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For you Trophy… Hunters out there (yeah, we’ll go with “Hunters” ;-) ), this week was the best since Super Stardust HD debuted the system. Over the past few days, the road to platinum was revealed for LittleBigPlanet, WipEout HD, Bioshock, and several other games. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your trophy needs – here’s where I go. and the PS3Fanboy Trophy Centre (I added the “Centre” – and I think they should keep it).

Also, I’ve noticed that Fanboy is now dangling a PLAYSTATION Network card for those interested in submitting tips on how to get the most difficult trophies. A great idea, I think. Head on over if you think you know the best way to win.

Anyways, here’s what we read about this week. Feel free to share your reading list in the commments below. Comments may take longer than usual to appear, so only submit once.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 9/15)

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  • Informative post as always!

  • Thank you jeff

  • So wipeout is gonna have a platinum even though it isn’t disc based?

  • Here are some more links:

    “Shocking Announcement” Coming From White Knight Chronicles Dev?

    SingStar’s DRM is broken and needs to be fixed

    WipEout dev questions validity of epilepsy test

    Home Manager says firmware 2.50, Home 1.00 set for October

    An uncharted early look at Eight Days’ animation

    Kaz Hirai: The Station Master


  • Nice reading list. Thanks :)

    btw, I’m getting a debit card so I’ll be able to get stuff from the PS Store without a PSN Card now! :D

  • Thanks Jeff for linking to us :) We really appreciate the help.

    BTW will have a Buzz review on the 24th ;)

  • Hopefully Eight Days’ will be restarted once eyepet is released. Those animations and the cover system are quite better than the ones in Uncharted. It should also have multiplayer if it didn’t before.

  • Edge: When you get back to your office, what will be the first item on your list of priorities?

    Kaz: I think basically it’s the same thing I set out at the beginning of the year or even before that, and that is firstly making sure we stay on course and have all the great games on PS3 coming out on time and to support them as much as possible, whether they’re a first-party or third-party title, but at the same time making sure we are on track to develop the non-game services and content I’d like to see on the PS3 as a platform.

    I wish they would develop the game services like custom soundtracks for all games before working on non-game stuff which won’t attract new customers.

  • Onimusha 5: PS3 exclusive

    for when?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Any news on the Canadian Video Store?

  • jeff whats your username on

  • @7 lifeRPGs
    CAPCOM said that theyre gonna do everything multi platform (Only the nintendo console will have exclusives from them)

  • If you want info about trophies, there’s a thread on the official Sony forums you can use.

    It’s updated daily and a very good source for all your trophy questions.

  • @ #9

    There’s Jeffo_66 and jeffuiuc.

    I don’t think either are him though :(

  • I really think there should be some “What We Read” around the official PS forums.
    Specifically in the Singstar forums. Myself and several other users would greatly appreciate a little common courtesy in addressing some concerns, answering some questions and some actual communication between fans and SCEA.

    It’s not too much to ask. If you yourself had a quick look at the PS forums I’m sure you’d quickly see they are in need of some direction and moderation.

    I expect Sony to communicate with me on their OFFICIAL sites, yet have had none of that so far.

    Please, help gamers, devs and Sony and try to do something.

    The most active place for discussion of anything PS1, PS2, PS3 or PSP related SHOULD be on their forums, yet Sony fans have been forced to seek alternative websites for discussion.

    The Oficcial PS forums should be an exciting active place for community, where gamers can interact with SCEA and others.

    I hope you read this.

  • Thesixthaxis has a great trophy list.

  • Here is Dead Space trophy list…

    Off topic:

    Is EightDays and Getaway 3 “canceled” or just put on hold until later?

  • Ton of interesting technical stuff explained in that Making of MGS4 article. Loved it. :D

  • Can you get someone from Capcom to talk about Mega Man 9? Get us hyped!

  • well, maybe you can balme him, but you can’t blame him..

    heh…darn dyslexic keyboard…it’s not me, i swear- i still wish we could edit our posts..i suppose it would help if i could hire a proof reader…

  • Here’s hoping to a 100 dollar price cut across the board being on this list next week.

    PS3 is getting its ass handed to it by every gaming device available due to a certain unnamed companies recent price drop.

  • @17 i dont see how thats true since you dont have any numbers to back up what your saying. go do some research and you might find out otherwise.

  • ya 2 great title coming out this week. I dont have money so i cant get Wipeout hD, only got enough for Megaman 9, but i’ll be sure to download Wipeout HD when i get the money. Man im goint to be out of money this year for all those games.

  • Another great week. Love to be part of the PlayStation family:)

  • @18
    I did research thank you and that was the answers I got. The Price Drop effected sales this past week droping the PS3 to 3rd.

  • will god of war 3 have trophies

  • what happen to my comment ?

  • @18, yep, he has no argument, up until the latest 360 price drop PS3 has been outselling 360 globally every month in 2008, even in the US PS3 has outsold it up until this month (NPD numbers expected to show 360 will outsell PS3 in Sept).

    Sony has no reason to cut prices at this moment. They may take a loss this christmas, however sales will not be dismal. I honestly believe Sony is waiting to see what effects the digital conversion of TV will have on the marketplace before deciding on cuts.

