Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on PlayStation Platforms Next Week

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I’m really excited for this opportunity to make my first public post about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed here at PlayStation.Blog. I spoke with Jeff from the Blog last Friday, and many of the questions you asked are answered in the video below.

The game is finally done, after several years of hard work by an incredibly talented team, and I can now just enjoy playing the game and begin to reflect on the experience of building it. When I do look back on the development effort, I’m amazed and humbled by the fact that we actually managed to finish the game. As the first internally-developed title from LucasArts in quite some time, we bit off several huge challenges, including: building a brand new game engine and tools from scratch for two new (at the time we started, anyway) platforms (including PlayStation 3); crafting a new story that bridges the gap between the two Star Wars trilogies; assembling a new team that had never worked together before; and integrating new and cutting-edge simulation-based technologies. Along the way, we also formed a new and unique partnership with our sister company Industrial Light & Magic, and worked closely with Krome Studios in Australia on the PS2 and PSP versions of the game.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

From the outset of development, we were committed to building games from the ground up for each platform, taking advantage of each platform’s strengths. We really tried to push the visual boundaries on the PS3, with lighting, cinematics, and VFX that I believe are world-class. In order to achieve the scale of destruction necessary to make the Force feel truly “unleashed,” we worked with Pixelux Entertainment to incorporate a simulation-based technology called Digital Molecular Matter (or DMM), which simulates the way that materials behave based on real world physics. If you throw a stormtrooper through a plate glass window, that window will shatter differently every time based on the angle of impact, the velocity of the stormtrooper, and other factors. We also use DMM on things like metal doors, which you can blast your way through using a powerful charged Force Push that causes the doors to bend and warp. To bring our characters to life, we collaborated with Natural Motion to integrate biomechanical AI called euphoria into the game. Euphoria infuses each of our enemies with a central nervous system and full suite of reflexes. Stormtroopers you pick up with the Force will writhe and flail, and will protect their heads or grab onto objects when thrown. The power of the next-gen systems allowed us to bring together these technologies – alongside the Havok physics system – to create authentic environments that are ultimately designed to be just really fun and interactive Force “playgrounds.”

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The feel of being “unleashed” has also been brought to life on the PlayStation 2 through robust physics. The physics system allows the player to affect and move around more objects than I’ve personally ever seen in a PS2 game. This allowed us to create highly-interactive and destructible environments. We also added exclusive content to both the PS2 and PSP. You’ll be able to visit the Jedi Temple, for example, a location that’s not found in the PS3 version of the game. On the PSP, we also have the concept of “historic missions,” which allow players to relive some of the key fights from the Star Wars Saga – but with “unleashed” powers. Imagine Luke and Darth Vader battling on Cloud City, but with amped up Force Push, the ability to create violent shockwaves, and more… And the PSP is one of the few platforms to include a multiplayer mode, again because we wanted to ensure that each version of the game has its own unique features.


Everyone at LucasArts, ILM, Krome, n-Space, Skywalker Sound, and Lucasfilm who has touched The Force Unleashed has worked extremely hard to realize the core vision: a game about kicking ass with the Force, wrapped up in a compelling new story that bridges the gap between the two trilogies. Most of us on the team are Star Wars fans, and we tried to make a game that we’d want to play, with a story that we felt remained true to the saga. But ultimately, I’m just hoping that people will find the game fun and addictive, whether you’re tossing stormtroopers into oncoming TIE fighters or punting Jawas into chasms on the junk world of Raxus Prime. I’m really looking forward to meeting fans at our Launch Event on Monday the 15th, and to hearing reaction to the gameplay and story.


We’ll have more on that – and a way for you to win some Star Wars/The Force Unleashed loot – next Monday.

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  • The demo was awesome.

    Thanks for letting us try it out!

  • That’s awesome, the demo was really fun.

    But, what about Life with Playstation? Is it ever going to release?

  • pre-ordered this game, can’t wait to play it

  • Why no Trophies?

    I really want this game. Are there any plans to patch the game with Trophy support?

    No Trophies = No buy.

    • Unfortunately, we received info on Trophies far too late in development (i.e., after we were already well into our QA process and very close to being considered \”final\” on the game) to support this feature. We haven\’t ruled it out completely, but right now we don\’t have any concrete plans for Trophy support. I\’m also disappointed that the timing didn\’t work out for us, but hopefully the Force Unleashed gameplay and the story will make up for it. :)

  • I was very excited for this game at some point, but after I played the demo. I realized the game wasn’t worth $60. Not to mention, the game doesn’t have Trophy support. I’ll just wait for a few more weeks to spend my $60 on Motorstorm 2 PR.

  • Loot? Did Someone say loot? Star Wars TFU loot?
    Me likey loot.

