The PSB, & Insomniac Weekly Recap

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No Killzone 2 update this week… fortunately Insomniac picks up the slack.

Courtesy of David “Point Man” Brothers

Insomniac - FullMoonShow

Courtesy of Bryan Intihar – Community Manager, Insomniac Games

    I recently posted a new blog over at the Insomniac Games developer’s website. I talk about the “jazz hands” process, my experience at PAX, the Resistance private/public beta, and even dish out a few details regarding the next R2 trailer. Check it out at

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  • Socom wasent that good I was expecting more but we will see. =|

  • where’s eric? it’s been a while we haven’t heard of him..let him know we miss him

  • Hey jeff, just a few questions?
    Any update on life with playstation?

    Will Socom be recieving another patch besides 1.1?

    and has it been announce yet when burnout will be on the psn store?

    • As soon as we have an update with LwP, I promise you\’ll see it here first.

      As for your second question, would carry that info. I haven\’t heard anything.

      Official word is still \”this Fall\”, but when the Criterion guys are back on the blog next friday, please feel free to ask them.

      Don\’t forget, their free bikes patch goes live on Thursday!

  • hey thanks for the info, and yea some more info on life with playstation would be nice.

  • Why are you not able to link the links as a target”new”… i want that the pages open in a new window.. i hate right-click >.<

  • I know it’ll never happen but everyone who bought Jeopardy should be given a refund. It’s probably the worst game on PSN right now. I can’t believe you guys charged $15 for it. Even Go! Sports Ski had higher production values and it was only $2.99!

  • @Jeff
    sorry Jeff i now it is of the topic but is very

    The PSN stors for KSA and UAE is down.
    i have more than 30 of my friends in these counters did not manage to log to the PSN.

    Every time they try to open playstation store its said error and you are sing out and its gives thiem this Error Code(80710B24)
    can you kindly check back white sony to addres this problem.

  • I still haven’t recieved my Socom Beta from Qore, what’s the Deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Jeff
    sorry Jeff i now it is of the topic but it is very important:

    The PSN stors for KSA and UAE is down.
    i have more than 30 of my friends in these counters did not manage to log to the PSN.

    Every time they try to open playstation store its said error and you are sing out and its gives thiem this Error Code(80710B24)
    can you kindly check back white sony to addres this problem.

  • Still no news of Wipeout HD nor Life with Playstation ? :'(

  • i was gone all week, so this is an especially interesting weekly recap for me!

    btw- the new PAIN amusement park is great!

    Oh, and people should check out Mercs2, it’s a pretty fun game, kinda rough around the edges and the characters repeat dialogue too much, but i’m really digging the multiple ways to finish any mission..

    thanks Jeff for the recap-

  • Got 11 trophies this week.

  • Got Qore 1 but no beta code for socom? there is no help for this ether. just so you know. but I was wondering I got Qore 1 for free via PTOM. And was wondering if we were still able to recive an invite? I thought all you had to do was download episode 1 of Qore.

  • Hey Jeff,

    The PSN trophy feature seems empty. Please get some big titles released so far to support it. Like..

    All PS3 Insomniac games

    That’s all. Its not a impossible list.

    Why dont you respond Jeff, Mr. Social Manager? Your hands tied on the matter?

    • Yep, I\’ve got no power over Konami or Take Two. Well, or Insomniac Games. Though I know that the Insom guys are super busy tying up R2 right now (which will have Trophies). Next time I see the team (soon), I\’ll be sure to echo the sentiment.

  • @14
    Quit sounding like a pretentious brat.Honestly,this blog has nothing but a bunch of do nothing whiners sometimes.

  • Can we please have the release date for WipEout HD now? Please? Maybe at least the release date OF the release date?

  • Thanks Jeff.

    Been a busy weeks with new games and Sony is sure keeping me busy.

    I should be cleaning up and here I am playing games..oh well, the cleaning comes later.

  • Nice info! Thanks for the update.

    I can’t wait for motorcycle BURNOUT!


  • any update on Life With Playstation… very eager about that.

  • Any trophies for Guitar Hero:World Tour maybe.

  • can i ask why is the uk getting resistance 2 so much later than the usa?

  • A bunch of us ordered Qore ep 1 and still have not received a beta code…..we were wondering if we could get a status update for this. Thanks

  • Please release “Afrika” in US/PAL Regions :(

  • Jeff, could you kindly let us know when to expect the Wipeout HD update that you mentioned since there wasn’t one this week?

  • please update the ps3’s flash player it would be great. and also thanks for everything the system is so sh#$. go sony

  • @6

    I agree. Jeopardy is a horrible game.

  • I think the Pain update was really good. I love that game and I love the fact that the people behind PAIN are constantly communiticating with the fans on a persentant basis. Oh and the burnout bike update looks great as well.

    I do got a question for Jeff. Since you are the Soical Media Manager, do you have a team of people or assistants helping you manage the social media? Would you happen to need more help in the coming weeks? I only ask because I am a FPQA Game Test Analysis over at the 989 buliding with a contract is nearing its end. To work with the gaming public and other gaming media sites is something I am interested in plus I am a college graduate with a degree in sociology and marketing. Sorry if it sounds kinda desprate but I love working at Sony and I want to keep working here for as long as I can. I am sure you understand that hahahah.

