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In addition to sharing my weekly reading list, I wanted to specifically point out Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon to support the Texas Children’s Cancer Center in Houston. We all like to play (a lot), and it’s really cool to see gamers turning a hobby that some (misinformed) people decry into results that everyone can appreciate. I’m also specifically calling out Destructoid’s Jim Sterling, who, in a pun-laden stunt,is aiming to play SingStar for 24 straight hours. My voice tends to break up after 2 or 3 songs (this is a good thing), so I’m definitely hoping to see “SingSterling” take place. Jim, if you sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, please do it The Dan Band-style, like in Old School for me. I [deleted] need it more than ever.

As usual, please feel free to share your favorite links of the week in the comments below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 9/29)

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  • I would have emailed this to the playstation support, but they’re not exactly helpful.. or have any idea about anything you can’t find online..
    anyway, the trophy thing.. i was wondering, why does it take so long to load them.. and gamercards..? authentication??
    surely the info it downloads is like a .txt file.. a few words, a couple of nuumber to signify a picture here and there.. and for trophies comparing.. a .csv file doesn’t take minutes to download, a column for this game, one for another game.. the ps3’s cpu can order them by title/playdate, that doesn’t need to be an issue really..

    Thanks for the update though Jeff, it’s a great way to sum up the week, and see if there’s anything we’ve missed
    I apologise that this isn’t really thed place, but it’s the only place anything we say seems to get noticed.. and you know whats happening/can find out..

  • dude i would so like to see that, i wonder if he can pull off the dan band style…lol well thanks for the recap… keep up the good work

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