Qore Episode 5 Hits PSN Thursday

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Hey everyone, my name is Kevin Furuichi and I’m the new Executive Producer here at the PlayStation Network. The Qore team’s put together a spook-tacular, monster-themed Halloween Special for Episode 05 available in the PlayStation Store on Thursday, October 9, here’s a preview.

Fallout 3
Nuclear winter in Washington, D.C. and mutated humans and beasts are really not so happy about the way things turned out. Do you dare leave the bunker and confront their radiation-amplified personality issues?

Resident Evil 5
The series that invented the term “Survival Horror” is back and better than ever on PlayStation 3 – just don’t call them “zombies” – they HATE that!

Dead Space
Talk about creepy. Our “trio of terror” is complete with a game that’s banned in China, Germany, Japan. When you see the gameplay, words really fail to describe… well, actually, how about “Strategic Dismemberment.” Also included is an exclusive graphic novel!

Shaun White Snowboarding
Well, it’s not exactly spooky, but Olympic Champion Shaun White is a monster on any mountain. Veronica meets “The Flying Tomato” in Park City, Utah for a personal tour of his new game.

New Downloadable Content:
Included in this episode is exclusive access to SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles demo. Qore Episode 05 also contains three different shooting galleries. Clear the galleries to reveal a horrifying bonus video segment.

Finally, check out the “What’s Hot” section for Audrey Cleo’s roundup of the top Blu-ray releases in October.

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4 Author Replies

  • Been waiting for this. I was dissappointed it was not out last week.

  • Cant wait for Qore :)

  • resistance 2 beta para cuando

  • Cant wait to try Valkyria chronicles !

  • Maybe thursday’s update will have a PS1 game? Maybe it could be mega man legends. Make it so sony.

  • cant wait for it!

  • i love qore!!!

    PSN: yungder

  • When’s Red Baron Arcade coming out!? I need to know! Wah! It’s a few weeks late! Anyway, this episode of Qore looks interesting…

    But, I hate being scared, so, I’ll probably pass one this. XD

  • I’ll just watch it on youtube…

  • I hope Qore will get better. When I paid for a year of Qore I was thinking it would have Exclusive Beta’s, and Demo’s. But all it is, is a video of interviews with Devs and preview of games. Things we get for free from G4TV, Gametrailers.com, Gamevideos.com, GametrailersTV.

    I love Sony and the PlayStation 3, and thats why I didnt think twice I paid my $25, and now I want it back.

    I dont mine supporting Sony products when there good but this is bad.

    But I do hope it gets better.

    From DLB and DLB-Network.com

  • resistance 2 beta codes?

  • I am a really pissed off Qore subscriber. When I subscribe, it read that new episode would be available to download every Thursday of the first month, and now that didn’t happen last week. We got no explanation of why it wasn’t available, but only that it was delay until this week.

    • Sorry about that. We wanted to make sure VC actually make it into the episode this time. And we wanted to make sure SEGA was cool with everything. Hopefully, it\’s worth the wait to get demo and episode all together.

  • sounds great,I’ll definitely be grabbing this one.

    BTW, still waiting for that R2 beta I thought was starting soon…preordered it and everything…oh well, got wipEout HDeezy to tide me over.

    PSN ID: mafecto -add me!

  • Oh and seriously as a Qore subscriber, why aren’t we being invited to beta like Little Big Planet, and Killzone 2.

    @10 DLB
    I have to agree, Qore has been a big disappointment, and I hope I get my dam Resistance 2 beta key, or I will be a really piss off Sony fan.

  • I will NOT buy this crap again. You sucked us in on the last one with a false promise for Motorstorm demo, then we had to wait for it. Most of us bought Qore 4 just for the demo. That was cheap and underhanded. You won’t screw me again.

    *checks watch to see how long it takes a mod to delete the truth*

    • The opposite of this week, eh? For that episode we wanted to hit the first Thursday even though Moto wasn\’t through QA for us. So, we delayed and made it available the following week. Did you check out the download center in Qore 4? Should be ready for ya.

      The \’truth\’ is that most of the game demo or beta software delivery is out of our control and we do are best to synch up the episode with developer\’s who have been great at getting us stuff as early as possible.

    • The opposite of this week, right? We decided to make sure Ep 04 hit that first Thurs even thought Moto wasn\’t past QA. Moto was avail the next week and you should see it avail in the DL center of Ep 04. Did you get it?

  • Cool! I’m really loving Qore annual subscription but I just got it a couple weeks back and only received the September issue so far. Congrats on the new position with Sony as well.

    PS: Any word on any future Beta testing connected with Qore? I’ve done two betas so far with the PS3 and I’m havening a blast doing it.

  • Awesome Video!! No beta this time :(

    ♥ Fallout 3 and RE 5
    GO Qore and Sony!

    Is there a RE 5 demo coming to PSN?

  • Valkyria Chronicles demo… Can’t Wait!

  • I’m looking forward to seeing Audrey Cleo’s segment though. As usual! Light of the Qore!!!

  • so, another big qore let down episode. thats 4 for 5 that seem to be….well, quite lacking in content. i don’t wish to admit it, but, i feel the same as the other subscribers that are complaining here. where’s the content, why was this issue delayed (the real reason), where’s the r2 beta code? episode 3 did state late september for that, i remember there being a blog entry here stating the beta would be delayed a week. now that week is being extended without any word of why or what the hecks actually going on. i agree with #14 (TheHater) we should be getting more for the monies we spent blindly supporting this. i want to see the two babes hosting wrestle each other in bikini’s in a vat of vanilla pudding. (i can dream right) almost halfway through my subscription and things couldn’t be more lackluster. lets get the numbers up on the good to bad ratio here. starting with issue 6. i’d like to see the end result be 4 bad and 8 good episodes. at least with the lame free game i got for subscribing 8 good/great episodes would possibly be enough to make me extend my subscription another year. or offer half year subs.

