The New School for Design Becomes LittleBigParsons This Weekend

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Do you remember when you were little and could craft entire worlds out of just what was laying around the backyard? It’s that feeling of the world being a big old place and that it was time to go on an adventure. That’s how I feel playing LittleBigPlanet.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lawrence and I’m part of a team from the Design and Technology program at Parsons The New School for Design. I am sure you have heard about it, but in case you haven’t, our school is competing in a LittleBigPlanet game jam this coming weekend. Our task is to make a level for LittleBigPlanet in just 24 hours. Each team is made up of students from across all the departments at our school: from illustration to photography to fashion, we’re all participating.

Our goal for this game is to give the player not just an entertaining level but an entire life experience. The player needs to feel overwhelming joy as well as frustration and leave them with a huge sense of achievement. Our level needs to make them want to explore just to see all that we’ve done. Hopefully if we’ve done everything right there will be four people sitting in a room laughing, yelling and forgetting just for a little while that they’re on planet earth.

But to do this, we want to know what you want to see! Drop some comments on what you want to see and we will try to incorporate it into our level, and be creative!

So to my teammates: Clay, Bruce, Omar, Greg, Joe, Katrina, I will see you on PSN playing our level when LittleBigPlanet releases.

We’ll be back on the PlayStation.Blog next week, so you can see what we created with LittleBigPlanet!

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  • oops, sorry double post..

    Jeff, don’t beat me!

  • One word, FIRE. So long as there is fire I’m happy.

    Good luck on the level!

  • I want to see Keira Knightly in it! Make it work!

  • how about you put all those design skills to some awesome use and engineer yourself an elaborate moving jigsawed puzzle that activates and turns, drops down, moves or even stops moving when the player carries and delivers one or more magnetic switch objects to or through specific parts of the puzzle?

    maybe even have the completed puzzle form into a single photo taken of you and the rest of your design team?

    if thats a bit too elaborate for a 24 hour lbp-athon, how about including some kind of symbiotic relationship between the player and an enemy brain powering some form of vehicle?

  • i’m so excited for this game…

    how bout a pirates of the carribean level?

  • I like the idea of a level set to the theme of a circus. Shooting out of cannons, placing your head in a lions mouth, the trapeze, motorcycle ball of death, etc… The ideas are endless. Fun and entertaining for everyone, just don’t include scary clowns.

    Very interested to try this game out. Can’t wait to put my own creativity to work.

  • are more dark level, lots of candles etc.. almost a halloween-ish level :D

  • All this content is great; But it would be really great if Sony could come thru on some promises….I mean I’ve owned two PS1’s; a PS2; I still own PSP and PS3….I bought my psp-1001 for a promised launch title of GT4 Mobile…Can you say Vapor Ware? Then I bought my ps3….Home was announced March 07 i think, its been delayed how many times now? PSN Cards… long you guys been talking about them? I dont have a credit card; I would love to blow random cash on PSN but I can’t. Life with playstation… Delayed… Launched by accident… pulled why not just let it go live? This is frustrating us. Could you guys possibly start making some realistic launch schedules; or just stop telling us about things until they are actually ready?

  • poy poy ps3 psn

  • How about Obama and McCain kissing each other. That’ll draw a laugh. Well I’d laugh. If I played it and you put that in, you’d score top marks. And you’d win. A car! You’d win a car!

  • a level where its like our life beginning in a hospital or kinder garden so growing up and facing bully’s hot girl friend etc where we end up like in real life with not a happy ending

  • something irish

  • i can’t wait to try it out… i hope its long and creative and i hope you can share or add it onto your favortive or something like that matter…

  • EricStrattonRushChair

    Can you have a Tim Gunn character pop in and out offering helpful hints and critiques at various points in the level. You can use the PS Eye to incorporate just about any photo or image.
    Baring that you could have the dreaded design a pantsuit level with only floral prints to chose from.
    How about a real designer level where you live in a friends spare closet, scraping out a meager existence by waiting tables all the while throwing all your energies trying to MAKE it, only to end up as an admin assistant in a design house if your REALLY lucky.

  • Will any other schools be doing similar events? How’s about RISD?

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