Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on PlayStation Platforms Next Week

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I’m really excited for this opportunity to make my first public post about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed here at PlayStation.Blog. I spoke with Jeff from the Blog last Friday, and many of the questions you asked are answered in the video below.

The game is finally done, after several years of hard work by an incredibly talented team, and I can now just enjoy playing the game and begin to reflect on the experience of building it. When I do look back on the development effort, I’m amazed and humbled by the fact that we actually managed to finish the game. As the first internally-developed title from LucasArts in quite some time, we bit off several huge challenges, including: building a brand new game engine and tools from scratch for two new (at the time we started, anyway) platforms (including PlayStation 3); crafting a new story that bridges the gap between the two Star Wars trilogies; assembling a new team that had never worked together before; and integrating new and cutting-edge simulation-based technologies. Along the way, we also formed a new and unique partnership with our sister company Industrial Light & Magic, and worked closely with Krome Studios in Australia on the PS2 and PSP versions of the game.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

From the outset of development, we were committed to building games from the ground up for each platform, taking advantage of each platform’s strengths. We really tried to push the visual boundaries on the PS3, with lighting, cinematics, and VFX that I believe are world-class. In order to achieve the scale of destruction necessary to make the Force feel truly “unleashed,” we worked with Pixelux Entertainment to incorporate a simulation-based technology called Digital Molecular Matter (or DMM), which simulates the way that materials behave based on real world physics. If you throw a stormtrooper through a plate glass window, that window will shatter differently every time based on the angle of impact, the velocity of the stormtrooper, and other factors. We also use DMM on things like metal doors, which you can blast your way through using a powerful charged Force Push that causes the doors to bend and warp. To bring our characters to life, we collaborated with Natural Motion to integrate biomechanical AI called euphoria into the game. Euphoria infuses each of our enemies with a central nervous system and full suite of reflexes. Stormtroopers you pick up with the Force will writhe and flail, and will protect their heads or grab onto objects when thrown. The power of the next-gen systems allowed us to bring together these technologies – alongside the Havok physics system – to create authentic environments that are ultimately designed to be just really fun and interactive Force “playgrounds.”

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The feel of being “unleashed” has also been brought to life on the PlayStation 2 through robust physics. The physics system allows the player to affect and move around more objects than I’ve personally ever seen in a PS2 game. This allowed us to create highly-interactive and destructible environments. We also added exclusive content to both the PS2 and PSP. You’ll be able to visit the Jedi Temple, for example, a location that’s not found in the PS3 version of the game. On the PSP, we also have the concept of “historic missions,” which allow players to relive some of the key fights from the Star Wars Saga – but with “unleashed” powers. Imagine Luke and Darth Vader battling on Cloud City, but with amped up Force Push, the ability to create violent shockwaves, and more… And the PSP is one of the few platforms to include a multiplayer mode, again because we wanted to ensure that each version of the game has its own unique features.


Everyone at LucasArts, ILM, Krome, n-Space, Skywalker Sound, and Lucasfilm who has touched The Force Unleashed has worked extremely hard to realize the core vision: a game about kicking ass with the Force, wrapped up in a compelling new story that bridges the gap between the two trilogies. Most of us on the team are Star Wars fans, and we tried to make a game that we’d want to play, with a story that we felt remained true to the saga. But ultimately, I’m just hoping that people will find the game fun and addictive, whether you’re tossing stormtroopers into oncoming TIE fighters or punting Jawas into chasms on the junk world of Raxus Prime. I’m really looking forward to meeting fans at our Launch Event on Monday the 15th, and to hearing reaction to the gameplay and story.


We’ll have more on that – and a way for you to win some Star Wars/The Force Unleashed loot – next Monday.

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  • May the force be with you all… thanks for this big piece of art from all your Portuguese fans!!!

  • I would get it for the PS3 but as there are no trophies, I’ll get it for the X360, at least achievements in-game music and voice chat will always be there.

    I can’t wait LBP !!