  • Nice update!

  • I loved the demo, still need to master the force though.

  • ye guys are making a big deal about the launch of this game on the ps3 yet it doesnt have any support for the ps3 features. if ye are gonna make a big deal about it at leased make the deal worth making…..did that make any sense?

    why no trophy support?
    why no home support?
    why no xmb music support?

  • @9: Ever heard of Game Updates?

  • Haden Blackman,

    Thanks for asking him about the Trophy support. It’s to bad he didn’t give a straight answer. My answer to him is…no Trophy support no buy buddy!

    Those screen shots looks really clean and crisp. How do I get my PS3 to look like that? My PS3 is connected via HDMI cable to a Sony full 1080p HDTV and it doesn’t look like that.

  • I Want bloob.. and arms/leg/heads cut by light saber…

    The children see the movies and play GTA IV… so… Why not…

    When you LucasArts launch a patch include Mature Version…with this things..

    on 18th.. the force is with my … :D

  • Demo was great. Can’t wait to get my hands on the full game!

  • If I can pry myself from Warhawk long enough I may have to just pick this game up….the demo was awesome.

  • @10 yes i have and they would have mentioned the patch by now if they planned to add them.

    have u ever heard of criterion games? well they dont make this game so im not expecting patches and updates

    NO TROPHIES – I DONT BUY there are so many good games coming out all as good as this game yet they have trophies so ill spend my money on them

  • I was waiting for this game but the demo didn’t impress me at all and like @11 Ghostm, I have my PS3 hooked up to my Sony Bravia via HDMI and doesn’t look that crisp like those in the pictures.

    Tired of games that only show the best part of the game to make people want to buy the game…

    Sorry but I will have to wait for this game to come out cheaper than the current pricing probably would buy used… not worth having.

    And no for me it’s not about the trophy support… The game seems to be developed for too many consoles it doesn’t have any exclusive feature for the PS3. And since it’s being made on older generation games can’t make the game better for PS3 and do worse on PS2 version…


    Here’s a list of games with Trophy support and kicks ass.

    1. LBP
    2. Motorstorm 2 PR
    3. Bioshock
    4. Socom
    5. Rock Band 2
    6. Buzz! Quiz TV

  • Needs a trophy patch the game plays like a beauty…If other games such as Bad Company, Bioshock, Burnout Buzz! Can have trophies why cant this even if they mirror achievements its better than nothing.Common guys do it for the fans it gives the game a extra edge :)

  • Wow, it’s really starting to bother me that so many PS3 owners are letting trophy support be the most important deciding factor when considering a purchase. We all know there’s so much more to the game experience. So many other important reasons to buy a game. And of course, like some you have already stated, there’s always game updates. An opinion.

  • @4
    If you want a game, but not going to buy it because there’s no trophy support, then you are not a gamer. You simply play to complete an objective to look cool to others…even they don’t give a [DELETED] about your trophy collection.

  • game updates are nice but whats the point in it if its not free update? most of the updates will cost you small fee, some good games have it for free but personally if its not an online game or game with online feature it shouldn’t have any updates from the beginning, games should be released the way it should be played. Really hate the fact that some gaming industries can come around few month later and release new versions of the game or updates to fix previous errors they made.

    It’s all about the money these days for most companies, money and trying to release the game on release dates, even if its half ass finished. (Don’t bring up LWP delays… atleast they trying to fix before release…)

    Specially game like this, why would they spend time on trophy support for one system when its released on multiple systems and pretty sure people would complain if its not released for free so why bother crying about it now… he said no trophy support, so thats end of that and like #20 ne_plus_ultra… when did the PS3 become all about trophies… we can’t even show them off to people yet so why even bother…LOL

  • I seem to remember a near identical spiel about appealing to Star Wars fans when Galaxies was released.

    That didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work on me now.

    I felt the entire concept of the game is just flashy powers and no substance. Which, based on Blackman’s statement of “I’m just hoping that people will find the game fun and addictive, whether you’re tossing stormtroopers into oncoming TIE fighters or punting Jawas into chasms on the junk world of Raxus Prime” seem to confirm it.

    How embarrassing.

  • @21 if other devs can put trophy support into their games they why cant these guys?

    this is the 3rd game from lucasarts on the ps3 and its the 3rd game to have no trophy support or plans to receive trophy support.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! we see games like this year after year the devs release it on every platform from the nes to ps3 too many platforms to handle. this game will be full of bugs and the devs WILL NOT SUPPORT IT!
    they are charging $60 for this game and because its on every console under the sun it will sell well no matter how the reviews go so they will get their money back and move onto the next game

  • the game looks and plays really awesome Haden! I’ve been personally waiting for this title since you guys released the force pre-vis a couple years ago. Trophy support would have been a plus but its not gonna stop me from buying this game. I can’t wait to get my hands on this when it drops next week. Congrats to everyone at the studios for getting this one out the door.


