TGS 08: On the Floor

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Ever since I’ve returned from Tokyo, I’ve been bombarded with questions of “How was it???”
In a word: awesome. But it’s kind of difficult to describe the overwhelming hugeness of Tokyo (that’s what the Travel Channel is for). As far as Tokyo Game Show is concerned – yeah, I can take that on.

Now I know many of you have been to shows such as PAX, The Old E3, E for All, or something smaller or more regional. TGS is much bigger. So with camera in hand, I tried to share with you the scope of TGS 08, as well as to show you what we had at our booth.

Tokyo Game Show *is* open to the public, and the 2009 edition will take place in September. Start saving your Yen now.

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  • Jeff,
    Sorry for the additional notes, but I you just said you are HIRING. I sent my resume (dual degree: BS Computer Engineer & also BS Finance) to a friend of mine at Sony and also *thought* I sent it to you. Entered it online on the SCEA tool but not sure if there’s anything else I should be doing.

    Lemme know if you feel like it:

  • @Jeff

    I’m not looking to get into a pissing contest. I just want to know if you guys at the blog know of the issues that people bring up in the comments of this blog and if people at Sony are doing anything about them. I just want to know if anyone at Sony is listening. You don’t have to give a definite date on when the issue will be addressed, just that people at Sony know about them and are working on them. However, I’ll probably keep reminding Sony of them until they’re fixed. ;)

  • @FeaturePreacher,

    I have owned a PS3 since launch and a PSP-2000 since launch. I have been a blog-reader since day 1 (I believe I commented on it early too). Believe me, Sony is listening.

    If you want proof of how much the systems have involved through FREE firmware updates to address our requests (compare to $$$ firmware updates from Apple), you really shouldn’t bother Jeff with these questions. You can find many examples on google or engage with some of us on the forums.

  • @all

    is categorizing files necessary…no. Can or is it useful? Certainly. Although there are still improvements that can be made on capabilities the ps3does not yet possess, us it really flawed. And correct me if i’m wrong but can’t organization of files already be done?

  • Jeff…I really wanted to see that trophy…
    But your reuests have been maxed out. Possibly due to your post on the blog XD.

    So great video coverage of the event.
    Love the Helghast dude pretending to fire at the end lol.

  • Hey Jeff! I’d like to check out your trophies.. and compare them to mine.. currently Lv. 5 84% 162 trophies… :] my PSN name is Arje same as here….

    Btw nice job with the video. Do you guys have any info on Fat Princess?.. was it shown over there? I loved the game the first time I saw it, but then it went poof.. i havent heard/read anything else about it…

    PD: does an Accounting associate degree help me at all in getting a job with you guys? x)

  • @Money1

    Files can currently be organized into albums. If you wish organize multiple files into one album, you must edit the album info for each individual file, one after the other, entering the same data for each file. Wouldn’t it be much simpler to select all the files you wish to put in an album and then be given the option to edit the album info for all of those files in fell swoop? I think it would. That is my simple, yet seemingly impossible request.

  • hey Jeff(my first comment on the blog, yay!)

    care if i add you to compare my trophies against yours?

  • great showing Jeff! good to see you’re all rested up, now back to business ;) can you let us know if you guys are ever going to bring back the voting thing on here? I’d love to cast my vote for anything.


    • Yeah, I think the sidebar vote was kinda useless – too much crowding on the sidebar pushing things away. We\’re working on intra-post voting, for specific, timely votes.

      Also, I\’d like the votes to be on things where readers can make a difference – so they\’ll be used selectively. Thanks for the reminder though.

  • @featurepreacher

    huh…i guess that would be alot easier

  • That’s awesome except oh yeah, no HOME

  • @Jewdo
    I’ve heard that home will be released on the same day that the new Xbox Experience is released which should be Nov. 19. The new Xbox Experience probably won’t be any different than the old Xbox Experience. Perhaps Xbox users will get a new message when their console red rings on them.

    You can see more of Home at TGS ’08 here:

  • Hey Jeff you need to make room for me on your friend list so I can add you :D

  • I’m still looking for a closet that will fit 12 friends and wouldn’t burst into flames after 120 dB! lol

  • I think I know how we feel about LittleBigPlanet over in the US and England (absolutely excited for) but what was your impression of the initial reactions of the Japanese at TGS ’08 to this game?

  • Good to see you had a good time in Tokyo Jeff, it’s a very fun and exciting place, isn’t it? :) I spent 6 years living in Japan from 2000-2006 and it was probably the best experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been to TGS twice and it definitely blows away E3 in my opinion.

    Thanks for the coverage, it brings back good memories!

  • Thanks for the video, Jeff!

    My question:
    Did Sunker Punch/Sony show anything from InFamous?
    Are you going to get Nate (Fox, Game Director) on the blog? *blink, blink*

    Really looking forward to the game, and I hate that we haven’t heard any new info/screens/video for quite some time!

    Thanks again, Jeff!

  • Koncentrera er på att göra klart Home istället för att bygga ut de som inte finns.

  • That’s some cool stuff. Hopefully next year me and my buddy will go check out TGS and Tokyo. Gotta have those dreams!

  • looks like tgs was pretty fun, too bad i’m going to be 2 weeks late to the party. next year i should be in japan during when the game show is going on though. i’ll keep an eye out for you next time jeff.

  • Thanks for the link Jeff but unfortunately for me;

    “Thank you for your interest in a position at SCEA.
    At this time we have no open positions that meet your search criteria, however we encourage you to check back frequently.”

    My search criteria was “All” in the location nearest to Miami. There’s always some other time.

  • PSP-3000 is there, Do the Sony booths still have 2000’s?

  • Jeff,
    Did you get to enjoy the nightlife any or check out anything in the Akihabara?

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