What Do You Want to Know? TGS Edition: LocoRoco 2 & Patapon 2

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Japan’s a strange place: 400 year-old temples alongside incredibly modern malls; cantaloupes are significantly more expensive than sushi; and the toilets have controls. And since I’m writing this post on Wednesday in hopes that you’ll read it Tuesday morning, please consider this request to be coming from the future.

In a few hours I’ll be at Sony HQ, where we’ll lift the lid on sequels to PSP hits LocoRoco and Patapon. Both of these 2D games were striking in their originality, music, and art style. The sequels are sure to build on the concepts that made these games popular in the first place, but I ask you:

What do you want to know about Patapon 2 and/or LocoRoco 2?

I’ll ask the best questions to the games’ developers later today (or is that tomorrow?), and report back with answers soon. Also, I’ll be asking for more of what you’d like me to show you once Tokyo Game Show kicks off in earnest Thursday – so please keep questions to these two games for now!

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  • is Patapon 2 going to follow the same format of the last game or are they going to go for another “revolutionary” way of controlling our subjects? pata-pata-pata-pon!

  • PS3 JRPGs with Trophy support would be incredibly nice. Anything exclusive to the PS3. I can careless about everything else.

  • Both of those games are GREAT for little kids and NERDS!!..lol..i just want to know when the hell Ps HOME is gonna be released!! THATS THE MEGA MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!.;P..

  • Nice!

    Whats the big difference between patapon 1 and 2?

  • oh btw i have a spare code for LBP beta answer me on this post if you want it :)

  • hook me up daver..

  • Does this games come to PSN for PS3 ?

  • Hey, I can use that LBP code. Can you pass it down? What’s your PSN ID?

  • Co-op in either?

    PS3 versions of either?

  • @6

    Add me on PSN ”Berae” ill give it to you

  • Will we ever see PS3 versions with trophies?

  • Sweet!! I wanted another LocoRoco game for my PSP for a while now.
    Will they ever make a Patapon game as a PSN download? One thats not strictly for the PSP. That would be awesome!

  • Can’t wait for both! Two of the most creative and fun games ever.

  • For Patapon:
    how does the co-op work?
    How many new units are there?
    What are the new units?
    Release date for N/A?
    Screenshot of special bundle PSP available in japan would be nice as well.

  • Explain the multi-player mode for Patapon (hows that supposed to work)…and also that Egg thing I keep hearing about.

    I love both games.

    FYI: I just bought the soundtrack for LocoRoco yesterday off of Amazon. Too bad theres not one for Patapon.

  • thanx @5..lol..

  • Wow the future. How cool is that!
    So it is hump day for you!

    Waiting on the PSP-3000.

    I imagine these will two titles I will need to pick up?


  • Will there be more RPG elements in Patapon 2, also, can you sell items for some Kaching this time? Or combine 2 lesser items to create a stronger item?

  • Tell me about Monster Hunter for PS3, lol.

  • Patapon Questions:
    Can you import some of your Patapon or weapons from the first game?
    Did they make any changes to the “Fever” mechanic?

    Loco Roco 2 Question:
    Is there a completely new soundtrack?

    I loved both games – great showcases for the PSP.

  • When is Patapon 2 coming out in the United States?

    I NEED it.

  • @3 have you played either games? Since I am niether a little kid or nerd I don’t see how you can to that assumption.

    My question is for Patapon 2, what type of unique enemies will we face up against?

  • came* not can

  • I’m not really sure how much can be revealed about Patapon 2, but I think these will work:

    Is it simply going to be called Patapon 2, or is there a subtitle being considered?

    Will there be any additions to the beat selection (Pon, Pata, Don, Chaka) ?

    Are there going to be many new patapon types?

    Can we expect more minigames?

  • Thanks for the post Jeff.

    No questions from me yet, as I don’t have a PSP, but am definately getting the PSP 3000 this Fall.

  • I want to know if there is a possibility of Patapon (1 and 2 even) coming to the PS3 via PSN with nice HD (1080p) visuals? :D
    It’d look pretty sweet!

  • Hi boys from the blog.

