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TGS over. Just landed. Not a lot of time to read. Please share your links. Tired. Sleep. Talk tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 10/6)

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  • Patapon 2 info this week?

  • TGS is over…….what?

    i guess 3 out 14 isnt bad

  • This is the worst TGS i ever seen in my live.

  • where is the 14 games everybody was taking about?

  • They announced Home for November 19, 2008… this is probably the highlight of TGS for me… and the Birth by sleep footage

  • Thanks for the recap Jeff. LBP looks great. Played the beta with a friend, and it just makes me sorely disappointed I didn’t score a beta key. I was always one day too late :/.

  • I might get some form off reply or acknowledgement this time,

    Heres a list I made up myself with a little help and Id like your suggestions aswell

    Option to have Passwords for users accounts

    Custom Avatars (Possibly upload or at least have a large databse with more than the ones there is e.g. Football, rugby team badges, flags etc)

    In/cross game chat

    Auto sync trophies

    Make the trophy profile load faster because its far too slow

    More infromation on online profile (games played, more space on about me section etc)

    Ability to view your friends friend lists

    Ability to search for friend (using email or possibly keyword)

    Improve internet browser ( possibly get Google Chrome? or at least improve flash player)

    Change notification when you get a message or when some signs in, the grey with white text is bland, possibly make it similar to the information board maybe with the PSN logo in place.

    Ability to group friends

    Add a form of messenger or possibly Skype

    Add a calendar , organiser

    Have when a friend was last online when there offline

    More statuses (Appear Offline etc)

    Show trophy level without clicking on friend, have trophy level some where so when you highlight a friend on the XMB the game hes playing, trophy level status avatar etc appear.

    Better music layout instead of Album or Artist have Artist > Album > Song, this will make it easier to find a song from an album.

    PS2 game emulation?

    Jeff please take these into account or pass the list onto Eric,
    Thank You

  • campier sony japan overs:

    3-Derby Time Online (horse racing game)-ps3
    4-Juusei to Diamond-psp
    5-Enkaku Sousa: Sana e no 23 Hiai-psp
    6-Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida Or 2 -psp


    sony SCEA&SCEE overs:

    1-Resistance 2 -PS3
    2-Killzone 2 -PS3
    3-Infamous -PS3
    4-Resistance: Retribution -PSP
    4-Secret Agent Clank -PSP
    6-Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty -PSN
    7-SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation -PSN
    Little Big Planet -PS3

    SONY should CLOSE JAPAN studio and save the money to create better games for the console.

  • i concur we want more please at least give us something on home or when we can expect some home news

  • *chuckles* Get some sleep in you, Jeff. See you tomorrow.

  • 1-GOMIBAKO-psn
    3-Derby Time Online (horse racing game)-ps3
    4-Juusei to Diamond-psp
    5-Enkaku Sousa: Sana e no 23 Hiai-psp
    6-Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida Or 2 -psp

    Nice sony, so i spend $599 for that…while microsoft is breaking all sony exclusives, we are getting PATHETIC games such as dress…..what the heck is dress? did i pay $599 to ‘play’ a game in which i dress up people? NO.

  • Thanks for the updates from TGS Jeff, go get your well deserved rest sir. See you this week.

  • Ha ha Jeff sounds tired. Its been a boring week.

  • @lifeRPGs

    Sorry, you can’t help all the people all of the time.

  • Microsoft overs in TGS 2008:

    1-Halo 3: Recon
    2-Ninety-Nine Nights II
    3-Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    4-The King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match
    5-Ninja Blade
    6-Meteos Wars
    7-Tekken 6
    8-The Last Remnant

    NOW DO YOU Think sony will win this time?

  • @ghamdikh1

    Dude, when the hell is everyone gonna get this ‘winning’ idea out of their heads? I’m sorry, but the truth is you can slap a ‘winner’ sticker on a company at the end of a console generation, but in all realism, as long as the company survives and is financially viable, they will go again. The console race/war/euphemism for dumb fanboys will continue infinitely as long as there is money being thrown at it. Sony didn’t ‘lose’ TGS, they just didn’t have the best showing. So what? They already showed off the TONS and TONS of exclusives that are coming this fall through the winter, and you still aren’t satisfied? Oh, you probably want some RPG’s, right? Well they are coming, they just take longer to develop now. Oh, and you’ll probably go “Well why haz teh XBOXs had like 4 already??”

