Help Save Gotham! Limited Edition PlayStation 2 LEGO Batman Bundle on Shelves Today!

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that the limited-edition LEGO Batman: The Videogame PlayStation 2 bundle is now available at retail. You can find it at all major retailers for $149.99 (MSRP). We are excited to team up with fun, exciting partners such as LEGO Batman and Justice League to offer a bundle that is perfect for families and comic enthusiasts alike.

Lego Batman PS2 Bundle

The bundle includes:

  • The Black PlayStation 2 system
  • DUALSHOCK 2 Controller
  • LEGO Batman: The Video Game – The fun of LEGO, the drama of Batman and the uniqueness of the combination make for a comical and exciting adventure to save Gotham City. Fight the mayhem as super-heroes Batman and Robin, or spread anarchy as one of the city’s many super-villains…all in LEGO form.
  • Justice League: The New Frontier (DVD video) – Based on Darwyn Cooke’s award-winning graphic novel, this thrilling adventure reveals the origin of the Justice League.

As mentioned these are in limited supply, so be sure to pick one up before they are gone!

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  • FIRST! Focus on the PS3!

  • ……..PS2??? no buy… no thanks got PS3… Not here to downgrade…

  • How about making more(and better) PS3 bundles with backwards compatibility?

    My 60Gb just died and guess what I’m doing with my PS2 games?

    Nothing :(

  • Don’t Wii already have one too many last-gen consoles on the market?

  • just looked at the post…
    Made me laugh

    “The Black PlayStation 2 system
    DUALSHOCK 2 Controller”

    …….I thought ALL PS2 slim systems were black, or original PS2 systems anyways, I know there are colored ones but why even bring up ‘Black’ Playstation 2…

    And same with controller… I thought all systems comes with at least one dualshock 2 controller… LMAO

  • Cool box!!! ;)

    +Yeah SONY please bring back a PS3 that can play PS2 games :( A lot of people want it back.

  • this is the 1 thing i really hate about sony and the playstation brand right now. sony arent putting 100% on the ps3 they are still putting pointless effort into the ps2.


    i really feel its a big mistage. i have a 60gb so im fine but its 1 of the biggest mistakes sony made this gen. it can be fixed yet ye dont want to fix it

  • Why not just stick to the PS3 and PSP?

  • So PS2 is backed with blue and PS3 is with red.
    No, no, no, don’t stand up, I got it.

  • This is directly advertised to those without ps3 BC… Bwahaha!! (60gig here)

  • lol ps2 :)

  • PlayStation 2? What’s that?

  • I dont understand how some of you clain your ps3’s died? What are you guys doing with your consoles? My ps2 is still kicking and ive never had a console die from the nes to the crappy american made jaguar. sheesh!

  • If a system sells why not still support it?

  • To those whining about PS3 BC with PS2…

    Wasn’t there an update released on the PS Store to add that capability?

  • I’m afraid if you want us to play PS2 games, bring back BC

  • *chuckles* Ok, all joking aside, this is pretty cool.

    For all you clowns whining about Sony still supporting the PS2, you’re all idiots. This should actually make you happy!

    Why? Because it shows that when they say 10 year plan, they mean it. We’re almost 2 years deep into the 7th generation, and they’re STILL supporting their 6th gen console.

    Why some of you are complaining is beyond me.

  • Bottomline: PS2 is still making money.
    It is surprising how many games are still being produced for it. Sony will squeeze every last drop out of the system. And until then, don’t hold your breath for backwards compatability. :)

    As to what makes this bundle “Limited Edition” is beyond me. Is it the blue box?
    Would be really cool if it came with a limited edition Lego Batman Minifig.

  • Ummm… and we care because…?

  • Did anyone get a PS2 without any controller and had to plug in the system power on and see the nice startup and cry that you have no controller to play any games on it? Damn even worse can’t even watch DVD’s if it has title menu cuz you get stuck.

  • wow that’s dope batman looks promising , and damn #3 sorryn to hear about your Ps3 mine is acting real crazy too, Sony is suposed to fix it though

  • PS2 new??? Don’t make me laugh guys. I know that’s your cash cow but I find any PS2 news on the blog Irelevant. I’m sorry to say but can careless for PS2.

  • PS2 new??? Don’t make me laugh guys. I know that’s your cash cow but I find any PS2 news on the blog Irelevant. I’m sorry to say but can careless for PS2. Out with the old and in with the new.

  • seriously sony, bring out a ps3 with some ps2 emulation! i have a 60 gig, very happy with it, nabbed in when you were going to discontinue it. people WANT bakwards compatibility. and seeing as a normal computer can emulate ps2 i don’t see why you can’t just put a ps2 emulation software on the ps3’s.


