The New School for Design Becomes LittleBigParsons This Weekend

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Do you remember when you were little and could craft entire worlds out of just what was laying around the backyard? It’s that feeling of the world being a big old place and that it was time to go on an adventure. That’s how I feel playing LittleBigPlanet.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lawrence and I’m part of a team from the Design and Technology program at Parsons The New School for Design. I am sure you have heard about it, but in case you haven’t, our school is competing in a LittleBigPlanet game jam this coming weekend. Our task is to make a level for LittleBigPlanet in just 24 hours. Each team is made up of students from across all the departments at our school: from illustration to photography to fashion, we’re all participating.

Our goal for this game is to give the player not just an entertaining level but an entire life experience. The player needs to feel overwhelming joy as well as frustration and leave them with a huge sense of achievement. Our level needs to make them want to explore just to see all that we’ve done. Hopefully if we’ve done everything right there will be four people sitting in a room laughing, yelling and forgetting just for a little while that they’re on planet earth.

But to do this, we want to know what you want to see! Drop some comments on what you want to see and we will try to incorporate it into our level, and be creative!

So to my teammates: Clay, Bruce, Omar, Greg, Joe, Katrina, I will see you on PSN playing our level when LittleBigPlanet releases.

We’ll be back on the PlayStation.Blog next week, so you can see what we created with LittleBigPlanet!

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  • Great! Can’t wait to see the levels you guys create :D

  • ummm ok…

  • Very cool!

    Thanks for the info. can’t wait to see your first level

  • cameos, everyone loves cameos!

  • I can’t decide if I’m more impressed by the project, anxious to see the levels that come of it or just over-the-top jealous that you all get to play the game a month early. Probably all three. As far as what to see? From what I’ve heard, I’d like to see some levels that incorporate some Rube Goldberg-esque type of devices, a platforming game version of the old ‘Mousetrap’ board game…something like that, maybe?

  • I want to see dragons. And monster trucks. Possibly escaping a dragon on a monster truck. Vehicles haven’t been touched on very much, so I’d really like to see some design majors flex this feature.

    Physic-based challenges would be great to see, as well.

  • So awesome. What a great idea by both parties (Sony & Parsons). I honestly want to see some giraffes, be it in the background, perhaps even a platforming section involving them, something like that…


  • I’d like to see some cool MC Escher designs. Something that tricks the eyes.

  • 1. A super mario bros level remake
    2. Man-cannons! and safety net off course.
    3. Pedo bear in some shape or form.
    4. How can she slap?!
    5. Other Sony mascots/levels in your level.
    6. LBP chopper.
    7. Ice-Age 2 level with the squirrel as a boss!

    That’s all for now. Good luck to all the participants and make us proud.

  • I want a copy of LBP please.

  • Totally awesome. good luck guys!

    You guys need to make a disco area with lots of color. and flashy lights. and the enemy doing the hustle ;3

  • motorcycles!!! Or tricycles! Gotta have some sackboy chopper love :)

  • How about having to be shot from a cannon in order to land in a specific place. You might have to grab something while in the air, or that could be just for bonus points. Once one sack person goes through, he/she can activate a switch that allows the rest to go through.

  • Monkeys! The game needs monkeys!

  • Yeah..i dont want to other people steal my ideas !
    just joking ,when i get LBP im gonna do a Jenga like game , and a cardboard box to make some stealth like level.

  • Presidential enemies or obstacles.

  • Thanks for the post Lawrence…

    This is definately being promoted big time.

  • I’d like to see:

    * Complicated machines/vehicles (show us what you can make)
    * Levels that leverage movement other than left-to-right horizontal (make some vertical or snaking left-to-right, up, right-to-left, up, etc. levels)
    * Creative use of layers (I think there are three distinct layers you can build on, background, middleground, and foreground… show us how these can be exploited in cool ways)
    * Bosses/enemies (go hog wild and be creative making bosses and enemies that look and behave in neat ways)
    * Creative use of PS Eye (show us less-novel ways of using the PS Eye than slapping someone’s face on a sticker, give us an idea what you can REALLY do with it)
    * Puzzle solving (show us some great examples of complicated puzzle solving, I know it can be made less obvious than “step on switch, solve puzzle” so show us how you can utilize the tools given to create some really neat puzzles)
    * Rube Goldberg… (make him proud, build some contraptions!)
    * Cooperation (give us some good examples of cooperative puzzle solving or task completion.

    These are just a start… I’m sure you guys will make the levels _look_ good, being a design school and all, but also do your best to scratch the surface in many areas to inspire the rest of us!

  • Great idea! and I cannot wait to see your level.

    I would suggest a level that encompasses as much of the variety of the tools you have to work with in LBP. For example, some bots, mechanical devices, puzzles – like an area where the participants have to build something to move forward.