  • I’ll wait to see if another code comes with PTOM.

    Thanks for the info

  • Nice to meet you Kevin. I look forward to this and your future projects. I have high hopes.

  • Sounds like a great episode, Can’t wait to try VC!

  • I actually have only seen one episode that wasn’t worth the 3 bucks (the DC Universe one). It’s 3 dollars folks. 2 bucks if you subscribed…I mean, really…2 dollars?

    BTW I agree, the delay of the Motorstorm demo was lame. The first time I’ve been upset with Qore.

    I don’t know if anyone can answer this, but does the money go to Sony or Future Publishing? I’d feel better about parting with the cash if I knew it was going to Sony than some random multimedia publisher.

  • Nice Qore episode, coming out,do we have any new information about HOME? Thanks alot for the update Kevin!

  • Kevin Furuichi, as a Qoore subscriber I am dissapointed with this month’s “exclusive” demo.

    Why? Because the EU store gets it the same day as we do. This is nothing against Europeans, it’s the fact that had I been purchasing each episode individually, I would think twice before getting this one because I can easily switch to my UK account I have set up, access the EU Store, and download the Valkyria Chronicle demo FREE of charge.

    Past demos they were actually timed exclusive to Qoore, and other stores did not get them after X amount of time. (Pacific Rift still being an exclusive) Now you may spin this and say “exclusive to North America” but from my perspective, is that really fair?

    I hope in future episodes that have demos for the exclusive content, they are FULLY exclusive to Qoore for a timed period, and not “exclusive to north america” when in actuality anyone can make a UK account, go to the EU store, get the piece of content right there so not so much exclusive lol…

    Looking forward to Resident Evil 5 and Fallout 3 bits in Qoore though d(^_^)

  • @25 Schwaa
    it not the money dude, but it the contents of most episode, and the delay of the last episode.

  • Glad to see a bonus for playing the quick hit games. How many levels are on each of the three?

  • What a bunch of babies crying over $25 a year / ~$2.10 a month.

  • Can’t wait for this Thursday for the new episode!

  • ahhh…qore, cant wait…unlike DLB and others lol

  • hmmm. Fallout 3 coverage i have to pay for?


  • oh yeah great video, nice stock footage of halloween…

    ahh.. to have the Sony Media Library at my fingertips to make funny videos..

    (though i do have the official Sony Sound Effects collection and tons of Acid loops..)

    i hope Official Playstation Magazine subscribers will get a Qore code again, because i really want to hear anything new about Fallout 3!!

  • Wow.. you guys need to calm down. :/
    Sony is doing the best there doing, and they cant go any further.
    Give it a rest. I’ve seen countless other things Microsoft delayed, and you didnt see a holy s*it load of people complain like this.
    So shut up already. Take what you got.. :|

  • I like the halloween idea wasn’t expecting that.

  • Snow is scary enough. But boarding on it. Oh, the horror!!!

  • @30, 25 not so well spent bucks. irregardless if it’s 2.10 an episode. 25$ that could have been spent buying other content on psn, or, preordering any of the upcoming games, or, to buy a couple hours with ya mom when the rents due(couldn’t resist). if you really feel 25$ isn’t that big a deal, then hey, refund my money for me and i’ll gladly shut up about the lackluster content i’ve been recieving.

  • @35 Masterrofallz
    Who cares if MS delay stuff, this have nothing to do with this.

  • Hi, I’m a new qore subscriber and I went to download the calling all cars game from the subscription. However, my download list was already full so I couldn’t set it to download in the background. And so I canceled the download thinking I could redownload it again from my download history. But when I try, it gives me an error. So I’m wondering if there is a way for me to redownload that game? Thanks in advance.

  • A demo for a game that came out in april for japan and a demo of a game I could care less about.

    I hope to see the killzone 2 beta for next month’s exlusive, chop chop kevin.

  • Sweet! I’m looking forward to it.

  • This is random, but any news on High Velocity Bowling; I miss that game. There was suppose to be online…

  • Cool, can’t wait

  • @#10 – Stop with the leaking of NDA beta content\footage and maybe they’ll attempt to please YOU specifically. :|

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to anything on RE5 and Dead Space. Keep the goods coming!

  • Congrats on your new position, by any chance do you have any say over the PSN Icons? We could use some new ones, the current selection stinks.

  • Two thumbs up for the Qore team. I am not a subscriber but I had a look at the previous Qore episodes and i’m happily surprised.
    You can be proud of what you’re doing because it’s surely a first in the industry to produce and deliver an interactive magazine for such a niche market as the PS3. So far what I’ve seen is top-notch and professional quality

    Of course there are problems, it’s only issue n°5. Creating Qore involve many people from different fields and when, as a producer, you have to deal with third-party delayq, you have you hands tied.. should the entire Qore be delayed ?

    Of course Qore can and will be improved, but only constructive criticism can help, so stop the sh***ing. I wish good luck to the Qore team, especially to the 2 lovely female host, maybe can come to Paris one day to promote Qore :-)

  • Wow, i’m surprised this crap is still running. i would have thought sony pulled the plug on this massive failure known as Qore… I feel really bad for all the people who were suckered into buying this

  • Oh come on, Qore is not a failure. It can actually be pretty entertaining. The only thing they need to work on is the demo/betas being out when the issue is out. Which, they actually managed to take care of with issue 05

  • In the Fallout 3 segment, did you guys ask Bethesda why they are screwing over PS3 owner? The lack of trophies and DLC is total BS and no one should a company that does that.

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