TGS 08: On the Floor

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Ever since I’ve returned from Tokyo, I’ve been bombarded with questions of “How was it???”
In a word: awesome. But it’s kind of difficult to describe the overwhelming hugeness of Tokyo (that’s what the Travel Channel is for). As far as Tokyo Game Show is concerned – yeah, I can take that on.

Now I know many of you have been to shows such as PAX, The Old E3, E for All, or something smaller or more regional. TGS is much bigger. So with camera in hand, I tried to share with you the scope of TGS 08, as well as to show you what we had at our booth.

Tokyo Game Show *is* open to the public, and the 2009 edition will take place in September. Start saving your Yen now.

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  • You are a lucky man you know ? :D
    Good work Jeff.

  • Man it would have been soooo cool to be there.

  • I want to hit up next years PAX in Boston.

  • sweet!, i can watch this video on my ps3 now !!

  • You must of seen a different TGS Jeff, cause from this end, it was dull and uneventful. I guess you had to be there.

  • Hey JEFF,

    Do you think you can update as to what is going on with the SOCOM, Warhawk, and Resistance Servers on PSN..?? None are working??

  • Well I was honestly disappointed with the Sony coverage. Why the hell didn’t you guys do a press conference in Tokyo ? You can see the result happening already .. The PS3 his sell numbers are the lowest ever..I can see a Dreamcast scenario happening.

  • good work jeff… also the booth babes are hot…lol i was wondering will there be a TGS video show case for the store , for us to download… since i can’t be there and all.. at least some insight was be great… well anyways , keep up the good work

    • I think I saw the Qore crew (well I saw Veronica), so there may be something from that. But there wasn\’t an SCEA video crew there…

  • Resistance 2 beta 2day! it is confirmed!!! the beta will start as soon as the PSN store updates

  • i hope you have something massive planned for CES 2009 , cuz SCEJ at TGS was just pitiful

  • Thanks for the info.

    In the future, if you are tired of going to all of these events, I’ll gladly volunteer my time to go in your place. :-)

  • Where are the RPGs? All I saw from TGS was White Knight Story, which sadly wasn’t even playable to the public.

    I doubt stuff like Dress and Derby Time Online are more important then RPGs.

  • Never been to a game show becouse they don’t have them in my area.. Wonder why???

  • Dead Or Alive: Beach Volleyball, Jeff? Isn’t that for the 360? This could explain why the ps3 has been lacking in features such as in-game access to music while playing a game and folders or multiple data album editing. It seems as though the people running this blog think that the 360 is the more enjoyable than the ps3. Maybe the people on this blog should be forced for a month to use the ps3 so they can see some of its obvious flaws.

    • FP: Actually it was an original Xbox game. It\’s my job to not only be intimately aware of PlayStation, but of the entire gaming landscape as well. The comparison was accurate, and you should be able to recognize that.

      And as far as PS3 usage is concerned, why don\’t you compare your trophy list to mine? Username: JeffPS… what\’s yours?

      Oh, and next time you \”Preach\”, make sure it\’s to the choir.

  • Cool, so when will we be getting any more new titles? I was so hyped to hear about the new Team Ico project but was rather disappointed that they didn’t mention it… :(

  • Did you speak to Schubel about Team ICO?

    Any idea when we might get the announcement?

    Where the hell were they!? I am so pissed.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the coverage Jeff! I can’t wait for some more in depth information on all the goodies being unveiled at the show. Keep up the good work. And uh, the cramming your buddies in a closet thing was kind of strange.

  • Nice update! Hope you enjoyed it!

    Get any good swag there in Tokyo?


    • Most of the \”swag\” was in the form of these glossy gaming catalogs filled with pretty pictures and words I can\’t read.

  • That Helghast outfit was absolutely amazing. Was that an official Sony outfit or just a fan?

  • I like the Hellghast.

  • Sony should really make a translated video of TGS and offered it for download through PSN. That’d be something.

  • Free T-Shirts O.O? lol

    Sounds like you had a good time out there Jeff.

    Don’t suppose we could get a PS Blog Exclusive Peek at what was shown at the WKS/WKC booth?

    • The trailers were behind the curtain (a popular thing to do at TGS, it seems). I transcribed everything that happened at the event here.

  • Awesome Jeff, good to hear you enjoyed yourself.


    I am desperate for info…please…something, anything!

  • Booth Babes, oh how I miss them at E3 :(
    Anyway, Jeff do you know if White Knight will have english subtitles when it is release in Japan?

  • What’s with all the nay-sayers on here, didn’t your mother ever teach you guys if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

  • Jeff! Welcome back!

