“Voulez-Vous” to Sing? ABBA Coming to SingStar

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Hello all! Aaron Orsak here again with some very exciting news on the SingStar front. I’m here to officially announce the release of SingStar ABBA coming this December to both the PS3 and PS2. SingStar ABBA will feature all of your favorite ABBA songs such as “Mamma Mia,” “Dancing Queen,” “Fernando,” and “Voulez Vous.” We’re proud to present SingStar ABBA to all you fans, especially considering that ABBA has so many classic tunes that everyone loves to sing. IGN has the full details which you can check out here.

ABBA Intro Screen
Also, don’t forget that we’ve got several new SingStar games coming to you this Holiday season: SingStar Pop vol. 2 which launched last week, SingStar Legends, SingStar PS3 Vol.2, and SingStar Country. SingStar Legends features all of your favorite classics such as “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers, “What’s Goin On” by the great Marvin Gaye, and “Blue Suede Shoes” by the incomparable Elvis Presley. SingStar PS3 Vol.2 continues hot on the heels of Vol. 1 with all-new songs and of course access to the ever popular SingStore and My SingStar online. And with SingStar Country, we’ve really listened to all you fans and decided to carry the franchise into the popular world of country music. The track list on SingStar Country reads like a roster of who’s who in country music: Alan Jackson, Big & Rich, Brooks & Dunn, Jessica Simpson, Willie Nelson, and even Johnny Cash! Other tracks you’ll find on SingStar Country include Trace Adkins’ “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” Miranda Lambert’s “Kerosene,” and Kenny Chesney’s “Big Star.”

SS ABBA Gimmie Gimmie
On another note, there’s been a lot of feedback from you guys on the US SingStore. In particular, you’ve been asking for more of the popular US-centric songs we all want to sing. We’re definitely listening to your feedback and are taking great strides towards making the SingStore much more robust and full of the songs you want to sing. We are also making considerable progress, in coordination with Sony London Studios, in trying to ensure that the content updates stay steady and simultaneously released worldwide. Thank you all very much for your feedback and continued generous support, and keep your eyes right here for the latest and greatest SingStar news!

SS ABBA Mamma Mia Duet

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  • Nice addition. Looking forward to it

  • feel the 70’s

  • right on time for the christmas holiday season.

  • You’re gonna make my wife buy this game.
    Way to go people!:-|

  • does it have trophies??? <<< hahaha j/k

    but seriously my g/f wants this, me… not sooo much. then again I never was really good at singing. hope this is great fun for every1 who buys!


  • Cool! I’ve been looking into buying Singstar on the PS3, but after hearing about the US Singstore “ordeal” I was kind of turned off, but now I can start saving up for a new music game! (YAY!)

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the infamously hilarious videos on the MySingstar Online thing! :)

  • This could be huge. ABBA is only the best pop group of all time.

  • Why not just release an ABBA pack or a Country pack etc on the SingStore instead of making new games?

  • “We are also making considerable progress, in coordination with Sony London Studios, in trying to ensure that the content updates stay steady and simultaneously released worldwide.”

    So, can we expect an update this week?

  • Can we expect a bi-monthly post from you Aaron?

    Specifically what songs will actually show up. Maybe the status on Queen Song Packs?

    Just any regular response would be appreciated.

  • Hey, I’m an avid SingStar PS3 player and I’m wondering if there is any chance at some country tunes hitting the singstore?

    I love all kinds of music and I find it really odd that country music is completely missing from the store when it’s extremely popular here in North America. I realize you have a PS2 game devoted to country music, but I don’t want to have to keep swapping out discs and look at downgraded visuals.

  • I have a question about singstar. supposedly volume 2 is supposed to come out this fall right? but i though i heard some where that volume 3 is gona come out in europe this fall is this true why?

  • Not really my kind of music but i bet people who like abba will be really happy.

    What about a singstar with slayer now? :P

  • The Singstore definitely needs improvement and glad to hear acknowledgment that some progress is being made.

