SOCOM Confrontation update

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We’ve noticed a couple of comments today on the blog from gamers who purchased SOCOM Confrontation; you’ve been asking “Where are the trophies?”

Well, I just wrapped up a conversation with the SOCOM team, where they’ve confirmed the fact that trophies *will* be coming, via a patch, within the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned to for the latest on SOCOM Confrontation.

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  • i cant even log on to your severs to play the game i bought WTF!!!!!!!!!

  • What is going on with the servers. I can’t play it. Some answerers please!

  • Just play the offline campaign! … oh wait…

  • ok well im glad it’s just not me they said something about the game being off line today but that was suppose to be earlier i guess the might of just done it now if thats the cause its suppose to be down 4 hrs

  • I gotta say, even though I don’t care about trophies, it’s unbelievably lame that trophy support did not ship on the disc.

    Frankly, it makes the game seem unfinished, rushed, and falsely advertised.

    Hope the Socom team makes it right with their customers, and makes it right fast.

  • i was playing earlier, it was fine, then went down apparently

    anyway stop [DELETED] about trophies, most likely they’ll just do a full stat wipe, call it a “introduction period” then restart it so everyone has trophies etc

  • It would be nice if we could even play the game right now

  • Anyone know why we all are getting “failed to join server? And the ETA on when we can play?

  • Hello!! is out of the game, but wee want MGS4 trophies!! support me all of you please!!!

  • Why is this not in the PS Store?

  • @57: Its not Thursday.

  • Shame on the developers for this one. It says trophies on the back of the friggin’ game case, then I get home to play and there’s no trophies. That isn’t cool. And we all have a right to be upset over false advertising.

  • booo on that

  • @58: Warhawk came out on Tuesday.

  • Glad I cancelled my pre-order just in the nick of time. Looks like problems galore with this title. I’ll just stick to COD4.

  • Thankfully I got to play around 1pm eastern time here, unfortunately it locked up twice… Now the servers are down :( not happiness. You need to let people at least play offline, having a game and not being able to do ANYTHING with it b/c the servers are down is a bit of bs in my book, not having a story and NOT FUNCTIONING period b/c the servers are down are two completely seperate things that need to be fixed. If your servers cr*p the bed then let people play pvp through playstation network… somethin man

  • Thanks Jeff..

  • Thank you jeff for the heads up.

  • im glad that the server is allready down sweeeeeet

  • —-


    Damn, I was gonna get this and SR2 friday. I was curved away from SR2 for the problems and glitches people are reporting. Now I may not get Socom because of problems and false advertising.

  • WTF? just install this game, and now I have to download a 500MB update. [DELETED] is up with this [DELETED]. Great, now I have to wait about a hour and a half to play it.

  • Can anyone login to their servers? I cannot and dont know what else to try.

  • Are the trophies going to be retroactive? It seems like they could be, since some of Warhawk’s were.

  • NM apparently they are all down. Is this a correct assumption

  • Anyone with a clue on how long until we can login?

  • I’m surprised people are [DELETED]… even after the confirmation of trophies.

    Guess you can’t please everybody. Thanks for the update.

  • I’m sorry but Slant Six falls on my list of bad devs. The beta was a disaster and something that was suppose to be on the game when it launched was left out? What the fudge?

    A couple of weeks when it comes to patches generally means months, this game doesn’t have months with other games like R2 coming out this game will be forgotten. Sorry for my hostility i’m quite peeved.

  • where is a review for this game

  • Slant Six should stick to making PSP games as clearly, the PS3 is too much for them to handle.

  • waaaaaaa trohiess aren’t in the game waaaaaa i want them nowwww waaaaaa…Bunch of babies grow up you sound lame..

  • Agreed, the beta wasn’t very good or stable and that turned me off from the full game. COD4 is much better and has a more rapid pace. Out of all the betas I’ve tried, the Street Fighter HD Remix beta was very well done, very playable, and lacked all the issues with this game’s beta.

