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My name is Shalom Mann, Studio Head for Sony Online Entertainment Los Angeles. You may not have heard of our small studio before, but we have produced more than 45 games for PCs and mobile phones, including Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile and God of War: Betrayal. For 2008, we’ve been hard at work on a few games for the PLAYSTATION Network. Today, we are happy to announce that our first game, JEOPARDY! will be released for the PSN on Thursday, September 11, 2008.

JEOPARDY!, as you may know, is one of the most popular game shows on television and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this season. During my time here at SONY, I have had the good fortune to work on several games based on JEOPARDY!, including multiple versions for PCs and mobile phones, as well as skill-based and ITV versions. The PSN version, however, is easily the best looking and marks the first time we have been able to include real-time multiplayer capabilities.

While having multiplayer games was one of the key features we wanted to include, we also needed the game to look like the TV show. Everyone on our team worked on dual monitors, and it was common to see the TV show running on one monitor with the game engine or Maya on the other. Here are a couple of screen shots for comparison:

Jeopardy for PSN Jeopardy for PSN

Some features of the game include:

  • More than 2,500 clues and categories randomized for multiplayer games.
  • Single-player games versus AI with three levels of difficulty (Average, Smart and Genius).
  • Online and offline multiplayer games.
  • Voice chat for online multiplayer games.
  • Expansion packs with new content (coming in 2009).


During the course of production, we worked closely with the producers of the TV show to make sure that we could bring you a fun game that is true to the JEOPARDY! brand. However, I have already seen a few forum complaints in regards to the game trailer about the game being multiple choice. We made this design decision so that single-player and multiplayer games would have a quick pace to them. I have played the PS2 version of the game where players had to use the DualShock to type in responses. This input mechanism felt tedious in single-player games and would be just downright painful in multiplayer games. We looked into the idea of using voice recognition, which would have been a lot of fun. The PS3 has the power to do it, and we saw great middleware that would have made it all possible. However, we felt that by making the game require a Bluetooth headset, it would limit its accessibility. Maybe in the next version…

Also, I want to point out that the game does not give you the choices until after you buzz in. This means that players commit to dollar amounts upfront before getting a chance to see the responses. This adds a bit of risk to the game, and players who continually buzz in first, thinking it will be easy to select the right response, might find themselves in third place more often than other players.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great time playing JEOPARDY! on the PS3. I look forward to reading your comments (even the negative ones – well, maybe I do not look forward to them, but I certainly will read them) and will do my best to respond to frequently asked questions when I can.


PS – Wheel of Fortune is already in production. More on that coming soon ….

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  • It looks freaking good!! I seen the trailer..I can not wait for this to come out…

    Sony..please dont give us a release date on this until its confirmed SCEA can deliver on it. :)

    Many thanks!!

  • online you say…


  • i have that on ps2

  • I can’t wait!!!

  • Wow, I hadn’t seen anything about this game until today, and it’s coming out tomorrow! I love Jeopardy, so I’m going to have to give this one a go.

    Shalom, one question, and one I’m sure many will ask – does this game feature Trophies? Not that it will sway my purchase if it doesn’t, just wondering if I can pad my PSN level with some trivia knowledge…


    • We started on JEOPARDY! before the Trophy SDK was ready to go. Our game does feature awards but not XMB Trophies.

      Wheel of Fortune will feature XMB Trophies and we will look at patching JEOPARDY for XMB Trophies at a later date.

  • I will have to pass on this one. But thats ok, it will save me money LOL

  • Trophies?

  • I love Jeopardy, but the major problem I see is having a 1 in 3 chance to come up with the answer. Those seem like very good odds. Also a big part of Jeopardy is a lot of people know the answer, but just can’t think of it quickly enough to answer before someone else does. This makes it much easier just to buzz in if you don’t remember the correct answer right away and see it immediately.

    Anyway, I appreciate the new games and I don’t mean to sound completely negative. I really appreciate the variety of games coming to PSN and I hope the game does well and that Jeopardy fans will enjoy this game.

    • Quick FYI: We show the players 4 possible choices to choose from, not 3. Remember, you do need to buzz in first and commit to the dollar amount before we show you the choices.

  • How much will it cost?

  • Looks Awesome Cant wait to try it out :)
    by any chance do you have word on when Life With Playstation is getting released?

  • Awesome, too bad those characters arent HOME(tm) characters though :)

  • Jeopardy is a great game. I feel as though it has been watered down with choosing not to have voice recognition. I might have to pass on it because of that, hopefully you’ll implement voice recognition in wheel of fortune

  • @10

    What is, 9.99? Just a guess though.

    Congrats on your first PSN title guys!