    Firstly you guys should bring every song from thpse PS2 discs to the Singstore because many of us do not want to “disk swap”.

    You’re also gonna want to check out the suggestions posted on this topic on the official singstar forum Eu:

  • yay, lol so far WAY to much pop on singstar, we need that good ol’ classic rock that everybody knows (juke box hero, another one bites the dust, ect.) and also why does the E.U. version get starship – we build this city? i want to sing that :P

  • I’m thinking that I am going to be buying this game also. Although I’ve not been intitiated into the Sing Star Community. I want to say that I’ve always admired you’re courage to sing online. this is something I must try, as I think I have a fairly decent vocal range and love to sing ALOT. ABBA eh, Memories of youth………

  • I understand there are re-licensing issues with the publication of disc-based songs to the singstore, but what’s the holdup with providing PS3 owners the ability to load PS2 format singstar discs? The vast array of titles available for the PS2 is great, but not if you’re a PS3 owner.

    Either speed up with the re-licensing for the singstore, give us PS3 owners the ability to in-game swap to PS2 discs, or devise a method the PS2 (and PS3) disc-based songs can be copied to the PS3 HDD (suggestion: limited plays before disc-based checking against original media required to unlock further plays, to avoid piracy).

  • Though I’m not a big Abba fan, I’ll be getting this.

    I love you so much for giving us SingStar news!!!

    I agree with unclemonty’s points. we need the same service games like Rock Band offer, even if we have to recheck discs or even pay a fee.

    Can you please take my requests to Sony London studios? Or maybe make a request blog?

    I want the following artists:
    1.Delta Goodrem,2.Collective Soul,3.Creed more stuff by 4.Cold Play,5.Moya 6.Enya 7.Josh Groban 8.Celine Dion 9.Nightwish 10. Within Temptation 11. Dragon Force 12.Japanese Pop Music!!!!

    I hope you guys are really busy getting some good stuff ready, I mean as long as you make it, i’ll buy it! Just please,less of the obscure European bands!!! I love obscure music, but even i have never heard of these people.

    I do like some of the ones you’ve introduced to me though.

  • This is definitely great news for me. Yeaaaaahh, baby!!!

    Any words on Sing Star Trophies yet?

  • Only thing stopping me from buying this game is the lack of Rap/Hip Hop. I drop bars at bars on a regular basis and people eat it up. Leads to free drinks for me :)

    Anyway, if you all drop a sing star Hip Hop edition, Parental Advisory and all I’m in. Until then not so much.

    I mean really this is a huge market, 50 cent, Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas-Sony?, Lil Wayne, just to name a few, I am sure that you guys/gals are fully aware of Hip Hop record sales numbers, so what gives? Hell I would even take edited tracks at this point in time.

  • Rap songs?

  • OMG they i guess there are actually people who do work on singstar. do you think that maybe you guys could post on the blog when the updates go out each week and let us know what is coming? and also make a few trips to the singstar forums and post some updates for us on there as well.

  • Is there any chance of Singstar JPop coming out? And if not, why not? Seems like the ideal subject, given Karaoke’s popularity in Japan.

  • Abba…..meh.

    Most Billy Joel
    Frank Sinatra
    Don McClean (American Pie)
    More Classic Rock Favorites
    DJ Shadow (This time…(I’m gonna try it my way)
    BeeGees/KC and the Sunshine Band
    Bob Marley/Jimmy Cliff

    If songs and artists like these are showing up I’d buy the game without a doubt.

  • Thanks for the update but I am saving my money for Rock Band 2. I want to sing a bunch of cool songs. Maybe you guys should hook up with the licensing department at Rock Band. I feel burned. Especially when you release new volumes.

  • Forget ABBA.

    When does the US get the QUEEN packs?

