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In addition to sharing my weekly reading list, I wanted to specifically point out Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon to support the Texas Children’s Cancer Center in Houston. We all like to play (a lot), and it’s really cool to see gamers turning a hobby that some (misinformed) people decry into results that everyone can appreciate. I’m also specifically calling out Destructoid’s Jim Sterling, who, in a pun-laden stunt,is aiming to play SingStar for 24 straight hours. My voice tends to break up after 2 or 3 songs (this is a good thing), so I’m definitely hoping to see “SingSterling” take place. Jim, if you sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, please do it The Dan Band-style, like in Old School for me. I [deleted] need it more than ever.

As usual, please feel free to share your favorite links of the week in the comments below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 9/29)

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  • Jeff heres a list I made up with a little help from other PS3 owners of features wanted and required in future firmware updates

    please take the time to read

    Heres a list I made up myself with a little help and Id like your suggestions aswell

    Option to have Passwords for users accounts

    Custom Avatars (Possibly upload or at least have a large databse with more than the ones there is e.g. Football, rugby team badges, flags etc)

    In/cross game chat

    Auto sync trophies

    Make the trophy profile load faster because its far too slow

    More infromation on online profile (games played, more space on about me section etc)

    Ability to view your friends friend lists

    Ability to search for friend (using email or possibly keyword)

    Improve internet browser ( possibly get Google Chrome? or at least improve flash player)

    Change notification when you get a message or when some signs in, the grey with white text is bland, possibly make it similar to the information board maybe with the PSN logo in place.

    Ability to group friends

    Add a form of messenger or possibly Skype

    Add a calendar , organiser

    Have when a friend was last online when there offline

    More statuses (Appear Offline etc)

    Show trophy level without clicking on friend, have trophy level some where so when you highlight a friend on the XMB the game hes playing, trophy level status avatar etc appear.

    Better music layout instead of Album or Artist have Artist > Album > Song, this will make it easier to find a song from an album.

  • Thanks for the update Jeff
    by any chance do you know if the Firmware update for the HQ headset is lunching before the headset is released?

  • Agree with ross_k :)

  • Here’s another WipeoutHD review told from 3 different perspectives (the hardcore Wipeout Lover, the casual fan and the noob).

  • Can’t wait for Thursday…
    Hey, could you give me a ticket to Japan?
    Thought I should ask… :p

  • So any real confirmation on if those GTA IV trophies are real or not? Jeff, can you help a brother out?

  • Well Jeff, I think you missed this,

    Bioshock looks worse on PS3, very disappointing. :(

  • @ CitizenInsane27

    The trophies were alledgedly leaked by a Rockstar during a game of Bomb Da Base II. The only things we are not certain of are the ETA of the patch and the Retroactivity of the trophies. As far as the descriptions are worded, it looks like they will be, but don’t hold your breath.

    Best Regards,

  • @SvS

    Thanks dude, that was more info than I was able to dig up googling the last couple of days. I’m sure if I would’ve dug hard enough I coulda pulled them up, but I was too busy with other stuff (LBP….)

  • I hope the GTA trophies rumor turns out to be true ad comes out soon. I’m still witing for BCR trophies :(.

    The bioshock demo was fan-freaking-tastic if I had the money I would buy it day one. But between R2 and Socom i’m all spent.

    Oh and Jeff thanks for the LBP beta it rocks!

  • Pretty good this week. I look forward to everything we’re going to hear from TGS. Have a good Sunday. :D

  • Hey Jeff, here’s another article to add to the links:

    WipEout HD is IGN’s Game of the Month!

  • I don’t know why it wont let me post with a link in the text, but you should add to the links:

    WipEout HD is IGN’s Game of the Month!

  • wow I’m sorry for the quadrouple posting… they weren’t showing up on my end for some reason.

  • Nice news, hey Jeff if you posted the link to the GTA4 trophies then that means its existence is true, but i like to know when we should expect it to be released?