  • this game comes out on my birthday, intence

  • So Hayden, you & your team must really be kicking yourselves for investing so much time in physics & graphics engines & story right now. It seems all you really needed was a couple of trophies and a whole bunch of people would be signed right up…

    Very clever with exclusive PSP content to get us to buy both as well, though I think you could do better next time. I’d love to buy both if the progress in one could help the other (leveling on the PSP while away from the PS3, or buffing up on the PS3 to use for multiplayer PSP battles.)

    Thanks for all the hard work on the game, I can’t wait to pick it up, and I hope you do well in the great developer purge of 2008.

  • Too many people too dependent on trophy support. Give it up people, that should not be your biggest concern when considering if you will buy a game or not. If the game is GOOD, then you should buy it, regardless of trophy support. Not supporting a developer’s hard work just because it’s missing out on one feature is disgusting if you ask me. Frankly, I’ll be buying this game, because I love Star Wars.

  • I will probably get this on the 360, but guys, get with it. You can’t just spend a few minutes working to even convert the Achievements over to Trophies? I think we’d all just be happy to see that. Trophies have so little love right now, yet they’ve sold me games I never would have bought: SSHD and Novastrike. Not that they’re not fun, but we’re in a new age now. We want to see what we’ve accomplished in games using a universal gamer score system. Seriously, would some of the 360 games ever have sold without Achievements?

  • These videos on the site never load for me.

  • The game really looks good. My son played the demo a ton – so it is a no brainer for me. The trophy thing is funny. I was so into getting a high gamerscore on the 360 that I played a lot of crap for achievements. Now I am a little embarrassed by my score. It really hit me when my son’s 10 year-old friend was so impressed (by my gamerscore) – maybe I just grew up a little. I’ll take a great game over trophies any day. The only thing I would say about developers not putting trophies in down the line, how hard would it be to use the same “achievements” they are putting into the 360 version of a multi-platform game?

  • that demo suck this game is a red case pick up for me or used.

  • Any star wars spaces coming soon to Playstation Home? lol :p

  • I’ve got to say for people saying no trophies = no buy…how old are you 11? Thats just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The trophies mean absolutely nothing. If you need trophies to make you feel better then you really need another hobby.

  • @57 dude speak for yourself. I know what I’m doing in a game when I do it,I don’t need a trophy to do it.

  • Hey Hayden, just thought I’d say “hi.” Oh, and I’ll be checking this out when it’s released (gotta stay on topic).

  • lol @ #48

    THREE replies in ONE!

    I’m jealous… :(

    • Yeah, I keep thinking that a reply didn\’t \”take\” and then write a new one. I\’m new to this whole technology thing. :)

  • lol at # 64 too ;)

  • thatsmartguywiththefro

    Definite buy for me! I love trophies, but that honestly won’t influence my decision to buy this game, since I’m buying it for the Star Wars experience. Would be nice though, and you guys should also think about how it might be integrated into Home and any other upcoming services for the PS3.

  • played the game demo loved it, but had two problems with it. 1, when you have a troper in force grip and kill them; they are still able to grab onto things if you keep the grip hold. 2, if i am too close to the glass and break it why don’t i get sucked out into space. I want to see him get sucked out into the unforgiving vacuum of space. it would have been cool if you could use the timed button program to get yourself back in the ship.

    • 1) We did this because in focus testing people were getting frustrated when an enemy \”died\” and then faded away while still being gripped. Players wanted to be able to continue experimenting with/on the troopers when they had them gripped, so an enemy doesn\’t begin to fade away until after you release him.

      2) This was another change we made based on focus testing. Players felt it was frustrating and unforgiving if they got sucked out too; it made them feel less unleashed, and made players not want to use the tactic against enemies, which we felt made the areas with these windows less fun. A \”timed\” save might have been a good solution, though. :)

  • what exclusive to the ps3 verson?
    the wii had vs mode the psp ad ps2 had the jedi temple what does the ps3 one had?

  • Question: Past StarWars games which I loved on the PC, such as Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy had body dismemberment, like when I gave the killing slice/swing to a storm trooper or enemy sith with my light saber, his arm, hand, leg, depending where I struck would come off. How come in Force Unleashed this feature isn’t here?

