Get Your BUZZ! Face On Tomorrow!

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Hey all you BUZZ! fans – the big day is tomorrow! We officially launch BUZZ! Quiz TV for PS3 and BUZZ! Master Quiz for PSP in North America. Hopefully you have been enjoying creating quizzes on the MyBUZZ Web site (looks like you’ve all been busy!) and by now, I’m sure you’ve all read the previews and are aware of all the cool stuff that’s to come with the games, but here’s a brief recap.

BUZZ! Quiz TV for PS3

  • New wireless buzzers and the ability to play with up to eight friends and family members!
  • Online play with “Sofa vs. Sofa” – challenge up to three other living rooms anywhere within the United States or Canada!
  • Over 5,000 questions on five different channels – music, movies & TV, sports, brainiac and lifestyle. There’s also a Channel Hopper mode that combines all of these genres.
  • All-new characters and round types and a brand spanking new studio in high-def.
  • Downloadable quiz packs on the PLAYSTATION Network, each containing over 500 questions. The first packs available on Thursday, September 25 are Videogames, Sci-Fi and National Geographic: Safari.
  • MyBUZZ – create your own personalized quizzes and play them online or in-game. Also, take advantage of the community features. You can share the quizzes you write, and rate and comment on other peoples quizzes.

But wait – that’s not all! As soon as the game launches, you’ll also have access to the first update which contains:

  • Trophies! That’s right – immediately upon launch you can start building your trophy library. Collect trophies for a number of different challenges from creating quizzes to playing “Sofa vs. Sofa” games to scoring over a certain number of points – and more!
  • Four new contestants and ten new buzzer sounds
  • Manage all of your quizzes and your download packs
  • PlayStation Eye support – take photos and save in-game. “Get Your Buzz Face On” will let you view your favorite photos and save them to your PS3.
  • Multiple buzzer support in “Sofa vs. Sofa” – now anyone can be the first to buzz in!

BUZZ! Quiz TV is available for $59.99 and will come bundled with four wireless buzzers.

BUZZ! Master Quiz for PSP
For the first time, you can take BUZZ! beyond your living room and play anywhere! The “host with the most” is ready to travel and he’s got tons of great features:

Three new multiplayer modes:

  • “Pass Around” – challenge a group of friends using just one PSP
  • “Game Share” – play frenzied “Fastest Finger” with up to four players ad hoc using just one copy of the game
  • “Quiz Host” – you’re in control – award and deduct points as you see fit with up to six players
  • An enhanced single-player mode featuring 15 different quiz challenges.
  • Collect medals that unlock new rounds and in-game trophies based on different challenges like how many questions you answered correctly in a row, or how fast you answered the quiz questions.
  • Over 3,000 questions across eight question categories: music, TV, science, celebrities, nature, sports, movies and general knowledge.
  • Six all-new single and multiplayer round types specially created for PSP: Quickfire Challenge, Virus Challenge, Picture This, Weak Spot, Snap Shot and Short Fuse.
  • BUZZ! Master Quiz is available for the low price of $19.99!

Hopefully, you are as excited as we are to finally be able to get your “BUZZ” on. We’re already seeing a great response from those lucky enough to get an early copy of the game and now we’re looking forward to playing against other BUZZ! fans in “Sofa vs. Sofa.” And don’t forget, we’ll be awarding a prize to the “All Time Top Author” tomorrow and another one to the “Top Quiz” author a week after launch on September 30. So, keep those quizzes coming!

*BUZZ! Quiz TV comes packed with 4 buzzers, but one will need an additional set to allow 8 players.

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4 Author Replies

  • Can you tell me if the actor in this trailer that plays “Kenny” is Chris Elwood the guy from the show “Flipping Out” with Jeff lewis on Bravo? I have a bet with my wife that it is!

  • I agree with what people have been saying. If Sony can get devs to let us use our Home avatars in games like Buzz or Guitar Hero (especially) that would be awesome. Even games like High Stakes Poker or Pain. It just adds a little bit more to your Playstation Network account, such as “this is me” when playing games.

    But as for Buzz!, I have had this preordered and cannot wait for my phone call to come pick it up. It’s about time this released for us and the new additions with the patch seem to make it even better. I hope they continue to support Buzz! and listen to feedback and are willing to make changes via patches. It seems that they are off to a very good start.

  • After being one of the few to be able to spend time with the game over the last few days, I can say that BUZZ! Quiz TV is one of the best trivia video games to come out in a long time. Have fun shooting for my single-player score of 5,226! :-)

  • This should be fun…anyone remember Twisted and Zhadnost the Peoples party gameshow games for the 3do??? I used to get non gamers to play those games !! Star control2 and return fire for the PSN!!!!

  • @ 30 VixDiesel
    I know the user made content is free but I doubt the content packs will be.

    @ 35 Squamden
    The Buzz controllers have what looks like a USB flash drive to plug in. So I guess the answer is Yes.

    Now my question and hopefully someone has tried this…Can you use the old Buzz Buzzers for players 5-8? And can I use the new wireless ones on previous Buzz titles?

  • OK. So it is Wednesday and no Buzz!

    I went to Best Buy and to Game Stop – NO BUZZ!

