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It has been a while since I last wrote on the blog. I’ve been looking to take the opportunity to talk about PLAYSTATION Network and thought today’s availability of the redesigned PLAYSTATION Store would be the perfect entry point to outline what we have planned for the broader PLAYSTATION Network this year.

First off, we’re excited about the new look and feel of the PLAYSTATION Store. Personally, I’ve been looking forward to this update for a long time as, in my view, the previous PLAYSTATION Store experience wasn’t one that lived up to our brand. But this new UI is much more dynamic and allows us to elegantly display and merchandise a lot more content, which is very important today, but will be critical going forward with so much great new content coming onto the Store. We look forward to hearing your input and reaction now that you’ve gotten your hands on it.

2008 is being called “the year of PlayStation 3” by a lot of press and analysts these days, and for good reason — there’s lots of momentum behind PS3 and we have a ton of great new exclusive games coming. This week’s launch of GT5 Prologue is one great example, and gamers are already in countdown mode for Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, SOCOM, Resistance 2, and on and on. But another big reason 2008 will be a great year for PS3 fans is due to the big things we have in store this year for the PLAYSTATION Network. The PLAYSTATION Store redesign is the first step but it’s only one example. Our primary goal with PLAYSTATION Network is to form an evolving entertainment network where the PlayStation community can gather and discover new forms of entertainment. Some of the key pillars that will make this an experience a success are:

  • The PlayStation community;
  • Free online gaming;
  • Digital media download services; and
  • Original content

Of course, entertainment comes in the form of content, so I’ll dive in and discuss what we are bringing to PLAYSTATION Network that will help us achieve this goal.

One of the most critical elements to PLAYSTATION Network that we’ve focused on since day one is delivering quality games. We’ve always stressed quality over quantity (in other words, fewer arcade remakes and more original content) as well as games that show off PS3’s tech, and games like Everyday Shooter, Super Stardust HD and PixelJunk Monsters are proving that you can get a great experience for $10, or roughly the cost of a movie ticket. What’s equally exciting is what we have planned for you this year..of course one of those titles is available starting today- the world’s best-selling racing franchise, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. We also have coming this May the wildly imaginative puzzle-game echochrome, which frankly is a game I’ve been playing most lately. It’s as good as it looks in all the press you’ve been reading and is extremely addictive. We will also be bringing hugely popular franchises to PLAYSTATION Network for the first time, including SOCOM Confrontation and WipEout HD, as well as continue to deliver innovative indie games like flOwer, from the developers of flOw. So in short, content is what’s driving you, and we hear you loud and clear, and are delivering that quality that you want and deserve.

The strong lineup of games doesn’t stop there. Many of you have been hearing rumblings about a video service that will allow you to download full-length TV shows and movies via PLAYSTATION Network for North America. While I don’t have any new announcements here for the PlayStation Nation, it’s already been confirmed that we’ll be offering a video service for PS3 in a way that separates the service from others you’ve seen or used. Ultimately the goal of the PLAYSTATION Network service will be to break through the overwhelming clutter of digital media to give you the TV, movies and gaming content you want. More on this very soon …

Community-related services available via PlayStation Network have also been a big focus for enhancements here in 2008. We know you want in-game access to XMB features and we’re committed to bringing that, among other community-related services this year. They will be designed to allow more community development and collaborative gameplay, as well as recognize and reward you for your gameplay accomplishments across a broad portfolio of PS3 games. Of course, 2008 will also see the launch of PlayStation Home, and we’ll have more announcements on the expanding community functions within PLAYSTATION Network in the near future, so stay tuned.

Lastly, we feel your overall experience on PLAYSTATION Network should be rewarding. We hope the redesigned PLAYSTATION Store is a step in the right direction and delivers on your feedback, which is vital to some of the short and long term changes you’ll be seeing with PLAYSTATION Network. We understood from your comments on this very blog that you wanted the PLAYSTATION Store to have a more dynamic look and improved navigation. We want the PlayStation community to enjoy their experiences on PLAYSTATION Network and the online storefront is a key part of that experience.

And to wrap up with one of the many topics I know you ask about regularly, we are rolling out the PlayStation Cards to retailers nationwide as we speak. They will have the PlayStation Cards in denominations of $20 and $50 starting this spring. This will provide you with another option to get on board with the PLAYSTATION Store and enjoy the content that I’ve outlined above.