    I ask this because to me, without it, the lightsaber doesn’t feel as “strong” and just feels like a giant slow stick as I’m not seeing it slice and dice through enemies right when they’re about to die like I was able too in previous games.

    Still getting this game though as I am a really big Star Wars fan so can’t miss out on this.

    Besides my question/concern on the lightsaber aspect, another part I was also bummed that wasn’t here, was 1 on 1 light saber duels like you were able to do on the PC Star Wars game (that was so much fun) and I believe the Wii version is getting something along those lines but of course I like playing my games in HD w/ next gen graphics so…yea XD

  • thanks for the kudos and i understand the fading thing now. this game I think will be the most satisfying jedi game ever.

  • **Forgot to add this too**

    In the video you said, you wanted to keep a T rating and didn’t want limbs coming off, etc which is a question I’m asking, but weren’t Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy T rated games though?

  • Mr. Blackman,

    saw the interview you and jeff had, learned alot more about the game that i wanted to know. From the interview, i saw alot of the responses that i my self was wondering about, and you helped to further exceed the expectations i had on the game. looking forward to the game on the on next tuesday, can guarantee that i’ll be getting a copy and playing it.

  • Okay its time someone speaks on this if the game sucks then yeah I could understand but the demo was great I can’t name another game that uses the PS3 hardware like this. No Trophies please trophies don’t make a game yes its fun but again its not there fault the team has been working on this game way before most of you even thought about it.

    Demo now say it with me DEMO its not the final release of the game it says that right before the start of every game in a different way then what I just stated also why would you want to get sucked into space which would have been a button combination to get back in but besides that your tearing apart a really good game. I will admit I’m not a STAR WARS fan and this is the first game I’ve played but your basing games if they have tropies are not and in game music is not ment for all games such as FORCE UNLEASHED but the option would be nice get off of it really its getting old and developers great job.

    I mean it and ignore the other comments being made I would be proud of my work I will buy as soon as possible but we have an Hurricane headed my way in TEXAS so wish me luck but bloggers appereciate the game and before trophies came out I don’t remember this site being so full of kids grow up get a girl and make some money and if you do have a girl I’m sure she’s not happy because your always on the blog complaining and not paying her attention

  • @ Haden

    Yeah that happens to me alot.
    So usually if I think the post/comment won’t work for whatever reason, I copy it just incase :)

    And what do you mean you’re new to technology? You make video games! :D

  • You know what this is a day 1 buy for me
    cause the gameplay is fun and i like killing droids. trophies would be nice but they arent necessary to make a game great (example: metal gear solid 4)

  • There is certainly plenty of impressive things going on in this game. The visuals are especially impressive when considering what is usually put into licensed games, and the demo was a very good taste of what the game has to offer. I loved the fact that at the point where the TIE fighters were doing ‘drive-bys’ I was able to shove a support beam in the way and watch them explode! XD

    Thank you for the update. :D

  • If you guys do ad trophies consider a copy sold. ;-] If not, then I won’t be buying it for awhile, to many other games coming out.

  • @ 74 get over yourself. he said it would have been a good solution anyways. this is next gen gaming there should be more creative ways to get around problems. I only said that b/c they said it’s a simulation based game. it’s called constructive criticism. I did not put the game down I like it and i will buy the game when it comes out. take a chill pill

  • The game was awsome, but the camera kinda killed it for me. I do understand it’s very hard to implement a perfect one but it’s kinda a bit about the buttons too. I don’t know. I didn’t even mind Ninja Gaiden’s camera that much but this one was quite awful.

    That said I’m still having a whole lot of fun with it (the demo). I’ve played through it probably 10 times already which is quite impressive considering I have TONS of homework and FFXII and PJ Monsters to finish. Anyway I don’t think I’ll get it right away considering I’m low on money and time and bit because of the camera. It’ll be on my radar though. Thanks for visiting the blog though and I hope all these trophy whores didn’t scare you away.

