What Do You Want to Know? TGS Edition: LocoRoco 2 & Patapon 2

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Japan’s a strange place: 400 year-old temples alongside incredibly modern malls; cantaloupes are significantly more expensive than sushi; and the toilets have controls. And since I’m writing this post on Wednesday in hopes that you’ll read it Tuesday morning, please consider this request to be coming from the future.

In a few hours I’ll be at Sony HQ, where we’ll lift the lid on sequels to PSP hits LocoRoco and Patapon. Both of these 2D games were striking in their originality, music, and art style. The sequels are sure to build on the concepts that made these games popular in the first place, but I ask you:

What do you want to know about Patapon 2 and/or LocoRoco 2?

I’ll ask the best questions to the games’ developers later today (or is that tomorrow?), and report back with answers soon. Also, I’ll be asking for more of what you’d like me to show you once Tokyo Game Show kicks off in earnest Thursday – so please keep questions to these two games for now!

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