    Anyone pre-order LBP at Best Buy and set it up for pickup?

    I just pre-ordered online and the games not even out yet but I just got a email saying my special bundle for the char costume is ready for pickup…

  • @25: PC PS2 emulators suck! Half speed and choppy framerates FTL.

    Here’s a thought; why don’t people use PS2s to play PS2 games, and PS3s to play PS3 games? Weird, I know, but let’s go with it.

  • COOL! i have two cousins with birthdays coming up (8 and 11). one owns an old ps1 :( and the other’s mom won’t buy him a videogame system.

    looks like it’s time they get introduced to the PS2. it held me down for a few years.

    ignore all the idiots in here about ps3. i know the ps2 is perfect for younger/new gamers and still sells just as much as the other systems. good news for young and new gamers everywhere.

  • @27

    seriously. it’s funny how people complain about not enough ps3 games in one post. we finally start getting those and now that we have NEW amazing games for the PS3 they want to play PS2 games. wtf? :|

    if you want to play PS2 games GET A PS2. if you bought a PS3 games then why not play PS3 games? there are plenty on the PSN alone not to mention a year’s worth of titles at the stores.

    point is pepole will never be happy. things have gotten a lot better and keep getting better for PS3 owners. but some of these whiny brats just get off on crying about anything they can find to b!tch & moan about. go figure.

  • @ 29

    People only want what Sony promised them from the start. You can’t just go back on your word. That’s bad business in my book!

    On the other hand, I’m a happy 60GB PS3 owner. The weird thing about it is that I’ve never inserted a PS2 disc in the drive. I didn’t buy a $600+tax PS3 to play PS2 and old games. I’m current gen all the way baby!

  • @15 ” icyco | September 23rd, 2008 at 3:21 pm”


    There are PLENTY of PS2 games I’m still looking forward to. Just picked up Yakuza 2. Next on my list are History Civil War: Secret Missions, The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome, The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match, The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga, Singstar Pop v.2, Singstar Country, Singstar Legends, Dokapon Kingdom, Eternal Poison,and come November I’ll be picking up Persona 4.

    All this and I still have a list of PS3 games too! Seems to me there’s plenty of reason to own a PS2 today, backwards compatibility means nothing considering I take care of my hardware!

  • @29: Exactly.

    Currently, I’m playing Burnout, Warhawk, Siren, PJ Eden, The Last Guy,Bionic Commando: Rearmed, PJ Monsters, Tekken 5, High Stakes Poker,SSDHD, and Pain.

    Thursday adds Mega Man 9 (John convinced me) and WipEout HD.

    This fall adds Resistance 2, LittleBIGPlanet, Fallout 3, and more PSN titles we probably don’t even know about yet.

    Where the hell do you see time for PS2 games? How does ANYONE have time for PS2 games?

  • PS2 Hardware is dead for me, however I am totally supportting the PS2 software, wich means I would keep buying PS2 games IF I could play them on my PS3, that’s it, no BC = no support for PS2 games, in my own opinion

  • Concentrate on the PSP and PS3 please.

  • I honestly would not mind paying more for a PS3 with backwards compatibility but other people do. Everyone wants the console to be cheap and they also want the things that will make it more expensive. If you want to play PS2 games then don’t complain about the price when it goes up. The hardware required to play the PS2 games would probably make the price jump another hundred dollars. It’s not something that can just be added. So please, don’t complain when Sony brings PS2 compatibility back and the PS3 is more expensive. It’s the people who complained that the PS3 was too expensive that killed the backwards compatibility. Not Sony.

  • Nice bundle guys… too bad most of my little cousins already have ps2’s otherwise.. this would be a great bundle..

    And since its “Lego” Batman.. their parents would be cool with that video system.. lol

    I know your strategy sony.. haha.. i hope you do the same with LBP.. i hope you promote the crap out of it..

  • Instead of wasting time with yet another PS2 bundle, why don’t you guys drop the price already.

    And then add PS2 BC to all PS3s. Also, bring out more exclusive RPGs to the PS3, since the only ones available are either ports or look like a PS1 game.

  • Of course the PS2 is still on the market. It’s the most profitable platform out there, and people are still buying. Keep in mind that they haven’t hit their 10-year-goal yet, not to mention that in the beginning the PS3 was falling back on the massive amounts of cash the PS2 had produced in the past. Believe it or not, Sony’s in it for the money, and there are people out there that see the PS3’s price-point as an insurmountable obstacle. The PS2 on the other hand, is well within a reasonable range to snipe off the people who aren’t rich and don’t want to wiggle their controllers. Hence, Sony gets the money it wouldn’t otherwise be getting.