  • up and running , for now!!!!

  • @79

    Agreed, I like my video to continue playing during XMB. Make it an option if it is for performance issues.

    Thanks for everything SONY, best console on the market!

  • Never mind where are the trophies, WHERE’S THE GAME?

  • come on Jeff every game coming out from now on should have trophies at launch. That’s a big selling point for a lot of people I will not buy a game unless it has trophies at launch. If they dont have the man power to get it done send some Sony folks over there

  • fine with me…helps me to choose between SOCOM and Deadspace for a little while…just got home from EB with both of them =)

  • So Im New to the Darkside (Playstation). And am just curious is this normal? For games to be this poor in support. And what is this R2 everyones raving about?

  • @87 trophy support was introduced after most current games were already in development, this will clear up as newer games debut. R2 is Resistance 2…looks AMAZING…look for videos on it is currently in Beta and will be heading into open Beta for pre-orders, and Qore subscribers soon (been super busy lately and haven’t followed this much)

  • #82, mmmmmliarmmmmmm :( I was about to feel stupid for complaining after it was up, no reason to feel stupid, game is dead, servers down can’t do nuttin.

  • wow all this waiting for this game and cant even play SERVERS DOWN !!!!!!! fix it FIX IT FIX IT!!!!!!!! I didn’t pay so i can hold the game in my hands I mean come on!! Only if you could play offline i would not be this pissed but what you know YOU CAN’T great job guys ….NOT!!!!

  • Sony I like the new update, but a lot of Playstation Network users don’t understand why you don’t allow us to play music or take in game screenshots without having patches? This will make it easy for you and for us. Im sick of connecting my Ip*d to my speakers the cords are killing me. Sony please listen to us! If you do this I don’t know what Playstation users will brag about next if you add this. Sony look at Xb*x there doing it why not the Playstation 3? I thought this was a multimedia machine/system? This is not a big feature it is very easy and small and Sony it was a big mistake to make the dev have to patch games. I could care less about trophies for every game. Sony PLEASE DO THIS. I know there are a lot of threads asking about this and I think its time to make this happen. Sony do this I’m tired of waiting this is a must have thing for the Playstation 3.

    Thanks! and the update rocks!

  • well sorry for the last comment because now it wont initialize!!!!!!!!!!! very gay

  • okay everyone needs to calm down Sony and Six Slant are doing the best they can. Look what Sony just gave us the best update every and now you just complain play some other game gezz! sure you spent $60 bucks but you got a free headset.

  • They obviously weren’t prepared for the amount of people that are trying to play this game. I will agree that not being able to log on sucks, but they will get it back up and all you guys who are whining will forget it even happened.

  • @ wamer2000

    The headset wasn’t free. The game is $40 without the headset, that makes the headset $20. Learn some math boy.

    BTW: If SS and Sony were doing the best they could, the game would be bug free, online now, and better looking.

  • @twooh

    How can you say that Sony isnt doing the best they can? look at COD4 that game was crap now look at it… its sweet just a few updates and it will be bug free, better looking and you will be online now just wait as I type Sony and Six Slant are working on it :)…..i think

  • WOW! This is the biggest load of crap ever! I can’t understand how you can just Sell a game that is UNFINISHED! What the Hell was the Beta for?? Hello, is there anyone there? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot you already Sold the Game and now you’re not worried about. Weird how that works, or doesn’t! I wish I could sell half a game at Full price. Man I would be rich!! Snap out of it, You Freaks!

  • seriously! Everybody just needs to calm down and stop talking crap! I guarantee that everyone that is crying right now will change their mind like next week, and be blogging about how amazing the game is.

  • OH,look the servers are back up! STOP CRYING and go play!

  • @vlsrebel

    Thank you so much for saying that! and Sony thanks for updating us instead of leaving us in the dark.

    P.S. I love yoy Sony AHAHAHAHAHA ill be working with you when i grow up

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