    Probably because they were rushed pieces of crap for the most part. Don’t argue, look at the reviews. They were lower quality than most PS2 RPG’s. 360 can have em as far as I’m concerned. Doesn’t bother me one bit.

    Oh, and the Tekken news, yeah, I saw this coming about 2 months ago. MS has money to throw around, Sony doesn’t. End of story.

  • @Citizenlnsane27

    Well next time they shouldnt get us hype for nothing

  • I know that info on Home seems to be held under a tight lid at the moment but I have a few suggestions on what you guys can do when when Sony begins advertising it.

    For one, I suggest that you (PSBlog) do a weekly feature a la Microsoft with their NXE. For example, on one week you could write about and show pictures of how one creates their Home avatar – show a few of the customization options like face styles, wardrobe and hair styles or preset characters, etc. Then the next week talk a little on decorating your Home apartment space with furniture, pictures, the view, etc. Then start having developers come on here and reveal their planned Home spaces from first party devs like Naughty Dogs and their Uncharted room to third party rooms like the rumored Bioshock room.

    And as always, make videos of each these features and stick HD versions up on the PS store every Thursday. When the week that Home is released, plaster Home in the background of the PS Store. Seriously, make an event out of this and have balloons and banners in the Home square in celebration.

    And while I’m at it, allow gamers to grab a 2D image of their Home avatar and use it as their PSN avatar on XMB.

    Thanks for reading!

  • glad you made it home safe, Jeff!

    smuggle any geisha’s in your luggage?

    rest, man, you earned it..


  • Buy PixelJunk Eden, get Monsters Encore for free

    For those that don’t have Eden but Have PJM I think it’s a heck of a deal^.

  • Oh I should say it ends 10/16, better act fast :o

  • @ghamdikh1

    The MS line up isnt that good i must say, apart from the few RPG’s and tekken nothing speical, ye theres halo but theres nothing worth getting overly excited about for MS

  • @ CitizenInsane27

    first of all i think you for responding to my post.

    and second of all let my ask you this:

    do you now my feelings and other ps3 owners feelings when we spend $599 for i console
    that have lees exclusives and more PATHETIC games such as dress or Derby Time Online (horse racing game)from sony compeer to Microsoft overs:
    1-Halo 3
    2-Fable II
    3-Gears of War 2
    4-Halo Wars
    5-Ninety-Nine Nights II

    i hop you get me point any way think you for reading this.

  • rest up kind sir! dead space drops in 2 days.


  • @ghamdikh1

    Yeah, I get your point, but have you not been paying attention to anything vital to Sony’s success? You cite various 360 exclusives yet you stretch to say that all we get are “pathetic games” like Dress and DTO. You fail to mention Resistance 2, MGS4 (yes, it may be already out, but if you haven’t played it, you’re short changing yourself) LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, inFamous, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Heavy Rain, and others. That list also doesn’t include the highly respected new PSN titles that are being released on a regular basis now, or in the near future. How blind can one person (or in some cases, many) be to what is directly in front of them. KEEP IN MIND that the Tokyo Game Show is a Japanese event, marketed towards Japanese/Asian culture and their market, not ours. We have plenty still to come in terms of exclusive titles and you will just see that, as they come.

    Now, I did, like you and many others, spend $600 right out the gate on a PS3 at launch. It was a risky investment knowing what was coming and having seen and played a 360 for nearly a year before hand. But that did not sway my decision to purchase the system. Sony has a long standing record of having a wide array of titles (lots of numbers of titles don’t equal wide spread quality across multiple genres, i.e. the 360 has a lot of shovelware, just because it is easy to make) and while they had a slow start this generation, they have proved that the pedigree still holds. I have a large selection, of both middleware, and exclusive titles that have already graced the PS3, with a huge Q4 lineup that I still don’t know if I have the paychecks to indulge in.

