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TGS over. Just landed. Not a lot of time to read. Please share your links. Tired. Sleep. Talk tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 10/6)

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  • @TheInfectedBy590 and everyone else asking about the unannounced games..

    You should go to PS3Fanboy and they will explain what Sony meant…very dissapointing

  • @46

    I heard the new xbox dash is dropping Nov. 19th. I also heard home is dropping the same day. Should be interesting, but we know about home and projected release dates…

    PS – CitizenInsane for prez! For real, keep defending Sony, dude, I love it. So many people just come on here and complain about everything. I wish they would sell their PS3s and get on with life. I love mine, have loved it since purchase, and would never trade it for a 360 (hardware sucks, controller sucks, not a big RPG fan). Peace!

  • Lost in all the hoopla around the TGS, here’s a nice wrap up of Sony’s Canadian Holiday Event:

  • @ CitizenInsane
    You sir, are so right that I can’t help but feel like you are actually an alter ego of mine that I’m not aware of. Brilliant rebuttals.

    And, Jeff: get some sleep- sounds like you need it. :P

  • “Everybody misread what Sony mean’t. That’s what PS3 Fanboy is saying. They mean’t there will be 11 games playable at TGS that they haven’t annouced( to be playable not unannouced as in games they you never heard of before) hence why each psot on the internet features a list of games of playable ones which are the annouced ones :).”

  • No offence Sony, but Microsoft is kicking your [DELETED]. I heard that there going to add Blu Ray players to the xbox.
    Also, you lost Tekken. AGAIN!? Another exclusive lost!?
    Good luck Sony.. :/

  • That God of War LBP level kicks ass. Funny, I was just telling my wife today that I was going to try and do something like that when the game comes out.

  • I love my PS3, absolutely love it. The reason why I am upset at the moment is that I had to ship of my PS3 yesterday. Bluray drive stopped reading disk. So well yeah, me sad.. =( But on the other hand it was still 12 days under warranty. And according to the kind man on the phone my love will be back to me right after LittleBigPlanet releases and if it isn’t well it won’t be to bad, cause my housemate has been on the edge of buying one too and then I’ll just ‘steal’ his to try out LBP. (And otherwise my little brother has one too >.>)
    Another thing I’m ‘upset’ about is the PSN cards here in Europe, but yeah that isn’t the problem of the US blog. So I’m taking that up with SCEE.. (The costumers support must be getting so annoyed with me :P)

    TGS might have been upsetting in the lack of certain games, maybe a little God of War III and the ICO-game.. Or a release date for idno Home? Some extra info about MAG. But hey can’t have everything at once right? Or we will be spoiled little brats.

    So well keep going the way you guys are going, though some more answers and communication would be nice every now and then, but oh well.


    Ps.. You are more then welcome to tell SCEE to hurry up with the PSN cards from me ;) Just kidding.

  • I’ll say this exactly once, and I won’t sit here and argue over it.

    MS uses their money to buy exclusives from 3rd parties and to make once-PlayStation brand exclusives become multiplat. To ensure they have the money to do this, they shutdown 1st party studios. But that’s all good to them, because the 360 now gets the games that were built on PlayStation, like Tekken, Devil May Cry, and Final Fantasy (yes, FF started on the NES, but I DARE you to suggest that the series was as relevant as it is today prior to FFVII).

    to be continued

  • Sony, meanwhile, uses their money to fund 1st/2nd party development. Sony has more than twice as many 1st/2nd party development teams than MS and Nintendo COMBINED. They’re doing what they’ve always done; creating new franchises. While MS focuses on getting to where Sony WAS, Sony is already moving forward.

    You notice how MS always seems to need to “answer” whatever Sony does, but Sony doesn’t seem to care what MS does?

    You don’t win a race by following the guy in front of you, because if that’s your strategy, the other guy will ALWAYS be ahead of you.

  • @ 35-38 CitizenInsane27

    I might not agree with lifeRPGs / Ortohinco but they are right to certain degree. We got a lot of empty promises, no JRPGs and losing tons of exclusivity. Not to mention…delays, delays, delays and even more delays!!!
    CitizenInsane27 to you Sony cannot do no wrong. You’re coming of like a total fanboy who’d accept anything as long its coming from the Sony camp. I like Sony, but you take it to a whole new level!!! You should try facing the truth sometimes. Mind you, I only own 1 console and a handheld (PS3 & PSP). I spend $600 expecting a whole lot more from the PS3/Bluray Player/Super computer. After 2 years it’s still not doing stuff that you cant do on any other console. Cross game invite, cross game chat etc…damn! I cant even make Wipeout HD private game with just my friends.

  • ***
    @ 21

    Their line up might not be great but it’s better then ours.

  • @58, i dont think microsoft has a better line up then sony, we have 2 grate games comming out at the end of the month, socom and LBP, LBP getting grate reviews so far, plus all the 3rd party games like far cry and fallout, we have resistance 2 comming out and killzone 2. by the time killzone 2 comes out, well have more detailes on games like god of war 3, MAG and infomous. also, even thou games like teeken arent exclusive enymore, that doesnt mean there not on ps3 enymore, your making it sound like there exclusive to 360. honestly i dont understand what people are saying when they say we have a bad line up, its one of the best line ups ive ever seen

  • @ Ghostm Great post.

    I would just add. Sony great marketing team for the PS3.

  • **I cant even make a Wipeout HD private game with just my friends.

    One good thing I have to say about Sony though. They definitely have a very strong first party line up. Also, they are being very wise for investing in their gaming studios instead of paying of 3rd party companies for titles. Paying for loyalty can only last for so long. They just need to grind and get these titles out. This is one belief that I still have. The first party games are really going to show the world what the PS3 can do.

  • yo guys check this out:

    Free Radical is doing a poll for which console you want to play TimeSplitters 4 on.

    so guys make your choose now:

    PlayStation 3: -35%

    XBox 360: -22%

    Wii: -36%

    PC: -5%

    go to Free Radical Entertainment web site then go to Polls section and you will find TimeSplitters 4 poll.

    note:i did not put the link because am not going to await for the moderation.

  • Just a Random thought but I’d like to have more folder options like example: Full Games(retail/psn), Demos, ps1 games folders. Just a idea to throw out there :)

  • @67 – You can do that yourself NOW. My folders include Applications, Arcade, Demos, Puzzle Games, PSOne Classics, Qore, and The Storehouse, LBP beta had its own folder.

  • I just realized those fourteen games they announced were those PSP titles.

  • not-buying-incognito

    how about you’ll at sony, implement trophies on the mini games inside of Qore.
    also i’d like to see trophies for all PSN download able games.

  • It’d be really nice if there was a site for North America!

  • @every1 complaining about “SONY TGS”
    u guys must be stupid to say that sony did bad at TGS or u guys just dont know whats going on in JAPAN.
    line up of exclusives for the PS3:
    White knight crhonicles(best RPG this year)
    Quantum theory(futuristic action shooting game like gears of war)
    Demons soul
    yakuza 3
    dynasty warriors 5 empires
    final fantasy XIII versus
    Dark cloud 3
    granturismo 5: prologue spec III

    there u have it fools!

  • and i forgot those most anticipated games of the year\2009
    killzone 2
    resitance 2
    motor storm 2
    naruto UNS

    not satisfy yet
    what about MMOS
    DC universe online
    FREE realms

    if u guys r not satisfy yet and still think MS has a better and more line up of exclusive titles….well….
    suicide or get a life
    and good job sony!

  • Yeah, the xbox avatars knock-off will defintely be released before PS Home, because ‘late fall’ could be December 20th.

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