PS3 Firmware update (v2.43)

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Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up about PS3 firmware update (v2.43). Unlike previous updates, firmware v2.43 is specific to the Japan region, and only PS3 users there will be required to
install the update. PS3 users in all other regions will not be prompted to download v2.43. However, if you manually initiate a firmware update by clicking on “System Update” under the XMB’s Settings icon, the v2.43 update will be available, regardless of where you are located.

Users outside of Japan do not need to perform this update if your PS3 system software is on version v2.41 or later. However if you do perform the update, it will not cause any issues with your system or add any new functionality.

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  • If you’re not from Japan, then it doesn’t really concern you. I don’t see why everyone freaks out about an update that isn’t even for your region. It most likely fixes something region related with users in Japan. There certainly wouldn’t be this many complaints if it was U.S only to fix a region issue.

  • thanks for the update on the ugh… update! wonder what this adds for Japan. is there anyone from Japan here that knows?


  • To quote the Japanese PlayStation site:


    Rough translation:
    Functionality was added on the Japanese Playstation Store to support the download of rental contents. From Wednesday, September 24, it will be possible to download carefully selected high-quality titles such as Anime which all game users can enjoy, in a rental format that makes them viewable for a limited time.

    — this is the only functionality it says has been added.

  • So it does nothing for us in North America. Jeff good work on moderating the comments. These kids get out of hand.

  • i like everything you are doing sony because you are doing everything perfectly thanks for answering all our feedbacks and sharing your time with us you really deserve a credit for that
    but what does this update do in japan ?
    of course something gooood

  • oh thanks tozza for clearing the air

  • Thanks for the info, hopefully Life With Playstation, and Video support for Canada will be next :)

    Life is fun when u have a delaystation3

  • I downloaded just because I want a higher firmware number. Makes me feel we’re getting closer to 2.50 :)

  • @47 Bullettoothtommy

    i agree with your sentiments that the .mkv container is supported, it would make my life alot easier, too!

    but i’m still loving my divx/avi files streaming!

    (btw- @*your name* lock stock and 2 smoking barrels was a great movie!)

  • @53 tozza-

    great detective work! thanks! now we know what it is, so that the Japanese gamers can use their version of the video store!

    @Jeff…no disrespect meant, but just wondering why you guys just couldn’t have answered that question, instead of having an inquisitive gamer himself figure it out?

    maybe you guys at the blog weren’t told what it was either?

    anyway, thanks again tozza for clearing this up!

  • Doesn’t sound like it did much for Japanese folks either, heh.

    Now for the obligatory feature requests:

    1) Please add MKV (Matroska) container support, it’s an open/free specification and doing pretty well at replacing AVI as the standard for distributing video.

    2) Please add FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) support. My specific request is support for music files encoded with FLAC, but I’d also like to see FLAC recognized as a valid audio format inside MKV for video files (obviously MKV needs to be added too for that part to work).

    2.1) If you guys do add FLAC, make sure to support the tags/metadata available (so stuff like artist/album/track/disc/genre/etc. will all work).

    Thanks, and lets get more updates more often, I miss the good old days. =)

  • @60 FritoZ

    No worries. I don’t like those first few hours after an update where no one knows exactly what an update does or doesn’t do. All the same, in the end, it won’t affect anyone outside Japan.

  • thanks so much for the info

  • urgh i dont understand how to get a gravatar to work..

  • Still waiting on 2.50 then… :(

  • This may be a little off-topic, but all you Life with Playstation fanatics can now calm down. Update folding@home, it is now available.

  • @6
    I have been deleted the first post as well, but on a different post a while ago.
    It’s sought of obvious….. they want good comments on top because that is where people first glance… duh Sony.

  • Since this post is about updates, I would like to ask if it’s at all possible in the near future to be able to “Group” our friends list. FOr example have a certain amount of users under a group names “Resistance” others for lets say Socom. Having a list full of people is a bit of a pain to navigate while trying to remember who plays what. Yes I know it displays the name of the game under their ID but they dn’t always play the same game.

    Also, if Noel happens to read this post (he often pops out of nowhere) any word on a PSP version of the Graffitti theme? I know you guys are busy and all, but last I read you would ask the team and what not. Since I don’t have a way of being updated on the status of the possible theme I have to ask here sorry. If anyone else reads this message please pass it on to Noel?

  • I went to start Folding@Home, and my PS3 said a newer version of F@H was available… I downloaded it, and it said that F@H has been renamed Life with Playstation. It now has the functionality of Life with Playstation, while doing the folding in the background.

  • Life with Playstation is out if you goto the Folding@Home icon and update, then update again.