    Good luck, because I know you’ll have fun!

    dude that would be cool, fight a giant titan, or even fight a zues sackboy

  • How about a giant fire breathing dragon but when his fire hits you, you turn into zombie’s that spin around like a possessed wagon wheel and yelling all kinds of crazy pictures, not words. yeah that’s kewl but no scales. he’s gotta be made of neon blue and yellow radioactive glowing fun fur or something real kooky like that npot your run of the mill… Make it BRILIANT folks.

  • I plan on making a Socom level to rival Confrontation…

  • @Thatpspguy, erm why don’t you let that imagination of yours run in your own LPB project? It would fun to see it :-D

    Wauw, LPB turns out to become a huge project with many talents. Let us know which level you’ve created as soon as the game arrives, am very curious to see what you’ve all created. Good luck to you!! ;-)

    Anouschka from Holland

  • LPB?? :-? LBP!!!

  • I would suggest something that reminds us of those old retro platformers (Super Mario, Sonic, Rocket Knight, Little Nemo, Tiny Toons and so many others that filled our gaming spirits back in the day). That means non-sense bricks floating in the air for us to climb, several repeated items of some sort that we collect for points through the stage. Maybe some gimmick like a puzzle or bonus stage that breaks the mood (in a good way) for a bit.

    All this in a big-scale that we couldn’t have back then, LBP-style. =)

  • Somehow put the Governor of Californee’s “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” line. Like recreate the scene.

  • Ancient greek buildings for Kratos Sackboy!

  • This is unexpected! Glad to see this here.

  • I’d like to see domino effect levels. Suppose you first start something and the chain reaction starts but you have to be at the end of the chain before it ends to do something or do things to keep the chain reaction going.

  • I would love to see a piece of a crash bandicoot level, where the big boulder chases you and what not.

  • Any chance of getting videos of the completed levels posted here or on the LBP site?

  • Good Luck to all the teams at Parsons!

  • Some kind of Metal Gear reference would be amazing :D


    It would be the same premise as Donkey Kong with sackboy climbing platforms towards Kratos who sits atop the level on Mount Olympus holding Nariko(Heavenly Sword) hostage while throwing heads of the gods he’s slain.

  • First of all, I am jealous. Secondly, thanks for the heads up. So now to my ideas:

    – A lever that launches players at a high speed (use an Earth ball as the weight).

    – Lots of vertical and horizontal platforming.

    That’s all for now (keeping my cards close for my own level once the game is out).

  • shame Sony didn’t give it to a UK art school seeing as we developed the damn thing.

    tsk tsk SCEA stealing our thunder!

  • Why would we help you do your assignment? I plan on using my good ideas for my own LittleBigPlanet level. I will only give you bad ideas.

    Ice Cream, Wasabi, Deodorant.

    There enjoy your ideas.

  • I have an idea!

    You should have part of the level be one big creature! That creature is basicly your path-way, so you have to maneuver your sackboys (and sackgirls) ON THE CREATURE!

    While it’s moving…

    I think that’d be cool!

  • the sewers get down and dirty.

  • I’d like some creative bouncing platforming, similar to what is found in LocoRocco.

    And you definitely need to save the Sackgirl at the end.

  • I want to see some space stuff in there. Like aliens and rocket ships. Hahaha

  • How about a level that when you play you also learn at the same time.
    Perhaps something to do with history? A level in which when you accomplish something (beat a puzzle, defeat a boss) you get to see and experience some kind of story that is educational at the same time…

    Sounds hard and I’m sure it’s harder to do but I should hope that you are qualified for the job!

  • Do a visual representation of poems and short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Giant swinging Pendulums, deep dark pits, and flying raven battles. Puzzles can include finding a heart key using the rumble on the controller and changing the facial expression of the Sack people based of the color of the moon to unlock new areas. (Red moon, Sack face Anger.)

  • try and make a plane

    but like someone said; bring more cameos

    everyone loves that

  • Thats great.. i dont have any idea for ya sry but i cant wait to see what you guys will do

  • Oh, THAT Parsons. For some reason, I expected Reverend Sackboy to be making his debut. I think it’s time for me to ask my doctor about lowering the dosage, lol.

  • Ok most of us don’t even know what LBP is about. Building levels I know But what about Story? Game play? Don’t know becouse I never Played it. And how do these peolpe Get LBP and I can’t even get an invite to a beta test?

  • It WOULD be nice to get more concrete facts about gameplay and story, all these people saying it is so great, but what do we really know about it?

    I am looking forward to it, don’t get me wrong, but i think it’s time for Sony to open up about it and explain just what the heck the game is actually going to be like…

    anyway, good luck with your games playing, parsons kids!

  • LBP trophy list!

    read about it here!

    i see there is concrete proof of a tory mode with levelwise will ALL must be able to play to get these trophies…

    i like the “crowdpleaser” one!

    so please!

    someone finally reveal some solid gameplay info!


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