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For you Trophy… Hunters out there (yeah, we’ll go with “Hunters” ;-) ), this week was the best since Super Stardust HD debuted the system. Over the past few days, the road to platinum was revealed for LittleBigPlanet, WipEout HD, Bioshock, and several other games. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your trophy needs – here’s where I go. and the PS3Fanboy Trophy Centre (I added the “Centre” – and I think they should keep it).

Also, I’ve noticed that Fanboy is now dangling a PLAYSTATION Network card for those interested in submitting tips on how to get the most difficult trophies. A great idea, I think. Head on over if you think you know the best way to win.

Anyways, here’s what we read about this week. Feel free to share your reading list in the commments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear, so only submit once.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 9/15)

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  • @44 FeaturePreacher

    I’m awaiting 2 posts to finish moderation..

    so it’s not just you!

  • @Fritoz
    How long have you been waiting?

  • #1 post was today at , well, let me copy and paste ( i can still see my post)

    FritoZ | September 21st, 2008 at 1:28 pm


    FritoZ | September 21st, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    I’m sure they will get around to it…

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    Is there a reason why my post is still waiting moderation?


    Also, do you ever go to the PS Forums?

  • well speak of the devil, it looks like they showed yours, but they deleted my first post for some reason..

    well, this this is their job on the blog, and they have the final say!

  • @Fritoz
    What was your first post about?

  • and of course,t he original post says:

    “Comments may take longer than usual to appear,”

    besides, it’s Sunday! Jeff and Grace have to get away and spend some time in the real world!

    peace everyone!

    have a good week!

    mega man 9 this week!

  • @56 Feature preacher

    well, it was about a high profile developer who worked on MGS4 with Kojima Productions rumored to have jumped ship and working on a new game for Sony’s competition..

    I edited this post to take out all info that was probably why they deleted the first post..

    i understand, though, Jeff and Grace are moderators!

  • @Fritoz
    Well Ryan Payton didn’t leave Koji Pro just to jump ship to the guys working on the Peter Jackson Halo game, I read he left for family issues initially. Anyway, it is a rumor. However I must say that I hope they get someone at Koji Pro who will let Kojima know that he shouldn’t have taken the ability to stand on one’s tiptoes in 1st person view, shift left or right when in 1st person view, and do pull ups with the L2 & R2 buttons like Snake could do in MGS3.

  • It seems as though the 5th link in post # 4 was the reason why it took so long to moderate the post. It had footage of the wonderful animation that eight days had. I guess someone above Jeff didn’t want people to get into an uproar about a great looking game getting canceled for something quite comparatively lamer as EyePet. I hope Sony realizes there are multiple posts of this video and it will only be a matter of time before others see it. You could avoid the uproar by stating that development on 8 days will restart once EyePet is done.

  • Well its good to know that Bioshock on the PS3 feels like it plays on the 360. I will rent Bioshock for the PS3 though and make my final vertict between the 360 and PS3 versions. I can’t wait to hunt down those Bioshock trophies though.

  • Eight Days was a ps3 exclusive, by the way, being developed by SCEE London Studio.

  • No one has an opinion on the link in post 61?

  • hehe, cool update. Now looking forward to WipeOut HD. Anyway, Playstation Life has been extremely buggy on my Australian 60gb PS3 (well 320gb HDD now). It would usually freeze when I exit the application, the In-Game XMB is usually slow or wouldn’t load up the icons. Web Browser for news is usually slow too. I would like to see 7 day forecasts and Storm Alerts integrated. And YAY LITLLEBIGPLANET and this time I hope online will be as good as the 360 :)

  • Jeff Rubenstein i have a good idea for the future what would the team think of putting in MOVIE TROPHIES so like after watching a film from start to finish we would have a trophy unlocked so our friends could view what we have watched lately.For all the movie fans out there i am sure this would be more incentive to watch more films on the PS3.This idea came to me the other night as i sat there also i would love to see the status on PS3 update if somebody watching a film or what film….I know this may not be able to happen because certain laws lets hear your views on my Idea?

  • Very disappointed to see that no one from the US is in the top 20 in GT5P. I bought the game this weekend to test my racing setup for when WipeOut comes. Reset the standings Sony and I’ll change that. ;)

  • Two contests at

    Burnout Paradise Giveaway
    Two people will win a copy of Burnout via a random drawing.

    NovaStrike Trivia Contest
    Three people will win voucher code for NovaStrike. The third one will be via a random drawing.

    Check it out.

  • hey thanks for the recap, also i still waiting for these game to come out but at least it will all be worth it… again, thanks for the recap.

  • @Jeff again:

    Do you ever respond to any comments on the 2nd page?

    There is a trophy thread on the Playstation Forums that you seem to ignore. Why?

  • Uncharted also has a Platinum trophy and I’m this close to getting it.

  • Jeff can you please see if you can get us the new R2 video that IGN has on their site? I would love to see that intro in HD on my system. It’s the “Oric CA Intro” I still can’t understand why we didn’t get that when they did on the PS store.

  • Please Please Please Answer this Jeff.

    Okay, about the sweet pre-order stuff for LittleBigPlanet I pre-ordered it at Target and there wasnt anything I was able to get.

    Does this mean I wont be getting that sweet little space suit or the shirt cause I pre-ordered it at Target????

    Thanks for your time!!!

  • @Lrgking

    You will get both the space suit and shirt as long as you have the game in the first week.

    I could be wrong but you may still have a chance you get the pre-order stuff from the various retailers.

    I was just able to get the Kratos costume from Gamestop a few days ago.

  • how about a flash update for the system?!?!?!??!

  • @Theossie.

    Ahh, okay thanks!!!!
    Yeah cause I was hoping I would atleast get something cause Target didnt get anything for theyre Pre-order.
    But I really want that little space suit.

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