  • @1

    Love all your suggestions but i don’t know if jeff can make a change, he’s not a programmer from the PS3 (i think) also a gamer like us but with privileges in Playstation blog :p

  • @1 I 75% agree

    Here is a beta preview for Home by Gamespot;thumb;2

    With MotorStorm Mondays… can you clarify if MS2 will be compatible with the GT Wheel?

  • Something really needs to be done in term of pricing in the Playstation range. Got mine, did not get the ones from the other wompanies, because I felt the games I wanted were right here.

    But the tide is changing, as the competition is too aggressive already, and I can’t see any other cool games (imho) past LittleBigPlanet and MotorStorm 2. :/

    I want my console to last through the years. I want to see independant developpers and big names flocking toward the plate-form and making every possible effort to produce fine games, and not some sparce production and/or ports. I want to see games shine on the machine, because it really has the guts to sustain impressive games.

    And I wish Sony did not encourage themself their biggest competitor yet, by using Windows in-firm. :/

  • Ye well Jeff is the Social Media Manager so he can pass mine and other users ideas on, especially now since the crossBox is getting that New Experience update, so theses ideas will help PSN compete

  • I think auto-synching trophies is the next step.

    When you exit to the XMB from a game, it should do this automatically if the console is connected to PSN.

  • Just read on vg247 that the PS3 web browser has been updated “The online browser on the PlayStation 3 has a facelift. It now features direct links to Twitter, YouTube and the PS Blog amongst others, with a more dynamic interface. This was a bit unexpected as I don’t believe any announcements were made about this.”

  • ooo weekly reading list? very cool.

    Bioshock was heart-stoppingly epic…I swear with the lights all off and the surround sound up… late on a saturday night..its the creepiest thing ever to be trapped in rapture! I swear I was on the edge of my seat through the whole demo..and I cant wait to explore the full game.

    Some parts I was literally a little scared lol..when a video game can do that to know its gold.

  • The article about using the ps3 eyecam on a pc was definitely a good find. I also agree with ross_k with In/cross game chat being my most desired off the list. Would be nice to be able to start a voice chat with a friend, and have it keep no matter what game I chose to play.

  • Also Eric Lempel uses this site and he’s the direct of PSN operations so he’s a big player in what happens with PSN so even if my list was forwarded to him something might happen, by the way Jeff where is Eric?

  • cool

  • A lot of good news, events, and media. It was a good week. By the way, anyone got a link to show proof of GTAIV confirming to get trophies?

  • Finally Team ICO reveal :D

    Jeff, are there any 3rd Party Surprises to be unveiled at TGS? Yes or no will suffice, and if you want to spoil us, say if it’s big or small.

    Maybe some Square Enix support finally?

  • Agree with ross_k. Make it happen Jeff. Send over that list to the Japanese dev team. :) Make it happen!!

  • Hi Jeff I was just wondering was there any more LBP beta keys out there that anybody have I really want to try it out been trying for a long time just seem to been having no luck well if you do could I have one my email is I would really like to create some levels before the game really comes out thanks a lot Jeff and anybody else who has a key that they have not used yet I would really appreciate it

  • just read on PSP fanboy about the new box for the PSP brite. Are we gonna get an official comment about that PSP PSN store?


  • my beta is not starting


    I hope attention is paid to the comment about the lack of bundled headsets with ps3 s.k.u.s.

  • @ross_k
    I agree with most of the features listed. However, I think 2 more should be added.

    The first is the ability to listen to music while playing a game for all ps3 games. Take the decision to do this off the minds of the developers and allow the consumer to choose.

    The second is the ability to edit the album info for multiple pieces of data in one feel swoop.

    I don’t believe custom avatars will ever come to the ps3, but not for technical reasons. My guess is that Sony is quite reticent to be responsible for users creating offensive avatars, e.g. people showing nudity and other such stuff as an avatar.

  • Got my LBP beta! Very fun! ;)

    btw, will the Home devs ever take blogger suggestions? I’ve been wanting to ask if there could ever be a paintball arena with optional 1st and 3rd person in Home :P

  • sry but… also, whats “[deleted]” suppose to mean? Swear-word replacement maybe? ;)

  • Hey Jeff, you should pass ross_k’s list onto the person who deals with that kind of stuff (maybe Eric L?) because I know a lot of people on the forums also want a lot of the features that ross_k had listed added.

