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I’ve been out of the office almost the entirety of the past 3 weeks (New York, Orlando, Tokyo), so I’m a bit behind on some of the paperwork. But on September 21st, 2008 at 4:43 pm, user “jskillzball” commented:

thanks for the post i always feel better after i come home from football and read these blogs.

Well, that was a nice sentiment. The Blog Bean Counters (they’ll *love* being referred to like that) informed me that jskillzball also helped us reach a milestone. And by “us” I mean “you” – comment #100,000. Seeing as how we had published about 650 posts at that time, that’s an average of over 150 comments per post! Take a look around the internet – you’re not going to see such a consistently dedicated group of readers too often. It’s like everyone in Burbank, California or Cambridge, Massachusetts posted one time each! (I don’t think that’s what happened, right?)

It’s been an interesting ride, as you readers are just as likely to point out what you don’t like as you are to let us know what you enjoy. For instance, I believe roughly 78% of the comments were demands for In-Game XMB (I kid, I kid!). Seriously though, we definitely appreciate the constructive critiques, and when you see an often-requested feature show up in a game’s patch or firmware update, I believe it’s proof that “the system works.”

And I can tell you from experience that game developers have told me the feedback they’ve received on this Blog, from readers like you, has been incredibly useful to them – hopefully as much as the post you’ve commented on was to you.

Hanging out

So please, keep them coming, even if it’s just to say “trophies, kthxbai!” And please continue to keep them (mostly) on-topic, as that helps make sure that the right sets of eyes are reading your opinions. I’m sure we’ll reach comment #200,000 in no time. Thank you.

Oh, and jskillzball, I’ll be contacting you when I get back from TGS, I believe a schwag bag is in order.

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  • Hopefully i’ll be number 200.000 haha

  • Wait, so the “give me ingame xmb!!!” comments didn’t bug you?
    Even I was getting tired of them. :P

    • Well, when it comes down to it – the request was totally valid, even if some people were more tactful than others.

      And I haven\’t heard that chant in months!

  • Awesome, kthnxbai!

  • when is we getting trophies for GTA, kthxbai

    nah, this is a great blog! I’ve been creeping lately, but i’ll try to start posting…for you jeff

    although i’m sad i’ve missed the many LBP beta chances…darn school and XC!

  • Post stuff like Killzone 2 beta, Resistance 2 beta, and LBP beta, and watch the comment pile up like there is not tomorrow

    • Well yeah, absolutely. It\’s not about raw numbers though – we really want to hear what you\’re thinking. And I think most comments fit that bill.

  • @3

    Im tired of the Trophies or no buy ones :(

    grats PS blog!

  • thanks Jeff. 100k is clearly a huge sign, and shows the huge fanbase sony has. I just hope you don’t get too mad at the ugly comments you get from time to time ~~~:-s

  • pretty cool grats

  • I like the Blog, specially when we get responses (like the awesome capcom dude that posted about Mega Man 9).

    Please Sony, bring back a Premium PS3, give your consumers a choice.

  • That’s a big number. You should celebrate tonight in Tokyo.

  • trophies, kthxbai!

  • Congrats on the milestone!

    from DLB & the DLB-Network

  • Hey Jeff how come I never see you on Home! lol

  • And since you say that our input is actually helpful, let me take some time out to say: Please support Piyotama on PSN. It’s a good game and they should release the extra in-game themes for it that Japan has and we don’t.

  • Hey Jeff thanks for the update


    just wondering do you guys have any plan for adding features like:

    In/cross game chat

    Auto sync trophies

    Make the trophy profile load faster because its far too slow

    More infromation on online profile (games played, more space on about me section etc)

    Ability to search for friend (using email or possibly keyword)

    Improve internet browser ( possibly get Google Chrome? or at least improve flash player)

    Ability to group friends

    Add a form of messenger or possibly Skype

    Have when a friend was last online when there offline

    More statuses (Appear Offline etc)

    Show trophy level without clicking on friend, have trophy level some where so when you highlight a friend on the XMB the game hes playing, trophy level status avatar etc appear.

    one thing that is really annoying is when i’m listen to some tunes then i go to view my friends list, then my music stops: that really sucks.

    i Hope you guys take a look at this list because a lot of gamers really want this to happen.
    thanks jeff


  • trophies, kth-


    That’s what you want us to say! I know what you’re doing… I know… I KNOOOOW~!

  • I remember when the Playstation store was a little late updating and everyone spammed these blogs until it reached 5,000 posts. lol It was when the bad company demo was out. Now that I look back it was pretty stupid, but it was fun. It was like an internet woodstock. I have a few friends I talked to that day on my PSN and what not. The memories…

  • Congratulations on the milestone PS Blog. Keep the posts coming and we’ll keep this blog active.



    My request for this occasion: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find a way to make it easier for indie devs to make indie games on PS3—–go ask Garage Games to make a PS3 version of the Torque Engine–I would love you guys forever!!

    Oh yeah, and make the Nariko kit for LBP purchasable online—LOL I work at a GameStop and we don’t have a Best Buy so my choice was kinda locked in!!!

  • Honestly, this blog is a great source of news and feedback. I tend to check here more or less every day (and have the RSS feed on my Google homepage – you’re right there between the local weather and dead air space and below my GMail window!).

    I know it’s mostly US focused, but I like that I can come on here and at least ask questions and read what people in various aspects of the gaming world. I can’t think of another place like this where we can ask questions and have them answered as quickly as here.

    We criticise because we care though!