    Also thanks to Jeff for doing the interview. It was nice and long this time (yes that’s what she said too). Better than those PAX interviews. Anyway thanks to both of ya.

  • ” Stoffinator | September 9th, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    If you guys do ad trophies consider a copy sold. ;-] If not, then I won’t be buying it for awhile, to many other games coming out.”


    Kinda how I feel about it as well. I’ve got games pre ordered which have “zero” trophy support, as far as I know, but since they’re a lot higher on the list I want them first (Pure, Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Sonata…)

  • I’m not a heavy Star Wars fan, but I did enjoy the demo. Unless the people who dislike the game because of the demo are kids or too young to understand, I don’t see the reasoning why you’d dislike the game based on the demo version. Both as a gamer and as someone with common sense should know that the demo version and the final product will be two different things (they even have the disclaimer on ALL the demos).

    And as far as the no trophy haters. Seriously. Grow up. Before trophies/achievements came out, you would still play the game based on how good it was and the enjoyment you got from playing it. Ever since Microsoft came out with the Achievement system, all it really did was create bragging rights. But other than that, the game is still the same. So what if you have this achievement/trophy or that achievement/trophy. Why would it matter to the millions of other people online who don’t even know you?

    It’d make sense in a heavily competitive game like FPSes and whatnot (headshot achievements, melee achievements, and killing sprees give me a sense of how much skill this opponent has), or it’d even make sense if achievements/unlocks effected the gameplay itself (like new armor, better stats/buffs, etc). But this game is defined by neither.

    There was nothing definitive about PS3 not getting trophies, so just chill. Look at Novastrike! It’s been out, and all of a sudden, a trophy patch came out for it. Hooray! Why not have the same faith in PS/Lucas Arts that somewhere down the road this game, and many other great games in the future, will have the trophy system?

    I don’t mean to offend those who find my words offensive. It’s just the nature of the beast.

    Oh, and one more thing: did anyone else notice in the video that the player was CONTROLLING Darth Vader? I didn’t know he’s a playable character!

  • no trophies = no buy, as it is a complet no-respect of Sony players versus Xbox360 players.. why paying for less ?`implementing trophies is EASY (if not, jeeze I understand people complaining dev for PS3 (or anything not a flash game) is Hard!! who is whining ??
    It’s lazy, it cost a litle bit, its a no-respect. period. but it’s not the end of the world, there are enough system, enough games to come.
    I’ll watch both Star Wars trilogy instead..

  • wow, this game looks awesome, and after playing the demo, I’m definitely getting this game =))

  • Thanks for the post..

    Lots of good gaming coming up for sure.

  • will we be able to use force powers with the sixasis motion control? something similar to folklore…?

  • Haden Blackman thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment (No 4). It isn’t your fault that the trophy system came late into your production cycle, but it would be fantastic if you could tell us that you will definitely patch it at a later date! Games like Uncharted, Super Stardust, Bad Company and Burnout Paradise are all doing this. It has led to a massive spike in sales of Uncharted, thereby giving the game a longer shelf life.

    @21 I understand that some may say its silly to turn down a good game that hasn’t got trophies. However I am a multi-console owner, and it does feel like the PS3 game is missing a feature. So I have to insist…

    No Trophies = No buy.

  • “It has led to a massive spike in sales of Uncharted, thereby giving the game a longer shelf life.”

    You can say that again! I’ve been Uncharted addicted thanks to those trophies and made it my top number 1 favorite game on the PS3! Played the game about 4 times that week, plus once a few months ago and I need to hold myself back not to play it… again. So saying that trophies doesn’t give a different dimension to the game is bull. It made me finish the game on the hardest level which I normally wouldn’t do, as I find myself sucking in it anyway :-D

  • I wish you had asked my question about a female Starkiller. There are dev videos with a player controlled female character.

    But i guess because 70 people didnt spam FEMALE instead of TROPHIES it doesnt get asked :P

  • TROPHIES, TROPHIES, TROPHIES, that’s all I see asking in this blog! I don’t mind if it has it or not, would have been a nice addition yeah, but as long as the game is fun to play, count me in! Loved the demo, the sensation of crushing my enemies with the force is a must!
    Besides I love Star Wars!

