it but nooo. so The best new Indie Devs that just made a hit for the ps3. And you guys are gone to p!$$ them off and M$ will be there with open arms. I am a Sony Fanboy I hit the boards though out the day to stick up for what I think is the best console out there but when you guys pull bonehead moves like this one. you give us nothing to work with. There laughing at us peters sake. So when is the game coming out any way you got with a nov. 4th you got with a nov. 11th. I will always support this console but boy oh boy this is a major fumble. Do you not no how bit this game is and how many people want it WAKE UP SONY…..rant over have a nice day

  • ^^^ len.

    chill dude. if u were part of the religion that the LBP song was targeting you would be affended. and the good part about all this is that the delay is only 7 days!! usually delays are months: home: socom: life with playstation: etc.

    so be thankful. i cant wait so so should u.

  • I just realized that when i get LBP on the 28th Resistance 2 comes out in ANOTHER WEEK. The only thing i need now is a coupon from Playstation underground. (would u like to comment Jeff Pleez…)

  • @JamesGotALeg and len, they DID mention the delay a couple of posts back, so why would they mention it in this?

  • SONY, What happened to Mortal Kombat II on the PSN??????

    I was about to buy it too. I swear, if this is a marketing move to remove it for that new one Midway is doing, they can bite it!!!!

  • @26 It says what we read
    are you telling me they read nothing on this, the internet is ablaze with this story

  • Hey all,

    This is OT but I bought Buzz for PS3 today for my wife. She wanted us to be able to play with her parents tonight. And I have to say that Buzz is crazy fun to play with friends and family. Can we get someone from the dev team in here to post about the game and user content?

  • why are all of my comments waiting for moderation?

  • @30
    Links require checking before they are allowed.

    I’m curious as to why the Playstation forums never get any mention on the blog.

  • Wipeout HD
    R2 Beta
    Incoming – LBP, Motorstorm 2, Fallout 3, and Socom.

    Loving my PS3…Sony rules. Great job!

  • @32ftwrthtx

    funny you said that about the forums, in fact i just linked the forums in my post which is awaiting moderation- post #14 of this thread!

  • here’s a link about the black and white video problems after fw 2.5

  • Dear SONY/Jeff

    Could you please make it an option whether or not the videos pause when you go to the xmb?

    While some people do enjoy this concept, I and many others preferred having the option to do so in the previous firmwares. A small annoyance to some of your most loyal customers, to say the least, but also a small but much needed fix.

    I sincerely hope you read my post and highly consider expressing this “‘PS’ button auto pause option” concept for videos, [and also for returning to the music visualizer(which was removed in 2.40)], to the influential few who delegate the incorporation of new firmware features to the PS3.

    Also I would like to state, that there is definitely something fishy with the 2.50 update altogether, as when I play Uncharted or Burnout now it always freezes after maybe an hour of play.

    I never had ANY problems with freezing before this update, and it really bothers me that it has to start happening now. (MGS4 80gig unit purchased in June, Buffalo U.S.A.)

    Aside from MGS4 which came with the unit, I have purchased and own the following;
    GTA4, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Burnout: Paradise, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Warhawk and most recently Dead Space.
    Also from the PSN; Super Stardust HD plus both add-on’s, Pixel Junk: Monsters, Pixel Junk: Eden, Wipeout HD, and Linger in Shadows.

    I love my PS3, and I hope my PS3 will love me back…..

  • few more links for ya Jeff-

    here are some links about Mortal Kombat II being delisted on PSN-

    I was wondering what this means to people like myself who have already bought it, are we able to download it again if we need to?

  • Thanks for the update, things are looking good!!

  • Aww. I’m hurt. You didn’t read my interview with the lead designer from Linger in the Shadows:

  • Hi Jeff…

    Since you are the social media manager…

    Any news on perhaps a PSN ID API?

  • #36…

    You actually think you speak for ‘most American gamers?’

    I fear for the future of America if this is an example of its education system.

  • Hey Jeff,

    I am a huge fan of Playstation that would like to know any information as to when Playstation Home will be coming out.

    BTW, you guys are the greatest, keep doing what your doing!

  • Thanks for the update, but I agree, Sony is being obviously coy (or embarrassed) about the littlebigplanet delay.

    Another blog put it well:

    This would be the perfect time for Sony to release a LittleBigPlanet demo or extend the beta, it would make people forget about the delay.

  • Thanks for the list & all the consistent blog posting/replying ;)

  • Gametrailers’ Bonus Round on the impact of LittleBigPlanet.

    The clips is on the impact of games this holiday season.

  • @Beau

    maybe if you want your displeasure to be recognized by Sony, you should refrain from making such remarks.

    I’m afraid your message will be moderated.

    we all have freedom of speech, but this is a Sony blog and they have final say-

    This is a video game forum not a political/religious forum, let’s be courteous to others and respectful of all!

    I think I speak for most American gamers by saying this.


  • We need update on PlayStation Home

  • Don’t know why this stuff isn’t even posted in there b/c it should…

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