SOCOM Confrontation update

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We’ve noticed a couple of comments today on the blog from gamers who purchased SOCOM Confrontation; you’ve been asking “Where are the trophies?”

Well, I just wrapped up a conversation with the SOCOM team, where they’ve confirmed the fact that trophies *will* be coming, via a patch, within the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned to for the latest on SOCOM Confrontation.

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  • good to hear =)

    AWESOME headset though. I haven’t open the game yet since I haven’t read any reviews.

  • They weren’t in the final game? REALLY?!

    Buying a great headset and getting a okay game soon I guess.

  • Damn BEST BUY!… pre-ordered the game on the 6th and I should of been picking up or them sending me…

    I check the order status and shows it’s being back ordered and its going to be sent out from 10/17 to 11/14… what kind of crap is that…

  • The Trophy should’ve been available on day one. That’s still lame.

  • Good to hear Jeff.
    by any chance to you know if the headset will be bundled with other games besides Socom???

  • ***Trophies

  • Why were trophies clearly stated on the box if they weren’t coming with the product? What a bunch of crap. False advertising FTW.

  • Delaystation 3 continues to deliver!

  • Tell them to get the WHIP out and start Whiping them untill they get it done…. I would but I’m not in charge. LOL THANKS FOR HEADS UP!!!

  • I can’t believe all those complains about the trophies.

    I play to have fun, if the game has trophies nice, if it doesn’t nice.

    Socom is the best online shooter available. Play it, enjoy it and then, if you have any, complain

  • You guys at Sony are suppose to leads by setting an example. Instead you released a game, a major game without Trophy support out of the box. That’s really not cool! Now we have to wait a couple of weeks. Who know what does that mean? I love Sony but you guys are terrible with dates.

  • @11
    It’s not a matter if it’s a “nice” feature or not. *Trophies* were clearly listed in the same category as *Multiplayer*, on the back of the box.

  • Will they be retro-active?

    Cause if they aren’t, no point in ever releasing them unless they erase all stats and history after update.

  • calm down guys.. you will get your trophies soon like he said.. just relax and enjoy the game
    The sounds in this game is amazing!

  • sweet! fix the servers…please

  • ALSO…

    Any update to why many players cannot login? I keep getting:

    “Failed to login to Server”

    This really sucks. Release date wasn’t honored by many retail shops who received the game on 10/14 and now a day later, I have the game and still cannot play at all. If it had an offline campaign, I’d at least get a taste of it.

  • Well I hope the patch for trophies is retroactive. Burnout Paradise said the same thing about trophy support, then come patch day we find out its not retroactive and that we had to delete existing game data, ie start fresh again. If this happens, I’m returning the game but also will take points off in my reviews.

  • weeks? WTH? SONY=EPIC FAIL way to lure in the NEW gamers with promises of support in the coming weeks.

  • @11:

    That’d be nice, but too bad no one can login!

  • mmm if they put Trophy support on the box… Ouch… they should of at least put a note inside telling the trophy support was delayed and will be available as soon as possible.

    I bought this game just for the headset… the game is just a bonus for me to finally try out SOCOM series.

  • @ 17

    Dude, without that official Sony Headset. I would have not bought this game. The headset is awesome though!

  • @22 Ghostm:

    I actually am sorta pissed about the headset. The ear-nub plain sux. HQ or not, back to the Motorola H700 headset and the sony one goes on ebay.

  • @23
    too bad.. the headset is awesome

    @Ghostm sent you a msg on PSN

  • Have you guys read any Socom reviews yet? None on the net.

  • Cause no one can play it! lol

  • Why couldn’t they be in the final game?

  • @ 24

    What’s your email address?

  • BEAST!!! Also please fix that scope issue :)

  • Is there a release date for the EU?

  • Hey jeff,
    could we please know when EXACTLY SOCOM is hitting Europe? Not even the community team leaders on the official SCEE forums know!

    One retailer claims it’s october 17, another one says october 21, another one november 26, another one november 28……WE WANT A CLEAR DATE ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  • Not getting Confrontation anyway, so it doesn’t matter to me, but its good to hear for those who do have it.

  • stop [DELETED] about the servers, they’ll be up in an hour or two

  • @Ghostm

    my email adress why? i sent the msg on playstation, and open socom its worth it

  • Sweet, I am picking my copy up on Friday, so I guess I’ll get some practice in before the trophies hit.

  • @ Daver

    Ghostm is not my PSN ID.

  • @Ghostm

    Wtf dude…. im on your friend list.. you know the guy who gave you that LBP beta code

  • Hey Jeff, could you ask them why I paid $60 to play their game and now it wont log me in?

  • SOB I just picked it up. Said I would not, but I always do.

  • I’m don’t really care about the trophies, but it’s lame that it IS stated on the box that it has trophies and it doesn’t. That is definately kind of lame and really disappointing. Sony is really not getting it all together even two years after the PS3 has been out. I assume that the trophies will be retroactive like Warhawk. I mean the game is online only,,? Right Sony? If not then that really blows.

  • This i the death of a once great franchise.
    RIP Socom

  • @4
    Thats what you get for dealing with Best Buy..

  • whats up i try to play socom and it says failed to connect with server whats up with that?

  • It got delay a month and still no trophies!! unreal

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • This shows you how the game was developed, everything isn’t working.

  • I am looking forward to the trophies. My copy should be here tomorrow. Then I’ll be putting that official headset to good use.

  • can anyone explain to me why this game wont connect with the server

  • i have one concern since the patch is going to come in weeks, should i do any serious gaming or should i wait till the patch. Remember burnout paradise?! i sure do! :P

  • is this some kind of JOKE. is that all that has been asked. I think the major thing is why did they ship the beta with a bunch more maps. this is [DELETED]. “WITHIN THE [DELETED] COMING weeks.” SO much for the beta testing. apparently no one can even get on now. I refuse to play until they fix it because i love SOCOM and refuse to ruin my experience. it is also midterm time;). But seriously Slant 6 has turned into zipper since the beginning of the public beta. Every patch was garbage. They are screwing with us. NOW PLEASE. SAVE SOCOM WITHIN THE WEEK or else it will be dead forever.

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