  • 2 things……

    First off the DLC is RIDICULOUSLY PRICED, and for that we dont even get the chance to DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN…..I believe that it should be AT LEAST like the PS Store and allow for 5 downloads, if not as many dowloads as we want……I mean we DID PAY a PREMIUM for them….SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS!!! hell even if we wanted to BUY them again it wont let us do that. the System is FLAWED!!!

    Second….SingStar should be open to pull songs off our Hard Drives or off of an MP3 player or memory stick, that way we can play our OWN music!! there is another game coming out that does this thats made by the competition, and I dont WANT to buy that game for that system……I want the ability to do this in SingStar on my PS3….PLEASE Tell me that feature is in the works!!!

  • “In particular, you’ve been asking for more of the popular US-centric songs we all want to sing”

    Yes, please yes bring more! Haven’t picked up the game after renting it because of the lack of songs in the store, haven’t checked the list in quite a while though, I may have to check it out, since I did buy a couple of songs anyway… Thanks for the update

  • @21 and 22 I agree, but only if it were to include some Wu-Tang

  • I am definitely interested in this. I will probably get it.

    Speaking about the U.S. SingStore, I hate to be a little negative here. It’s not completely the lack of U.S. songs that may have us/me angry. It makes me upset when particular songs the U.K. gets, and they get skipped for the U.S. completely and never eventually get put up.

    Some examples are:
    Any Queen song
    P!nk “Let’s Get This Party Started”
    Starship “We Built This City”

    and so on. I understand some artist have different record labels in NA and that can make licensing harder. But sometimes we get a bit frustrated with them never appearing in the U.S. (I can understand a delay).

    But anyway, I’m glad to hear you are looking at bringing more U.S. Centric songs to the store. I think the U.S. SingStar team should maybe make a Facebook group like the U.K. SingStar team did, or at least make something to better communicate with everyone.

    Thanks and I look forward to more updates. :D

  • @ 29, Some artist do not want their music to be ripped to the HDD (like how Metallica is with RB).

    @ 26, Speaking of Billy Joel, I don’t get why the U.K has:
    “It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me” and “We Didn’t Start The Fire”, while we don’t. I’d gladly buy those songs in a heartbeat if they came stateside.

  • I really wish we had the option to buy the songs via the SingStore. The PS3 is really pushing Digital Distribution, yet a 1st Party Studio is still messing with Disc Swapping when you already have a viable Digital Distribution option in place. Hopefully you guys release Vol. 2 and the Country songs via Download.

  • @32 MadmanVol2

    It’s pathetic that you managed to be the ONLY one who deviated from the topic entirely. There was a blog post for LBP. Why not go [DELETED] there?

    @9 leafs_fan

    I agree completely. I understand the idea that you can swap out discs via an update (that may have already come out) but for us to have to continue to buy the discs just seems silly. They could easily package all the songs together as DLC and charge 10 or 20 less due to the lack of packaging (okay, I know that this would end up being a loss of money and this is exactly the reason why this ISN’T being done but they kind of did the same thing with Burnout Paradise and Siren so it’s along the same lines). I don’t want to have to get up and switch discs and wait for it to load etc etc, I want to be able to have a full library at my disposal.

    Drunken SingStar nights with the girlfriend do not need to be interrupted with disc switching (besides, if I’m super drunk I won’t even be able to switch the disc properly) C’mon, help out my inner alcoholic.


  • Guys can we start getting updates when the singstore gets new songs and what they are? Just like the movie store we should get updates on singstar.

  • I dont think adding the ability to disk swap with PS2 disks would be necessary if you’d just put all of the tracks from the PS2 versions on the store and make them available to download.

    So far I have 96 songs and if the PS2 songs were up there that number would probably double

  • ABBA, now that brings back memories. Horrible horrible memories ;)

    I see there is a country one coming but why no classic country like Jerry Reed, Oak Ridge Boys and Hank Williams Sr. (although HW would be more honky tonk)

  • @ 35, There has to be a disc release because there are certain people who lack internet connection to download music. You wouldn’t believe how many people still don’t have their PS3 consoles connected online.

