Mega Man 9, Coming Soon to PLAYSTATION Network

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UPDATE: Mega Man 9 coming to PSN on September 25!!

New exclusive boss artwork.
New website :

Tornado Man Jewel Man Galaxy Man Concrete Man

New game package.
Mega Man 9 coming soon to the PSN for $9.99.

Splash Woman Plug Man Magma Man Hornet Man

‘Nuff said.

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  • Woot for Hieroglyphics! They always have good sets too.. except one time when the sound was turned up way too much on the treble and not enough bass.. but hey… not their fault..

    You must have been buzzin’ to be responding to all those posts… or just your awesome self… LoL! Anyways… Mega Man 9 is gonna be great.. a definite buy for me =) Even before Wipeout HD… but I’ll be getting that too anyways… Awesome post and responses!

  • Ooo and I hope this has those sweet doors that you can slide, jump or just run through while it does a 2d matrix style effect to go to the next screen….


    The very last thing we heard was that the patch was coming “soon”. Don’t even begin to ****ing lie to me, you nor Judd nor ANYONE at Grin have given us any information.

    Is the patch coming? Is it? If it is, TELL US WHEN AND STOP SCREWING WITH US!

    I’m at the point where I am ready to sell every Capcom game I own, and never support the work you do ever again. I realize it would do little to spur your cruel ways, but at least I wouldn’t be supporting a company that thinks its fine to tease and bait consumers into buying a half-finished product.

    Give us details, or give me a refund on my game.

    And don’t say “I already answered this”. Did you give us a date on the patch? Have you said ANYTHING about it since you said “soon” back at the beginning of August? Is there ANY information on when this patch is coming or an update on its status?

    In your words, “Nope, nope, and nope”.

    You’re either a very forgetful or you’re lying in an attempting to cover up for the fact that the patch is never coming. Which one is it?

  • @103 Madman
    Chill out man.
    You must understand ,that their main resources are on the new bionic commando game.
    Chill out.

  • Then they should admit to having lied to us.

    It would be appropriate to either a) release a patch that should have taken a couple weeks at most (otherwise I was right, and Grin ARE average and under-skilled developers), or they should say “hey we lied, trophies aren’t coming, sorry to get your hopes up, here’s a free thing to show that we actually care and not just interested into tricking you out of your money”.

    Its a fairly simply situation that John and everyone on the BC project can’t seem to NOT complicate.

    They haven’t even given a release date on Bionic Commando…WTF? This is what we call “quality”? A REAL developer makes a schedule, sticks to it, and can give actual estimates on when products will be finished…if only vague time frame.

  • OMGWTFBBQQ!!1!11 (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    I have to say this is probably one of the most amazing things to happen. The new Megaman games lacked everything that made Megaman. This is a definite nerdgasm and a welcome addition to my library.


  • @105 Madman
    Trophies are easy to implement i think (since Bionic Commando rearmed have medals),BUT you have to do translation and test every build for like two weeks, it take resources from the new Bionic Commando.

    Well sticking to a schedule is not so easy.
    Many games of different quality and size have delays.
    (Except Insomniac Games,but that because theyre obviously penguin robots who dont sleep or rest a minute,they have the best production line on the business and that is a FACT:D )

    Anyway, chill man,i dont think that trophies add sooooo much value to a game ,is a nice addition tough.

  • It’s funny how people on this board talk to the developers like they are long time friends (and not in a good way) or like they are some higher up giving the lowly developers orders. For christ sakes, you can’t tell me that you’ve gotten every single trophy for every other game out there right now (not to mention the ones that will be coming *ahem* Wipeout) Go do something else while you wait. You could even fly a kite! I’m fairly sure the developers could give a s**tless if you sell their games and never want another one of their products so that was a good threat but in the grand scheme of things, you’re pretty insignificant.

    I don’t mean to be harsh but it’s really kind of tiring seeing so many people throw hissy fits on this board and expect answers or some sort of outcome. People need to learn to relax and take things as they come. S*** happens. Get over it.


  • @108 amante
    Well ‘lover’…
    I think that is nice that we can share feedback or whatever with the devs,obviously that they will not (and shouldnt) change everything based on the feedback, BUT is a nice touch on PR . :D

  • 10 bucks for an 8bit game that was released like 10 years ago?

    With absolutely no changes to it?


    And you want 10 dollars?

    When WIPEOUT HD is 20???