As you can tell, we’re extremely excited for what’s planned for PLAYSTATION Network. We believe the library of original and quality games and entertainment, combined with community services and continued enhancements to the overall experience, will deliver on our promise of an integrated content and community experiences. We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the near future.

Thanks and have fun!

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2 Author Replies

  • Sweet, I can’t wait for more info on Home! :)

  • Oh man are we in for a treat this year! THANK YOU SONY!

  • Home this year…..I’m excited for that but I gotta say once the icons show on the store I will totally love the redesign

  • I’d like to know how requiring three separate IDs and passwords for Metal Gear Online builds the PlayStation Community. This whole thing with Konami ID, Game ID and not really using the PSN ID is a ridiculous mess and I still can’t comprehend what made anyone think it was a good idea.

    Playstation 3 games should all use the PSN ID and only the PSN ID.

  • Nice info, the good news just keep coming! Thank you.

  • Too little too late.

    No easy integration of any social gaming capabilities… and the system has been out for a long time.

    Unfortunately, I have decided to abandon my PS3 until Sony can catch up. Tired of bearing the pain and frustration of difficult (not fun) multiplayer gaming.

    *Heads off to best buy to trade PS3 in for XBOX, and tries not to throw up along the way*

  • You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work! This really is the year of the PS3. I cannot wait for Home and in game XMB!

  • Awesome news, in game XMB!!!! I love it!

  • Glad to hear that online gaming is still going to be free – it’s one of the main reasons why the PSN is a better option than Live.

    FYI: using phrases like “more on this very soon” and “near future” tend to cause more problems than they’re worth around here…

  • Really like the new store, its actually functional now(I was one of the guys who originally complained about it), you are right in saying the previous one didn’t do much for the brand.
    Also I am from Ireland, was looking forward to hearing about the video services but can I just say please try and get the same video service up in europe at the same time.
    I used to have a 360 and one of the things that really annoyed me was microsofts approach to video, they let Americans download tv shows and movies months, and Months and MONTHS before Europeans.

  • The store is great, I like the new layout. Only one thing makes it not perfect…. when will you stop overcharging canadian gamers on the PS Store?

    • Hey everyone – thanks for all the (mostly) positive feedback. A couple quick replies.

      Regarding Canadian pricing, we have been looking into this and will be adjusting it. We understand the concerns and are looking to correct the discrepancy.

  • To continue on the Metal Gear Online debacle…

    We’re finally getting Home this year and we’re finally getting in-game XMB this year and what is perhaps the biggest game of 2008 for the Playstation 3 is finally coming out and it doesn’t even use any of Sony’s systems! What good will in-game XMB be if we can’t even invite people from our friends list to come play Metal Gear Online with us? We’ll all be using Konami IDs and Game IDs.

    It’s going to be hard for people to meet up together in Home and launch into a game of MGO together when MGO doesn’t even use their PSN IDs.

    So much for Playstation community.

  • This should be a great year for the PSN. Keep up the great work!

  • Awesome news… I tried the new store, it’s better looking… BUT the major problem with PSN and any PS online stuff is lack of SPEED!

    I have a great FIOS connection and I’ve noticed the lag when dealing with any PS online. The store takes forever to download stuff and even with the new store, the icons don’t show up right away.

    Game demos and videos take way too long to download. I think this will be the major problem with the PSN unless they can add more backbone (assuming that’s the problem) to make the experience more zippy for those of us who are using very High speed connections.

  • Guys, Sony has been promising in game XMB for over a year now. First it was October 07, then Q108. Now it is Q208 and what is the news?

    Not even “real soon”

    “We know you want in-game access to XMB features and we’re committed to bringing that, among other community-related services this year.”

    This year like 2008? Or this year as in “by 4/15/2009”?

    Tired, tired, tired of waiting for this.

  • New store is amazing. It looks and feels slick and seamless. ICons take a while to load ,but you’ll probably get that fixed soon.

  • With the in-game XMB access, can we also have in-store XMB access. This will be useful to prioritize our Downloads. Basically, I just want to access my Download Manager and maybe listen to music while I shop. Outside of that, I think its a great step forward, and even though the content and shape is still similar to the old (good thing to adapt) I can see the potential of the store in the future, i.e. video previews -> movie previews right in the store -> buying the movie itself. Great Job!