    So, in short. Yes, Microsoft has nabbed up some money-grubbing exclusives, Halo (but who didn’t see that coming, anything to milk the cow I’d say.) Gears of War (ain’t got nothing on God of War IMHO) Fable II, (cool, but I’ll be busy playing Fallout 3, regardless of DLC) and Ninety Nine Nights 2? Really? You’re gonna argue for that game? heh, not worth it dude. Nothing to get all uppity about at the very least.

    I understand where your anger may be coming from but I believe it’s premature and it only a statement of how closed off you are to the network of news and footage that is being provided for you to make an informed decision about what system(s) you play. Everyone has a niche, and the PlayStation 3? Well, it just does what I want it to, and in the best ways possible.

  • @MariusElijah

    Did Sony hype you up? Or did you get hyped by hearing from other sources speculation about the Sony conference?

  • TGS sucked. I’m sure games like Dress and Derby Time Online are going to sell systems.

    MS at least knows that by securing exclusive RPGS, they can at least sell a couple of systems and outsell the PS3.

  • @ CitizenInsane27

    I guess your right but i felt there was a great opening this year and sony didnt took it, like announcing Home’s release date.
    oh well At least I will have LBP in a week to satisfy me

  • White Knight Chronicles
    Demon Souls
    Quantum Theory
    Yakuza 3
    Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires
    are some,but Sony never got anyone hyped.People got themselves hyped.

  • TGS was boring in my opinion from all big companies it was a disappointing event..
    Why make big events like that when 1 ordinary week can bring more news about new things that a whole event that is suppose to bring some ‘hot spice’ news for gaming.
    All big events lately have lost their focus i think, they have become useless

  • @enewtabie

    Hey dude! What’s up. Thanks for providing the list, I was a little preoccupied, so I didn’t grab it.

  • @MariusElijah

    I would’ve expected a Home release date too, but with the way that Sony is developing it, putting a release date up is setting themselves up for public scorning. If they gave you a release date, then they had to push it back a week or two, the entire community would just hurl fireballs at them (verbally) and they’d never hear the end of it. Home will come out when Home is ready. My guess? Before the NXE drops.

  • Thanks for the links


    Do the Sony reps not take the PlayStation Forums seriously?

  • @ Marius and citizen

    1) It’s been 2 years, and we are still waiting for playstation network cards to be out and available everywhere

    2) One of the MAJOR sony argument back at the PRE-PS3 launch was backward compatibility. Where the heck is it now? Magic spell? Disappeared? Forgotten?

    3) Come on dude, Motorstorm2 and resistance2 should not even be cited…sells won’t get any close to what they did last year….sony did not have any games, so people just bought anything. This time, we have a choice. And we’ll pick only the best. All the worthy PS3 (exclusive) has this fall is LittleBigPlanet. Next major game is in february: killzone.

    4) Where is the video store for europe? Oh right, 2009.

    Sony isn’t the sony we knew back with the ps2. they need money, so they sell out everything, and look for the cheapest. Hell, even the bluray player doesn’t last a year! every year we’ll have to send our ps3 to repair because of disc reading failure..and sony expects the ps3 lifespan to be ’10 years’ lol….so they want me to send my ps3 10 times to repair? haha funny

  • Team ICO.. I weep.

    I heard Kyle Schubel said it was almost ready!!

    CAn we get an interview with the US Porducer of the game? Please?

  • News here:

    Shuhei Uoshida says he is in conversation with Team ICO (sideline about GT PSP)

    Yoshida Interview

  • @lifeRPGs

    Fine, that’s the way you feel, go pawn your PS3 and games, and stop coming here to complain. I would hope you are old enough to have purchased and can pawn your own equipment. As for your list?