    I have a question about a big deal.
    Microsoft has bought exclusieve DLC for GTA4.
    But thats the only game, Micro dit it also with Fallout 3, and now again with

    What is Sony going to do in this matter?

    Cous when more games on the 360 get exclusieve DLC and the PS3 version not thats a bad bad thing…

  • In Patapon 2 will be able to but weapons and items from a store or do we still have to find them after defeating enemies? Also a lv up system for the patapons would be nice since the enemies become too hard to beat after you beat them once.

  • Will we will see any co-op in LocoRoco? And can Sony tell us more about Patapon 2 multiplayer.

  • PSN version of Patapon for me please.

  • I want to play patapon on both my psp and ps3 and I want the box but I only want to pay for it once! It would be great if the savefile could be the same too, so I could just take my progress with me on my trip=)

    Patapon is by far my favourite psp-game, would be fantastic playing it multiplayer on the ps3. But I don’t want to be without it on my trips away from the ps3 either.
    Also, I want to make use of the shorter loading times by storing the game on the memory stick!

    As for Locoroco 2, its not as much of a must-buy like Patapon 2, but if you can increase the amount of catchy songs and have more variation in the gameplay so maybe. To be sure, the world is a better place with Locoroco and Patapon=)

  • Hi. I have a question for the developpers of the two great games :

    1/ they both share a common artistic ground (in different ways of course) where flashy graphics and music are central elements. What kind of graphic art do they like or get inspiration from ?

    2/ Any plan for PSN games ?

    Thanks and I hope you enjoy your time in Japan and @ TGS. I’m so jealous of you, playing great games before us, mere mortals :)

  • @10

    Dude you’re on my friends list. You could’ve sent out some messages to your friends. =(

  • Will Patapon 2 have the pause?
    Patapon was a good game but it needed it. If when you pause it shows a thinks like a metronome you can easily resume the game. And if the game replay the last sound it will be even better.

  • @33 lolll really?

  • a bit off topic but can i ask y R2 comes out in the UK so late(21 nov i think cnt remember) compared 2 the nov 4th release in US????????????

  • Patapon 2: Will there be more patapon classes / will you be able to have more patapons in your army?

  • It would be nice to get more info on Demon Soul’s, a game published by SCEJ. I also hope SCEA publishes it stateside when the time comes along with White Knight Chronicles.

  • anything info related to multiplayer for these games sounds good to me!


  • Is there going to be…


    User generated content?


    Sony is the home of Game 3.0 you know – or do we have to wait for Locoroco 3.0 and Patapon 3.0?


  • Wow, i’ll be looking into this game soon.
    BTW, the gravatars have not updated yet.

  • I’d like to know if these games will be available for purchase on the PSN and if there is the posibility of seeing PS3/PSN versions.

    Also I would like Loco Roco 2 to have more levels than the first Loco Roco!!

  • Hello, future Jeff Rubenstein.
    Do they have flying cars in the future over there? What would happen if you flew that back to the United States?

    Also, speaking of time travel. Does anyone remember the episode of Family Matters where Urkel (not to be confused with Jaleel White’s other masterpiece character, Stephan) travelled back in time to the day when Carl Winslow was buying the house – and he put stock advice on a piece of paper (buy McDonald’s, Microsoft, etc.). That was epic and changed my life (and the lives of countless others) forever. Jeff – thoughts?

  • Patapon 2 supports multiplayer right?

    if it supports it and is local ad-hoc will it be one of the game that connects to the ps3 to allow it to play with others “online”?

  • Is there going to be something special in Loco Roco 2 if I have beaten the first Loco Roco with a perfect score??

  • OK – on topic, can you find out if there are any plans in advance to launch LocoRoco 2 on the PSN? I bought the used UMD a week or so before LocoRoco 1 became available on the PS Store, and I would have rather given my money to Sony than to the retailer. Let us know ahead of time!

  • I’d like to know of any new features and if they have added new colored loco roco.

  • Will Patapon 2 use the Patapon save file to carry over rare weapons or any items? ;o

  • @33

    You’re always calling me Trophy whore punk. Yeah dude!

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