  • This is excellent!

    I think everyone just wanted a reminder that in- game XMB, Home, Accomplishments and the like are coming, so yay :) :)

    Thanks for listening to the community.

  • @Deviation

    It’s only for the beta…the full version of MGO will be PSN integrated, it says so inside the case of the Metal Gear DVD…don’t worry about it

  • New store looks awesome. Thank you! And it’s exciting to hear that download cards are coming. I’m simply not comfortable entering my CC on my PS3 network.

    As far as all the frustration that the rest of the “still coming soon” comments are going to create, I think it’s valid. PS3 owners and fans have been waiting a long time in the shadow of other platforms. We’ve been hearing “coming soon” for awhile now. I’m excited that things are starting to be delivered, but we have a LONG way to go to catch up on networking and community enhancements on the system. Keep working hard!

    And I TOTALLY agree with the Konami signin for MGS4. Very lame to have to create TWO new IDs.

  • Finally some great news regaring PSN cards. Thank You Mr. Dille

  • Is there anything going on to resolve the issue of the store being so slow? About images not coming up? Looks great, a step in the right direction, love the video clips for the games, but having to wait 5 minutes for all the wallpaper icons to show up is a step in the wrong direction. I’d rather have the store I had two days ago than that.

    @Deviation: I don’t know if you’ve ever participated in a beta, but welcome. This is what happens when you join a beta. They need to make sure the right people have access, and that’s how they chose to do it. The game itself when it’s out of beta and is in full release will only require your PSN. You’re complaining about this to the wrong set of people.

  • SO glad to hear about the PS cards. You guys have no idea how much money you could make from me with them. :-p I also can’t wait to see what else you guys have in store for the PSN and PS3 this year.

  • @Desidarious:

    Sony has NOT been promising XMB for over a year. That’s bull****. In-game XMB wasn’t promised until this year and it was never given a release date, they just said it would finally happen in 2008. Shrinking the resources demanded by the PS3’s firmware while simultaneously expanding what it can do at any given time is a monumental task so get off your high horse. You say you’re going to go sell your PS3 and buy a 360 and if that’s what you’re really going to do then maybe you should shut up and go do it instead of trolling the blog.

  • Hey Pete, bravo why can’t more people in SONY be as open as you! And I think you just sold a couple of PS3’s.

  • cant wait for all the new features.

    and thats two less things i dont have to hear about every post. check redesigned store and PSN cards off the list and only have in game XMB, Home, and video/music download service left.(as the main things anyway)

  • Thanks Sony. The new store looks and functions good but i noticed that the thumbs are having problems loading. Are the files being cached on the hdd so that the can load faster? I ask since the store is now on the box and only uses net access for downloads and updates. I guess by Thursday everything will be running smoothly. I really like the fact that Sony is taking a lot more interest in the software side of things to complement their hardware much better.

  • I can not wait for home and in game xmb, but I would really like to see more ps1 classic games put on psn. Sony should work with more 3rd party publishers to get some of their great back catolog games on the network. I could think of many ps1 games that would make their publisher some money.

  • One thing we definitely need is to separate the registered members from the unregistered members in the boards. Anyone can sign up here to talk in the boards and blogs, and that’s nice…but allowing it also brings in flamers only in here to cause a mess. People are frustrated and have valid opinions and suggestions, but you can also see through the people who are merely here for flame wars. We need a REAL “Playstation” community…the free-for-all stuff isn’t working out, it should be a privilege

  • @tdh:
    “I don’t know if you’ve ever participated in a beta, but welcome. This is what happens when you join a beta. They need to make sure the right people have access, and that’s how they chose to do it. The game itself when it’s out of beta and is in full release will only require your PSN. You’re complaining about this to the wrong set of people.”

    Actually, they control that buy making people reserve MGS4 and get the Saga 2.0 DVD to even get a code to download the beta in the first place. Not to mention that this Konami ID + Game ID + PSN ID bull will also be required in the full relase according to the post from the Konami mouthpiece the other day.

    Yes, Konami made the idiot decision. It’s still Sony’s fault for not stepping in and saying something about it. Sony is doing all of these things to fix the community/social/online gaming issues with the PS3 and Konami is stepping over all of it. It’s ridiculous idiocy.

  • Thanks Deviation!!!

