The PSB, & Insomniac Weekly Recap

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No Killzone 2 update this week… fortunately Insomniac picks up the slack.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

Insomniac - FullMoonShow

Courtesy of Bryan Intihar – Community Manager, Insomniac Games

    I recently posted a new blog over at the Insomniac Games developer’s website. I talk about the “jazz hands” process, my experience at PAX, the Resistance private/public beta, and even dish out a few details regarding the next R2 trailer. Check it out at

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  • Jeff you should add a poll, or a story where PS3 owners can tell you guys what features they want to see in future firmware updates.

  • Jeff,

    Is there any more info on home? I also heard there will be weekly waves. (tho this week was nothing…)

    I am also hoping tomorrow info on Life with Playstation will be released… (as in it saying it will come out this tuesday) ;)

  • “Any possible way you can send a word to Jack Tretton? Tell him I’m a big fan of him and he’s an awesome guy!”


    Idem :-) Yeah tell mister teddy bear how much we love him :-D *crowd goes HAH??*… Never mind :-P

  • Any chance the friends-list can get bigger? I’m nearly to 100 friends and hate to throw out people :-(

  • is there going to be a point for trophies? i mean theyre fun, i’m at level 5. but i’m really hoping my hard work gets me something. special access or SOMETHING. please tell me theres more in the pipeline for rewarding us for trophies

  • @ freeluv – they’ve already said that the point system from trophies will be retroactive in home. They wouldn’t have added the gamer score or leveling up if it didn’t have a purpose. So you can bank on the fact that it will produce something other than just for looks.


  • @ 56

    Eric Lempel said in P:ToM that they have a plan for rewarding gamers with a high level. That is all they have said thus far. I have a feeling they have something pretty special planned. I think they’re waiting until more games have trophies. There are still a lot of people who don’t have a single trophy. Me, I have 108 trophies. I’m ready.

  • yea! you guys do a poll somewhere around here to allow fans/consumers to see what type of updates we want to see in Firmwares. That would be awesome ~

  • In that case I need more games with trophies :-D

  • Consumer Services don’t respond on weekend or on holidays so either way, I’m losing pretty much over 24 hours of playing time. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

  • @ Natie
    Well don’t buy the game. Then Sony loses reveue they could have had if they would have been smart and given you the beta code.
    Try Warhawk instead. That game rocks.

  • this was a great weekly recap… thanks for the info and the hard work

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