USA Today Has the Last of the LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys!

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Those of you who missed out on a chance to snatch a beta key from us last week, this one’s for you! If you’re still itching to get into the awesomely fun LittleBigPlanet beta, head over to USA Today Online, which is offering up the last of the available beta keys (15,000 to be exact – sounds like how many e-mails we got last time!). Just click the purple button that reads, “Do you want to test drive the game?”

While you’re there, check out the great LittleBigPlanet story that ran in yesterday’s newspaper. Lots of good info and interesting quotes from the good folks at Media Molecule. Good luck, and see you – and your creations – online!

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  • It looks like. 7th october was yesterday so those keys are history :(

  • AHH. NO. I’ve been trying to get a beta key for LBP ever since they started giving them out but every time I am just a bit too late. I checked USA Today Online and it said they were all out :(. I really want to play this beta.

  • If any one that got 2 keys and wants to give one away my psn is cool__josh come one help a brother out 8)

  • I am starting to get a little salty about all this…if my boss had any idea about even half the amount of time I have spent trying to get a key in the past 2 weeks I could totaly get canned.

  • Well I requested a key and got one around 3PM EST. By 4:30PM EST, after getting home, my key was invalid. Yay me. I’m a bit annoyed with all this. I’ve pre-ordered and just want to play this game.

  • @7… it was through GAP that i originally got MY LBP key!

    so don’t lose hope on the underground

  • @TheVesra

    I agree with you 100%. Everytime they hand out beta keys, it’s at a time when I’m at school, or sleeping. (By the way, I’m 15, so that kinda dosn’t help your statement)Please Sony, hand out keys at a time when we can actually get them.

  • I still managed to send two mails to usa today but nothing yet. If by any chance i got the two keys i will post one here and the fastest one will be the lucky winner.

  • Does anyone have an extra key they will barter for…..I have lots of PSN games and other stuff that I willing to share

  • Does anyone have an extra key they will barter for…..I have lots of PSN games and other stuff that I willing to share

  • It says they gave them all away already. Figures. I always get off work to more good news. Oh well. Hopefully I get a Home invite soon. Good luck y’all.

  • Hey guys, come on, cheer up. I sent two e-mails from two separate accounts, and guess what… I got two codes!

    Now obviously, I only need one of them, so I’m willing to give the other one away. All you have to do is send me a message (or add me as a friend, your choice) on PSN. The first one gets the key.

    ID: hyAxisUS

    Come on guys, my PS3 is on and waiting ;)

  • how long ago did you send in your email?

  • @162:I hope your PSN ID is hiAxisUS, cause I just sent you a message.

  • I can’t believe it… 15,000 beta codes already GONEEE… Grrrr w/e patience is key… congrads to all the other 15,000 that made it hahaha

  • Sorry guys, someone has already done it. Good luck next time ;)

  • Can anyone please tell me the longest they waited for a code and when they sent theirs in

  • hyAxis. Just sent to your real ID. Please help a brotha out

  • My Psn Id is Myk_Saiten, so if there are anymore nice guys like hyAxisUS out there, don’t be afraid to send one my way.

  • does anyone think that this is not first come first serve?

  • Crap lol they are gone…. D: I tried ;_; Anyone willing to give me a code 4 beta?
    PSN: XxC-losxX

  • Woo Hoo!! I finally got one!

    Spud wins!

    I’d like to thank:
    Mom and Dad
    Boris Karloff
    and I’d like to give a shout out to Jebus!

  • hyAxisUS is my savior!! he gave me his extra beta code!!

  • anyone with extra code mind sharing with me? ive been trying to get oe for days and being unlucky :( if you guys can help my email is

  • Sent one email, they sent me three codes. Here is the two extras.

    Voucher Code: NBQJ-2EB5-H4J2
    Voucher Code: P2JF-G7BK-QR2T

    Good luck. Send me a message over PSN if you get in. PSN: Ickara

  • If anyone has an extra beta code email me at

    I really want to get into the beta…

  • happy_spud?? How much time did you have to wait to receive your beta key? I’m waiting for about two hours and i’m starting to lose hope!


  • I don’t understand…Media Molecule said you have to be 18, have a US PSN acoount, and opt in for their marketing. I tried to get a code from X-Play last weekend, and it didn’t work. I thought, maybe I didn’t opt-in for their marketing. So, I checked my account today, and the only options were: “Yes, I want to receive future marketing offers” & “Yes, I want to send my information to SCE & its marketing partners.” The boxes were filled in, and it wouldn’t let me change either of those, so I guess I was opted-in. I’d like to play this before I think of pre-ordering.

    So, if someone would be generous enough to help me out, my email is

    Or you could message me on the PSN. My PSN name is the same as my name here: PSWii2008.

  • If anyone else has an extra I would greatly appreciate it. I hope to try to compete with the calculator maker lol. (yeah right) any way my PSN ID is pokerjer and thank you ahead of time

  • @178 Right place, right time eh? Enjoy LBP!

  • Looks like all keys have already gone! I’m still waiting for some charity

  • I got my key last week and man, it’s gonna suck when the beta ends I have to wait 10 days for the full game to come out.

  • Cool, and I don’t even have to buy a copy of that birdcage liner of a newspaper!

  • the beta ends in 3 days so… whoever gets in doesnt really play much… still better than nothing i suppose

  • Aw man again I coudn’t get a code the universe must hate me all the contests I entered and nothing to show for it except heartache and disappointment.

  • This will be good for the people who haven’t got a code yet.

  • Spare beta key? Anyone? Please i need one

  • @186

    Thousands of us feel the same way.

    I entered every contest, am a GAP member, pre-ordered months ago and still haven’t gotten in.


    Well, just 13 more days until we can play.

  • I have one of those Rock Band tracks for free (Stride Loves Rock Band) that I haven’t used yet. Anyone want to trade codes?

  • @189

    Same here I guess we’re all in the same boat…

    I just want the LBP code; is that to much to ask for ?

  • Do these keys from USA today allow user created content in the beta to transfer to to the full version of the game?

  • @192 check your email – the codes appear region locked so I can’t use mine. Sad for me, because I was really excited to try LBP, but good for you!

    @193 as far as I’ve heard, nothing created using beta tools will be available for use with the final release tools. That’s fair enough, considering the learning curve for the team and the code patches that they will no doubt be applying: they don’t want old creations screwing up their new game code!

  • Still waiting for some beta key. Please…i really would love to try this game

  • @192 – you mis-typed your email, sorry, but 195 gets the key instead!

  • Or send me on the psn ID =)

    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks a lot Doctor What :) i’m on my way right now!

  • Man…missed another one. Why pick him over all the rest of us who are sitting here wishing we could get a stab at this?

    I’m an elementary school teacher who would love a chance to play but never could get a key because I kept entering the contests too late because I couldn’t enter them until I got home from work. Too bad all these other people who are slacking off at their jobs reading the blogs got them…

    PSN ID: Mososo Kruppe

    Anyone want to show some Teacher Appreciation?

  • anyone else have any extras? I’d love to get in and start creating. Thanks a bunch!

  • i miss it every time!

    how can i lose to 15,000 people…and more who already have codes!?!? i didn’t know that many people loved their PS3s!

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