    I’m sure he will go for a 3rd post being that he is getting little attention. I did learn something though, I didn’t know that Best Buy was in the trading business.

    Great update to the store guys…keep up the good work.

  • Good read. Touched up on 90% of all the topics and requests you read from the blog posters.

  • i agree that there was no promise of the in-game XMB for a long time now. There has been an announcement of sorts that there is some internal testing and that it is in works , and that was relatively recent. As much as anyone else i am looking forward to the day of the release but after this amazing re-design of the store i think we all need some more patience on the in-game XMB!

    Thank you people at Sony, amazing job on the store, and on the future content promises/announcements!

  • @10:

    Agreed, I am getting sick of the “very soon” and “near future” phrases… Home has been “very soon” for awhile now. Still without a release date. I want Sony to do good, I really do, but they gotta learn that “soon” or “near” means like a few months. They have a habit of getting everyones hope up and then its still “soon” or “near.”

  • Great read…. Much was what we already knew but ready it like this felt good.

    The store update is GREAT. Today i have found myself going into the store just to browse it and explore it more.

    With In-Game XMB, HOME, digital downloads and great games MGS4, SOCOM, LBP this is a great year…

  • This looks and sounds great and I am looking forward to see the community grow. I just have one small favor to ask you all to build in to the next firmware. Can I please have the clock show up when I hit the ps button on my controller – kind of like it does on the psp? I would really appreciate it! Keep up the kick a** work!

  • Could a Netflix application be in the works?

  • @ #7 (Desidarious): I smell a troll on the boards. Enjoy your other system. As a dual-system owner, I have to tell you that the competition has got NOTHING on the PS3’s lineup this year.

    Good luck with that new purchase. ;)

  • Thanks for the post and I look forward to the Future!

  • Glad you are finally bringing out the PSN Cards. My only question is are they coming out now (since you mention as you speak) or sometime in the Spring?

  • Any idea if these PSN-cards will also be available in an euro currency? Or if I can import them and claim the money on my European account?

  • Peter, I take my time to first off, congratulate you and your company for a pretty good beginning of this year, and as many of us knew, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I still hold true that Sony will come out extremely well when this generation is said and done, and I am personally glad to be a part of it.

    I would also like to thank you sincerely as well though, for providing this referendum of the plans you have for the PlayStation Network for the rest of the year. These are all the main topical things that people are always saying leaves you behind the competition, but like all great things, it takes time and effort to build the foundation for years to come. This list is a definitive confirmation that all the things we have been asking for have not fallen on deaf ears, and are being serviced promptly, with a schedule in mind. I am humbled by your dedication to keeping your business, and your loyal community, made of millions of consumers and fans alike, enthralled, and excited with your astounding products. This was a great idea to post this here for the public to see, and the outline sounds like the future is made for the PlayStation 3.

    I once again give you my most sincere thanks and here’s to the YEAR OF THE PS3!!

  • look not everyone can use credit cards (i can) please hurry up and release those cards. Oh speaking of “frequently” asked question, when is the ps3 ever going to have in-game xmb and in-game music? seriously hurry up

    BTW i just put $40 buck on the PSN just to get Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

  • Can one of the PSN people explain why the PS store content images load so slow? I hope we don’t see this after every store or firmware update.

    ps. the new store is a great improvement.

  • @Desidarious
    Yea stop complaining like a little kid, we dont care about you and what you are gonna do with your ps3….

    On the topic… The store is great even if it can be a little slow ( i mean the pictures to show up) overall its awesome
    cant wait for the new services like movies, home and such
    One thing i would like in the next firmware is a “shuffle song” for all the music so no need to make a playlist, just press a button and it plays them randomly

  • Its great that you guys are doing this. But its sad that you are telling customers that have had issues streaming content recently due to firmware that broke a feature that there are no plans to fix it. So thank you for not only not fixing it, but just not giving a crap that you broke it.

  • @Desidarious:

    It’s never too little to late, all these services are software based and like Sony just showed today, can be easily (relatively) updated, its not like hardware needs to be added.

    On topic, its great to finally see the PSN cards finally available. Though I don’t really need to buy them for myself, they are great as gifts from others to me :).

  • Just don’t start charging for the PSN and it will be the best console network ;)

  • Excellent work people. Looking forward to the PSN cards thank you.

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