    Also, can I have a Home beta key? :P

  • Hey Jeff. don’t forget to try and find White Knight Chronicles at TGS 2008. Unsure if Sony or Level-5 will have it. but if you find it go ask questions! Find out as much as you can! oh and Demon’s souls! Oh! and find out about all those SCEJ games they are going to reveal!

    • Don\’t worry about that! We\’re focused on the PSP games today, and White Knight details to come!

  • i want to know the 11 new games for the ps3.get the developers of each of those games to post on here .first being from software the makers of demon soul for the ps3.Is that a fair request?

  • congrats guys! This is THE place for all our playstation needs

  • Oh yeah, and if their’s a new team ICO game announced, I expect full details! :p

  • Is this a DING? ;)
    Grats! I believe this is the best community outlet blog by far from all of the big console makers in terms of content and quality of information. I can only hope the others follow suit from you guys. :)

    So now that I’ve made you feel fuzzy… Can we get any information on SARPBC coming out on Thursday? What can we expect feature wise? I remember seeing a trailer for it back in the day, but it’s been a while… Is there online play, leaderboards, what are the controls like, etc.?

  • Congrats, love the blog. I check it everyday.

    One question for you Jeff. Do you wake up and praise the fates everyday for having the best job in the world? Just curious…

  • Please Sony turn loose the ninja’s and help Slant Six fix Socom Confrontation.

  • what’s going on?

  • Believe me, the day HOME 1.0 is announced right here on the blog, it will me MADNESS!

    ….sorry got excited for TGS

  • Cool. I was one of the people who got one of the “First!” T-shirts.

  • Now that the tidal wave of crashing websites AKA the LittleBigPlanet beta is almost done, I’m looking forward to news on the Killzone 2 public beta.
    On a random note; a friend of mine is at an exclusive PlayStation Party in Toronto. He said that only 100 people were invited, and he was lucky enough to get invited. I can’t wait to bombard him with questions when he gets back.

  • Can you guys please make some improvements on the Trophy system. It’s very slow to react when you complete a task for a Trophy. Also, viewing/comparing Trophies with others are slow to synch. Can you guys allow each user to customize their Trophy card somehow? New Avatars would be very nice to.

  • Maybe in order to celebrate, the playstation blog could get a new look. I mean, although the current blog looks decent, I think a fresher look would be greatly appreciated.

    • Actually, that\’s about 90% done. More of a refresh really – bring the best features to the top of the page. More on that soon.

  • We want music. No dev has implemented this yet. We want to use our own music!!!!

    And the blog is beast. Lurkers FTW!!!!!

  • G-Unit.

    Anyways, WHEN WILL R2 BETA START d:?!?!?!

  • Well in that case, Mr. Rubenstein, I would like to ask you: what happened to in-game music? I believe we were promised that when in-game access to the xmb came? But I have not seen a single game being compatible with music.

    Have you any plans at all to try to push at least big games like GTA and MGS or even your own games to release patches?

    I am not very happy with solutions seen in Pain, Super Stardust HD and Life. They are slow, they restrict how I sort my music (Pain) and they are limited to the game: when the game stops, the music stops.

    Please. In-game music.

    But why stop there? Let’s see what other great ideas I have.

    * Update the browser. Why not use something solid like Firefox, or a custom-made webkit-based browser? Give us a toolbar with forward-backward-buttons and an adressfield, just like a normal browser. It makes sense if you use keyboard and mouse. Also, update the flash player.

    * Talk to the guys about implementing it into your music player. It would be great. Anyone who’ve used it would agree. It adds a lot to your music experience.

    * Add some more visualizers.

    * Add support for GOOD filesystems. FAT32 is outdated and extremely limited. If I have a 500+ Gb external harddrive attached I want to use a proper filesystem on it. Ext3/4 is open source and free. No need for royalties and the specs are totally open. Easy.

    * Why not do what the cell phones are doing and open the system for home-made applications and mini-games? You should be able to pull it off. It would benefit you in the long run.

    * Make the PSN icon themable.

    * If I have a long and nice playlist I would like to copy it to a memory stick or something. The playlists should also be more editable. Like sort-order, automaticly remove duplicates, etc. Adding multiple (try like 50 or something) songs to a playlist takes time – a long time. It shouldn’t.

    And lastly:

    * If you like feedback and want to encourage it, then take a look at Ubuntu Brainstorm and do something similar. It’s great and it is a much better “system” than comments for a blog post.


    • Just off the top of my head, I use custom soundtracks in Burnout Paradise and PixelJunk Eden… with more to come.

  • I want to play Fat Princess!!!! when is that coning out?

  • sorry to ask but Mobile internet connection to the PS3 if possible

  • GO PS FAMILY!!!!!!!! lol



    Get that from Liquid Snake?

  • woops sorry it “THE SYSTEM IS MINE”

  • I love the ps-blog, this was and is my first blog I’ve ever consistently (I check this site 5-10 times a day) posted on.

    Congrats jskillzball luck son of a gun!

  • I want Mainichi Issho for the US!

    Why can’t we have our own version of this?! We’ve got lots more people to take advantage of it here.

    Bring those kitties stateside!

  • As long as you keep the quality of the blog as good as it has been, we’ll be here reading it and commenting on posts.

    It’s a really awesome resource. Official PS Store listings, information on upcoming and existing games, and community growth.

    Keep it up!

  • give us in game chat!!!


  • 200,000!!!!! thats a lot of comments…

  • I want a schwag bag. :(

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