  • well i guess i’ll pick it up if it gets a trophy patch update. if not then i’ll just wait a year untill it drops down to greatest hits prices =]

    i own a 360 also but i happen to enjoy playing games more on the ps3 console. i only use xbox to play its exclusives like bioshock and gears XD

    but i cant wait untill bioshock comes to ps3 im sure it will be better then it was on the 360

  • I am a Star Wars fan myself. This game is a must-buy for me.

    From the vibe I get off the demo, it seems like you wont be able to fly ships, how come? I must say that the crucial parts of Star Wars games are that you are also able to fly the smaller ships and stuff. either way I am still getting the game because I loved the demo and really Star Wars has never been huge on graphics. but of course that is my take on it.

    No matter what game is out, there is another game to one up that game graphically. And whats all this stuff with the trophy support, if they don’t do trophy support, to me it’s not a big deal.

    If I was going to buy a game just because of trophy support, to me that’s pretty shallow.

  • Cool…but what else can i expect from this game…by the way this game looks amazing, Great Work! :)

  • Will wait to purchase this game until it gets trophies. If it doesn’t get trophies, I’ll just save my money for another game.

  • I’m sorry to say that, I played the demo and promptly cancelled my pre-order. Didn’t think much of it, obviously.

  • Im just going to wait until Star wars Battlefront 3 comes out. PLEASEEE tell me that you’ll make a third! I still play the 2nd and first!

  • This game looks awesome!!! Gonna buy it on day one, though I’d really like trophy support on the “near” future… In-game music doesn’t bother me, since the Star Wars orchestra music has always been lovely.

    Talking about TFU2 (I´m talking to YOU, Haden Blackman)…
    I know this Force Unleashed thing goes to guys who are children of both mother and father jedi, so why not making Vima Sunrider the next main character? She’s perfect for many reasons:
    -Her mother and father are jedi.
    -She shows great potential in the force in the Tales Of The Jedi comics (Redemption, specifically).
    -Her story has never been told! That should make things easy for you guys.
    -She lived in the Old Republic era. That time is very, very cool for videogames (note KOTOR I & II) and is actually one of my Star Wars favorites. Also, it’s a time of many conflicts, which could make up to awesome battles as her.
    -She’s a woman (kind of obvious for her name). This could actually tell people that not only men can be badass in Star Wars.

    I know you’re kind of stressed for all the hard work on TFU, and that the game hasn’t released yet… But still, give it a chance to my comment! This could lead to great ideas and, best of all, a great game. So… Please take your time, and think about it.

    PS: Don´t think for much time! I waited a loooong, loooooooong time for The Force Unleashed, and I’m still waiting as for now ;) .

  • I really think a lot of you people are pretty stupid, your gonna pass up a great game just cause there’s no reward for playing it. Pathetic

  • Hey Haden I really like your work, im buying the game on september 16 can’t wait. I hope to see a Force Unleashed 2 already :) its awesome.

    I don’t care about reward don’t worry those guys complaining are missing something good and fun. They should make their own game and see how hard it is. I always like the star wars game. Make sure we have Jedi knight, kotor and Battlefront on the ps3 please more starwars game.

  • I can’t wait to get this game. When I downloaded the demo I found myself replaying it just for the experience. The game play makes me think of Devil May Cry mixed with Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. Being able to launch several storm troopers into the wall with one blast gives me that warm happy feeling inside.

    I always enjoyed the story of Star Wars and it sounds like the storyline of this game tied in pretty well with the series. It kind of sucks that trophies won’t be incorporated into the game but I’m not a trophy fanatic so it won’t bug me too much.

    But if you guys do make a Trophy update for it in the future that’s always a plus. Great work on the game and I look forward to playing it.

  • I’m a big trophy fan too but you guys don’t have to be so mean to the guy here. He obviously would’ve added trophies if they had receivd the info in time.

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