    1. I live in Minnesota, and we have them at our Blockbusters, Best Buy’s, gas stations, etc. They are everywhere out here, in $20 and $50 denominations. It took them a while, yes, but they are around. At least for most of us, hence why not that many people complain here that they cannot find them. We’d like MORE expansion on that front (i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, etc) and they will get there. By the end of the year at the rate they are putting them out now.

    2. Backwards compatibility was a not an easy throw away, you really have to understand this. Sony did that based on CONSUMER REACTION. They put out the PS3, people cried for more games, Sony makes/licenses more games, people cry out for CHEAPER SYSTEMS. Sony wants cheaper systems? Well, there are only so many hardware features they can cut and still make the machine function properly. Blu-ray? Nope, need it for games. RSX? Haha, yeah right. Cell? Not going anywhere. So what else can they cut to bring manufacturing costs down so that fine people will buy one? DING DING DING BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY CHIPS! Oh, and if you’re wondering about software BC? That still costs money.

    3. Hahahaha, potential sales of Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2 aren’t worth citing?? Are you kidding me? These titles may not pique YOUR personal interest, but there are a hell of a lot of people out here who bought a Motorstorm PS3 bundle, or the standalone game and LOVED IT, myself included. Same with Resistance. If you didn’t like that game, go back to 360 with your negative criticisms. They aren’t welcome here. Insomniac Games put so much time and effort into making their games worth playing that you should have your PS3 taken away from you for claiming that their work ‘isn’t worth citing’.

    4. Ask SCEE. That’s an international video distribution line deal that needs to be made in PAL countries, and with so many countries under one roof, it’s hard to get all the details and money set up to make it work right. It will come, chill out and rent a video like anyone else.

    Yes, Sony isn’t the Sony we knew back in the PS2 days. Yes, they need money. Yes, the market is harder this time around. Yes, they spent a ton of money in making PROGRESSION FORWARD WITH TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE OUR GAMES BETTER. You miss the point of Blu-ray too, oh, snap, my BD drive died (MINE DID TOO, 2 years in, but it was a LAUNCH SYSTEM) Ok, now, if this was a horribly widespread failure that happened once or twice a year, then we would be looking at Sony’s RRoD. Which we aren’t because there are a minority of BD players that have died, and all the newer models have far better, higher end BD players built in, reducing that number dramatically every year. If you send in your system to Sony and tell them that you would like your same system back, they will equip it with a newer drive and you will be good to go. No complaining. If you really think that you’ll have to have 10 repairs done on your system dude, sell it, cause that sure sounds like a waste of time. Sell it and don’t come back here clogging up the posts with non productive bashing and biased anger.

  • Sony screwed up big time this generation. No RPGs, very few third party exclusives, many broken promises. Oh well, can’t wait to see what next exclusive the PS3 will lose next.

  • i hope home will have trophies and the trophies can be like make your first Avatar, bet someone at pool, make your home space up or something

  • @Ortohinco

    Well, how about you go speculate somewhere else then?

  • Thanks Jeff.

    I put my vote in for LBP beta creations…sure hope they keep them around for the live version.

    There were some really great creations.

  • EXCLUSIVE NEWS: citinzeninsane works at sony.

  • @lifeRPGs

    Hahaha, I WISH. I used to work at a gas station, and a video store. I may come off as a fanboy mind you, but I support Xbox all the same, they have excellent games, but they just match my taste. I need my Ratchet & Clank’s and MGS4. Just because I have logic and reasoning that is based on factual events and public releases.

  • WoW, people are still saying sony is hyping people for home when sony has done very little of the hyping lol….morons

  • @jeff

    I have a problem, trophies on NBA 09 don’t show up in profile

  • @GGCAN

    They’re staying friend. Oh yes, they are staying. The poll was rather rudimentary, and Alex Evans confirmed at TGS that they knew this was gonna happen, and they’re just gonna keep em. Good ups.

  • @ 21

    There line up might not be great but it’s better then ours.

  • How many of you guys think the new X Box 360 experience dashboard/avatar will be out before PS Home? So far M$ already have a release date.
    I’m taking bets.

  • What happened to your 14 unannounced games Sony? Where is Team Ico?!

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