Qore Episode 5 Hits PSN Thursday

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Hey everyone, my name is Kevin Furuichi and I’m the new Executive Producer here at the PlayStation Network. The Qore team’s put together a spook-tacular, monster-themed Halloween Special for Episode 05 available in the PlayStation Store on Thursday, October 9, here’s a preview.

Fallout 3
Nuclear winter in Washington, D.C. and mutated humans and beasts are really not so happy about the way things turned out. Do you dare leave the bunker and confront their radiation-amplified personality issues?

Resident Evil 5
The series that invented the term “Survival Horror” is back and better than ever on PlayStation 3 – just don’t call them “zombies” – they HATE that!

Dead Space
Talk about creepy. Our “trio of terror” is complete with a game that’s banned in China, Germany, Japan. When you see the gameplay, words really fail to describe… well, actually, how about “Strategic Dismemberment.” Also included is an exclusive graphic novel!

Shaun White Snowboarding
Well, it’s not exactly spooky, but Olympic Champion Shaun White is a monster on any mountain. Veronica meets “The Flying Tomato” in Park City, Utah for a personal tour of his new game.

New Downloadable Content:
Included in this episode is exclusive access to SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles demo. Qore Episode 05 also contains three different shooting galleries. Clear the galleries to reveal a horrifying bonus video segment.

Finally, check out the “What’s Hot” section for Audrey Cleo’s roundup of the top Blu-ray releases in October.

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  • @50 Zorox
    I so hope the ask about those things you mention, because I for one isn’t buy Fallout 3 because of the way the treat us. It like we are the redheaded step-child in their “family”. So screw them, and they aren’t getting my money.

  • WOW. Im so disappointed with QORE. I spent 24.00 us to get an annual subscription and it nothing more than what you can get for free on the internet. My first magazine wasn’t too bad with the motorstorm demo, but only one demo! I would expect more for the price.

    I really hope this magazine improves in the coming months. Otherwise it was a good idea and I really enjoy looking at the host. :D

    Suggested improvements:

    1. More content
    2. More Exclusive Demos
    3. More Beta Invites
    4. More sexy women hosting the segments
    5. Fan Comments and Questions answered section…just like the magazines.

  • Glad to see these games coming on the way. It’s good to see RE5, Fallout 3, and Dead Space. But what I don’t understand is why Dead Space is ban in Japan. That game is horror survival and has something that you wouldn’t find in RE and Silent Hill. Could somebody show Capcom Japan that game and maybe they can have both RE5 and Dead Space released in Japan during the same time.

  • I love Qore But I feel a little down about the R2 Beta. Good thing the LBP Beta is keeping me busy, but I still want what I paid for.
    Thanks for all the hard work guys…keep it up

  • Boring Qore.

  • This Episode of Qore looks really good. I’ll wait though to get the pin number in the Official Playstation Magazine as I do for all of the Qore Episodes. I really can’t wait to get Issue 4. That sucks though now that you are putting in this demo “exclusivly” for Qore but I’ll just wait till I get it a month later.

    I personally dislike Qore though because I find the interviews sort of boring. But if the games are good such as this month then it can be a good issue.

  • Thanks for the update Kevin. I really like Qore, I can really tell that you guys/gals put a lot of TLC into each episode. Is there any truth in the rumors that the HOME open beta will be given to Qore subscription holders. Thanks.

    • We\’re working on this for the current Extended Closed Beta. We are trying to get you guys into HOME before the official public beta.

      We hope to have more information in about two weeks.

  • any info related to dead space sounds good to me. I’m gonna wait for reviews on that and bioshock and then make my decision on which to buy. sadly can’t afford both right now.


  • Sweet I can’t wait for Deadspace.

  • Sounds sweet. But I will wait until Qore is free or at least worth its asking price.

  • hmmm, home beta info for qore subscribers in about two weeks? getting us in before the public release? interesting
    i, for one, don’t need it. actually got 2 myself :D

  • Last Qore episode was teh best one so far, great choice of gmaes you covered inside.

    Unfortunately I see you’re going back to the “old”ways and choosing games taht have Exclusive DLC for 360 *pointing at Fallout 3* for your cover story! What’s up with that? You might as well cover Gears of War 2 for that matter ,heck you will get more subscribers that’s for sure!

    Give us more PS3 exclusive games coverage! And give us more content please! This is ridiculous!

    Valkyria Chronicles demo is the only thing worth DL this months Qore issue :P

  • it makes me laugh sometimes to see posts by numerous people on here concerning Qore and how mad they are about demos not being released yet, and how they are cancelling their subscription, etc. what they dont realize is that testers among others are working their butts off to make sure that the beta that YOU (the person complaining) and me plays, is up to standards for playing and isnt absolute and total crap. they are demos people. demos can make or break a sale. if they just hurried up and released a demo when YOU wanted it to be released everything would more than likely totally suck with gameplay, controls, among other things. and you know what that means? the person playing would probably not like to purchase the final release of the game which would be a big disappointment for developers. so give sony and Kevin a break. they are doing all of this for YOU!

    i am a single episode subscriber. so i know what i get. and what i get is good 8)


  • Thanks Kevin.

