Get Your BUZZ! Face On Tomorrow!

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Hey all you BUZZ! fans – the big day is tomorrow! We officially launch BUZZ! Quiz TV for PS3 and BUZZ! Master Quiz for PSP in North America. Hopefully you have been enjoying creating quizzes on the MyBUZZ Web site (looks like you’ve all been busy!) and by now, I’m sure you’ve all read the previews and are aware of all the cool stuff that’s to come with the games, but here’s a brief recap.

BUZZ! Quiz TV for PS3

  • New wireless buzzers and the ability to play with up to eight friends and family members!
  • Online play with “Sofa vs. Sofa” – challenge up to three other living rooms anywhere within the United States or Canada!
  • Over 5,000 questions on five different channels – music, movies & TV, sports, brainiac and lifestyle. There’s also a Channel Hopper mode that combines all of these genres.
  • All-new characters and round types and a brand spanking new studio in high-def.
  • Downloadable quiz packs on the PLAYSTATION Network, each containing over 500 questions. The first packs available on Thursday, September 25 are Videogames, Sci-Fi and National Geographic: Safari.
  • MyBUZZ – create your own personalized quizzes and play them online or in-game. Also, take advantage of the community features. You can share the quizzes you write, and rate and comment on other peoples quizzes.

But wait – that’s not all! As soon as the game launches, you’ll also have access to the first update which contains:

  • Trophies! That’s right – immediately upon launch you can start building your trophy library. Collect trophies for a number of different challenges from creating quizzes to playing “Sofa vs. Sofa” games to scoring over a certain number of points – and more!
  • Four new contestants and ten new buzzer sounds
  • Manage all of your quizzes and your download packs
  • PlayStation Eye support – take photos and save in-game. “Get Your Buzz Face On” will let you view your favorite photos and save them to your PS3.
  • Multiple buzzer support in “Sofa vs. Sofa” – now anyone can be the first to buzz in!

BUZZ! Quiz TV is available for $59.99 and will come bundled with four wireless buzzers.

BUZZ! Master Quiz for PSP
For the first time, you can take BUZZ! beyond your living room and play anywhere! The “host with the most” is ready to travel and he’s got tons of great features:

Three new multiplayer modes:

  • “Pass Around” – challenge a group of friends using just one PSP
  • “Game Share” – play frenzied “Fastest Finger” with up to four players ad hoc using just one copy of the game
  • “Quiz Host” – you’re in control – award and deduct points as you see fit with up to six players
  • An enhanced single-player mode featuring 15 different quiz challenges.
  • Collect medals that unlock new rounds and in-game trophies based on different challenges like how many questions you answered correctly in a row, or how fast you answered the quiz questions.
  • Over 3,000 questions across eight question categories: music, TV, science, celebrities, nature, sports, movies and general knowledge.
  • Six all-new single and multiplayer round types specially created for PSP: Quickfire Challenge, Virus Challenge, Picture This, Weak Spot, Snap Shot and Short Fuse.
  • BUZZ! Master Quiz is available for the low price of $19.99!

Hopefully, you are as excited as we are to finally be able to get your “BUZZ” on. We’re already seeing a great response from those lucky enough to get an early copy of the game and now we’re looking forward to playing against other BUZZ! fans in “Sofa vs. Sofa.” And don’t forget, we’ll be awarding a prize to the “All Time Top Author” tomorrow and another one to the “Top Quiz” author a week after launch on September 30. So, keep those quizzes coming!

*BUZZ! Quiz TV comes packed with 4 buzzers, but one will need an additional set to allow 8 players.

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4 Author Replies

  • After reading some reviews, now I really want this. Can’t wait. :D

  • You know what this game needs? A way to use your Home avatar in the game.