  • @ dan – what are the other two games from lucasarts? I hope you’re not talking about Lego Star Wars and Lego Indy because those games were brought to us by lucasarts but made by Take Two. This game was internally developed by Lucas Arts.


  • Not a big Star Wars fan but I loved the demo. Aside from the Force Grip taking some time getting used to and jumping not feeling right, it was a great demo. Probably is the only game I’m buying this month.

  • Despite early reviews of the DEMO, I think this will be awesome!

    The Force is Strong with this one!


  • Really let him off the hook in the interview. Many games have now patched trophies in, no reason they can’t (except they fired most of the development team!)

    I still don’t get it – Wii (et al) version get’s more content, multiplayer, etc. PS3 gets no PS3 particular support, has very average reviews and costs more.

    What am I missing?

  • LOL I never played the PS3 version but it’s good to know the info about the PSP version was correct! BTW: how did you make such big maps come to life on the PSP? I know Sony has a brand new game engine that Sony bend is useing to make games on the PSP that allow more color, brawder Texture palats, and more importantly better and less FPS Drop induceing larger scale envirments for the PSP system.

    I have seen several shots of the game in action and was blowen away by the detail and the level of detail in the game world for the PSP version. It is up there with most PS2 games for sure! I hope more developers can find ways to make PSP games bigger, mor epic, and more importantly run better with the new developer kits that Sony is handing out to PSP supporting developers and that PSP games only get better from here on! We all know it can do alot more then what it has shown so fare.

    Games like Final Fantasy, God Of War, And Killzone: Liberation all showed off what the PSP can do with large open ended envirments without the major FPS drops that happen in most other PSP games.

  • No trophy = no buy??? what are ya a bunch of trophy babies are ya? what did you ever do before trophies came out? PLAY THE GAME because its good, that’s what. I wish trophies never existed. Great update and can’t wait to play the full version of this. The “no trophy babies” can just miss out on ALL THE FUN! They have no idea what games are really about anyways.
    Anyone who rates this under 4 is not a real gamer!!!

  • @11

    The game runs @ 720p on the PS3. (At least the demo did from what I recall).
    Maybe forcing your PS3 to output only 720p and use a native 720p LCD/Plasma will give you a 1:1 pixel ratio, thus producing a very clean image.

    When viewing on a native 1080p, there is some interpolation/scaling/etc done either by your TV and/or the PS3. Unless the game is natively 1920×1080, which currently most game’s aren’t…

    These smaller images on the blog just looks cleaner due to . :)

  • Firstly – bravo. The game is remarkably beautiful. From what I got to witness in the demo for the PS3, it is fairly seamless and fluid. I just had a few issues with the camera and targeting system being accurate… I hope that that feature was tuned a little better in the final release (which I am going to purchase on release day!)

    Secondly – ENCORE! Now that The Force Unleashed is done, and the Star Wars Clone Wars movie was made, and that work has been done on some episodes of the Clone Wars series for Cartoon Network…

    Are you dusting off your fedoras and incorporating the technology you developed into The Force Unleashed into the upcoming Indiana Jones video game!?!? =)

    I -CANNOT- wait for that game. Indy is my hero… and so are all of you, for putting so much work into it so far and helping bring it into life and bring it to a whole new generation!

    – Joe

  • I honestly can NOT stop playing the demo. Cant wait to get this one in hand to play with some more levels! Great post Hayden, thanks!

  • @myself
    “These smaller images on the blog just looks cleaner due to .”

    whoa, I got cut off by the evil php monster!

    I meant to say:
    These smaller images on the blog just looks cleaner due to –insert fancy scientific optical illusion explanation here–.

  • Mr Blackman. Please do not insult gamer’s intelligence by saying “we could patch in trophies at a later date”.

    You either are, or you are not. There is no reason you can’t answer that question right now. Of course you’re worried that people won’t buy the game without the trophies, so you don’t want to give a straight “no” answer right now.

    But in the end people are only going to be more annoyed when you don’t just clearly state your answer. The wishy washy thing just doesn’t sit well with the hardcore gamers.

    I am not buying your game until I am told with certainty that trophies will be added via a patch.

    • My honest answer is that we\’re still evaluating it but have no current plans for a patch to support trophies. Hope that\’s clear enough for you. :)

  • No trophy patch….No buy. Sorry, but the mediocre reviews have put this on the back of my radar.

  • No Trophies, no thanks.

