What Do You Want to Know? TGS Edition: LocoRoco 2 & Patapon 2

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Japan’s a strange place: 400 year-old temples alongside incredibly modern malls; cantaloupes are significantly more expensive than sushi; and the toilets have controls. And since I’m writing this post on Wednesday in hopes that you’ll read it Tuesday morning, please consider this request to be coming from the future.

In a few hours I’ll be at Sony HQ, where we’ll lift the lid on sequels to PSP hits LocoRoco and Patapon. Both of these 2D games were striking in their originality, music, and art style. The sequels are sure to build on the concepts that made these games popular in the first place, but I ask you:

What do you want to know about Patapon 2 and/or LocoRoco 2?

I’ll ask the best questions to the games’ developers later today (or is that tomorrow?), and report back with answers soon. Also, I’ll be asking for more of what you’d like me to show you once Tokyo Game Show kicks off in earnest Thursday – so please keep questions to these two games for now!

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  • well i would like to know if these two game with have co-op online and offline, also will the old saved file from their old game save work with these two new games to give you an extra boost on items or leveling up bonus etc..? also will the same old art design stay with the second additions to the platforms games? we’ll like to also know if there would be an interesting things you plan on putting onto these game to give it that extra something we always liked about these title’s?

    thanks for the time on reading my comment… also keep up the good work peeps… we admire that… well at least i do…lol

  • Is there any plan to bring Patapon and Locoroco to the PSN ?

  • Will Patapon ever be ported to Playstation 3 has a PSN title ?

  • How does it feel to “Go back to the Future”?

    What’s the target audience?

    Screen shots?

  • @22..dude ive played it and its us too kiddie..”puta puta puta pon”..wtf is that…its ok to admit your a nerd…cuz they the ones that create the video games..so ..im not HATTING….im jus sayin..;p

  • Would really like to see PSN games based on these 2 franchises also. Especially Patapon.

  • Jeff, can we switch jobs? :P

  • “In a few hours I’ll be at Sony HQ”

    hehe, reminds me of that South Park episode where Stan’s Dad travels to Japan to Pokemon Headquarters…


    Mr. Ose: [fakes a sob] “Uh, smuh, so small.”

    President Hirohito: “We cannot achieve much with so small ____. But you! Americans. Wow!


    Hopefully someone at Sony HQ will compliment you like that, Jeff, as you are the American..


  • is locoroco 2 ever awesome…er than loco roco?!

    god, i loved the first one

  • How about a halloween game since its october…a scary game or something.

  • In Patapon i was stuck because i had to re-do a level in wich AT RANDOM there would appear something after the rain ( sorry don’t remember the details ) … After 20 tries, i never played again..

    Will there be randomness again?

  • More important question:

    What’s the 3D Locoroco we saw at the end of a trailer??

  • Jeff, Will you guys have TGS updates on PSN like you do for E3?

  • What new Options will there be for the loco House? If there will be one… On the Locoroco 1 it was incredibly difficult to get most of the parts, hope somehow that changes :D

  • What new gameplay features will be in Patapon 2? Any chance it will be on PSN?

  • Any plans of a downloadable PS3 version?

  • Can you explain how multiplayer is going to be implemented in Loco Roco 2?

    I heard that AD:HOC play was coming.

  • will patapon have all new beats

  • What kind of multiplayer options will patapon2 and locoroco2 offer. And any chance that they will be supporting the upcoming PspPSNPsp functionality?

    (what I mean is the upcoming feature that will allow psp users to play ad-hoc games trough Ps3 online with their psn friends.)

    Will locoroco2 offer more levels and variety than the original. The first one was great but it was mainly all about story mode as it could have had challenges, special modes etc.

    Any chance of Psp games getting trophies?
    It would be really sweet to get all playstation platforms support each other, and all pspps3 functionality is plus.

  • Absolutely loving both Patapon and LocoRoco (although my favourite is Patapon ;) ).

    Simply hoping that LocoRoco 2 is going to be a direct “continuation” from LocoRoco with almost no new improvements at all, so here’s my questions for Patapon 2:
    – Are you going to reuse most of the enemies/bosses/Patapons/miracles and so on, or are you bringing new stuff?
    – Explain about the multiplayer feature since it’s a bit confusing?
    – What are some key differences/improvements for Patapon 2 (compared to the first game)?
    – For how long has Patapon 2 been in development, and what are your targeted release date?

    BTW: I seriously want a PS3 version of Patapon (and also Patapon 2) via PSN.

    Thanks for an absolutely fantastic game, Pyramid (and for the support from Japan Studios)!
    My favorourite game on PSP definitely!!

  • A PS3 patapon with RockBand drums compatibiliy would be awesome

  • I have a question for Level 5
    When will we see White Knight Chronicle in the States, or if the Japanese version will have English sub and writing?

  • Oh and Also to Level 5, will WKC have trophies?

  • Will there ever be a PS3 Loco Roco?

