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I’ve been out of the office almost the entirety of the past 3 weeks (New York, Orlando, Tokyo), so I’m a bit behind on some of the paperwork. But on September 21st, 2008 at 4:43 pm, user “jskillzball” commented:

thanks for the post i always feel better after i come home from football and read these blogs.

Well, that was a nice sentiment. The Blog Bean Counters (they’ll *love* being referred to like that) informed me that jskillzball also helped us reach a milestone. And by “us” I mean “you” – comment #100,000. Seeing as how we had published about 650 posts at that time, that’s an average of over 150 comments per post! Take a look around the internet – you’re not going to see such a consistently dedicated group of readers too often. It’s like everyone in Burbank, California or Cambridge, Massachusetts posted one time each! (I don’t think that’s what happened, right?)

It’s been an interesting ride, as you readers are just as likely to point out what you don’t like as you are to let us know what you enjoy. For instance, I believe roughly 78% of the comments were demands for In-Game XMB (I kid, I kid!). Seriously though, we definitely appreciate the constructive critiques, and when you see an often-requested feature show up in a game’s patch or firmware update, I believe it’s proof that “the system works.”

And I can tell you from experience that game developers have told me the feedback they’ve received on this Blog, from readers like you, has been incredibly useful to them – hopefully as much as the post you’ve commented on was to you.

Hanging out

So please, keep them coming, even if it’s just to say “trophies, kthxbai!” And please continue to keep them (mostly) on-topic, as that helps make sure that the right sets of eyes are reading your opinions. I’m sure we’ll reach comment #200,000 in no time. Thank you.

Oh, and jskillzball, I’ll be contacting you when I get back from TGS, I believe a schwag bag is in order.

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  • Awsome….. Dr. Octagonapus BLAAAHHH…. but seriously, looking forward to R2 and LBP… can’t decide weather the R2 Collectors Edition is worth it though…… *money … economy….. empty wallet ….. evil!

  • Hey Jeff
    another thing can you guys do something about these games that are coming otut with jukebox and all this other crap to bypass Ingame music straight from the XMB
    it sucks also that i’m listen to i good song why’ll playing warhawk then i end the game and the music stop, can you guys fix this

    FAT32 is outdated and extremely limited please try to do something about this

  • Does it have trophies?
    Seriously… we should get Trophies :p

  • i will post until i win something too

  • In game CHAT word be awesome
    i say second most wanted feature
    then ingame music


  • this blog is great i hope you guys keep it going.

  • 100,000 is pretty awesome! I know I personally check the blog quite a few times daily to keep up on the latest news!

  • This Blog started right after I got my PS3. I’ve been here since the beginning. It’s gotten better along the way. We get a couple of posts a day now. This is the official place to be. :) I have to say I really appreciate this blog. I know if I read it here it’s real. This is the only way for us to give feedback. I can’t imagine what all the PS3 wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for this blog. This blog has done more for the PS3 and PSP than most people know. Thanks for all your hard work Jeff and to everyone who make this blog possible. I’ve been here since the beginning and I’ll be here when we hit 200,000. :)

  • Okay everybody, let’s shoot for 1 million by tomorrow. Everyone know the words to “The Song That Never Ends”?

  • in game music kthxbi

  • trophies, kthxbai!

    lol Just kidding!

    This is GREAT! The playstation blog is my favorite game news site! Because it’s all straight from the source, and you can’t find this info anywhere else! (Most of the time.)

    Thanks, and keep up the GREAT work team!

  • YEAH 100,000!


  • all i have to say is keep up the good

  • sorry keep up the good work

  • Hey, for all those with questions regarding the PS3 Web Browser, I have a few answers:

    FLASH PLAYER- The one on the PS3 is considered a Flash player 7 for Mozilla 5.0; for anyone who wants to get a Flash Player 9 for the browser must go to Adobe to not only build a version for the ps3, but to other mobile browsers as well.

    WINDOWS LIVE HOTMAIL- Currently, you cannot access the Hotmail system through its main site, but if you go to the web address, , you can. Not only can you access your email through there, you can also use the IM feature on it.

    Other than that, I do hope that the web browser team can figure out a way to auto-detect a bluetooth or USB keyboard in use to disable the on-screen keyboard in order to only select textboxes and input text and whatnot.

  • Yeah, the ps blog is mostly where i get my news from. Its a awesome website

    BTW Resistance 2 coming in a month people!!

  • I’ll second that comment about the blog getting a fresh coat of paint. that and what ever happened to the voting polls you guys used to have displayed on the right side of the page? i miss that thing :(


  • Cool 100,00 thats a lot :D

  • 30, 25 not so well spent bucks. irregardless if it’s 2.10 an episode. 25$ that could have been spent buying other content on psn, or, preordering any of the upcoming games, or, to buy a couple hours with ya mom when the rents due(couldn’t resist). if you really feel 25$ isn’t that big a deal, then hey, refund my money for me and i’ll gladly shut up about the lackluster content i’ve been recieving.

  • Oh lol, PS can anyone help me put a icon by my name. I already put the icon i wanted in Gravatar, I have the same email account i have for this. IDK whats the problem? Can anyone help

  • wow congratulations. that is a milestone and i always read the playstation blog for updates. i’ll make sure to keep reading and post comments more often.

  • 100,000 comments that`s, a lot of useless brain-dribble from the Cheeto fingered people in the dens of America. we`ll be sure to reach the 200,000 comment milestone with all the orange-covered keyboards out there. how bout we make the next 100,000 actually have a point. if it has “kthxbai” in it, it prolly isn`t worth saying. OK. thanks. by.

