SOCOM: Confrontation Deploys for Qore Subscribers Tomorrow

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What are you playing this weekend? If you’re a Qore subscriber, I’m confident that the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation beta is in your plans. How do you get in? just posted this nugget:

Greetings all Qore Episode 1 and Annual Customers,

We have some great news for you – the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation public beta is scheduled to be available tomorrow afternoon (think 5:00 PM PST) to all that purchased Episode 01 of Qore and that became Qore Annual Subscribers as of Episode 01. Please note that you will not be able to download the SOCOM: Confrontation beta through the Episode 01 Download Center – you can only gain access by using the SOCOM: Confrontation Beta Promotion Code that is being emailed to you tomorrow.
Once you receive the email containing your Promotion Code:

* Go to the PLAYSTATION Network Icon on the PLAYSTATION3 XMB (XrossMediaBar)
*Select “Account Management”
* Select “Transaction Management”
* Choose “Redeem PLAYSTATION Network Card or Promotion Code”
* Enter the code (below)
* Click “Continue”

The download will be available on the next screen

Sound good? Keep an eye on your mailboxes.

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  • Will they email the pass at midnight like the pre-order codes?

  • Nooo!!!! 5PM!!!
    That’s too late to wait :(
    Oh well…

  • we test and they fix it… that’s why is beta lol… no really, people, try to remember the beta of warhawk…. warhawk in the beta was a mess, but really a mess and look what’s now.

  • The game is crap just to let everyone know.

  • I have not tried it yet. I canceled my reserve after the fly over on the blog. I’ll check it out later. The Year of PlayStation3, is now the Year of the Have and Have Not. This is how you take the air out of the sail folks.

  • Yall are going to love it. It has everything that COD4 was missing. Such as tactical gameplay, community, competitive gameplay. Oh yea don’t forget your headset, just about 95% of the community uses them, something else that was missing in cod4 :) But make no mistakes about it Socom is a different beast, don’t go in expecting Cod4. Think like a Seal :)

  • cool socom confrontation its a very nice game ^^

  • I really hate how I get these special ‘bonuses’ in Qore, and then I can’t access them. It really gives us the feeling that Qore is broken, seriously. I was excited to play the Motorstorm demo, and then oops, it’s not available. STOP BEING A TEASE SONY!!!

  • Great more LAG. They (/6) better fix the lag in this game otherwise they are going to have an Epic Fail on their hands and maybe even worse. Hey Jeff can you ask Seth Luisi to put me back on the socom blog. I’m half and half torn between buying this game or not. Some people were real jerks to me on that blog. One went so far as to look up my personal email addy and my facebook page and send me THREATS through there. DEMONIZER I hope you get banned because of that.

    Do your job guys. Get the lag switchers out of OUR games.

  • what time are the e-mails going out?

  • @60, 5PM PST.

  • The whole point of the beta is to test the servers and get that stuff straightened out before the actual game hits. You should expect lag, framerate drops, and disconnects in the beta. That being said, if any of these issues are not resolved by the final game then Slant Six will have a HUGE problem.

    SOCOM is one game you do NOT want to screw up.

  • AWESOME!! Can’t wait to play some SOCOM finally!!!!

  • Wow… i’m so glad I have to pay to get access to demos and betas.

  • Bring it on! Weekend scheduled!

  • Beating a dead horse here but its a beta. The only issues with this game are the latency issues, the game works perfectly fine.

    Everyone ive talked to on the game loves it and says its their favorite online game on PS3 and I agree with them, it really is.

    God help the morons who judge a game by a beta test.

  • Scott3D,

    The only issues with the game are latency issues? WOW. You clearly haven’t been visiting the SOCOM forums. The laundry list of bugs and issues is massive.

  • somebody got the code already?

  • I bet they’re doing this e-mail thing so that those of us who downloaded it free from PlayStation Magazine will be left out in the cold. No big deal to me though. I don’t really like these kinds of games anyway. :p

  • The whole e-mailing thing is just baffling. We’ve all had Episode 1 of Qore clogging our hard-drives for months, so why not use that as our access point? Or at least tell us four months ago that we could erase Episode 1 and still get access.

    Can’t wait for all the “where’s my e-mail!!!” comments…

  • I got the QORE annual subscription after episode 1, this really sucks.
    I can’t help but feel cheated

  • Umm, Ive been playing it for about a week now… You bums are late and I cant wait to shoot each and everyone of you.
    Does anybody know how many maps there are going to be for the final game?
    I really hope they get the servers straightened out before they release it.

