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My name is Shalom Mann, Studio Head for Sony Online Entertainment Los Angeles. You may not have heard of our small studio before, but we have produced more than 45 games for PCs and mobile phones, including Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile and God of War: Betrayal. For 2008, we’ve been hard at work on a few games for the PLAYSTATION Network. Today, we are happy to announce that our first game, JEOPARDY! will be released for the PSN on Thursday, September 11, 2008.

JEOPARDY!, as you may know, is one of the most popular game shows on television and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this season. During my time here at SONY, I have had the good fortune to work on several games based on JEOPARDY!, including multiple versions for PCs and mobile phones, as well as skill-based and ITV versions. The PSN version, however, is easily the best looking and marks the first time we have been able to include real-time multiplayer capabilities.

While having multiplayer games was one of the key features we wanted to include, we also needed the game to look like the TV show. Everyone on our team worked on dual monitors, and it was common to see the TV show running on one monitor with the game engine or Maya on the other. Here are a couple of screen shots for comparison:

Jeopardy for PSN Jeopardy for PSN

Some features of the game include:

  • More than 2,500 clues and categories randomized for multiplayer games.
  • Single-player games versus AI with three levels of difficulty (Average, Smart and Genius).
  • Online and offline multiplayer games.
  • Voice chat for online multiplayer games.
  • Expansion packs with new content (coming in 2009).


During the course of production, we worked closely with the producers of the TV show to make sure that we could bring you a fun game that is true to the JEOPARDY! brand. However, I have already seen a few forum complaints in regards to the game trailer about the game being multiple choice. We made this design decision so that single-player and multiplayer games would have a quick pace to them. I have played the PS2 version of the game where players had to use the DualShock to type in responses. This input mechanism felt tedious in single-player games and would be just downright painful in multiplayer games. We looked into the idea of using voice recognition, which would have been a lot of fun. The PS3 has the power to do it, and we saw great middleware that would have made it all possible. However, we felt that by making the game require a Bluetooth headset, it would limit its accessibility. Maybe in the next version…

Also, I want to point out that the game does not give you the choices until after you buzz in. This means that players commit to dollar amounts upfront before getting a chance to see the responses. This adds a bit of risk to the game, and players who continually buzz in first, thinking it will be easy to select the right response, might find themselves in third place more often than other players.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great time playing JEOPARDY! on the PS3. I look forward to reading your comments (even the negative ones – well, maybe I do not look forward to them, but I certainly will read them) and will do my best to respond to frequently asked questions when I can.


PS – Wheel of Fortune is already in production. More on that coming soon ….

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  • this game screams for voice recognition, y’all could’ve atleast given an option for players to use voice recognition, I think multiple choice just defeats the purpose of jeapardy

  • The characters in this game remind me of those of HOME, will this somehow be integrated with HOME?

  • Options would have been nice. All I hear is blah, blah, blah, multiple choice, blah, blah, blah, sorry maybe next time. WTF, just budget for this stuff and stop BSing everything. Will the Buzz controllers work or is that a next time feature?

    Most of the games today would compare to building a house without a roof.

  • any chance to spin the wheel of fortune with the SIXAXIS?

    would be sweet :)

  • @54

    never thought of that, that’s be cool

  • Shalom,
    I could kiss you right now.

    Instant purchase !

  • voice recognition would be nice but the game would die in a week online.

    for some reason PSN users dont like to use mics :( hopefully the new official mic helps on this.

  • I’m mildly interested in this. character design needs polish and i only hope trebeck isnt in it.

  • Great thing i came across this yesterday and see that it was true.PSN is fast becoming a great platform bringing us the newest and freshest content :)

    Please be XMB trophies and a $9.99 price tag add playstation eye to this like we could write answers and all ….is that possible for future updates?

  • Add in video-cam ability using the Sony Eye or PS2 EyeToy into this game for the online portion, please!

  • I bet it has trophies..:)

  • The trailer showed a Trophy list, but I don’t know is its XMB Trophies.

  • i want this and wheel of fortune

  • Only games Im buyin online are games with trophy support.

  • I’m in!!!

    I just wish the expansion packs will be very cheap. I like more clues, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a downloadable game.

  • Oh… and can’t SCE and Sony Pictures come together and have SP push this game on the show?

    Like a sign in the credits in the end that goes, “Play Jeopardy! on the PlayStation Network.”

  • It would be nice if it were multiple choice with say 10 or 20 possible answers to find your answer in.

  • Alright! PSN Man I remember watching this show with my Family Especialy my Mom who was a Big Fan lol I remember she almost never missed a question from the Host Alex Trebek
    Looks…Great Though! Impressive I think I’ll Give It a Shot! in try this Game wonder if theres a Demo for it Comming Soon to the Sony PlayStation Store? hmmm…ill be Great if it Had Trophies and it would be cool if it supports the Sony PLAYSTATION Eye to play the Game it would be something like Buzz the Megaquiz! Game but without the controllers

  • As soon as I saw that Jeopardy was coming to PSN I was going to ask about Wheel of Fortune seeing as it’s also a Sony produced game show. Then I read the last part. SOLD.

  • @48

    lol, sorry, I didn’t read the whole article this time… the psn will become more than great now for more audience…

    What I really miss from the other console is the game UNO.

  • @70

    I would also like a chess game with online play and statistical tracking.

  • I might pick this up, but I’m really disappointed it’s multiple choice. The voice recognition thing should have been added. It would really give you the feeling that you’re playing Jeopardy.