    I’ll definitely get that one :D

    Jeapordy I’ll need to consult the family members..
    Love the work you guys are doing though..

    Deal or no Deal somewhere down the line??

  • Awesome! Cant wait to buy this tommorow! Just a quick question though! WILL THE GAME SUPPORT TRPHIES?

  • oh and maybe the money in jeopardy can be transfered into real money when playing online, make every 10,000 into maybe 10 dollars worth of real money, every 1,000 into 1 dollar real money thatcan be exported to our online wallets…i’d totally buy this game if that was implemented in a patch

  • after this
    make another title based on ninja warrior that would be badass

  • I really want this, it will be cool if in a future update we can use our home avatars. BTW, patch it later with a trophy update, don’t make a mistake with this really cool title, anyway I will buy it but for some people is: “no trophies, no buy”.

  • Not a Jeopardy fan, but Wheel of Fortune which I was going to ask about, but then I saw it’s in development, is one I’m keep an eye out on lol (used to like playing that game to kill time online)

  • Oh I’m definitely buying this. =D I’ve been on poker for a while this’ll be a good change.

  • maybe you can make the who wants to be a millionare game, i love that show…I wish regis were still the host though

  • wait…what’s jeopardy ?

  • The game looks great! Def going to consider getting it! Now, my question: Have you guys thought about maybe intergrating our Playstation Home(tm) avatars with this game once Home is released this fall? I think it would be a great addition to the game, and would also work as a great topic of conversation in the Home Plazas! Just a suggestion! Keep up the good work!

  • Please tell me this will have home intergration when home goes live so we can use those avatars!?


  • Now this one looks fun !

  • This looks really cool except that I can already feel the microtransactions killing me. $10 up front for a semi-game, then probably $5 every month for content?

  • maybe next time instead of customizing a character y’all can have people have the option too take take a pic of their head to place on their virtual body

  • Shalom, the link from the thumbnails of your Flicr-hosted pics are asking for your password. Can you please post that here so I can see the larger photos? ;)

  • People with foreign accents and bad spoken english like myself would have problems with voice recognition systems.

    Multiple choice was the way to go!

  • another idea…maybe a weakest link game…what about price is right…i miss bob barker

  • Two questions:
    1. Does it support Remote Play?
    2. Does it have Trophies?

  • @22

    Who wants to be a Millionaire is another excellent choice :P

  • This will do, but I still prefer the Commodore 64 version.

  • Looks like fun, i’ll pick this one up :D

  • If its nintendo Wii pretty sure this type of game would support Mii characters… PS3 should have similar system to use character globally on different games would be good idea imo…

    As for the game, I like watching Jeopardy… but pretty sure I would suck at it… but I’ll probably give it a try :)

  • I don’t know this show. Maybe it’s more popular in US, cause I live in Europe ;) Is it like who wants to be a millionaire? Anyway I’m gonna buy this game ;D

  • Gotta agree with comment #8, but do not fear Shalom…. when you get that little quirk ironed out you’ll have another customer.

  • Alex,

    I will take JEOPARDY for $10.



  • Any word on pricing?


    Does it support Throphies and IN-GAME MUSIC? If not do you guys plan to patch it later on?

    I promise if you respond I’ll buy the game =]


    • Unfortunately, we do not support XMB Trophies with this build, but going forward Wheel of Fortune will support them.

      The game does not support personalized in-game music, but you do get to hear the JEOPARDY! theme song and sound effects.

  • Great :D Gonna buy this 4 sure..

    But one question you ps blog dudes..
    Can you please come with some information reguarding Playstation Life soon?
    And please talk to criteriongames and ask them if they can write on your blog to tell us when Bikes are coming to paradise..

    Except that . Thanks for all the good stuff resently;(

  • And yes, I WILL buy Wheel of Fortune.

  • I see you got a Qbert avatar, did you work on the PSN version of Qbert?

  • @20

    Wheel of Fortune in development really? that’s much better than this… I played that one a lot in the live messenger a lot but a lot…

  • Looking forward to this for sure…..obviously as people asked earlier….what is the cost and does it support trophy?

    I like the idea of multiple choice too, it would be so lame waiting for people to type in their answers everytime….especially if everyone tried to answer the same clue and all got it wrong. Games would take FOREVER.

    Looking forward to downloading it…if the “Price is Right” (another game idea there?, just make sure to put in Plinko)

  • @46

    Yea at the bottom he says

    “PS – Wheel of Fortune is already in production. More on that coming soon ….”

    production…development…same difference haha

  • This game needs to the ability to import your Home avatar in it – similar to what Nintendo does with Mii’s and Microsoft will be doing with their avatars.

  • @47

    beat you to the price is right suggestion lol, plinko would be awesome

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