    I cant buy this game…not for 10 dollars…wouldnt feel right considering i pay 10 for HD games that actually had some work done to them..

  • @109

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I think the ability to share feedback is a great thing. I would just like to see the people on these boards who freak on devs actually come face to face with them and see if they still act the same way.

    Oh, and I didn’t realize you and I were romantically involved. Mm, that makes me feel fuzzy inside.

  • @111 amante
    oh i get it now. :D

    amante means lover in spanish, i tought that you know that. :D

  • Great, sadly it can’t be bought here in Mexico :(

  • Haha. I do. I just couldn’t resist twisting it into something else. I’m crafty that way. :D

  • I Love these psn download games, but I really really hope that they will eventually come out on retail discs, even if as a collection all on one disc. Because one day ps3 will not be here, or the service to download the game will be gone, and 15 years from now, i might want to pop in mega man 9 and give it a whirl and won’t be able to :( Just like I can now put in my mega man 1-6 on my nes and give it a play through, weeee ;)

  • And to get ready for this…

    Pick up Mega Man Anniversary Collection to play 1 – 8 for only $20…

    Wait… there’s something wrong here.

    $20 for 8 mediocre games or $10 for one?


  • John thanks for the post and I like it when the blogger comments as much as you have here.

  • Looks really great! I love those old school games. OMG I AM OLDSCHOOL :( Will it be available in Germany as well and will it be available at the same TIME?

  • Surely this must be one of the most anticipated games of the year…

    …it’s just a matter of deciding on which year.

  • Looking forward to this one, Megaman 2 FTW.
    However ,i hope it doesnt come next week though, because, between this and WipEout HD i think the choice is obvious.

  • just why , i mean why? are you making us all wait for this game, can’t you tell i’m in need of mega man game already.. gosh…lol just kidding… but i can’t wait to download this game, it will bring back memories… thanks for the update as well… keep up the good work.

  • @John Diamonon,

    Things are good. Im stuck in the last level of Bionic Commando ( I forgot how retracting platforms can be so…frustrating ) but i will get this one soon I guess, need more concentration and motivation( Trophies patch maybe this year ? )many, many years ago I played it in my “generic” brazilian Nintendo 8bits the original, but this game is still hard, man.

    Give me Dead Rising news… My X360 favorite game,but in the time I cannot finish all tasks…miss the escort 8 ladies and the survivor one… I want finish them in my PS3.

  • John Diamonon replied on September 19, 2008 at 7:51 am
    VIVA LA 8-BIT REVELUCION! (don’t think I spelled that right)
    Close enough tough. :D

  • @116 Comatoes
    No one is forcing you to buy it .
    In fact ,why do you post that ?
    If you dont care about he game , dont buy it and dont post that you dont care :D .
    I really dont get it…

  • Hi John, would there be any possibility to re-implement trophies in like what you guys are planning to do with BCR? It really is a shame that all my favorite games don’t have any trophies, and they are really challenging and requires a lot of skills (Rockman 9 is a day 1 purchase from me!) Thanks.

  • I dont know what I like more… if it’s awe news about Mega 9 or all those very kind and gentle answers to the posters. Really lovelly :)

  • Sweet. Rockman is pure win. If only the entire series could be ported en masse. (2D series that is…)

    Many night hours of my youth spent blasting through the stages of this series. A sure buy.

    And OT a sec, why does it seem like anything that is announced without trophies gets everyone all riled up? Are they really that important and awesome to have?

  • Yo is it with the same opening song.. Damn I love the tunes in the game.. Much props.. BTW when are you dudes going to bring back “UN Sqaudron” Yea I took it back there.. Whats Good?

  • Very cool. I haven’t played any form of Megaman since the NES days so I actually look forward to this. I just hope that it looks okay on my widescreen HDTV.

    Oh, and if Capcom is listening, WE WANT DEAD RISING ON PS3!

    Actually, how about an awesome PS3 exclusive Resident Evil Outbreak online with voice chat. THAT would be EPIC.

  • Man who gives an eff if it has trophies. I like trophies but its Megaman!

  • As mentioned already, I think it’d be great if the whole Mega Man Legends series would be released on the Playstation Network.

    Mega Man Legends
    The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
    Mega Man Legends 2

    Another thing that I’ve mentioned on other websites such as NeoGAF is the fact that there should be another Mega Man collection released with the release of Mega Man 9.