  • who do we call if we don’t get an email?

  • The ghostbusters.

  • I’m with #71 above. We should have had this long ago, at least before some useless Gamestop shopper!
    I also feel cheated!

  • I can’t wait! SOCOM rocks!

  • Will there be more server support added with the addition of the QORE n00blets?

  • no you get one code via email.. and YES whether you purchased a subscription or just the episode you still get into beta

  • You mean I get an E-mail nice. Still never got that Home E-mail though. I guess I just keep checking every day. Since we got to quiet about Home shhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Checking your E-mail every day is not fun and half the time I don’t get any thing any way.

  • what time are we going to be receiving the email? because i haven’t received mine yet >.<

  • I hope mine comes to me all right. When I first activated my PS3 I used a BS Email, because I did not see any reason to use a real one.

    When I heard we would get the resisance Beta through a mail, I quickly made one just for this and now I check it all the time.

    It would suck to subscribe to qore for the Betas and then miss the one from the June issue. Also, why not use the download center? What is the point of the thing if it will never work? I feel this was not thought out very well.

  • They mentioned this should be available around 5 pm PST…..

    It’s still earlier people, so give them a chance.

    If you don’t have something the latest by tomorrow morning, then maybe worry, otherwise, keep checking your in-box.

    I want to play just as much as everyone else, but patience does pay in the end.

  • Hey, quick question, will ppl who recently just bought Qore still get into the beta? And I mean like just a minute ago… I haven’t bought it, that’s why I’m asking…

  • ahh, no actually it doesn’t sound good. It sounds stupid. the least thing you could have done was tell us earlier.

    The biggest disregard for customers and fans I’ve ever seen. Socom is not getting of to a good start. Just because the game is good it doesn’t mean that you can do what ever you want without the approval of the customers and fans…..yeah you know the people that are making your paycheck possible.

  • Awww 8est is so late… I was expecting 6 or something

  • i haven’t got my code yet?

  • @85
    I know!!! I live in NY so that means I gotta wait ALLLL night just for this Beta!!!

    Oh and for all you people whining about if it’s for single Qore members read this…

    “to all that purchased Episode 01 of Qore and that became Qore Annual Subscribers as of Episode 01”

    The keyword in this passage is AND!
    That means that it’s for people who purchased just the episode AND for the annual subscribers as of episode 1.

    Got it now?
    And please, don’t judge a game by it’s beta. If you do, you have no life and need to be shot (if you’re giving it negative reviews)

  • no not really

  • 5.15 no code yet

  • i do recall the socom people stating that the beta will be sharable, is that still the case? why the sudden switch from downloadable from qore to emails going out. i feel double cheated in the fact that preorders got it first even though they preordered after us qore purchasers already purchased qore, now i gotta wait until 5pm pst. being an est resident. thats a load of malarkey.

  • 5:32 pm and still no fu*cking email with pass Qore was such a rip off with this Beta Bull Sh*t Thanks for the Reach around next time Ill just drop my pants and bend over.

  • Here’s my theory…

    With the servers are already get’n slammed with just the pre-order beta testers, Slant6, after seeing the crazy # of QORE members decided to thin the herd by not allowing direct access through episode 1 via download. By sending invites via email they now can limit the stress caused and keep the beta from crashing hence operational.

    Sucks for me really because I got episode 1 free from Playstation mag which I’m sure makes me and others like me first to feel Slant 6’s blade on the beta chopping blocks!

  • Hey, remember…Pacific time….

    So for us out East, 5 pm PST is around 8 pm tonight…

  • Well, then we have to wait just a bit more = about 2 hours now (East Coast). If anyone gets the e-mail please let us know.

  • GGCAN you where there when they where giving me the reach around and when I was trying to fight them you helpped them. How much longer are we Qore subscribers going to be blown off (postponed)

  • mirowenterprise..

    Renck has a good idea….

    If anyone gets that email…post here…then we know the first batch is out (not sure if they will do this in batches or all at once).

    So anyone getting an e-mail, let the others here know about it.


  • Yeah, you guys better listen to GGCAN…I heard he’s a member of a “Sign Off Club” I’m not sure who they are but I heard they are some bad@$$ bunch of fanboys shaping the PS3 community.

  • Yeah Ill post if I get mine.

  • Wow, so since i subscribed to Qore after Episode 2 i get no e-mail? Gay, Qore is a ripoff.

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