  • Yo Jeff, I’m still waiting for my “in-shirt-xmb” :-p

  • after spending some time at the official playstation forums and the Big Beta forum for the Little Big Planet Beta (thanks again Jeff! :) ), i have found even more respect for this blog…(the worst kind of trolls on the internet lurk in videogame forums i swear..)

    we get direct developer interaction, exclusive info and videos, and usually the first place for big announcement aside from actual press Jeff even recently revealed he pretty much runs this thing alone..impressive!

    so congrats PSBlog, we’ve come a long way- time for a shot!

    and don’t drink too much saki, Jeff!


    so do deleted comments count too? …i kid, i kid (anyone remember the night of like 6,000 comments? that was crazy…)

  • Congrats to the blog. Thats a lot of commenting going on.

  • IN-GAME XMB!!!!!!!!!!!

    :P I had to that for ole times sakes. Must’ve put that down over 100 times here :) Thanks for listening guys.

  • The sad thing is I actually remember READING jskillzball’s message in the first place.

    Hope the Schwag includes:

    Proper License transfer for bought movies…there I said it.

    BTW Jeff…

    I think it is assumed but never confirmend that we would be seeing some kind of PSN ID API rolled out so that wour web PSN ID matches our PS3 one…can you give us an update?

  • Like I said before Jeff goes around saving the internets one post at a time! XD Haha seriously this is cool! Makes u sknow that you care and that people actually pay attention to all the ranting and whining that goes on around this Blog.

    It’s a great Blog I check it everytime I come home from work, it’s someting I look forward to!

    Cheers! kthxbai! ;D

  • Sony, are we PS3 gamers ever going to see Voice Messages sent via PSN?

    BTW, I love the PS3. The trophies are awesome, the In-game XMB is very handy, and the games kick ASS. Can’t wait for HOME. You guys rock!

  • PS Blog ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wanna make an easy 10,000? Offer that many more keys on the PSBlog and ask MediaMolecule to extend the Online Trial a few more days ;).

  • Can I get a shwag bag too? j/k ;)

    Nice blog post :)
    Amazing, all the posters on here.
    (and all the repliers)

  • aaaaauuuuuuu… i want a shwag bag.

    keep up the good work on the blog, i check it at least once every day.

    p.s. some free downloadable content for the video store would be awesome (such as a few free tv show episodes, similar to that of the itunes store). Thanks!

  • Lucky you, jskillzball! I hope I win something on here on the blog too.

    Oh yeah, its about time you, Sony, start paying for some exclusive DLC content from third party publishers! M$ is eat it all up!!

    MGS4 needs trophies!!
    MGS4 needs to be brought into PSN family!!

  • Thanks Jeff, you are a dedicated employee for sure.

    Boy, you guys are asking for it( per your comment “Seriously though, we definitely appreciate the constructive critiques”)

    Don’t say some of us didn’t warn you.

  • we are the champions!….soo…XMB during DVD or atleast Blu-ray?

  • Jeff, but you did not do one thing.

    Place your very own personalized reply comment on the 100,000 comment.

    This way when your great-grandson’s mother-to-be’s father’s twice removed uncle’s dog’s brother’s …o forget it, I don’t know where I am going with this. :)

  • I don’t see why you can’t just make a patch for the Playstation 3 in a firmware update to allow in game music. Why do you need a patch for each and every game?!? It really shouldn’t be that complicated. Trophies is another issue, but music? Come on guys.

  • grats guys. I love this blog because you actually listen to us. (what a novel idea…) Keep up the great job!

  • @90
    do you understand the concept of updating a devkit? At all?

  • I have one question for anyone at Sony who wants to listen.

    Why is the 360 getting more exclusive DLC on games that are released on both platforms. First there is the DLC for GTA4, and now tomb raider. What the heck is going on ? are you slepping ?

  • @93

    Mirror’s Edge and BioShock have exclusive DLC for PS3.

    I think the main difference is, Sony have too many first party studios to support without wasting their time on multiplatform DLC.

  • no trophies no comment


  • I am a huge fan, but I’ll never let a blog post that’s pure piss pass without rebuttal. That said, the last week or two really have come from the prostate. That make me a kidney stone. :)

  • I hope MGS4 gets some trophy support. My favorite game ever!

  • Fully In-Game XMB. And more ways to communicate like IM or E-mail…

    I really want that!

  • Hey Jeff,
    Dont forget to remind your co-workers that gamers tend to be very competitive and if you really want to shut up the “trophy haters” provide us with PSN leaderboards so we can see how we stack up against everyone. This way they can actually see just how bad they really are.

    Also please please please make the PSN level important inside PS Home. Give us exclusive LBP gear out of its specific game space for levels 10 and higher, give us exclusive furniture for levels 15 and higher. Give us some ridiculous shoulder pads that look like something out of WoW to wear when walking around PS Home

    This no doubt would have a direct on not only how many games people to try, but will no doubt increase sales for all PSN games across the boards. I dont know about everyone else, but i personally have boughten and played the crap out of games that I otherwise wouldnt have given a chance just cause i didnt think it was my thing, and ended up really liking some of them. Mostly due to trophies. Anyway im sure you guys have thought about some of these things already, just wanted to let you know that there are those out there that would love to see these things happen. We need our bragging rights!

  • Hey Jeff i was wondering where you at the event held in Toronto today? maybe you can some coverage from it for people who werent there like myself

  • Thank you Jeff. You are a good man for helping relate to us over the internet.

    “It takes balls….I like balls” -A movie…

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