  • Yah, it would be good to add stuff like that to games, your home avatar in GH or this,
    Today is my B-DAY :)

  • I can’t wait for tomorrow for this game to officially launch!!! I will be online all day tomorrow if anyone is up for a challenge :D

  • so we can now play 4vs4 in sofa vs sofa? Meaning that if I have 3 friends at my house and my brother has the same we can all play using different controllers? Or is is still just by PSN name and only one player per PS3 online?

    • For gameplay, it is just by PSN name and only one player per PS3 on-line,. However you can have as many people as you like on your \”sofa\” and any of the buzzers can be used to answer the question. So make sure none of your friends have an itchy trigger finger :-).

    • For gameplay, it is just by PSN name and only one player per PS3 on-line,. However you can have as many people as you like on your \”sofa\” and any of the buzzers can be used to answer the question. So make sure none of your friends have an itchy trigger finger :-).

  • Will there be additional buzzers sold seperately so we can have 8? And how much will they cost?

  • @5
    I think the way it will play is you will be playing as a whole. Whoever buzzes in first on your end answers the question. Your “sofa” of people vs. their “sofa” of people. I

  • So, 8players?
    Does this mean 8players online and/or 2 people per household in Sofa vs Sofa?
    I’d like some clarification considering this does not seem to be true, according to IGN’s Review of the game.

    • For Sofa vs. Sofa the game will match up to 4 players (or sofas) per game with only 1 player per PS3 (by your PSN name). For the off-line multiplayer and MyBUZZ games, you can have up to 8 players.

  • Day 1 purchase for me.

    Goodbye Jeopardy, thanks for nuthin.

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to play a proper PS3 version of BUZZ!!

    Just wondering – will the new wireless controllers work if I’m playing PS2 Buzz games on my PS3 (I have one of the original 60GB PS3’s with PS2 backwards compatibility).

    • Yes, the wireless buzzers should work when you are playing a PS2 Buzz game on your PS3 with PS2 backwards compatibility.

  • Anxiously waiting for the release, it’s the only game so far my wife can’t stop playing! Now wireless and having endless content is a dream :) kudos!

  • I really want to purchase this but I wonder how “quality” made the buzzers are. The PS2 version of the buzzers where kind of cheaply made IMO. So I wonder if these will be higer quality like 360’s version of scene it. Those were really high quality, and very nicely done. . . Anyone know?

  • Sorry wallet but I gotta get this game

  • Whoo i’ve had the ps3 version since friday!!! Great game, i absolutely love it!add me
    psn: artb013

  • This looks like it will do pretty well…

  • Whoo! Can’t wait to pick up the PSP version! Trivia on the go for just $20? That’s hard to pass up! (but easy to pass around in multiplayer… ;) )

    A bit sad that there isn’t too much in BUZZ! Master Quiz, like MyBuzz support or something, but still, getting to play a BUZZ! game anywhere for that budget price is still a good deal to me!

  • Cant wait, the IGN review says that the game is great

  • Wow, the “commercial” for Buzz is just so hip! All of those people are so cool! ROTFL…

  • Why not include the PSP version on the blu-ray of the PS3 version?

  • @ 14 if you’ve had the ps3 version since friday how are the controllers? do they feel cheap? I really want to know before I run out and get this game

  • You turn Mr Miyagi’s back porch into a crack house. Great! :(

  • This is the only game I’m buying this month, and I purposely avoided Jeopardy because I knew/know Buzz will kick it’s arse.

  • any online gameplay?

  • In my area we usually receive the games on Wednesday. So I may not be playing tomorrow night.

    Question, since I couldn’t find it in the game manual PDF, is there headset support for Buzz Quiz TV online?

  • Where is the TV marketing push??

    This is a fun casual game, and it should be pushed the masses.

  • Game seems cool. Not my particular brand of cognac, but I hope it does well!

  • Ok so the game looks good but will Sony be advertising for this game or is the playstation blog the only ad we’ll see for this game?

    I think that’s a big issue with some of these games that really need a community not selling.

