Mega Man 9, Coming Soon to PLAYSTATION Network

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UPDATE: Mega Man 9 coming to PSN on September 25!!

New exclusive boss artwork.
New website :

Tornado Man Jewel Man Galaxy Man Concrete Man

New game package.
Mega Man 9 coming soon to the PSN for $9.99.

Splash Woman Plug Man Magma Man Hornet Man

‘Nuff said.

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  • I know you don’t feel like posting what you posted already on the Unity Blog, but at least make us feel like we’re not just being cold called from telemarketers :(

    ps. I sure would love one of those special packages.

  • wow megaman 9
    are there zombies
    capcom= equals zombies
    resident evil
    dead rising

  • So any news on Monster Hunter for the PS3?

  • Awesome.

  • Megaman 3 was the very first video game I ever got for Christmas. It was given to my brother and I when I was like 7. It was a hit throughout the community as we spent the holidays at a friends house taking turns trying to make it through all 8 stages.

    Megaman 2 was the very first video game I ever bought with my own money, the following year after my birthday.

    I’ve been a big fan since. Like Coca-Cola, the formula has never changed and I’ll be damned if I’d want it to. It always delivers.

    (When will we hear about the future of the Megaman X series? I LOVED where you guys were going in MMX7 and then it just stopped.)

  • SWEET! Thanks for stopping by John. Seems like you must be pretty busy atm.

    “Coming soon”… the wait is KILLING me…

    • I had to leave a little early from work to catch a Hieroglyphics concert with some Sony folks. That\’s why I couldn\’t respond right away.

  • @ Keith

    You do know there’s a MMX8, right? And Inafune recently said in a Q&A session on that there will be more MMX games.

  • Any chance of getting the Mega Man X games on PSN as well? :P

  • I agree with 9, give us Dead Rising, and make it a worthy port, not like that POS you gave us in Lost Planet. Capcom has been really screwing PS3 owners this generation, remember Monster Hunter 3? We haven’t gotten crap from them.

  • I like the others would love trophies, those things are so addiciting.

    Since your from Capcom, any word on BC:R trophy patch? The waiting is killing me!

  • Do want. Right now.

  • What a tease. How soon though? Next week?

  • “nuff said”? no mention of trophies? there needs to more said.

  • @49 where have you been? Live is Live and the PSN cards are available. Give it time in this climate things can’t always go smoothly and we see what happens (Xbox 360) when things are rushed (Xbox 360).

  • Sounds interesting :)
    Would be great if it had trophy support!

  • Why not post the video? Scam. Why would you even try this after what has gone on the last couple of days?
    No, I’m wrong. A noble guy with a noble company. :(

  • @49: Um…..Life With PlayStation launched fully last night, and I can grab a PSN card from Blockbuster this instant if I wanted to.

    Next time, try having actual valid complaints.

  • I love mega man

  • I’m so getting this game the day it comes out.

  • Hello again John! This one is another cool retro game.

    I presume that this one ( you already talk about it in the past in the BC topic ) dont will have trophy support. BTW I must get anyway.

  • I am trying to tell myself that $10 is a lot to pay for a downloaded game (no box, cover, art, manual), then I remember a long time ago being a kid at the electronics store and plopping down $50 + tax for Mega Man 2.

  • Not my cup of tea. Where is my Black Tiger remake? Can’t a man get one of Capcom’s hidden gems remade for all to enjoy. I put so many hours into Black Tiger. All I want is an HD remake.

  • I’m left wondering if I should continue to support anything you are attached to John..

    …you said trophies were coming for BCR “soon”. It has been well over a month, and we haven’t heard a single word about it.

    Were you lying? I’m certain you were, but if you weren’t, be a man and actually give us details on something you promised but have since become mum about…

    …as someone who fell into your trap, I deserve an answer.

  • poy poy ps3 psn

  • It’s not going to have trophies folks..and it’s going to be hard

  • Geez people, can’t anyone these days enjoy the raw challenge of a difficult game without getting a superficial reward for it?

    I don’t get why people can’t feel some sort of personal fulfillment when they accomplish something, whether it be a difficult game or finishing college (which I just did).

    Did I expect or want a little trophy icon pop up above me when I got my diploma during graduation? No.

    When I played those hard games on my NES, I had the personal satisfaction of knowing I did something on my own. Perhaps gamers these days should too.

  • Day one purchase!

    I love Mega Man. I’m so glad you guys decided to release it on our network as well.

    Just one question, will it run on HD or will it be regular SD? I love the direction you guys went with (8-bit) I just hope it’s 8-bit @ 1080p or even 720p.

    Anyhow, day one purchase for sure.

  • John D., long time no see. Anyway, for starters, I’m disappointed in your tales of BC:R, they undermined its greatness. That aside, I’m happy to see you back here, I’m gonna buy this game so fast it’ll make someone’s head spin…

    And to all those people trying to hassle Sony right here, it’s the Capcom guy’s time right now, direct all Sony comments to their respective posts, i.e. a Sony post…

    John, you should come around more often…

  • @tangy_orange

    i have some i just finished college cookies, if you would like some.

    heh heh

  • @76: I see where you’re coming from, but let’s take your argument form, take it one step higher, and see if it still has merit.