    Was this because I installed the 2.43 update or is it out for everyone?

  • So whats the point of this update? Let us know! You don’t own our PS3s to just tell us download this or that.

    You have to let us know what it is that we are downloading.

    …another cry for more trophy support

    Can you please convince the GT team in Japan to do trophy support for GT5P? These are guys who need some serious convincing on matters. Look, they still haven’t delivered GT for PSP (the reason I bought a PSP for).


  • @Americanwizard
    Did you download the 2.43 update?

  • @PSPsGTghOost,
    Its for Japanese PS3s only. If you download it, it will do nothing. But then again I just heard this from the Playstation.Blog…

  • @ThomasAnthony
    No, I was just finishing up a film and setting up F@H for the night. I was as surprised as anyone.

  • Good, the lesser the updates the better!!! I don’t feel like updating my PS3 every single 4 weeks, since it can do no good either.

  • Playstaion network hates me right now wont let me log in.

  • My Folding@HOME doesn’t prompt me for an update. No “Life with Playstation” for me :o(

  • I’m seeing all the reports of LwP being out, but F@H is updated to version 1.31 and seems to want to stay that way. Deleted it, re-installed, and updated and it’s STILL 1.31.

    You guys that have it, what time zone are you in? Maybe that makes a difference. Pacific here.

  • Pacific Here as well nothing

  • East coast here… and nothing happening here…

  • I’m in Milwaukee, WI CST (2am atm) and am getting tired.
    My PSN is tomstockmail, unsure of what it says.

    It is out. Nothing too spectacular, I look forward to more channels.

    I did notice the cloud coverage is live and reassured it here:

    Thats pretty sweet. Can there be an option to see coverage when its dark out? I can look at the Minneapolis and slightly north area clouds and get an idea of whats coming my way here in Milwaukee pretty well.

  • Europe (Italy) here. Stuck with Folding 1.31 as well. No Life with PlayStation update.

  • There went that theory.

    They probably pulled it off the sever for some reason.

  • “Jeff Rubenstein replied on September 14, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    We’ll have an update for you on LWP soon, but not tomorrow.”

    Its not tomorrow anymore its the day after, damn you Jeff! and your clever words. i prefer the unknown hype on the blog/system anyways. Who doesn’t love surprises

  • I’m Mountain Time right now (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada). I don’t know when it went live for me, but it was there at about 12:15 (it’s now shortly after 1:00), as I said, when I started up F@H. Sorry I can’t give more information.

  • @84: No worries; thanks for the intel.

  • I replied to you guys but I have this at the moment
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    Because I linked to weather data praising about the live cloud coverage.

    I’m in CST, USA. The download was 128MB or so in a normal download screen, and it is after you download the really small folding@home update.

    My PSN is tomstockmail.

  • Still, on the other hand, you don’t so proper release notes, so this could be useful regardless.

    I remember an update that supposedly made games and blu-rays work better that updated the bluetooth stack and made my keyboard sync perfectly.

  • Okay, I might be late to party on tihs, but why is Life With Playstation showing up now, if there was no update for 2.43 in the US Region?

  • Because 2.43 has NOTHING to do with the PS3 firmware.

  • Why did some people get Life With PlayStation and some didn’t? Please Answer this question.

  • @90: The scientific answer is “No one has a damn clue.”

  • @DonRWatters
    You can download the 2.43 update if you’d like, and it was only after that is when I tried folding and saw the life with playstation update.

    Goto System Update.

  • Don’t bother; I had 2.43 before there was even a blog post about it, and I don’t have LwP either.

  • no LwP in europe.

    i remember some sony vip on e3 who made some promises: LwP will be out in august!


  • wow so I just updated my ps3 with this update, and it kept turning off by itself and beeping at me if I tried to do something (i tried to play music and folding@home) and after the 3rd time it turned off something happened to the hard drive and I had to reformat it… but good thing I had my stuff backed up on an external drive, so its restoring as i type. but yeah now I dont trust this update, even tho above says “it will not cause any issues”. so scary :( my heart was pumping like crazy lol but I hope everything will be ok

    has this happened to anybody else on here? that downloaded this update? and is from the US.

    i should’ve not even downloaded it if i didn’t need it in the first place :/

  • @96
    No, the update worked fine for me and I got in LwP.

  • Ok and what does it do in japan?

  • @ Al or Jeff. I’d like to know when will be fixed the problems between bluetooth headsets and certain games (bluetooth connection freeze after one/two rounds). Thanks.

  • cool will be updating later on..
    hey Jeff.. any news on Life with PlayStation?

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