    …Now where’s our PS3 firmware 2.50 demonstration video (even though it’s already been released)? ;)

    Also, to #24: This should happen to purchased videos only….

  • Pretty amusing stuff there. Thanks, Jeff! :D

  • wish i could’ve been there… some guys have all the luck

  • Was that guy in the Helghast suit wearing it to promote Killzone 2 or a fashion statement?

    Was there Dead Space at TGS, Jeff? I’m currently debating whether or not its worth selling Bad Company and Mercs 2 for.

    Strategic dismemberment FTW :)

  • Great job with the video, Jeff. That Helghast looks awesome! I want that for my Halloween costume. Is Veronica as hot in person as she seems from the Qore videos? :P

  • Yeah, thats true Jeff

    Only reason I thought about ditching it is cus I am strapped for cash what with BioShock, LBP and R2 pre-orders. And I have only recently seen how awesome Dead Space looks

    Talking of trophies though, looking forward to the HVB patch. Me and my mate always wanted to play that together, an now we can with trophy incentives. Awesome

    Add me on PSN Jeff if you got room or got the time


  • Hey Jeff compare your trophies to mine :)

    I might have you beat. Unless your some super trophy machine :O

    PSN: seph1r0th00

  • @14

    Pwned by Rubenstein!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to a gaming convention but wither lacked the time or funds to make it to one of the mor epopular ones. TGS is the one I want to go to most, mainly because it’s in Tokyo and it’s one of the few places left for me to travel to. Jeff you have a pretty damn cool life, if you ever need a sidekick let me know :-D.

  • So many western titles at the Sony booth. how well are the japanese gamers responding to those titles ? I mean, it’s known there not that found of FPS and games without manga-looking characters.

    Is the crazyness about LBP as big as home or is it a simple curiosity ?

    • They definitely seemed to be into R2 and Killzone 2, but typically that\’s the case. I think maybe that\’s why Dead Space wasn\’t shown? Though survival-horror is a Japanese invention.

      Hmm, I guess we\’ll find out soon. I will tell you that they certainly didn\’t mind seeing Sephiroth playable in it!

  • I so envy you jeff…veronica too, i will add you to my psn master and sub account…does veronica have 1

  • I’m able to recognize the comparison of a game to an assistant. And it is accurate. Since you’re so aware of the entire gaming landscape, are you aware of which platform currently has some obvious issues? You know, such obvious things as file organization issues. A platform that touts itself as being the most powerful system, and yet cannot do things that a portable system made by the same company can do, i.e. move multiple pieces of data into the same folder in one easy step. I know you’re not in charge of fixing these obvious issues, but I was just wondering if you were aware of them.

    As for preaching to the choir, I preach to the choir that just doesn’t accept everything a company does without question. I guess you only listen to the choir of blind obedience.

  • darn….your psn list is full jeff

  • @38

    u whine alot lol…i mean no disrespect

  • Comment 38 was to Jeff.

  • jeff, when is next meet up?

  • @Money1
    I whine in the vain hope that someone close to Sony will listen.

  • Jeff, I realized that your comment to FeaturePreacher was just a little out of line. As they say, it’s better to say nothing at all if you don’t have anything constructive to say, especially since you are a Manager. It was pretty unprofessional and it really doesn’t reflect well on SCEA. The last 2 comments you made sounded like you were one of these regular immature posters on the PlayStation Forum. Please consider what I said. Just my 2 pennies.

  • @Jeff’s response to FeaturePreacher,
    I DID check out your trophies – so jealous you have LBP trophies already.

    As for your Japanese excursion,
    Did people throw candy at you for being tall? Generally this happens when you go outside of the major metropolitan areas. But if you had traveled away from the main stretches in Tokyo, you may have found yourself with a fan following.

  • @Money1
    Additonally, I whine in the vain hope that someone close to Sony will respond to say that an issue is being addressed instead of overlooked. Whining is what it took to just get in-game xmb and a simple clock on the xmb.

  • @38 your so right dude. in any case, i just wish that they would have made white knight a simultaneous release with several languages as they did with heavenly sword

  • @SuperFist
    I didn’t think Jeff’s response was out of line at all. He has no need to apologize for it either. At least he gave a response.

  • @47

    heavenly sword had a fantastic story….was way too short

  • Thanks for keeping us in the loop Jeff.

  • one thing is to be a blind fanboy and another thing is to be a fan of the system and yet to be open minded enough to see its flaws and because you like your system you just dont shut up. but speak of the flaws so that your system of choice gets better and better..thats if the ppl that can change the system through firmware updates have an open mind to listen to you that is!

    as for me this system needs one thing only more good jrpgs…cheers to everyone!

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