Update on PSN Cards

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As many of you have been asking for the PLAYSTATION Network Cards (especially in light of the huge PLAYSTATION Store content update yesterday)), we are excited to let you know that we have a full roll-out at major retailers on the way. The PLAYSTATION Network Cards will be available at Walmart, Best Buy, select Sam’s Club outlets in October 2008, and at Barnes & Noble College Bookstores locations in November 2008. Cards are available in $20.00 and $50.00 denominations and are currently offered at BLOCKBUSTER, Pamida, Meijer Superstores and Speedway store locations.

We’ll continue to update you as these cards are available in these stores and as they become available in more retail locations.

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  • Great news :) There isn’t a Blockbuster near where I live but there is a Walmart so it’s great to hear that I’ll be able to get a card or two starting next month to do some catching up.

  • Nice, I shop at Sam’s Club a lot. Although I just use my credit card so it is pointless for me, but maybe good for someone else as a gift.

  • That’s great and all, but will they be sold in a place where gamers usually go to to buy their games for once instead selling them in places where you’re least likely to find a friggin gamer like a damn book store? lol Geez… Best Buy is a start though… Barnes & Nobles….are your kidding me?!

  • Walmart, awesome! How about GameStop in the mix?

  • @32: good idea – it would be nice if i can buy a game for someone instead of a PSN card.

  • great, you should see more DLC sells including the movies and stuff, i use a credit card but im happy for those without one

  • actually I just bought two $20 dollar ones so I could get Qore so I could get in the little big planet demo…

    The cards work great, sadly I had to learn the hard way, there is no beta for LBP for Qore…

    I bought Qore for nothing…The real burn is Qore is not really good. I don’t know why I thought it would come with all beta’s that are out…

  • that is good because blockbuster here doesnt carry them i hope the wal-mart that is here do once it gets release because there is no other place close buy where i live that carries it

  • Hey Eric are this going to be available in CANADA?

  • Just went to Blockbuster yesterday to get a 3-month Xbox Live card, I asked for PSN cards, but they said that they had them earlier, but sold out! Plus, all of the Subscription/Debit/Points cards for the Wii/PS3/Xbox are in the store’s backroom, so they are not on display. Only if you ask for them.

  • Niceee! I’ll be getting some when they arrive

  • it’s about F Time

  • FYI…Gamestop will not be carrying these until next year. They require an update on the computers to be sold and the update will not be ready until EARLY next year. This is official so you can update your posting since everyone is asking. Not sure how these cards are different then XBL Points are but i’m guessing its a tax thing since there is no tax in certain states for XBL cards but there might be tax on these in ALL states…just a guess.






    Thank you.

  • This is good news

  • glad they are finally out there for people to use instead of credit cards..

    one question-

    is there a way to purge PSN caches on your end (Sony’s server’s) of our credit card info? now that cards will be available, i think i’d rather just enter in codes periodically than have my CC info unsecured..

    thanks for any response!

  • Thank you! Walmart is a few blocks down the street past target.

  • What about Europe?

  • Best Buy and Walmart. Sweet. :D
    Stores I actually go to. :D

  • I just push the easy button, but it’s great news for those that can’t.

    Eric, if you could place a box by the guy that decided to not support a steering wheel in WipeOut HD and climb up onto the top of the box and smack him in the face for me. That would be great, Thanks.

  • No PSN cards in Australia and there has been no word what so ever. Please I would at least like to know when this thing will come here too.

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    It seems as though every single day lately there’s awesome news coming from Sony!!!!

    I’m gonna love the rest of this year!

  • This is bullcrap. I just went to my local Blockbuster Video and asked the guy behind the counter if they had any Playstation Network cards and he says “no”. So then I say……..”why don’t you have them? All Blockbusters are supposed to have them.” And he says……”Because we’re a franchise. We don’t carry them.” Now what the **** is that supposed to mean??? I’m pissed.

  • Sorry for double post but the Blockbuster I’m talking about is in New Jersey, USA, where I live. =)

  • So once again you guys refuse to even answer whether or not these things are coming to Canada. Thanks a lot.

    If the answer is no, that’s fine. I’ll find some other way to get PSN content or just sell the stupid thing. It would be great to just get a straight answer once.