  • @20 the controllers actually do not feel cheap at all. it’s really easy to use them and they feel perfect in your hand, the only negative thing is you gotta provide the 8 AA batteries and i would definitely buy this game if i were you. ii give this game a 9/10

  • Are games like these the reason Eight Days got cancelled?

  • Are these download packs free?

  • I’ve got the PSP version of the game and have had it for a few months and it’s great, even if it’s a little short. But I guess it’s cheap right?

    I wonder why it is being released in the US so long after everyone else?

  • Are these games only in English or are you using all the extra space of a blue ray to add other languages like french/spanish ?

  • Oh man I can’t wait. I wonder if the developers of Buzz! Quiz TV will be playing online tomorrow!

  • I have been waiting for months for this game to be released. I am especially excited for it also because of wireless buzzers and trophies. The idea of wireless buzzers is great because the PS2 buzzers always got tangled and annoying with the USB cables.

    I would love to start playing this tomorrow but to much school work. Maybe in a month I will have time to fully enjoy it. Thanks guys for creating Buzz again and I can’t wait to start playng it.

  • Looks great, quick question. Are the controller bluetooth or do they have a dongle?

  • Will get later on, looks like a fun game

  • will the European store get the same quiz packs this Thursday?? And r the quiz packs on the American store region locked??

  • so i had the PS3 version pre ordered at gamestop, but my ps3 died last night, it wont turn on :/ soooo i’m turing it in for repairs. so i’ll probably be buying this later once i get it back, cuz it looks like some great fun! i think i’ll get the psp version so i can at least try something!

  • i never played buzz before, and im kinda low on cash, so im gonna have to pass on this one sorry jenny

  • I would love to play this, but thanks to Sony my PS3 is in the shop. And will Buzz be global play in the future?

  • Hi Jenny. First of all BuzzTv is great! From local games with the girlfriend and friends to online sofa-clashes. The recent update was a nice addition also with new charcters to choose from.

    I understand that having the psEye camera not being able to take photos during online matches will create issues, however please consider doing the burnout-way. Snapping a photo of your opponent when you have just answered to get a nice mugshot of deafeat/victory. Being able to just shut this feature on/off would be great.

    Another thing that bugs most people that play buzz alot is the main host of the show. Sure his commentary works the first time you hear them, and the second or third even. Though this get old fast. Having a speed-mode option where all commentary/intro-comments are removed would be really great for people who wants to play the game more often but is reluctant because its so frustrating listening to mr ‘buzz’ babble on and on and on.

  • is this game already out and already got trophies ?

  • I love this game, and I have all the quiz packs so far, but apart from the Sci-Fi quiz I have really been waiting for the Videogames quiz. So if this is going to be out for the American release then I hope it will be on the UK store this Thursday, otherwise I will be very disappointed.

  • Thanks Jenny.

    I know I’m getting this game and many others I’ve talked to as well.

    I think this will be a great party game.

  • BTW….love that video you included on this post….

  • I want this game pretty bad… Found out my wife loves quiz games. Looking to pick this up now.

  • “1 player per PS3 (by your PSN name)”

    We know that it will be very soon possible to have multiple users log in at the same time on the same PS3. Will BUZZ get patched to support more it ? ( in other words will sofa vs sofa be upgraded to allow 1-3 players on the same PS3 with different characters )

    Thats the only feature that keeps me from buying this game. It would make it the BEST party game for couples looking to spend a whole night of fun.

    Did I also mentionned voice chat support ? Yes, we need this also.. or else we need to use speakerphone so we can taunt one another!

    Please, don’t let us down !

  • Vote for me on myBuzz!


  • I still don’t get why it can’t do 4 players online on one PS3. I mean warhawk has that and it’s a year old.

  • Had mine reserved since Spring I think!
    Yay! I hope this gets the bad taste that was Jeopardy out of my mouth! I want a real quiz experience!
    (By the way Jeopardy people, you should add a patch that enables the use of these buzzers, it might make me come back and play you again.)

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