  • I have quite a few questions actually:

    1. Will Locoroco 2 have any new colored locorocos?

    2. Will Locoroco 2 have new music?

    3. Will both Patapon 2 and Locoroco 2 (the PSP games) be downloadable from the Playstation Store?

    4. Will Patapon 2 feature new gameplay mechanics? (If so what are they?)

    5. Will Locoroco 2 feature new gameplay mechanics? (If so what are they?)

    6. Will there ever be stand-alone Playstation 3 titles of Locoroco or Patapon either available at stores or as downloadable titles?

    7. Will there ever be a Locoroco game on the Playstation 3 that uses the Sixaxis controller to tilt the world? (Much like what the shoulder buttons did on the PSP?)

    I know that’s quite a lot of questions, but hey, they’re both GREAT games, and I can only imagine how they would further the experience in the upcoming sequels! I’m really hoping for a Locoroco title with Six-Axis tilting functionality though… (One can dream, right?)

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to playing these titles on the PSP! And thanks ahead of time for answering my questions!

  • Awesome! I have two questions, both for LocoRoco 2 (Can’t wait for that one!!):-

    1. Is LocoRoco 2 going to incorporate any form of Game Sharing/Co-op mode to play with friends (beyond the simple sharing of a demo with the original)?
    2. Will LocoRoco 2 have a complete new soundtrack, or any new LocoRoco?

  • One more thing… this is sort of an out of whack question, but:

    It is possible for PSP games to get trophies right? I mean, the feature can be added in a firmware update, and we could link the trophies to our PSN accounts through wireless, so with that being said…

    Are PSP trophies possible?

    If they are, is Sony planning on using this feature?

    If they are, then when can we hope to see them coming to our precious portable system?

    Again, thanks for the answers ahead of time!

  • Will anyone of these games be released on PS3 in the future, with some changes of curse like Loco Roco 1 :D

  • PataPon was someting else, I enjoyed it very much!!! Easily the BEST PSPS game so far.

    My question is: will there be any kind of skirmish against enemy troops or will you be forced to fight bosses over and over again to get new weapons?
    I felt that was the weakest point of PataPon, it was so repetetive! =O

  • For both games: What’s new? Are we going to see a demo like the first game?

    For Patapon: if I hit Start, will the game pause this time?

  • Are patapon 2 and locoroco 2 going to be good games this time? the originals were boring gimmick games that you tend to find on the DS

  • Anyone tossing ideas around of a PS3 / PSN Patapon game? Or, possibly, a port of either of the PSP games to PSN?

  • Ask about Home and message me through PSN what they say :P

    I SWEAR I won’t tell!


  • i would want a locoroco for the ps3 too like the first psp locoroco not the one they did make for the ps3.

  • @84


  • Locoroco 2:

    Who is the lead designer on the sequel?

    How long is an average playthrough of the game?

    Also, is the progression in the game (between levels) similar to that of Locoroco or is there some kind of ‘world map’ selection now?

  • I also want to know if this is coming to PS3 :-)

  • Count me in as another one wanting Patapon 1&2 on PS3. I’ve been keen to try this game out for ages but have no plans on buying a PSP!

  • RPGs please

  • 1. will the game be longer then the first ones?

    2. are they going for the same price range as patapon “20 bucks”?

    3. will the be any mutiplayer in either patapon or locoroco?

    4. for patapon will there be more and new weapons and will there be new solders… and new megapon?

  • oh yea one more thing… will there ever be a ps3 version for patapon and loco roco

    you know like rock band, have couple of drums and u hit the drums to the beat?

    i would buy that lol

  • Wait I thought the same guys did both games? Maybe I’m wrong.

    Any cool new minigames for Patapon 2?
    Any cool new units for Patapon 2? If so, what do they do?

  • Japan its an awesome country.

  • ooh! Question time!

    Here’s some questions that come to mind:

    -For me, the music in LocoRoco really make the game even more enjoyable.
    Will LocoRoco 2 feature the same singers from the previous game?
    What is the inspiration of the music in this game?

    -For both games; What did you want to add in the sequel that wasn’t found in the previous game? (namely in gameplay)

    -For both games; Do you anticipate to make further versions of the games, or is two enough? (in locoroco’s case, 3)

    -For both games; Can we expect additional downloadable content for either game in the future?

    -For both games; With each new iteration of the PSP, do you look forward to making use of it’s new built-in features?

    -Not necessarily about the games themselves, but:
    How do you feel about the PSP piracy issue?

    ok, Getting late, and I don’t want to miss out!

  • Apparently, MS will be making a major announcement with Square Enix at TGS. I expect this blog to explode once that hits.

    If Sony has nothing to counter that, fanboys are gonna go nuts.

  • Since everyone else is asking too is there any plan to release the first Patapon on PSN for the PS3? I can not understand Sony’s logic for not doing this apart from it would have affected PSP version sales. Now the game has been out for a while it should get ported.

  • in what ways has the core gameplay evolved from the originals?

  • I would like to know if gameplay is going to change in Patapon 2.

  • Playing Lego Batman at the moment, I wonder if it would be possible for locorocos of different colors to have different abilities, maybe based on their respective songs, to allow players to try different strategies to complete each level.

  • will pt.2 pick up where pt.1 left off to continue building a better army?

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