SOCOM: Confrontation Deploys for Qore Subscribers Tomorrow

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What are you playing this weekend? If you’re a Qore subscriber, I’m confident that the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation beta is in your plans. How do you get in? just posted this nugget:

Greetings all Qore Episode 1 and Annual Customers,

We have some great news for you – the SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation public beta is scheduled to be available tomorrow afternoon (think 5:00 PM PST) to all that purchased Episode 01 of Qore and that became Qore Annual Subscribers as of Episode 01. Please note that you will not be able to download the SOCOM: Confrontation beta through the Episode 01 Download Center – you can only gain access by using the SOCOM: Confrontation Beta Promotion Code that is being emailed to you tomorrow.
Once you receive the email containing your Promotion Code:

* Go to the PLAYSTATION Network Icon on the PLAYSTATION3 XMB (XrossMediaBar)
*Select “Account Management”
* Select “Transaction Management”
* Choose “Redeem PLAYSTATION Network Card or Promotion Code”
* Enter the code (below)
* Click “Continue”

The download will be available on the next screen

Sound good? Keep an eye on your mailboxes.

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  • Benefits those who purchased the 1st episode apparently.

  • Wow I can’t wait, this game seems awesome!

  • if it loads for ya and there aint too much lag its a poor attempt at makin an online game enjoy if you can

  • The servers are going to explode :S

  • Do we also get two codes we can give to friends?

  • no qore people only get one code

  • This should be interesting. I hope Slant Six drops another patch or update for the influx. Also, to those that are new, this is a BETA. Keep the flaming to a minimum, because SOCOM is beast :)

  • Sorry but to me it sounds like Single Episode Buyers are getting screwed. It could be the way I’m reading it, however the way its written (In my view) it seems that it saying those who brought Qore and became subscribers through the first issue of Qore will get access, as opposed to single episode buyers as well. In any case, hopefully single episode buyers will get access as well, as I have been awaiting this, through a painful, agonizing, work week, this will definitely be a joy to play.

  • Well, that blows.

  • @3 Thats why its a beta ; )

  • @10 wait and see then tell me that

  • Get ready to be disappointed :D

    Framerate drops, lag in- game and in the main menu from loading.

    If this is your first Socom you WILL be disappointed by the beta, I know I was.

    I still have hopes for the final game, plus you still get a free headset :D

  • Beta more like an Alpha :D dont say you were’nt warned

  • @8 single episode buyers get the beta also so don’t worry about that

  • I can say, that I was really excited for this game – at first. After careful examination of the graphics and gameplay videos, it looks kind of choppy and cheap. Hopefully that’s because the videos were captured from earlier builds of the game. I hope to be proven wrong in the beta tomorrow. :)

  • @8 Like 14 said maybe you read to fast but it says “to all that purchased Episode 01 of Qore and that became Qore Annual Subscribers” I bought only the single episode too we will both be on the beta and anyone else who bought only the single episode Dont worry.

  • Wow. I was under the impression it would be in Qore episode one, instead of having it emailed to us, you know, like what was said.

  • Oh yeah, who can forget the spinning yellow circle :D

    I really liked the gameplay, but the problems totally bring the game down :(

  • question that i have been asking for a while now about the beta and qore. I have not purchase episode one yet, but if i were to go purchase it right now or tomorro or doing when the beta started would i still get in the beta??

  • MGS4
    GT5 P
    All Insomniac games

    … needs trophy support

  • @20
    stay on topic

    (part of my question from 19)So are the email only going out tomorro?

  • @18 its quite hard to forget the circle it spins for like 10 mins

  • @8
    If you read the Greetings line it says “Greetings all Qore Episode 1 and Annual Customers,” it’s pretty easy to see they mean both. By the way why is it so late in the day. 5pm pst is 8pm est, seems a little late to me.

  • i though about getting qore but i dont want to waste money looking at ads
    i preodered at gamestop losers

  • #24 – Did you want a cookie for letting us know you preordered it while simultaneously insulting those who have Qore? Or was that just so you could see yourself post something?

  • I got my code free from euro gamer but you dont see me bragging

  • @24:

    You shop at GameStop, and you’re calling OTHER PEOPLE losers?

    Epic Fail.

  • Why so late??? (at least as far as eastern time is concerned), do you really want to blow out the servers that bad? it doesn’t make sense, if you do it 5pm est then you have a stagger between east and west coast d/ling the content, hence little to no slow down and I’m betting the e-mails go the way of FUBAR.

  • ok great! I guess i won’t be able to join into the beta! I am a Qore subscriber, but i can’t read emails from the address i used for my psn id, only because the site no longer exists. So, thanks a lot SOCOM creators for getting the hopes up for the people who paid too much money for subscribing to Qore and not being able to join this beta because we can’t download it from Qore! Fix this problem now, either for me or for everyone who purchased episode 1 of Qore, otherwise you are losing a customer on buying this Socom game, which sucks for it not being single player and only online multiplayer!

  • Will the email be sent to the email I use to sign in for PSN?

  • And why can’t we just use the download link on qore?

  • @30 normally that is how its done

    @29 change your e-mail address just now the 1 you sign in your PS3 with

  • Finally…I thought you guys forgot about the Qore subscribers.

  • yeah the servers all already horrible but they are trying to fix it before you qore guys get in

  • Great, more people to clog the servers!!!


    Will the code be sent to our Playstation 3 messages, or our PC E-Mail?

    I got the first couple of Qore episodes for free! (Thanks to Playstation The Official Magazine!) So, I’m pretty excited about this! (Heck, I’d be excited regardless! lol)

  • Interesting that the codes are going to be emailed to us.

  • @29, how can’t you blame Sony or SOCOM creators for that? Epic fail.

  • nobody seems to have answered 19’s question. let’s say we get the qore episode right about now, will we also get a beta code?

  • what if i got I get my episodes of qore for free? at the back of all my recent playstation magazines is a code for a free download? can i get socom tomorrow?

  • SOCOM will be a Day 1 blind purchase, do not care about reviews for me.

  • I started an annual subscription from Episode 2 but i bought Episode 1, does this mean im not in the beta?

  • Thanks Jeff, I’ll be downloading tomorrow.

    Some friends were in the beta and some really liked it and some said it was ok.

    I’m glad the lagging problem has been solved that was happening last week.

    Qore is a great subscription and seems to only be getting better with each issue.

  • When will headsets be available to purchase separate to the game. It would have been nice to have them already to test them out.

  • Well I got my code from the playstation magazine.. Does that mean I won’t get to be involved in the beta?? I mean I have the first episode of qore but they don’t have my email so..?

  • While it’s awesome that we finally get it, it’s kinda sad that you guys made it seem like we were going to be able to download it from Qore.

    Maybe you guys should plan a little more next time.

    Oh well, once I get it tomorrow, that’ll help me decide if I’m going to pick the game up on release or not. I’m hoping the game is great and makes a good online shooter replacement for COD4. I need a good tactical shooter and this one looks like it fits the bill perfectly.

    Guess I’ll find out for sure when I get my hands on it.

  • sweet. its about time lol

  • No red replies?
    Will people who just bought Episode 1 and realized what a rip off Qore is still get in the beta?

  • will i be able to pass it to other friends

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