PS3 Firmware update (v2.43)

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Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up about PS3 firmware update (v2.43). Unlike previous updates, firmware v2.43 is specific to the Japan region, and only PS3 users there will be required to
install the update. PS3 users in all other regions will not be prompted to download v2.43. However, if you manually initiate a firmware update by clicking on “System Update” under the XMB’s Settings icon, the v2.43 update will be available, regardless of where you are located.

Users outside of Japan do not need to perform this update if your PS3 system software is on version v2.41 or later. However if you do perform the update, it will not cause any issues with your system or add any new functionality.

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  • Well that answers some questions.

    I’m updated with a US PS3, so I’m glad it won’t cause any problems.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Thanks for the quick post. ^_^

  • Sounds cool. But what does it do exactly? Is it the usual game playability enhancing update?

  • The RSS-Feed name it 2.42

    But the outside world can still be connected with the japanese players or?

  • Downloaded anyway, nice to have the latest version.

  • Sony, why did you delete my first comment posting about your mistake?

  • Will it fix my broken PS3 *Crosses Fingers*

    No Im just joking, but seriously Im really sad that PS3 broke the way it did 3 days ago…

  • Be waiting for ours some more I guess. :-p

  • Out of curiosity, what does it do to Japanese systems?

  • @7

    Yours broke too? Mine did as well, and Sony is making me pay for it.

  • Bummer :(, Oh well. Hopefully an american update will come out soon.

  • Started download already…so I’ll just complete it..

    FOund it odd that I could still sign in when the update was out…
    Thx for the clarification post…

  • What does the update do?I know it doesn’t add any new feature but does it smooth out the XMB, make it load up faster?That would be great.

  • What does it actually do for Japan though?

    I’m dying to know!

  • Hope in the next update Sony fix the clock/battery gauge positions since currently they are exactly the same place. Which genius allowed that to happen?

  • uhh where are the new features
    will get any new features

  • Why are the firmware updates region specific? I got all jitterd up when I heard of it and now I know how that one guy felt on the Breakfest Club for getting cigarettes for Christmas now lol. Anyways thats for clearing up what the FW update was about.

  • Thanks for the post guys, always a pleasure. Anything to keep people from spamming the blog and asking what it does. :)

  • home411 | September 16th, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Sony, why did you delete my first comment posting about your mistake?
    Jeff Rubenstein’s Avatar
    Jeff Rubenstein replied on September 16, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    because you were complaining about looking stupid. Do as you will.

    LOL!!! Stupid is what stupid does….

  • Holy Crap!!! I was updating my PS3 and half way through the picture on my TV started to flicker and make crackling sounds. Everything seems to be ok, but I think my PS3 is trying to kill my TVs. The other day I was playing R2 beta, and my HDTV sounded like it exploded, and what do you know the color wheel in it shattered! Now this is happening to my SDTV. What the hell is going on?!?!

  • Awesome! Thanks for the headsup!

  • “because you were complaining about looking stupid. Do as you will.”


  • version.txt and history.txt are awesome implicit standards. Even if we get nothing I am sure curious as to what our Eastern friends are getting.

  • am i the only person who liked updates every 3 weeks like last year lol. its boring with every few months this year lol. hopefully we will get that life with playstation app soon.

  • Wow! I was really “enjoying” Life with Playstation last month and am really enjoying it this month too. I think I will really be enjoying next month also. sigh…

  • eeek! i’m downloading already i should’ve read this post before i did but i guess since you guys said nothing will happen i hope you guys keep your words

  • Hey Jeff,
    for the past 2 days I’ve been getting a weird error. My PS3 would freeze, I would restart it, then it shows me a screen saying “Rebuilding Hard Disk Data” or something around those lines. Do you have any idea what this may be? Last time it happened was about 20 mins ago while I was trying to access the PS Store straight from Folding@Home. It didnt delete anything so I’m not alarmed, but at first it was very scary.
    Thanks Jeff, if you read this.

  • @myself (#4)

    The RSS-Feed name it now 2.43… good job, Sony!!

  • hehe ok it finished IT IS SAFE TO DO SO like they said ^^ I just hope it doesn’t screw up the upcoming update 4.25 or whatever >.<

  • Funny enough at the beginning of the year sony said that there will be “Fewer Updates, but with more Content” and sadly the opposite has happened.

    All i want is in game music FOR EVERY GAME, and i wouldn’t even care if there wasn’t any other updates for the rest of the ps3’s lifespan.