    Sony is only now starting to make a profit on the PS3 (if the cheaper chip production is in fact true) so Sony is happy to be patient and wait to see how the console sells after TV goes digital and more and more consumers consider buying HDTVs and looking for an HD movie format to get the most ut of their purchases (that would in most cases be a PS3 for Blu-ray)

    Software sales for Sony this holiday season will be through the roof, I personally have a list of 10+ games I plan on purchasing , thats about 600% in games between now and Dec 24th, a large portion of that will go to Sony.

    So even if they do not sell as many consoles this holiday season, what they are bringing to the table on the software front greatly compensates for that. And this isn’t even touching on multiplatform titles.

    I think many in the gaming media and gaming community are forgetting that the hardware itself is a one time purchase, but the software is where the consoles find longevity and profiability.

    Slash prices all you want, but if you are only going to buy 1 or 2 games for your system whereas i’m planning to buy around 10 in the next 3 months, my console of choice (PS3) will be here to stay.

    PS1 and PS2 made the majority of it’s profits from software, PS3 will be no different.

  • a few edites:
    >Sony has no reason to cut prices at this moment. They may take a loss this christmas ON HARDWARE (meant to add that bit)

    >personally have a list of 10+ games I plan on purchasing , thats about 600$ (not 600%)

  • I prefer psp fanboys trophy page over any other, it’s the most up-to-date out there with guides which is always a bonus.

  • hey guys (and girls)
    quick question about Qore (someone please respond QUICK)…i was wonder about the SOCOM beta… if i order teh june episode will i still get the beta ???

    like i said pls respond quick or send a message on ps3
    PSN ID: BanditCar

  • For some reason my PS3 80gig from 1 day to the next,stopped playing movies & games.The demos are just fine but it seems my game discs & movies aren’t being read.The icon doesn’t pop up. Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong? Should I just get it exchanged? I have a 2 year exchange warranty on it but now they just have the 4o gig with just 2 USB ports & its alot cheaper. I paid $599.00 for mine. Do you think Best Buy will make up the price difference?

  • Is Fracture getting trophy support? Anyone know?

  • @28
    thats a good idea actually…they cant give you something with less value…maybe get the 40 and a store credit


  • @ carrera6305 , If you want the same console ask them to ship one in from the same store. If they won’t do it for you contact Sony directly and ask for a replacement.

  • Cool news!


    :) :) :) :) :) :) :P :)

  • Lots of cool stuff there.

  • @22
    ladantia | September 21st, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    “will god of war 3 have trophies”

    Are you kidding me? Why wouldnt it have trophies, there is plenty of time to implement trophy b4 it ships, and im sure sony wouldnt support trophy for the 1st party game for now on

  • wow, I didn’t know about KH… I might get that…

  • Needs more Burnout Paradise trophies. Whatever happened to the trophy details we were promised last week?

  • Playfire is currently holding a LittlebigPlanet contest , you need to dress up your Sackboy.

    2 PS3 games are waiting for you , so why not participate !

  • @24 this is supposed to be the Year of PlayStation, nevermind the fact that this is a crucial point in a console war. If Sony can’t stabilize sales each month till the end of the year than that is going to effect the long haul. Games will never reach their full potential on PS3 and we will be stuck with either cross platform games or a slow migration of PS2 gamers to the X360.

    I’m well aware of how this year the PS3 has been on top just about every month since February. This price drop was necessary for MS to stay in the game. However there is something to be said for keeping the pressure on and an animal being trapped in a corner being the most dangerous. Underestimating Microsoft is about the dumbest thing Sony could do at this point so I have every reason to be cautious and to think a price drop is necessary.

    If you’re so in tune with the game industry you would know that the first 3 years of a console’s life is spent languishing in loss per system. The money is made off of software licenses. Sony needs to stop playing it safe and start playing this like the high risk/high stakes game that this really is.

    I’m saying this out of pure concern for my investment, I only own a 60 gig PS3. Sold my PS2 to get the damn thing (glad I did because I needed the BC). Only compliments to that in which I own are my PSP, DS, and GC. I don’t want people making my decisions for me as to which console I should be playing my games on because of something as stupid as a price cut. However this country isn’t known for it’s smart decisions and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember.


    I wish I would have known about the COD4 double XP on the 19th T_T

  • Hello Jeff, good to see the PSN cards are becoming available. I have a question. Will the cards become available for sale through online retailers? I live in Japan and import English language (US) games through an online retailer, but I can not get the DLC for Warhawk because I don’t have a US credit card. Maybe they can sell them through SonyStyle or something? I’d appreciate if you could suggest this to SCEA.

  • Why is it taking so long for my comments with links to be moderated? They were posted at noon c.s.t. and it’s 10:23p.m. c.s.t.

  • Have my links not completed moderation due to how they reveal things Sony doesn’t want their customers to know?

  • @28 I had the same thing. I called sony on thursday they sent a box to me on monday to pack the ps3 in and I shipped it the same day then I got my ps3 back on friday morning. The turnover is really fast. Just call up sony and so long as your console is in warranty <1yr it’s all good.

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