    Anyways, I was wondering if you could fill us in on the details of this:

    Will there be a future blog post about this? Or will we be hearing about it at the Tokyo Game Show?

  • ALL PS3 OWNERS WHO WANT TO WATCH HULU, FOX, ETC… Go to google and type in Playon. Its a beta, so it might ehh here and there. :D
    Im not a advertiser either. I use it everyday.

  • @ 14 I don’t understand, what this rant is about…

    “But the tide is changing, as the competition is too aggressive already, and I can’t see any other cool games (imho) past LittleBigPlanet and MotorStorm 2. :/” ….??????

    are you blind?….New Punisher Game, MAG, WipEout HD ( probably you haven’t played it since it’s one of the best games from the psn)…

    What I mean is, do you expect a list of 50 or 60 games that you should feel like they are cool?….That’s not gonna happen, in any console or pc soon…

    LBP isn’t released yet…

    But since you are feeling that it isn’t working then sell it and buy an xbox, then after a few months your “new” games will be released on PC while PS3 games will still be exclusive….

    I have played Gears, Mass Effect and Halo that way….

  • Thanks for supporting my list, I just hope the PSN guys at Sony can act on some off my improvements ive written down because most of them are quite easy to implement

  • @ross_k
    I hope you’re persistent in making the request. Because if you’re not, I suspect your request will be dismissed by the likes of Sony.

  • @38 Masterofallz

    Not ALL PS3 owners can use Playon…

    I live in Canada and the only thing Playon will display for me is Youtube.

    The other sessions all tell me I am not in the US and if outside the US the application will not load.

    So if you are in the US, I agree, Playon is good, but also remember, after I think a 45 day free trial will pay a fee of $30 for the service.

    I’ve found much better software that will display these applications for free.

  • Jeff,
    I always like these posts (especially when you point out something like the name of the band from Old School that I always wanted to know in the back of my mind, but never looked it up). Glad to see the PlayStation.Blog “officially” reading more sites now. Keep up the diverse reading selection.

  • thanks for the reading list. “My voice tends to break up after 2 or 3 songs (this is a good thing)” <– that made me laugh. btw, Wipeout HD is awesome guys. If you don’t have it already, GET IT.

  • too bad abou tthose Bioshock PS3 version HUUUUGE textures compared tot he 360 version..

    dang you 2k!

    at least most PS3 players won’t notice..

    If you really want to see how bad the port is, check out the dead Big Daddy in the demo, beneath the falling water, if you look at his helmet…uuugh! HUUGE square textures when in reality they are supposed to be very small bumps..

    I know because i bought he 360 version the day it came out, as it is a GREAT game..

    PS3 owners!

    rise up and DEMAND better ports!

    this is shameful!

    we desereve better for $60 for a year old game!

    Now, people can say it’s only a demo. But what does that MEAN? What we need to hear is the developers say the retail version does not have these problems. I hope this demo is an old build and the final build is better…

  • @45

    Agreed. As soon as I saw “Powered by Unreal Engine 3” before the game started I knew something wasn’t going to be right. The game is still great and highly playable, but you’ve played the 360 one it was a little more polished.

    NEhoo, Wipeout HD GOTY, and LBP Beta is wonderful. What’s up with the R2 beta? Anyone? Got it preordered, registered with R2 website, still waiting for info…

    Can’t wait to hear what’s at TGS…Peace!

  • wooo gtaIV trophies

    wooo wipeout

  • this is maybe off the subject but when are they going to fix wipeout every time i turn it on when im loged in to psn it freez i cant even play it online i have to play when im not loged in to psn can some one please tell me some thing

  • i agree with the first guy who had the first comment. why not make more avatars(sorry if i spelled it wrong)but instead of having more sport ones why not movies like spider-man or batman or logos like nike. that would be cool.

    p.s. why not have more game trophies for other games like madden 09 or something that would be even better.

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