    I always look forward to the monthly Qore issue.

  • I like qore, subscribed to the yearly account.

    personally i’d like a little more polish, content and things like beta’s should be pretty much an obvious privilege to qore users.

    but thats not what my post is about. i keep asking almost every month.

    when will we see blu ray remote support for qore?

    its like an online digital magazine. i mainly watch it the weekend of its release while on my exercise bike and its a bit uncomfortable to move through the content while holding a DS3 controller.

    we need blu ray remote support please.

  • I will not purchase this anymore. I feel it is a rip-off. 95% of the things that is in that service you can find on websites for free.

    Who doesnt already have Calling All Cars by now?

    And I am still waiting for the Resistance 2 demo key from qore 3 (which was the sole reason I bought it to begin with)

  • I don’t know why you folks get all peeved about not enough content in the Qore. I am a happy Qore fan. Isn’t Veronica enough for you boys?

    Ps -I really liked the bloopers in the last issue. -cheers

  • Hi Kevin (and everyone else reading this)

    I would like to point out the aspect to QORE that I love the most (believe it or not) is the concept art

    As a subscriber, I appreciate the gesture of getting “Calling All Cars” for free; however, I already have it. I wish I could simply have a choice for a different game if I already own that one.

    QORE is an interesting concept, and I hope to see it progress, as well as look forward to taking part in its future success.

  • hope this qore is better.

  • If qore sucks so bad, stay away from it, make sure you ‘wont be suckered into buying it again’, so that your hard earned $3 are spent in something else.

    If you got the annual subscription then call or email Sony and ask if you can get a refund. Just do something, it just annoys me that a post for qore enthusiasts turns into this.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing Kevin, im looking forward to this episode, it seems to be packed with cool stuff.

  • It would be nice if you can tell us a couple of day before what we’re gonna have on the psn :)

  • *before each thursday

  • I hate to say it, but this looks like disappointment #5. Qore is really lacking in content. What I want to know is where is the 1-2 hours of content per episode that we were promised? To date most episodes average only 30 minutes of content. SOCOM, Resistance, Little Big Planet were all feature stories. And there was maybe 7 minutes of content for them on average.

  • All I have to say is Resistance 2…
    And I understand that the dl content / demos and beta deliveries are outside the control of the qore team. However, let’s not kid ourselves by not acknowledging that the biggest selling point for qore is its value added content (ie early access to demos). I certainly wouldn’t pay for video content that is free on the net, or is better on the net; and veronica’s certainly not a selling point here.
    My point being.. you dropped the ball on the resistance 2 beta, whats the kick back for those of us that bought it thinking we were going to get beta access 2 months before game launch?

  • Kevin,

    Jusr to clarify your comment to Scareface, are you saying that a Qore subsriber has a better chance of getting into closed Home beta than someone who downloaded the theme and does not subscribe to core? I just wanted to see if I understood that correctly. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Honestly i feel ripped off by qore. i have a full subscription with all episodes and what do i have to show for 25 bucks. a few free demo’s i would have gotten anyway’s. no beta key’s to anything. no lbp no r2 no home no socom nothing. if this is the way sony treat’s customer’s i dont think i will be dealing with sony much longer i am sorry but this to me is wrong and how i feel about it.

  • Drgreen, good job on missing out on the SOCOM beta. Next time check your emails. It ends this week. :lol: HOME was never promised and if you checked your emails again and this blog you’d know about R2.

    Blame Sony for not holding your hand?

  • I never have commented on any blog before but I honestly just can’t let this one go. I for one, think that qore is awesome. For the amount it costs that is. Honestly what the HELL do you guys expect. If it was like 12 bucks per episode then yea you can call it a failure. It is cheap, entertaining and it provides some beta exclusives. And seriously guys, you KNOW it will get better as time goes on. Kevin, I just want to let you know that Qore is awesome, adds to the experience, and I cannot wait for what you plan on doing with Qore in the future. And for the haters, just don’t buy it. No one is forcing you to, and its sad that you waste your own time and ours(the fans) just typing away with anger.

  • i have checked my email and also emailed sony. only thing they could tell me is if i didnt get the e-mail i wasant picked for the beta even with my qore. sorry to be that is not how you run a business.

  • if sony cannot provide what they offer they should not sell it. end of statement

  • I think you’re overacting, but that’s just my opinion. Qore users got their demos and betas/info. So maybe you should try checking your junk mail box or something before attempting to write business plans. ;)

    Good luck and try not being so negative.