  • what playstation needs from the other console is pacman, I swear that is the only reason I’ve considered buying the other system

  • @71

    yeah.. I play chess in home but in a psn a game with both; checkers and chess will be cool

  • @72

    totally agree, read comment 51…that is I

  • Yes I forgot to mention please add PSEYE video support PLEASE!?!?!

  • Jeopardy is going to be tough game. I would have liked Wheel of fortune, that involves luck and stuff.

    I hope u guys make another game soon after this.

    Edit: oh wow., u guys are making Wheel of fortune. that’s awesome. Good Luck with that.

    I like that u guys are making different game shows. Making more will definitely draw a huge audience.

    Who wants to be a Millionaire perhaps. I think u guys can do good in this untap genre for PSN.

    Btw, can there be a audience of some sort in the statuim?

    I think focusing on multiplayer aspect is a must because that’s what everyone wants. Single player is going to be too boring.

  • no it doesn’t support trophies?? and btw what the heck is wrong with you people??? you never asked for trophies on the ps1 or ps2 and now the trophies are out and its like if there are no trophies in the game, some people say it sucks…. i mean come on…. screw trophies… trophies or no trophies the game is coming wither you like it or not, and for your info i dont want trophies… screw trophies, im not a trophie whore like some people here, and i dont want the ps3 to imitate the xbox 360 with achievement system… god people get a grip.

  • online co-op?- like what i mean is can me and my brother play online using the same ps3 vs some other random people online?

    this would be a cool feature that would differenciate it from BUZZ, is there any other reasons to get this game over buzz?

    trophies?… anything?

  • This game is made by Sony. It BETTER have trophies. Seriously.

  • @everyone who keeps asking about Trophies

    Uhm… pointing out the painfully obvious here… but… doesn’t the trailer for the game SHOW TROPHIES?!?

  • If the price is right, I’ll buy it. (no game show pun intended there… though Price is Right is one of my favorites of all-time… along with WHEEL.)

    But if the price is a bit high, and it includes support for trophies, I’ll buy it regardless. =)

    Will the game feature Alex Trebek? Or Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek? Will Sean Connery be an unlockable character who will crack jokes about Trebek’s mother randomly? Oh, excitement!

  • Price?

  • lol @78

    well said, I agree with your statement….but I’m not saying trophies are a bad thing. I think most people complain about trophies because sony has the feature but games are simply not utilizing it. out of all games, I think exclusive games wether it be bd or a psn download should utilize it. I think iit just annoys people that sony has the ability to do so but for the majority of games doesn’t use it. Of coarse then we have the people that care for nothing but trophies…those people are not worth typin about in my opinion but they are consumers nonetheless

  • Nice! Day one buy for me. Two things i look for in a psn game is price and if it supports trophies. Sony could you guys please add the price and if it supports trophies to your posts. Would save alot of time wondering and fewer posts to read since more then half, ask those two questions. Thank you and can’t wait for your next psn game.

  • um this game should have had include voice recon.also maybe this game should have an expansion in 09 that include it instead of having to buy a second jeopardy!also home support for this game like some people might have said before me as in the form of importing ur home character and hosting a jeopardy Saturday every month in which its is display in event square!!!!! where u sony is doing the press conferences!this will add hype and make people want to join.add a prize of some kind and u got a hit on ur hand!

  • “We started on JEOPARDY! before the Trophy SDK was ready to go. Our game does feature awards but not XMB Trophies. ”

    Oh, atleast now I know I won’t be buying it until it gets a patch.

  • What is a great game?

    – get it

  • So will trophies be patched in?

  • I would really love it if you had some HOME integration. Like being able to use your HOME character in this game. That would have been so amazing. I think you are wasting a golden opportunity but not doing so.

  • How will you implement the insane ammount of clapping required to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune?

  • where did this come from!?!?! havent heard anything about it and yet its releasing tomorrow. crazy. must have slipped under my radar. can’t wait! thanks Shalom.


  • Jeez, no time wasted! Trailer one week, game the next! Nice!

  • thanks Shalom. looking forward to playing this one.

  • trophy to be patched?, thinking of home integration? good to see people that really want to sell a game well… about a future trophy support need to put it in the article for people that really want trophies too much…

  • @Shalom
    Great news, game looks good. Although I am a hardcore gamer, I really enjoy playing social games like RockBand, Buzz QuizTV, etc. with my friends and family.
    In agreement with many who have already posted this, I STRONGLY request HOME integration with this title so we can use our avatars. The PSN and HOME will be even more successful when the consumer can identify with their HOME avatar on a deeper level by using it in all games that offer custom avatars. It helps with online play as well because the friends you make on the PSN recogzie you and vice versa. It’s also frustrating to have to rebuild avatars again and again. Even if you do offer the option to “save” an avatar in this game that you can reuse, I think most of us would rather play the game as, well….”ourselves”.
    Thanks for listening, and please do update us here on the PSBlog when you have news of HOME integration. ~DRTHV8R

  • I saw the trailer for this last week and I was wondering when it was going to be released. I’m so glad it’s coming out tomorrow!!! My wife and I can’t wait to play this game! Wheel of fortune sounds cool too. Keep up the good work!!!

  • This looks surprisingly good. I think it would be pretty cool if we could import our home avatars into this (and Wheel of Fortune).

  • @Captain Fury (post 54) and Shalom Mann:
    Truly great idea, Captain Fury! Good show!
    Shalom, please brainstorm this idea and test out different ways to implement this! What a perfect way to get a more realistic interactive experience! Also, it’s a fun thing to do when playing with friends (live, in person). It adds laughs and realism, two great things for games to have!

  • How will the final round play out?
    Cause I KNOW ppl will be googling…

    • Each and every clue has a timer associated with it. It may be hard to find the answer on Google before that timer runs out.

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