    Need I remind you again that there are some 34 million of us? We like playing games too. If you don’t know the answer at least admit it. That’s all we want to hear.

  • @ 10 joeboosauce

    In light of the numerous problems associated by paying by credit card on the PSN Store, I attempted to buy a PSN card yesterday with no luck. So I had no option to buy anything. Are you going to fix the credit card adrress verification system? Make the site more user friendly?


    Preach on homie… Amen to that!

  • I don’t need these cards for myself, but great for a gift. More power to you – Sony.

  • @15
    which bank do you us? you tried Santander Bank? any you can use the gift card credit cards from bockbuster or the Mio Card that you can put money in it and works perfect. Anyway in the blockbuster near me doesn’t have it. Let’s see best buy then in October then. In gamespot will be perfect. There’s a gamespot everywhere here; gamespot and blockbusters.

  • Hi guys from AUSTRALIA. You guys need to look at a map and realize that we are a country. Yes, we are at the ass (bottom lol) of the gaming society, but please remember we Australians are very pro-Sony and the console sells well here.



    Seriously, if you guys can’t get your act together and bring PSN Cards down under, bring back our ability to use prepaid credit cards from Australia/around the world on the US PSN. At least one like Entropay. Because at the moment i know at least 1000 people who used prepaid cards on the PSN store and now have no other way of purchasing games; you guys are losing money, seriously.

    Thank you.

  • I have a question off the subject. When are they going to release new avatars?

  • I live in southern Indiana, two months ago I bought two $50.00 PSN cards for $45.00 apiece, with no tax ($90.00) at a Meijer store in Clarksville. I asked why so cheap, and they said cause they were going to quit selling them. Last week I bought two more and the final price was $107.00, full price and taxed this time. And I guess they’re stll going to sell them. Just thought I would share that.

  • whats with europe???

  • Can Europe has PSN Cards please…?

  • thank you psn now we finally can download content and Im going to best buy as soon the cards come out we all been waiting for this for years

  • Please, put your money on WipeOut HD ! it’s great, and when we think capcom want us to pay for a lame 8-bit game !
    Think about it! why develop costly games (KZ2, Resistance 2), taking risk (PS3, cell) if console rebrand (wii being a gamecub, no risk, tons of money) and 8-bit game rebrand (megaman 8) are such successful ?!!!

    Don’t act stupidly. want old Megaman, find a NES or any other solution for playing old game !

    Go buy WipeOut, its great, and I hope a clear signal will be sent (don’t take us for …)

    ps: Thx also to criterion for the massive and continue FREE update to burnout Paradise !!

    Why doing this costly thing, when you can just call back an old developer, 1,2 additional guy and sell Megaman 9 ???

  • This is great.. well at least it is for those in the US.

    However some of us living in Europe would also like to give Sony our hard earned money. Unfortunately, Sony don’t appear to want it at the moment.

    What successful business actively limits it’s methods of receiving payment from customers who are willing to purchase items from it? Sure we can use credit cards over here, but why not give us the choice of PSN cards also?

    Seeing as some of Sony’s premier game developers hail from the UK, it’s a strange way to treat this country!

  • Well this means I can look at buying some good stuff for my PSP now! yes!

    flOw, and Super StarDust Portable when it releases! as well as that Space combat game here I come! Yeah baby! Looks like things will be looking up for both PS3, and PSP owners!

    BTW: any chance that these PSN cards will not need your credit card info?

  • Sorry for the duble post but for the guy who ran out to buy one today must of miss read the post:

    November is when they will hit major retailers, October is when BlockBuster will get them please read next time.

    BTW Thanks for the info, and update this should help many of us who wan’t to get Movies and games for our PSP/PS3s more into the PlayStation Network. I hate useing a cradit card to buy anything and prefer store credit, or a gift card, or better XBL cards, or now PSN cards. They mean it’s totaly unlikely for anybody to get your personal info because you don’t have to enter it.

  • ok i might pick one of these up

  • Actually Gunwing you shouldn’t tell people that they don’t read because obviously you don’t either. PSN cards are available at BLOCKBUSTER RIGHT NOW!!! Walmart on Tuesday and the rest in November. Read before you decide to try to make someone look stupid, lest you make yourself part of the same category.
    Still no LOVE for Canada…

  • Finally, glad to see you guys rolling them out to actual Nationwide Stores. Meijers only being in the midwest though… so doesn’t help a lot of people out.