    • Come over to 919 and we\’ll talk. Or we can meet at the Safeway, LOL. You know how to get ahold of me, I presume.

  • Well This is a good year for the PS3 thats for sure. But please tell me that the PSP is getting another SOCOM game, and some other big name third party games! We need Sony to line up more exclusive PSP third party games for the system!

    Get COD on the machine with the same combat system as the one Sony Bend is useing right now on Resistance: Retrobution, get a Battlefield game (not like BC because the PSP can’t handle it) But at least like SOCOM, but with vehicles!

    With the PSP getting PSN this year, it’s time to make a big and large push for the PSP in the online games department!

  • y such a l8 release dat 4 resistance in uk??????????????? i cnt wait nearly another month wen us will have it arrrrrrrrrh

  • Very disappointing :(. Better luck down the road :) with first party games, but it seems the quality is far from even what we had last year. The talent pool in SCE is at it’s lowest in a decade.

  • WipeOut HD release date please.
    We were promised an update last week but there wasn’t one.

  • I have Qore Episode 1 but did not get a Socom beta code!

  • @enewtabie:

    Whats your problem? What you dont like trophies?

    You sound tired of hearing people. Why not you shut off your computer moniter and return to your cave.


  • It’s been like almost 26hours from the time that Qore Beta people should have recieved their Beta code via email. And I haven’t recieved it yet, what’s the deal? This is some bull!!

  • I can’t wait for Socom / the mic to come out, I think I am more excited about the mic than I am the game.

  • Hey Jeff you definitely tell slant six that socom is working pretty good as far as latency issues go. Haven’t been able to tear myself away from it for too long. Looking forward to the release and I must say. Nice to see the blog in it’s originality… Do YOU play Socom Jeff?

  • This has been an exciting week, but I still do not have my SOCOM Beta code.

  • where can i find psn cards
    will stores like best buy or circuit city have them
    i also preordered littlebigplanet the sticker book is awesome makes me feel like i am five

  • quick question,has nothing to do with this.why in madden 09 they have the new roster update and tom brady is hurt for the season with his knee injury and they have that in the game but they might as well have not put him in the third string slot as injured because he plays like he is god in the game when he is hurt.

  • I too have not got mine yet. According to this we should get the codes tommorow.

  • We should get the codes by tommorow at 5.


    Hi, Folks-

    To those who did not get your Beta code email, I want to apologize. We have been looking into the problem all day to try to figure out what was going on. I won’t go into the gory details, but we discovered that there was a technical problem that prevented some of the emails from going out. The people responsible are working on the problem now and have told me that they will reblast those emails by 5:00 PDT tomorrow afternoon. I’m sorry, but it will take them that long to get it all sorted out, set up and arranged.

    I am so sorry that you missed the first couple of days of Beta but technical issues sometimes happen. All we can do is try to correct the problem and that’s what we are doing. If you were affected by this glitch, it should be resolved for you by tomorrow evening.

    If you are getting your Beta download for subscribing to QORE, that will not be available until this Friday. We’ll have more details on that soon.

    Once again, I apologize for this problem.


  • I accept apology and patiently await me code thanks.

  • Wait a minuite that was a week old….

  • @Jeff-

    I was flyfishing with my dad and his buddies on the Pine River near Durango, Colorado…

    thanks for asking!

    and thanks for having the infinite patience it takes to run/moderate this blog!

  • I wonder if Hurricane Ike had something to do with this….

  • The Socom beta is disappointing! I’m in the beta and the game looks only okay. Graphically, it’s poor considering its a PS3 title. I will still buy the $60 bundle for the bluetooth headset \=^. I’ll keep the official Sony bluetooth headset and I’ll ebay the poorly done Socom bluray. I’m a big Socom fan but this one is not worth the money. My best advice is for Sony to push this title back as far as possible in order to deliver some quality.

  • Jeff, awesome update. I missed few things.

    Any possible way you can send a word to Jack Tretton? Tell him I’m a big fan of him and he’s an awesome guy! Whenever you can tell him tho’, thanks man and great blog ~

  • This is what you have trained for.
    Time to gear up, soldier:

    – Go to the PLAYSTATION(R)Network Icon on the PLAYSTATION(R)3
    XMB(TM) (XrossMediaBar)
    – Select “Account Management”
    – Select “Transaction Management”
    – Choose “Redeem PLAYSTATION(R)Network Card or Promotion Code”
    – Enter the code (below)
    – Click “Continue”
    – The download will be available on the next screen

    Here is your SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta Promotion Code:


  • Ghostm ARE YOU FOR REAL DUDE. You think it doesn’t look good, well thats because it’s A BETA! You shouldn’t expect too much for a beta and if you were a TRUE SOCOM FAN (like myself) things like that don’t make a whole lot of difference. I personally think it looks great and plays very well, just wish that when sniping you could “Hold you Breath” like in all previous Socom’s. Heck if you’re going to just sell the game why not give it to “Child’s Play” so that some sick kid somewhere could enjoy it…. my 2 cents worth.

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