Help Save Gotham! Limited Edition PlayStation 2 LEGO Batman Bundle on Shelves Today!

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that the limited-edition LEGO Batman: The Videogame PlayStation 2 bundle is now available at retail. You can find it at all major retailers for $149.99 (MSRP). We are excited to team up with fun, exciting partners such as LEGO Batman and Justice League to offer a bundle that is perfect for families and comic enthusiasts alike.

Lego Batman PS2 Bundle

The bundle includes:

  • The Black PlayStation 2 system
  • DUALSHOCK 2 Controller
  • LEGO Batman: The Video Game – The fun of LEGO, the drama of Batman and the uniqueness of the combination make for a comical and exciting adventure to save Gotham City. Fight the mayhem as super-heroes Batman and Robin, or spread anarchy as one of the city’s many super-villains…all in LEGO form.
  • Justice League: The New Frontier (DVD video) – Based on Darwyn Cooke’s award-winning graphic novel, this thrilling adventure reveals the origin of the Justice League.

As mentioned these are in limited supply, so be sure to pick one up before they are gone!

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  • How many more years does the PS2 have before the ten year cycle is over? This is the 9th year am I correct? I say this because it’s time for the PS2 to pass on, you guys should focus more on the PSP and PS3. The PSP needs more support game and movie wise not new hardware revisions. This isn’t a rant, more of a wish for more support.

  • There’s no real Lego in the limited edition pack?!

    What the hell’s that all about?!

  • lol, a new ps2 bundle? Why the ps2 is still selling is wierd. I mean, unless you really don’t have money OR if you were to young for the ps2 when it was “hot”, than I guess the ps2 have the best library (ps1 too, but the graphics are REALLY too old for now… even the ps2 is limit).

  • Wow all these complaints are giving me a darn headache. I have a PS2 slim that will turn a year old next month and I have loved it. If I didn’t have a PS2 then I would’ve picked up this bundle for sure because I am actually interested in Lego Batman (only for a rental though). I think this bundle is great for Sony to push their Playstation 2 franchise and appeal to the younger audience out there. For all you people whining right now. I hope you do know Sony is still losing money from the PS3 and the PS2 is giving them money. Also Sony is selling PS3s right now better without BC so I am sure they are fine.

    If you all really want BC then buy a PS2. I bought a 40GB PS3 not for PS2 games but for PS3 games. My PS2 can play PS2 games and I won’t need to worry about any issues while playing. I even use my original Playstation to play PS1 games.

    Good work Sony and good luck on your holiday season this year.

  • What are you guys whining about? It doesn’t take that much time to make a bundle for an older system, it’s not like they’re focusing on the Playstation 2 only >.>

  • @ 49 – Kirkpad said—> “By the way, I have a 80GB BC PS3. I just think it’s funny that the PS2 could play all PS1 games but the PS3 can’t do the same.”

    The PS3 CAN do the same…it CAN play PS1 games same as PS2…

    PS2 can´t play PS3 games…
    PS3 can’t play PS2 games…

    So they’re equal, they can do the same…

  • So does this PS2 have some Lego Batman image on the hardware? Obviously it has the black color – anything else different? it would be nice if it has a Batman image and a combo black/blue color. Otherwise, not sure people would be buying this up.

  • Well, my PS2 has been on it’s last legs lately…

    Luckily, I got the 60gb PS3 before Sony started screwing the public out of backwards compatibility.

  • From what I’ve heard backwards compatibility was removed because Sony was losing money. Do you all plan to go out and buy these backwards compatible ps3s when they go on the market so that Sony can attempt to make it up? If that’s the case why don’t you already have one. I still own my ps2 and many people do. If you bought the ps3 for the backwards compatibility obviously you had a ps2 at some time (unless you decided to pick some of the games up later now that you had a ps3 that could play them). Knowing that hardware does not always hold up so well, why would you bet it all on the ps3 and get rid of your ps2? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Oh and there’s also a silver ps2 hence why the emphasized “black.”

