“Voulez-Vous” to Sing? ABBA Coming to SingStar

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Hello all! Aaron Orsak here again with some very exciting news on the SingStar front. I’m here to officially announce the release of SingStar ABBA coming this December to both the PS3 and PS2. SingStar ABBA will feature all of your favorite ABBA songs such as “Mamma Mia,” “Dancing Queen,” “Fernando,” and “Voulez Vous.” We’re proud to present SingStar ABBA to all you fans, especially considering that ABBA has so many classic tunes that everyone loves to sing. IGN has the full details which you can check out here.

ABBA Intro Screen
Also, don’t forget that we’ve got several new SingStar games coming to you this Holiday season: SingStar Pop vol. 2 which launched last week, SingStar Legends, SingStar PS3 Vol.2, and SingStar Country. SingStar Legends features all of your favorite classics such as “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers, “What’s Goin On” by the great Marvin Gaye, and “Blue Suede Shoes” by the incomparable Elvis Presley. SingStar PS3 Vol.2 continues hot on the heels of Vol. 1 with all-new songs and of course access to the ever popular SingStore and My SingStar online. And with SingStar Country, we’ve really listened to all you fans and decided to carry the franchise into the popular world of country music. The track list on SingStar Country reads like a roster of who’s who in country music: Alan Jackson, Big & Rich, Brooks & Dunn, Jessica Simpson, Willie Nelson, and even Johnny Cash! Other tracks you’ll find on SingStar Country include Trace Adkins’ “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” Miranda Lambert’s “Kerosene,” and Kenny Chesney’s “Big Star.”

SS ABBA Gimmie Gimmie
On another note, there’s been a lot of feedback from you guys on the US SingStore. In particular, you’ve been asking for more of the popular US-centric songs we all want to sing. We’re definitely listening to your feedback and are taking great strides towards making the SingStore much more robust and full of the songs you want to sing. We are also making considerable progress, in coordination with Sony London Studios, in trying to ensure that the content updates stay steady and simultaneously released worldwide. Thank you all very much for your feedback and continued generous support, and keep your eyes right here for the latest and greatest SingStar news!

SS ABBA Mamma Mia Duet

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  • Is this game pretty good? I get the feeling that this is just as painful as Kareoke.

  • If you don’t enjoy karaoke, I don’t see you enjoying this game.

  • Aaron…I understand the marketing of having discs in stores and catching the eye of new potential customers (as I’m SURE this will)…but for those already in Singstar PS3…I bought it with the idea that I wouldn’t need to keep switching discs.

    So…will ABBA at somepoint come out as DLC for SingStore or is it a licensing issue more that a marketing one?

    I’ll gladly buy the whole album as DLC…I just don’t want to disc swap.

  • Aaron – Are there any plans to fix the irritating “mirroring” issue with the PlayStation Eye on the PS3 version of SingStar?

    How about some Creedence Clearwater, Chicago, Three Dog Night, Elton John, Neil Diamond, etc. songs?

    Of course, anything by The Beatles would be awesome!

  • Please get us Sing Star Disney too!

  • The neutered NA Singstore update is available.

    Looks like no Queen for us.

    But on the brightside, they did give us Tocotronic – This Boy is Tocotronic. Seriously, how many retarded monkeys are doing market research for you? How can you have this unknown german song but no Queen packs for NA?

  • Why didn’t we get Queen again in the U.S. Store? Does another publisher have the rights to Queen songs? We want to know because many of us badly want Queen in the U.S. SingStar Store. Queen IS one of the main things we want.

  • Please improve the content of the North American SingStore. There’s nothing new and nothing popular. Seems like there is effort being made to get decent content for the PS2 disc releases, but not the store.

  • Oh, I didn’t read the end of your post. Thanks for acknowledging the dissatisfaction with the store, hopefully it will indeed improve. I’ve been about to throw in the towel with SingStar but this will bring me back.

  • This games a joke right?

  • You guys own a record label! Why cant we get some good Sony/BMG stuff on the SingStore? I know i could sure go for some Ben Folds or what not.

  • I’m a very good singer and hoping to launch my career through singstar. Is there a chance of my being successful?

    J/k folks…I can’t sing if my life depends on it, but my GF can sing. I really don’t want her to buy this game though, it’s going to take away time from me playing the ps3. But…if there was a wireless mic available…I might consider buying it for her. Also, is singstar a sing along with vocals or is the vocal suppressed? If the vocal is recorded on seperate tracks and can be turned off completely? She prefer to sing by herself with out assistance. If you have singstar and know the answer, let me know, thanks.

  • What about QUEEN PACKS???
    Will we be able to download them???

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