  • Removing BC from the PS3 was by far the most asinine, short-sighted mistake Sony has made this generation (and they’ve made plenty of them…) The jackasses who dreamt that one up should have been fired on the spot.

    Remember, we’re not talking about -adding- BC to a system that was never designed for it. We’re talking about Sony -removing- the feature for what they claim was “cost reductions”. In press interviews various Sony management (Tretton, for one) have stated that the real reason for removing BC was to “focus on PS3 titles”, not cost reduction. If they wanted to reduce costs than they should have dropped those useless memory card slots and stuck with a 20 or 40Gb hard drive. I’d even take axing the wireless over removal of BC.

    For a lousy, what?, $20 in parts? Sony has now cut off any possibility of selling PS2 games on PSN. PSone titles seem to be pretty popular downloads on PSN, if only for the “retro” factor. Imagine how much $$ Sony would have made by offering popular (or even esoteric) PS2 titles on PSN for $9.95 a pop. Woulda been a gold mine.

    But no. They flushed that potential market (and it’s profit) down the crapper to save, supposedly, a measly $20 off the build cost of a PS3. Could have made that up with just two PS2 game downloads…


  • That’s nice but……’s time to focus for the holiday season and get PS3 LittleBigPlanet bundles out here in North America. You’d be foolish not to do a price drop as well to stay competitive. The others are back on top after theirs. The new processors will be out in ’09 to reduce the cost. Take the advantage now and drop the price; forget about doing it in spring, or face the possible end of war this winter. I’m sorry, but someone had to say this!!!

  • i love the bundle but alas my PS2 slim is still kicking. 2 thumbs up though for the sweet deal guys. I cannot believe the PS2 is still around. i think it may be time to pull the plug on this little puppy. or should i say full grown dog? i know the PS2 has been the greatest system ever but I’d like to see the PS3 claim that spot. i just don’t wanna see the PS2 around for the next generation of consoles but something in the back of my mind is saying it will still be around.


  • what is ur problem guys who r complaining about sony coming out with another ps2 pack? who cares if they talk about the ps2 its cheeper then the ps3 yes but it is a good system. i have a black 5000 series and a silver slim and they were both great until i got my 80 gig Motorstorm pack PS3 BTW (srry off topic) does any one get an error message on their ps3 after u quite a game it says an error has occurred u have been signed out of the Playstation(R)Network? it really is annoying me :(

  • PS2 is the Wii of Sony. IT PRINTS MONEY!!!

    Millions more people worldwide have PS2s than they do PS3s. So yes this is good. At least when the next generation of consoles comes out we can relax in the knowledge that Sony will own up to the Life Cycle of it’s systems. Bravo I say!

  • I would love to see a system update so I can play PS2 games on my PS3 80GB.
    I know this is just a matter of time :)

  • Please put backwards compatibility back into all PS3’s.

  • Awesome package and profitable for the SONY brand. Not in the market right now as my PS2 is chugging along but REST ASSURED I will buy another before you stop making them…and I have a BC PS3.

  • #39

    I disagree with your argument. While you are correct on the fact that they shouldn’t have gotten rid of BC, you are flat out wrong in saying that wireless internet or memory cards are worth less to the system than BC. I use the memory card slots and wireless internet EVERYDAY.

    I don’t have the money to buy card readers and 40ft Ethernet cords, nor do I have the money to buy a PS2 just to play a few PS2 games that SHOULD work on a $500 system.

    Also, people should stop bringing up the Wii and it’s so-called ‘6th gen hardware’, as there are obviously things you people don’t know about the consoles technical advancements as a whole.

    For example, the news and weather channels for Wii are FAR BETTER than ‘Life with Playstation’. And the Wii channels came out at launch!

    I appreciate all consoles for different merits, and the PS3 is one I respect for its’ operating system and hardware, whereas the other consoles made HUGE advancements for the time they were released.

  • Its nice to see the Ps2 getting some support. Not everyone will go out and buy a ps3. If you are complaining about B/C in any of the above post, please go buy a ps2, find a ps3 with B/C, or deal with it.

  • By the way, I have a 80GB BC PS3. I just think it’s funny that the PS2 could play all PS1 games but the PS3 can’t do the same.

  • Ugh, the PS2 needs to stop being so damn popular so the PS3 can be focused on.

    But, it’s all about getting the money, and that’s what PS2 does….

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