    Mega Man
    Mega Man 2
    Mega Man 3
    Mega Man 4
    Mega Man 5
    Mega Man 6
    Mega Man 7
    Mega Man 8 (Playstation and Sega Saturn version)
    Mega Man and Bass (Translated SNES version)
    Mega Man 9

    I’m a dreamer, I want to give you my money.

  • So MM9 will be much less, graphically, than MM8. Additionally, music will be restricted from being anywhere near CD quality (which isn’t even SD-DVD standard). There will also be no trophy support at launch. This raises two questions:

    1) Will there be a remake in the likes of BC:R for this, and/or any other Mega Man/Rockman title?

    2) Will trophy support come in the form of a patch, or will the game flat-out not support them? If not, why (when the 360 version will have achievements)?

  • can we get a new mega man on the psp they like 10 games on the ds while there only 2 in for the psp in the us!it make me sad i wish i had a sackboy to do the sad face with.

  • can we get a sackboy suit with mega man?please please please say yes this will be great to have.what do you say john d can we!?

  • John Diamonon thank you for atleast reading my comment.

  • John, I read your responses…which aren’t posts. You said you had answered everything in a previous post, you didn’t. A response to a random comment is not a post.

    But beside that technicality, did I just read that Grin plans on having the patch ready when BC launches?

    Are you ****ing kidding me? That game doesn’t even have a release date!!! YOU SAID SOON! YOU SAID WE WOULDN’T BE WAITING LONG! YOU SAID IT WOULD ARRIVE SOONER THAN WE THINK! THOSE ARE YOU WORDS! YOU LIED!

    Do you not understand how insulting it is to be promised something (something easy, trivial and simple to inplement), and then have that yanked away? I am not mad because I bought the game for trophies…the game itself is decent in its own right barring many of its flaws. It is a quality piece of software…but I was promised trophies “soon” after launch. You have not delivered, and I feel used and lied to.

    I can certainly say at this point I will not be purchasing BC when it comes out (whenever that is), and I will certainly never support another John Diamonon, Ben Judd or Grin product ever again. This is absurd, and is a cruel joke on PSN users. I’m sure BC will be a great game, but how can I play it when I know the people behind it actually don’t care about and lie to the consumers they’re selling to? I can’t, and frankly no one should. You don’t deserve it.

  • Stop crying Madman we are lucky to get the amount of info we do with the internet now a days. You must of never lived before the internet existed. We used to have to buy magazines to find out info and we couldn’t ask our own questions either be glad you get as much info as we do and get real responses.

  • Magazine info was as questionable back then as it is now. Many times they post rumors that we’ve had the privilege to see debunked by the time they print.

    Now how’s about answering the questions I posted above?

  • Yea the mags did suck I’m saying we are better off now and are lucky to get the information we do get.

  • People want to know what it looks like Google Megaman 9 PS3 not that hard.

  • Heeeey, awesome. I’m definitely looking forward to this, man. We’ve been waiting for this for 11 years, and it’s definitely gonna be worth the wait! :D

  • Holy Schnikes! Mega Man in his 8-bit glory! I have every Mega Man game there is and I can’t get enough! All these “young-uns” are spoiled – I remember Atari 2600 Adventure where your character was a square! Game play is game play is game play – you can put lipstick on a… wait, no political rhetoric here! :)

  • @134…

    I second that – Mega Sack!

  • John,

    Will there be any sort of placeholders for us with widescreen tv’s? Really not a fan of stationary black bars for hours on end burning into my tv.

    Thanks for the post!

  • I agree with psyXcho, this is an important question. I’m going to be playing the hell out of this game, and while I appreciate the 4:3 “old-school goodness,” my plasma may think differently if all I have are black bars on the sides of the screen…

    …at least include an option for 16:9, and if you don’t, then please include something for us folks not using “old-school goodness” TVs. :)

  • when is marvel vs capcom 2 on psn coming out
    i saw on the poll and it has the most votes

  • Sweet, I’ve been waiting for this game. The only way I was able to beat a lot of the older games was by using a 3rd party controller with autofire. I don’t have such a controller for the PS3. So… pretty sure my thumb is gonna fall off.

  • no trophies, no buy…..

    … UNLESS its THIS awesome, NES didnt have them so I guess your just making it that much more real right??? RIGHT???

    havent played a megaman game since megaman 2… I only ever owned 2 so that makes sence

  • You had me at “Mega Man”.

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