    Games I played in the NES days had no online play, no online leaderboards, no hi-def graphics, no custom soundtracks, and certainly no auto save. If a game had a glitch, then it had a glitch. No patches to improve performance or fix issues; you just had to deal with it. The systems back then played games and THAT’S IT. There were no additional features added over time either; the console you originally purchased was the exact same when you eventually retired it.

    All that was acceptable back then, so certainly it’s acceptable now, right?

    Of course not.

    Again, I see where you’re coming from, but gaming, for better or for worse, has changed. Features unheard of when gamers like us were growing up have become expected in new titles. Trophies are an example of this.

    And about the graduation comment…you DID get a trophy. They just called it a diploma.

  • Lol who said WII only :-D Very nice!!!

  • I just hope it holds up to the standards of the original megaman games. I was kinda disappointed in the megamanX series as each game got progressively crappier.

    I also noticed that jewel man looks a whole lot like top man, concrete man looks just like stone man, magma man looks like napalm man, and plug man has strong resemblance to gravity man. Dr. Wiley’s stretching his creativity pretty thin… Now that I’ve confessed my nerdiness to the world, good night.

  • What’s Mega Man 9?

  • no thanks, ok for old game redone like bionic command rearmed. aren’t you enough happy with the gamecube.. huh, sorry, with the Wii which offer you to develop ugly games for 37$$ 21 cents ? now you even want people buy 8 bit (do it in 10 days) game on next-gen console !! ?? no thanks.

  • Happy to see this is on the PSN as well ( :’,

  • Shortest blog post evar!

    …I like your style lol

  • How informative! Thanks! :D LMAO #12! :D

  • @Chip14, er… I guess you’ve never played a Megaman game before :-?

    Its great to see that you guys give so much attention to the PSN. For a moment I thought PSN would be forgotten once WII Ware was released but I’m glad I was totally wrong :-)

  • Lol, love your style, that was great. Huge MegaMan fan

  • no Monster Hunter for PS3 (no Wii-Port of course), no love for capcom
    sry :/

  • How are the Bionic Commando trophies coming along?

  • I wish Capcom would do another Maveric Hunter remake like the psp one… that game was Sweet! That and a Monster Hunter on the ps3!

  • Any In-game music XMB support? I’m sure its not hard to include it since its a 8bit game ;)

  • I have never seen someone at the blog answer so many comments as you John. Very nice work!

  • Jeff, will the pictures in your post be available to use as an avatar for my PSN account?

  • I have a question about the development of this retro style game. How long does it take to make an 8-bit game nowdays? Is it possible to pump these out every few months?

    How much of the staff that worked on this title has worked on one of the original Mega Man 1-6?

    Oh and I’m definitely buying this.

  • lol after flipping threw ALL the comments and the same questions over and over again i can tell you one thing i can’t wait to get back to oldschool megaman totally think they should make some Megaman 4 Goodness on the PSN sometime.

  • Kotaku used to run something called ‘Justify your game’.

    Please…Justify $10 for a straight port when other ported ‘classics’ on PSN are generally $5.

  • @ DemonicMember

    “All this content is great;”

    Yes it is. The PSN may not have quantity but it has a lot of quality.

    “I bought my psp-1001 for a promised launch title of GT4 Mobile…Can you say Vapor Ware?”

    I’ll agree with you on that, although did they ever actually say launch title?

    “Home was announced March 07 i think, its been delayed how many times now?”

    A few, but better that then have something released before it was ready and tarnishing the PSN’s reputation. It’s open beta soon and probably launches fully March 09, a two-year development turn around isn’t too bad for such an ambitious project. They were probably forced to announce it sooner than they would have liked to get some momentum going.

    “PSN Cards… long you guys been talking about them? I dont have a credit card; I would love to blow random cash on PSN but I can’t.”

    So why don’t you go to your local Blockbuster and buy a $20 or $50 PSN Card?

    “Life with playstation… Delayed… Launched by accident… pulled why not just let it go live?”

    Released a few days early and released official yesterday, hardly a major issue?

    “This is frustrating us. Could you guys possibly start making some realistic launch schedules; or just stop telling us about things until they are actually ready?”

    That’s the way the industry works? Consumers and investors want to know what studios are working on and an idea when they will be out (although no one can predict the future perfectly), it also builds up hype and media attention. Most of the games I buy I first heard about years ago! That’s what E3 and the other shows are there for! Same with movies, if you look you can see what all the major films of 2009, 2010 and even 2011 and 2012 will be!!!

  • P.S. I much prefer a short and sweet announcement post followed by a Q&A session spanning a couple of comment pages rather than a long post that doesn’t answer your question and a poster that doesn’t read the comments.

    Props to John D for taking the time to reply to fans rather than taking the time drafting a long blog post I say!!!

    This post probably contains the most “red replies” I’ve ever seen!

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