  • Guys, calm down, it’s just a bundle. They are still focusing on the PS3.
    The PS2 is still selling, so why not still support it?

  • @ 5: They say it is black, because most retailers carry the silver slims and are likely low or even out of stock on the black ones.

    They started selling the silver ones probably 18-24 months ago, and there were white PS2s sold in Japan for a while. Don’t think they made it to US retail though.

    And I agree with some others who posted above, PS2 is still a good value. For half the price of a Wii, you get access to an impressive catalogue of games, both PSX and PS2.

    Many of the older games are great, and with the PS3’s PS2/PSX backwards compatibility having been mostly phased out in production models, the PS2 hardware is still a seller. Not to mention that PS3’s US store gets almost no PSX releases that people really want. Licensing issues aside, I really wish that could improve in a non Japan territory.

    /end random tangent lines of thought

  • BTW, totally off topic, delete this if you wish Jeff AFTER YOU’VE READ IT.

    SCE and Google seem to be getting along just great, so why not take that to the next level?

    Put Google Chrome on the PlayStation 3.

    The PS3s web browser sucks; we all know it. I can’t even watch videos that the PS3s own information bar links me to!

    Put Google Chrome on the PlayStation 3.

    Even the Fisher-Price inspired Nintendo Wii uses a better web browser than my 4x more expensive launch model 60GB PS3. That seem right to you?

    Put Google Chrome on the PlayStation 3.

    Going forward, more and more games/services will be assisted by the web; PlayStation@Home being a good example. Would you force us to use two separate machines to do what the PS3 should do itself?

    Put Google Chrome on the PlayStation 3.

    Thank you for your time. Do with this comment what you wish.

  • Great, specially for kids.

    But Hey Sony, you NEED to keep making a Premium PS3 (like the 60GB and old80GB versions), give your loyal consumers a choice and an easier way to upgrade their PS2 to a “premium” PS3 with Backwards Compatibility (and 4 usb ports, etc)

  • I can’t believe the money you guys are still ranking in from the PS2.

  • A bunch of negative comments. I like how Sony still focuses on the Playstation 2. Simply one of the best systems ever made in history of gaming :)

  • ps2 is still being sold. Stop being stubborn sony and move on!!!!

  • Best to buy when waiting for the PS3 price to go down a bit lol. Seriously, I still think the price is still too high even if I do have one =P. But well I don’t know.

  • wow no support for the ps2?

    this system STILL rocks years after.

    PSN= wyldekat

  • Nice although my PS2 just gave packed up last week, not bad i thought considering i had it from day one like my PS3 how manys years is that……i just dont know but it certainly was a robust machine. anyways like everyone else ill just get the game for the ps3 now as i bought the 60 gig. I wonder how many people at Sony thought you put that on the blog and your gonna get flamed! looks like not enough objected!! :-)


  • Wow thats what I call a awesome bundle! Super great choice of movie! The new frontier is so good I almost would buy this bundle to have it on DVD (I have it on Blu-Ray). Perfect bundle Sony!

  • lol, a lot of people are complaining about Sony not focusing on the PlayStation 3. Don’t you realize the same thing is going to happen with the PlayStation 3 when the PlayStation 4 hits. It’s their plan to have a longer life cycle then five years.

    People complain now, but will thank Sony later on for doing it with the PlayStation 3. Plus, I think Sony can hold off of a new console and bring one out around 7-10 years depending on how fast gaming moves. I was one of the PlayStation 2 owners who held on and eventually bought a PlayStation 3.

    I had my PlayStation 2 for around 7-8 years, can’t remember when it (PlayStation 2) came out.

  • to the people whom believe Sony will bring back the backward compatibility PS3… They have a 10 year plan with the ps2 and ps3. In order for people to believe in the 10 year lifespan for ps3 than they need to see that the ps2 will last 10 years. Therefor they need to sell PS2s on the shelves and people whom go to the video gaming stores should see that there are brand new PS2s available all over for the credibility of the 10 year life span. Unless you go and buy hundreds of PS2s to donate to charities or facilities with children, i cant see why people would buy a PS2. Its been what 7 years since its release? If you never owned it before why buy it instead of a ps3? It is much cheaper yes but it is also so yesterday.