  • Why bother telling us? I mean aside from the fact that sites would report a mysterious unforced install lurking about. Will this update never be applied here and if not why not? I believe you’ve sparked more questions addressing the update than you would have by not telling us(who don’t ‘need’ it)

  • lol. jeff owns once again….

    OT: thanks for the heads-up

  • Every so often when I turn my system on I check for firmware updates. This evening I did the same and it said that v2.43 was available – I clicked on download blah, blah, blah. While it’s downloading I came here to see what’s new with 2.43 and the first thing I read is “firmware v2.43 is specific to the Japan region, and only PS3 users there will be required to
    install the update…if you do perform the update, it will not cause any issues with your system or add any new functionality.” If it’s region specific and the Sony site knows where I’m located through my IP why would it even show up / be available in North America ?

  • jeff u said a few days ago there woud be some update i believe about life with playstation.any date with the update i mean news?

  • Cool, thanks for heads up, and hopefully people will pick up on it on other sites, as to spread the word, and avoid any confusion. Any particular reason why this is a region specific update though Jeff? Just out of curiousity? I assume it probably has something to do with security on their servers, or something, or a language coding issue, but I’m just always interested to hear about this stuff when I can. Thanks!

  • hmmmmm…what secret stuff is in store for the Japanese PS3 owners?

    Maybe pre-Home stuff? Maybe it’s an anti-epileptic seizure algorithm, for queasy FPS Japanese gamers?

    Maybe now the Japanese PS3’s will have Ginsu Tech to slice and dice sushi as you play?

    hopefully more details will arrive soon!

    thanks for the heads up!

  • @33, I believe that is to make sure that the two regions don’t have conflicting firmwares running about as they go. In other words, if they make this 2.43 an official release, it is technically worldwide release because if only one region has it, then it throws the other regions (and gamers who play against those in said regions) a slew of tech problems. I think. Don’t quote me on it though…heh.

  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • Jeff are you going to fix the play list and folder problem in future updates? Like being able to tranfer a play list you made in windows media player 11 to ps3. Because right now when you tranfer a play list to the ps3 it just scatters in different folders it doesn’t stay in the folder you were tranfering it in. Which really gets annoying. If you need further information on this let me know i can tell you the problem.

  • wtf…we dont need it, but we can still download it?

  • Ok. But whats the new features for Japan?

  • I downloaded it. Figured, “What the hell.”

  • Does this update let the PS3 play JRPGs? Clearly Sony rather spend time with useless udpates, then actually bringing out exclusive games.

  • So, What does it do for JAPAN? I appreciate the heads up, but seriously not really that helpful or informative. I mean generally speaking it helps me to realize that a firmware that I was going to download no matter what is at least not going to hurt my PS3 and SONY said so right up there so if I install it and it does well I know who to come and speak with… j/k I have another one and if it breaks I’ll just use that one.

    Also, with all of the issues with FW lately how can you be so sure that it won’t hurt anyone?… I mean obviously I am sure you are referring to the fact that it won’t damage PS3’s by nature, but all updates have the potential of causing system issues.. Don’t they JEFF? I think we both know the correct answer to that one. My only honest question left is.. WHY can US people download it!?!?
    PS3’s are region coded. If you have a US region coded BD player/PS3 then you should not be prompted to download the Firmware. Regardless of whether or not you live in the US this should be an easy thing to do. The Serial and MAC address on the PS3’s are what determine your region for system and BD-Player(correct me if I’m wrong) I think it would be pretty simple to allow or disallow the availability of and update based upon MAC address. We don’t get prompted to download the DEV Firmware when those are released..

  • Why did you(sony) make a firmware update that only does stuff for japan …and make it available to download everywhere else?

  • @Zorox

    Disgaea 3 was just released. Eternal Sonata in October. White Knight Chronicles is coming in December, 25th to be exact, in Japan anyway.

  • since we’re on the firware page… i would like to please ask if you guys could ADD .MKV support.. it would make a great difference to a lot of people..

    It would be awesome to not having to transcode with MKV2Vob it would save people a lot of time.. and it would keep the great hd quality of .mkv

    well just throwing it out there.. thanks for reading.

  • Does this update fix the friends list?

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    Any idea when the Folding program will be updated with the Life With PlayStation program?

  • @ Response to #6 (Jeff)

    Hilarious! XD By the way, Jeff, I want to thank you for the great interviews and features we’ve been getting lately- I know you’re behind that and I certainly enjoy all the cool stuff you provide us with. If any of the developers are reading this, thanks to you all as well. :D

    Until next time.

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