    @ 37, some artist (like Universal Music Group) do not have songs in the SingStar store for download. The issue is when licensing artist, some are okay with digital distribution with their music, while some will only license for a disc release. That’s why not every song can appear as a download. This isn’t something Sony can easily get around.

  • “On another note, there’s been a lot of feedback from you guys on the US SingStore. In particular, you’ve been asking for more of the popular US-centric songs we all want to sing. We’re definitely listening to your feedback and are taking great strides towards making the SingStore much more robust and full of the songs you want to sing.”

    That’s good to hear. Actions speak louder than words so I hope you can live up to it.

    Given the fractured product line you listed in the post, I guess I’ll believe it when I see it.

    My dream would be simultaneous disc and SingStore release of all titles cross platform (i.e. if SingStar Country comes out for PS2, it should be out for PS3 too on disc or at least DLC at the same time).

  • Im still waiting for a Singstar Latino for PS3…

  • AWESOME! My friends and I can’t wait for ABBA!

    I’m also really excited that things are looking on the up-and-up for the US SingStore!

  • @ 40, Like what I explained earlier, some artist can easily be released in the PS Store. Some artist cannot due to licensing issues (such as wanting much more than $1.49 per song) or don’t want their music digitally distributed.

    And those who may also wonder why there’s a SingStar ABBA disc. Not just because of some lacking internet connection like I mentioned. There are some casuals out there, who do not look up info online about downloads. When they see an actual retail version of SingStar ABBA sitting on a shelf, they want to buy it. With having them all as a download instead, you cannot get that message out to them easily.

  • ABBA?

    my god, i’m old, but not THAT old!


    but it’s always good to have variety…

    next :


    Muskrat Love, baby


  • No offense, but I can’t stand this trend set by Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and continued by Rock Band: AC/DC and SingStar: ABBA. What’s the point of having a section on the SingStore for song packs if there won’t be any? :(

    Also, speaking of more artists.. before it was released in the US, I heard rumors that a couple Depeche Mode songs would be on the store. I know there’s legal issues, but still, just please know that there ARE people across the pond who love them. Also, yay for Pendulum on the store!

  • Yes, it’s time to get with the program and offer more US songs! Or at least more well known acts. Take Queen for instance, everyone want Queen! I’m about to ditch this game for good and go with Guitar Hero or Rock Band for my bad singing needs.

    And Xbox’s singing game looks like its going to have better features. No, I don’t own an Xbox, but they’re really giving the PS3 a run for it’s money.

  • @46, There’s no online site to upload videos, your singing, etc. Also, doesn’t even support a camera. It has nothing on SingStar.

    @ 45, like it was already explained some artist like an Aerosmith, Metallica, etc. prefer their songs to be on disc and not digitally distributed. There’s nothing these publishers can do.

  • Blimey, this has got to be the first time that it’s better to live in the UK for a Sony product.

    Keep going with the updates! It’s about time there was a EU/UK version of this blog, but in the meantime could you keep us updated on updates in all the regions please?

    Anyway… ABBA? Do you guys hate my eardrums? I happily wail along with most things, but I think I’ll have to leave the room if my girlfriend insists on getting Dancing Queen! ;-D

  • I had assumed from the lack of support on the US version of SingStar that Sony had abbandoned the game altogether. The US SingStore support and updates is absolutely horrible. Half of the songs I’ve honestly never heard of. Zero communication about updates. The only updates to the SingStore are from artists nobody knows. Hopefully with competition coming from Microsoft in the singing game genre things will improve. I would advise anyone looking at buying PS3 SingStar to honestly wait for Rock Band 2.

  • So the European store does not have any rights issues, odd that they can get Wierd Al and we cannot. I mean does he only want Pounds and Euros?

    Also I see the Queen packs for Euro also. Man I hope they can get the rights things squared away soon as I am rapidly becoming infuriated with the madness about rights.

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