  • whaaaa…. I want BWC on the PS3 back again!!!!

  • My opinion, get BC back on the PS3! And for the people who says we’re complaining, just to let you know, most PS2 games “don’t” support 480/576p only 480/576i and that sucks on a LCD TV. If you want the PS2 to sell, make sure it doesn’t only run DVD’s in progressive scan but also “all” the games.

  • @63…

    Our machine can run linux and thus is much MORE capable than other systems. SONY HAS given us the choice to use a simple browser (which I find fine for checking email and reading blogs) or running more robust software in linux.


  • This bundle seems like a pretty good deal, and I think that one of my friends is actually going to pick it up asap. I played LEGO Batman last night on my PS3, and it was the same LEGO game we have all grown to love, but it was made better with the Batman universe. Sony definitely doesn’t need to sell anymore PS2s, but their continuing support of the PS2 platform speaks volumes for Sony, and I really hope they keep it up on the PS3 as well:)

  • Have to admit….I’ve seen lots of posts from others asking for more PS2 and 1 games…so Sony is just trying to please us all.

  • Why not a Lego Batman bundle for the PS3?

    It’s PS3’s you need to sell Sony, not the most successful console in gaming history!

  • @63 I agree with you on the chrome addition/change for the current PS3 browser, Chrome has some bugs but the loading time is a lot faster thanks to the preloaders working in the background, probably same method as AJAX programming.

    And no I’m not going to install another OS onto my PS3, I have linux on my regular desktop and I bought my PS3 so I can do PS3 stuff on it, not run Linux which I already do on my other PC. Wii has Opera, XBOX I have no clue, don’t care, but PS3’s browser is total crap, it has low memory, after watching couple youtube vids it crashes… It has to be fixed.

    @63 not sure but probably if they do Chrome they waiting for Google Devs to release the linux version, or codes for other OS’s since it only has windows version for now.

    … On top of that… it needs better flash plugin on current PS3’s browser…that sucks as well…

  • Boo Sony! Put BC back into the PS3! I missed out on the PS2 era, and you would have made so much money off of me! There’s no way I’m going to buy a PS2 and clutter my space with another system! Bad form!

  • Okay. This has GOT TO STOP.

    Here’s a marketing tip, make the PS3 have PS2 backwards-compatibility.

    Once that’s done, stop making the PS2 system, but keep making PS2 GAMES.

    Sounds easy enough. Especially for people that can’t play PS2 games on their PS3s. (I have the 2007 80 GB model that came with MotorStorm.)

  • @ ever1 complaining…

    U all do realize this package is for those
    consumers who cannot afford the hefty
    price of PS3’s $399 entry price point. Did
    u ever think for a second there might
    actually be people that exist that are less
    fortunate finacially than yourselves? Be
    happy SONY is still offering the PS2. In
    these hard economic times which we
    currently reside in the competition has consoles cheaper than the PS3 and I for 1 would be happier seeing a PS2 walk out my neighborhood retil store than a Wii or arcade sku 360.

  • Sony, for ONCE do something your comsumers want and make ps3’s Back Compatible! This is crap. a big pile of crap. Screw this, I’m going to buy a Nintendo DS.

  • Well, you guys are all idiots. LEGO Batman is coming out for PS3 too.(With better graphics methinks!)

  • First off if you did your research everyone you should of gotten the 80GB if you wanted to have backwards compatibility. They wouldn’t of taken it out if everyone wasn’t complaining that it was too expensive probably the same kids whining here are the ones that they made the cheaper model for. The PS2 is still selling very well. The PS3 is being focused on more than the PS2 this is just them putting something that already exist into a different box with a game ooooo that must of taken so much effort and set the PS3 back a whole year lol.

    PS3 has been getting tons of new stuff more than the PS2 has if you can’t tell that then you must be on crack!

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