  • My feedback on Qore: as others have said its been a waste of money so far. The content has been stuff freely available elsewhere (and guys if you want to look at nice girls, well this is the internet). I wouldn’t mind that if it was high res videos but the video content always seems a bit low quality. The betas? More demoish than actual betas. Sony has rewritten the definition of betas so they are a marketing tool now.

    And the free game? Oh, that will be the one that was released ages ago, anyone interested in it will already have it.

    And on top of that I’ve got to look at adverts as well!

    The thing I realised out of this was I’m PAYING for an interactive advert with little reward. Exclusive demos? not bothered really, chances are the game ain’t out for a good while as most demos are made widely available a week or so before release. If they aren’t? Not fussed, I just don’t buy that game for a bit.

    Remember that when your thinking about paying for a demo. Your buying an advert. You’ve been suckered into the hype machine, your a marketing puke’s wet dream.

    So I paid for an annual sub (for the betas) but I will not do so again unless we see something really spectacular.

    And for those complaining about the people doing Qore down? This is an open forum designed so we can give this feedback. Hopefully the Qore guys can take all our feedback and make it better. Otherwise number of sales/subs will fall and a few people will be out of a job.

  • Qore fails. I for one am blacklisting any and all games that have demos in it! I say this because without Qore, those demos would make it to the PSN without delay and without charging for them either.


    Viva La Free PSN!

  • PSN is free buddy. Qore isn’t the PSN. It’s a subscription based item on the PS Store with PREMIUM content.

  • i cant believe they still got this skeem running, waste of money and space on my hdd all it is “empty promises” im an idiot once not twice

  • Nice, can’t wait to download it!

  • Qore is great….yea its paid content…

    I like it alot though..
    Its not like its EXPENSIVE.

    Thats like a burger at burger king.. or 3 from the dollar menu…but lol…
    It aint that much….

    I like Qore..wish it was more than once a month :P

  • Thank You Kevin for the Update :D
    (As for Ep3 I belive R2 Beta has been delayed to long and kinda didnt get anything out of that episode)

    I for one would like To see Another Game To be in Qore and Take out Calling All Cars.. Because if my Corrections are correct.. we as Annual Subscribers are Half Over.. since we got only 13 Episodes in our Annual Subscription. I Myself Belive Id like to see all of the Annual Subscribers get a Game OF CHOICE of a Value of $9.99 for all the first Buyers that bought it in the First Month of Qore

    I belive since we kinda Got not really what we all Paid for in a part Would like to see something New as a Game In our 6th or 7th Episode PLEASE And Thank You! :D

  • @TheVesra
    Unlike you, I have $25 to burn when I want and be able to buy whatever else I want/pay for whatever’s needed to be paid in the same time period. You know why? Because of that special thing that’s called a JOB (in my case, two). You should try it out seriously. Or you can always persuade YOUR MOM to raise your allowance or better yet get outside and build a lemonade stand lol. Next time look into something before taking the jump since it seems you aren’t happy about Qore. Your opinion doesn’t matter to these producers/developers @ Qore since you sound like a spoiled immature child about not having enough of what you want.

  • @InfinitiProject

    the only one who sound immature is you.
    you don’t know him/her, or if they have a job or not.
    people who have jobs still don’t have enough money to throw away anytime they want to.
    look at you for example you had to get 2 jobs because one was not cutting it.
    so calm down and don’t be so rude to people voicing their opinions.
    sure we all know the company does not care about what we think.
    but they should because we pay their bills.

  • Thanks for the update.

  • @TheApprentice

    yes it is not that expensive, but it does not have anything all that great with it.
    and yes you are also right it should be released more then once a month.
    because we have only a few things in one episode to last for a month.

    i think that and that alone is not worth the money for as little as it is.

  • Wow! Sony fails.
    Your pretty much making people WASTE $24.00 on a crappy application for people to get in the beta. Good job Sony!

  • The home beta*

  • besides qore, are we going to get any any new avatars soon?

  • This Qore thing looks interesting but i am very unsure if it’s forth it and you guys/gals do not help me make my mind :S

    I’m guessing i’ll jump in when A: you can choose your 10$ game instead of calling all cars or B: Qore gest Killzone2 Beta ;o)

  • Qore is on it’s way. most people that complains about it NEVER purchased it.

    I don’t regret one bit on becoming an annual subscriber, I know Qore will keep improving and staying on top of the game news before ANYONE else.

    keep up the great work

  • I was wondering what happened to a new episode on the 1st Thursday of every month.

  • Making the snowboarding game fit into the theme was a bit of a stretch (haha), but at least you tried to stick to it. Congrats on the new position.

  • Oh and I’m loking forward to Qore as always, tell Veronica I said hey :P

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