    As a side note; at Game Slop I asked for the PS3 version of Buzz and I was told it did not exist. I push further and the reluctant Game Slop employee stated that it would be there tomorrow. She stated that 9/23 is a ship date not an in store date.

    Really? Since when? Funny Lego Batman had date of 9/23 and it was IN THE STORE?

    Is this one of the first Trivia questions for Buzz?

    “What is the ACTUAL date you are able to play Buzz Quiz TV for the PS3?

    A. 9/23/08
    B. 9/24/08
    C. 9/25/08
    D. Never (I waiting on Game Slop)


  • Correction: Today is Tuesday, I have to wait until Wednesday.

  • I went to Target and Gamestop and neither had the game. Gamestop said it ships today and will be in store tomorrow. Whats up with this crap? I thought tuesday was always dvd, blu ray, cd, iTunes and video game release day.

  • Well according to the well trained employee at Game Slop: “Videos are on Tuesday and Games are on Wednesday.”

    Really? (blank stare)

    Will not shop Game Slop!


  • Total [DELETED]. Now dont get me wrong I have seen this before but dont say a game will be in store or ship or w/e unless it will be in STORE!

    If you come to my house you will see my collection of cds dvds, blurays and ps3 games that I always pick up on tuesday especially when I preorder. So tell that Gamestop guy his fired!! lol Buzz tomorrow so I still happy.

  • Woohoo! Jeopardy was fun, but um well kinda lacking, more like a memorization game, hope this mixes the questions up a bit more, this should be a nice addition to the family, just gotta figure out where I’m supposed to get all this cash when we’re about to get bombarded with games!!!!!!

  • Yeah i got that “It’s the ship date” BS from Gamestop as well. I really hate that store. Then the guy tried to pressure me to preorder the game. I’ll buy it at Best Buy tomorrow.

  • Jenny,

    I read this yesterday and was quite happy to know i could pick this game up on Sept. 23. I went to the four biggest stores in my area. Bestbuy, Target, Walmart, and Gamestop, I walked around looking for this game because i liked the previous versions. Problem is that the game is being shipped tomorrow Sept 24 by 2pm or 4pm. Why on earth would a game be advertised here and not made available until a day after. Its an inconvenient, recurring problem that I find when a game is promised and then not available. Is it wrong for me to assume this? Thank you for your time.

  • Well sadly Buzz does not come into stores until tomorrow. I only hope that a week today that Silent Hill: Homecoming is actually in the store on Tuesday and not this Wednesday junk.

  • Game does not exist in Phoenix, Az.
    Checks calendar… Yep, today’s the 23rd.

    Walks away mumbling about misleading announcements….

  • Same here gamestop, “well you want to preorder to guarantee a copy tomorrow”. Me, no I have gift cards to target I need to use.

  • cant wait to play this game

  • I was also disappointed when searching for Buzz! today. :(

  • stoked to finally get this on the ps3.

    especially online mtches.

    PSN= wyldekat

  • OK it is Wednesday and still …..

    NO BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have had “My Buzz Face On” since this post was published on Monday, I have wasted many many gallons of gas going to Best Buy and Game Stop(slop: see post above) on Tuesday and Best Buy and Circuit City today and ……..

    NO BUZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For what ever reason every game store I go, NO ONE knows. I chalk some of this to lack of knowledge of the PS3 and it’s unique titles, but something feels wrong here.

    Was there a distribution problem?

    Jenny, Sony, Anyone??

    What happened? Why no update to let us all know?

    (Patiently waiting with my Buzz face on)


  • I got mine today at Target around 230pm. I called at 2 and they told me they just put it on the shelf. When I got there I saw 3 copies…and got one with sum blurays thats were on sale. Buzz is awesome been playing ever since.

    PSN: Tlubacker

    Hit me up.

  • Got the game, great fun, pricing a bit high to my liking, but am loving the addition to my trophies, thank you for including this. Would’ve been nice to include in home multiplayer where more than one psn name could be logged in so that my gf and I could both benefit from score and such. This feature needs to be implemented into all co-op enabled games!!!!! This is a must as long as I have friends over to play or my gf and I share the same console! Please Sony let’s get on par and surpass the competition!

  • Anyone know how to get additonal wireless buzzers? Do you have to buy a second game?

  • OK, so I did find Buzz at Best Buy on Thursday (whatever). I don’t even won’t to know what happened to the distribution timing. I was so tired of being lied to by people who have NO idea what they are talking about (GameSlop empolyee).

    Per the user guide any wireless or wired buzz buzzer will work. So I assume you could used the PS2 versions.

    Lastly, I played it. And I think I liked it. Yea, I think I liked it.


  • yeah but who wants to use wired controllers I need more wireless having a buzz party tonite!!!

  • So, Sony. How does one manage to get extra buzzers? Are they only in the bundle or what?

    Another question. I got the EU version of Buzz while at the Games Convention last month, hence why i have no buzzers. Do the questions in that version differ greatly from the NA version? And are the problems reported in the Euro version still in this one?


  • I got this yesterday and Gamestop had to special order it in for me.

  • How come my camera never takes pics or anything? what mode do i need to be playing on? anyone know? thanks.

  • I need to get this game. One of my favorites puzzle game in history of gaming, but i need to get the money first (which is not easy to get).

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