    Luckily I live 20 minutes away from a store that has the cards. =]

  • YAY! Finally!

  • There seems to be a huge demand in Canada for these cards. I just dont understand the holdup. With all the delays lately, I would have thought psn cards would be something players worldwide could depend on.

  • First, I would like to express my thanks for all the firmware updates, as well as the PSN Cards. I am glad to see that issues are being addressed. I have included my suggestions for the future firmware updates below, and hopefully they will be taken into consideration. I would have written this elsewhere if there was a place to do it.
    So, having said that, I apologize for interrupting this thread…
    These items in my opinion MUST be added at some point to maximize enjoyment potential…please and thank-you!


    Pal / NTSC support
    – I have a major need for both standards. The system should be region free. What if I move to another region does this mean I must purchase another PS3? Unacceptable!
    Create folder images
    – I can’t stand how we’re forced to accept the last item downloaded or installed as the image for the folder cover.
    Password Protection
    – Everything should have this option within the OS (Ex. Users, Installed apps and Programs etc.)
    Keyboard Operation
    – At the very least, standard shortcuts are needed (Control + C, V, X, Y, A, Z etc.)
    – Print screen is needed
    – Remove Shift + backspace as delete all. I can’t express how many times I’ve accidentally erased everything because of it. Which brings back to the shortcuts…if they were there that wouldn’t have been such an issue. Make the delete all something else.
    – Create a spell check application or incorporate one (auto) within the system itself. Even if you are an English Professor, it can be useful.
    AVS (Address Verification System)
    – Ka-Ka…need I say more? Answer “No” but I will explain anyway.
    – This AVS is a major concern for me, I was able to make PSN purchases basically since launch, and when I attempted to use another card, a splash screed says I’ve entered the information incorrectly. Now, clearly there is an issue there; the splash screen needs to be revised to include some sort of explanation better than that. It took many attempts to realize that it wasn’t incorrect information implementation, but AVS. Even Sony Tech Reps couldn’t figure it out at first…and when you incorrectly attempt 3 times, you are forced to wait no less than 24 hrs prior to the next attempt. Even the representatives are unable to do anything server side, regardless of their company seniority level. That is crazy and unacceptable. I know I’m not alone in this issue as well. I am still unable to make purchases, which continues increase my fury within as more and more cool stuff is released. I have made many calls and emails in regards to this issue without resolution to this very day. If you would like to see my issue you can view the Gamer Advisory Panel (G.A.P.) thread here: http://gap.us.playstation.com/?q=node/77911&from=0&comments_p
    – My suggestion here is:
    One, include an option to add more than one payment method simultaneously (Even if it’s two credit cards)
    Two, make the system more user friendly. Revise the splash screen to advise closer to the actual issue. One explanation for all is not helpful. I can understand that there are security issues to consider, however; there must be a way to vaguely describe the issue. Anything is better than how it is.

    And Third, Don’t force A.V.S. on everyone just yet. Not all banking institutions have implemented this feature. Wait until they do. At the very least, have an option within higher level support to correct issues that occur on the billing server.

    XMB (Cross Media Bar)
    – Currently the in game features appear choppy with subpar reaction times.
    – The use of the XMB while typing an email would also be useful.
    – Perhaps even allow the option for XMB on XMB use to allow for multitasking while in game. I realize that too much would deplete processing power, but perhaps a once only XMB on XMB could be devised. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to refer back to something while typing an email in game?
    – The option to open a web browser in game would be nice as well. Why we cannot already is nothing short of ridiculous.
    – Being able to play any music would be beneficial in game also. I don’t understand why the game developer needs to implement the use of this feature for us to play anything. There should be an option within the in game XMB, where you can mute the games music and play your own. This override option should not be difficult to create…not when you’re Sony.

    Web Browser
    – Update Flash
    – Web interface is not very well devised. Sony already works with Google on Life with Playstation (LWP), which is in dire need of improvements that I won’t get into here.
    Perhaps Sony could work with Firefox to implement a better browser.

    Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
    – Find a way to allow the use of NTFS…FAT sucks period.
    – Allow access to the HDD itself. I can’t stand that I’m unable to directly access certain things contained within. I know that security is needed for copyright infringement reasons, but you could allow access to the other things. (Ex. Using an image from another theme without direct manipulation)
    – Increased response time. When I attempt to compare the load time is just silly…and I have an excellent connection.
    – The trophy interface could also be improved there’s just not enough features and everything is too small (Based on 50” Plasma).

    – Volume adjustment. There are some games that are recorded very high (Ex. Mortal Kombat II). I would love to be able to adjust the game volume individually which would automatically save those settings.
    – Also add a separate auto-play adjustment for games / videos. I like Movies to auto play but not games. Currently you must have either off or on.
    – Why can we write from the PS2 Memory card but to it? This should be fixed.
    – All games should incorporate the Players Met section of the XMB.
    – Messaging between PS3 and PSP would be good.

    – Set our own icon for online. I would love to be able to set my one image instead of a .gif from a limited list provided by Sony. Perhaps you should add more images as well. I have like 10 friends with the same icon.
    – Having said that; the option to change the icon of your friend would be good. Let them have their choice but allow me to add an image beside or something for my benefit.
    – Change or add to a friend’s name. Sometimes I forget who’s who…even when I know them personally.
    – Add a personal note section for a comment on your friends.
    – Longer comment character max.
    – Friends list should be unlimited if possible.

    OS Interface
    – More Colours. PSP has so many, why is the all mighty Flag Ship console inferior in this aspect?
    – More Visualizations or allow us to download our own somehow.
    – I want to move or interact with XMB items (ex. Info Board) I don’t like where it’s placed, and want to move it. I’m sure there are other items as well but you get the point.
    – Support for ALL container formats. Why have limits? If I want to play an .mkv or certain xvid file, I should be able to regardless of their developers.
    – Playstation ON/OFF timer.
    – Powered stand-by USB ports.
    – Opacity adjustment. I would like to adjust certain areas individually.
    – Multitasking. I would love to work on something without having to close a browser or other running applications.
    – Video icons are only dynamic. I would like have an option to add an image as the icon.
    – Hide items within OS or XMB from Sub Users. I don’t want the sub users to see everything on my profile.
    – Notifications, the option for sound should be available.
    – Setting to adjust when or when not to notify would be great.
    – FONTS, I want to add more or have more either way.
    – I’m not sure if anyone else has this issue, but when playing Movies the info will often pop up without cause all on its own. Why does it do this I wonder? Please fix this.
    – Better iPod support. I can’t find anything in that current rubbish.


    Thanks for enduring this lengthy list to the end.

    Perhaps the Playstation Blog should create an open area for these types of posts…That and the option to preview / edit.
    Thanks for the update on the PSN cards listed above.
    Sorry for the inconvenience once again and have a good day everyone.

  • Thank you Sony for announcing your extended service of PSN Cards. However, I think its sad that you have taken so long to even release PSN cards when Wii Points Cards were released the same day as the Wii and also even in guess where? CANADA! With all do respect I understand the reasons it is harder for you to release the PSN Video Store in Canada. However, I would imagine it is not that difficult to release a PSN card here when our dollar is praticially the same as in the U.S.

    Furthermore, when Wii Points cards came to Canada in 2006 when our dollar was crappy they cost $25CDN for 2000 points which equals $20. Now if you choose to be like Microsoft then just charge us a bit more even though thats rude.

    I think all the Canadians want is just an answer and it would save you guys from reading 39473947387 questions on when they come to Canada.

    If you can’t comment on when Canada will be recieving the cards due to legal reasons then just say that to put peoples thoughts at rest.

    Thank you once again for expanding your service and enjoy your weekend.

  • Hi stripplay-

    great list, unfortunately it is in the wrong place, maybe next time post firmware update ideas in the thursday update threads!

    i just don’t wanna see this great list get deleted for being in the wrong place!


  • That’s cool,but I rather using my credit card.

  • hey ,hate to sound like a broken record but are these coming to canada…..like soon?

  • hell yah finaly i can buy sum stuff online

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