USA Today Has the Last of the LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys!

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Those of you who missed out on a chance to snatch a beta key from us last week, this one’s for you! If you’re still itching to get into the awesomely fun LittleBigPlanet beta, head over to USA Today Online, which is offering up the last of the available beta keys (15,000 to be exact – sounds like how many e-mails we got last time!). Just click the purple button that reads, “Do you want to test drive the game?”

While you’re there, check out the great LittleBigPlanet story that ran in yesterday’s newspaper. Lots of good info and interesting quotes from the good folks at Media Molecule. Good luck, and see you – and your creations – online!

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  • Crosses fingers… hopes i got a code…. starting to get pumped for this game.

  • It’s really great to see Sony really starting get the word out to the general public about LittlBigPlanet. Hopefully they do this with other titles coming out as well. I just know this going to a really big game for the PlayStation and not just for the PS3.

  • hmm i sent one in a while ago and still no code. guess i didnt get in. few hours ago i sent it

  • just got my code through! sweet. i gave it to a mate whose been dying to get in to the beta, i’m already in :D

    i expect some good karma for doing that -haha-

  • fingers crossed for this one! this is my last chance to get in so hopefully i will. if not the full game drops in a couple weeks so I think ill be aight! thanks for the opportunity


  • I got one!

  • i got mine a few days ago from Playstation Underground

  • I tried again but as usual I just got home from work. It’s 3:40 here and I put mine in about 10 minutes ago. I’m sure I missed it again….sigh.

    PS Mainichi Issho in the US, we need it!

  • I was beginning to give up hope with all the websites giving out like 50 keys. Now with 15,000 I think I have a chance!

  • @Jeigh (and others)

    You are quite correct that the GAP is a joke. We’re not asking for “special treatment”, we’re simply asking that they either honor what they say on the website or change the wording.
    On the GAP website it states that we are “first in line for betas” and that we will receive “preferential treatment” regarding betas… this is no longer true. Betas are now randomly distributed in whatever manner might evoke the most publicity.

    GAP served a purpose in terms of providing feedback that helped to shape the creation of the PSP and PS3, but now it seems that they’ve now completely forgotten about GAP. The distribution of the LBP beta couldn’t have made this any more clear.

  • for me I click on the Outlook express Mail thing and it says error it doesnt send =/
    I clicked the button on USA today but im not sure…

  • i’ve just given up on trying to get into the beta…still really psyched about the game though

  • Thanks you Media Molecule for this revolutionary game. I have the beta and I can tell you it’s a great little game. Playing with others online is great fun and even my wife was impressed when i told her i was playing with 3 other people running around the level then smacking each other, she laughed..

  • I hope I get in the LBP Beta, I wish I also can get into Home Beta…

    PSN: CanadianWolf

  • Submitted mine almost 2 hours ago and still nothing. If anyone has an extra key, I’ll take one please! :)

  • @ 30 loyaly die in the 1940, lol be loyal to your family or whatever god you beleave in . dont take this wrong way but am tried of people throwing the word out loyal like it some hall pass. some of us is going to get the bata and some of us wont, frist come frist serve . i didnt get a lbp bata but i have pre order mine copy in full . if you getting lbp then it wont matter if you didnt get the bata, i realy dont care if i get the bata or not because the game is comeing out in a few weeks. plus have the people who begging for a bata wont buy it anyway for what ever reson, and there going to complain because it in there dna.they cry about life with playstion, gore, home, and now there complianing about gore not haveing euff bata? look it was 20 buck if you going to cry over 20 bucks you should never gotten it. to me that a you probelm not a sony probelm.

  • I’m waiting on a reply.
    I really hope I get one. I’ve tried almost every other site that has had giveaways…

  • @Money1, I am glad to hear you given up.
    But it’s not about trying, it’s about waiting for your email to be reviewed and sent back. You must give them time, 15,000 invites didn’t even go out yet, only 1,000 at least, or bit less. 2 Days still remaining…

  • Makula you are second lol. on topic, i got my best friend one of these this morning, almost 24 hours after they started this giveaway. now all my psn list has the Beta.!!!!

  • can someone tell me the address you send the e-mail to? my outlook isn’t working.

  • I just want to say thank you to the people of the Playstation Blog for granting me a beta key. It was a nice surprise and I will always appreciate it

  • This game is fantastic played the beta and can’t stop playing this game thank you sony for this wonderful game and media molecule.

    LBP rules

  • Just got mine right now sent my E-mail 2 hours ago LBP HERE I COME!!!!!!!

  • I sent my request at 208:pm and got my code at 3:54pm. My boyfriend just got one too, we did it at the same time. We’ll use one and will post the other if we dont’ use it :o)

  • Just got mine! Finally! Sent mine at 230 (eastern). Never would’ve thought I would get one from USA Today of all places.

    (Subscribes to USA today)

  • Anyone who got more than 1 key mind sharing one with me? ive emailed long ago and got nothing, been trying a lot, my email is i appreciate if you can help

  • I just got off work and sent mine. Anyone know if there are still some available?

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up, I was one of the lucky ones (this time around!) I’ll be having fun in LBP for days now

  • I hope my buddies got one od these

  • WOOT! I just got my FIRST beta key ever!! It took about an hour and 30 min, so dont give up hope if you haven’t gotten yours yet! See you all online :)

  • Just received my key! Can’t wait to get home from work and try it! :-)

  • omg if i am too late again i am going to freak out.

  • Hope I get in!

  • YESSSSS!!!! I got a code and I sent my email at 2:00pm.(I didn’ think I was going to get one, but I did) It took about 2 hours to get a response. There is a real Sackboy out there.

  • Mail sent!!! Does anyone already received the code??

  • Man i send in an email about 2 1/2 hours ago, i hope i get it. I really want to play that beta. But i heard the beta ends in a couple days, is that true?

  • Did u have to put anything in the email? Cause it said just to send it

  • Man I hope I finally get into the BETA.

  • Well I am kind of loosing hope on this one, I emailed like 4 hours ago and didn’t get a reply. so if anyone has an extra code to give, I’ll gladly take it.
    Thanks in advance!

  • I’m waiting to see if i get a response, but if anyone has any extra keys, i’ll appreciate it,

  • Got in sick
    took an hour and a half
    got an extra code left willing to trade for
    COD4 MAP PACK or Qore code, Socom Code any code that workd just email me at

  • still has some keys, don’t try to rush the site :). Check back later in the day.

  • Thank u so much

  • I don’t think I’ll be a person to get the little big planet beta key :(…

  • Anybody that has a extra key please send it to my email Never took part in a beta and i would love to try LBP. Please….

  • thing was for yesterday right?

  • I think an extension of the beta up to launch is a wonderful ideal, especially if more people are just getting invites!

  • i sent them an email like 3hours ago twice n i still haven’t gotten a beta key as yet…this sucks!!!

  • how about the next time you guys decide to do these kinds of give-aways, you do it during times when us working grown-ups actually have achance to get in on the action. every time these LBP keys were giving out, i and i am quite sure other adults, were at work at our jobs that don’t afford us access to pc’s and/or the internet. kthxbye!

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