  • You talk a lot about the physics and that all sounds good, but PLEASE tell me that you also fixed the “disappearing” fragments issue. Like when you break something or throw a Storm Trooper to the ground, instead of being able to pick it back up again and throw it into something else, it disappears. That is something that looked INCREDIBLY cheesy on the demo and if it hasn’t been fixed, I’m going to buy Facebreaker instead of this game.

  • I was somewhat interested in this game. After playing the demo several times, I couldn’t find myself to even consider buying it. If this game had trophies, then I would have probable buy it next week

  • Looking forward to this one! Love the fast walk of Vadar playing in the background. He’s too smooth run. I want relive the the Star Wars Universe, today.

  • I have to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the demo, I really liked it, however the “re-playability factor” is very important when buying a game, and I don’t see a lot of replayability in this game, Trophy support would have also helped a lot potential buyers to purchase this game,and I know is not Lucas art’s fault, but the lack of trophy support really hurts this game.
    This game= A solid rental. no a purchase.

    • We also took a hard look at replayability. There are a ton of unlockables in the game, including new costumes, powers, and lightsaber crystals. The game also includes multiple difficulty settings (including a very hard mode that unlocks after you beat the game once), and two endinges. But, I think the biggest draw is the the chance to replay the game with different \”load outs\” in terms of your powers, combos, and talents. I find that the game is very different if you focus on using Force Grip vs. your lightsaber (as one example) – with the former, you\’ll want to upgrade your Force energy and unlock combos like \”lightning grenade\” which allows you to use lightning to charge up a gripped enemy and then hurl him into other enemies, causing him to explode. If you focus on the lightsaber, you\’ll want to unlock as many lightsaber combos as possible, slot your lightsaber with crystals that increase your damage output, and probably increase your health so you can survive wading into a group of enemies.

      Finally, some of the best replay opportunities come from replaying levels after you\’ve unlocked new powers – I really enjoy going back to the TIE Fighter Construction facility once I\’ve upgraded Repulse, for example, so see how much chaos I can create.

    • We were also very concerned about replayability when designing the game. We tackled it a number of ways:

      1) The game has four different difficulty settings, each of which is a very different experience. The \”very hard\” mode unlocks after you beat the game once.

      2) We have a bunch of unlockables you can collect, including new costumes and lightsaber crystals.

      3) We included two different endings.

      4) You can customize your loadout. For me, this is probably the most significant replay feature. Focusing on a play-style that relies heavily on Force Grip is very different than playing the game in a lightsaber-centric manner. With the former, you\’ll want to invest in increasing your Force Energy and unlocking Grip combos, such as \”Lightning Grenade\” (which allows you to use lightning to charge up a gripped enemy, who will then explode violently when you throw him into a group of enemies). With the latter, you\’ll want to unlock all of the saber combos, slot your lightsaber with damage-increasing crystals, and probably increase your health so that you can survive wading into a crowd of enemies.

      5) You can always go back and replay levels with your newly-unlocked abilities. I really enjoy going back to the TIE Fighter Construction Facility with a ranked up Repulse to see how much chaos I can create.

  • I was playing this demo one Saturday and about 10 minutes in I paused it and went to go pre-order it. If the game is even half as fun as the demo was, it’s a big win in my eyes.

    As for the for the “No Trophies = No Buy” I can understand wanting Trophies but punishing the developer because of time tables and releases isn’t fair. If they had post poned the game to add Trophies people would have complained to the high heavens. And if they released over versions of the game while we wait for the PS3 version EVERYBODY would have a field day with that. The “DelayStation” drones, PS3 Sux Fanboys, and everybody who now thinks 360 price drops are going to ruin the “year of the PS3,” especially would have come out wagging the “I told ya so” stick.

  • are you gonna support wiimotion plus
    cause its really gonna suck on the wii without it

  • Very nice looking game :)
    I’ll try and get this when I can ;)


    I don’t see why people are basing their game-buying decisions based completely on trophy support :(

    They’ll be missing alot.

  • @ TDH

    Patch the trophies in and I re-consider my purchase. I understand timetables were tight, but if smaller devs can patch em in there is absolutely no reason not to expect LucasArts to do the same.

  • Hi Haden,

    Thanks for posting to the blog we really appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us. I am really excited about SW:TFU and plan on picking up the PS3 version.

    However I am a tad displeased to hear about the differences that each version of the game has. While commendable and I’m going to assume you had nothing, but good intentions here; requiring us to pay over 130 dollars (assuming PS2 is 40 and PSP is 40) for the full experience is kind of lame. I like what you’ve added to the PSP version, but there was no reason the PS3 version couldn’t have had these options as well as the Jedi Temple.

    Don’t get me wrong I like the idea of bonus material and in a platform specific form, but the PS3 really is the beast of the three versions and can devour the other two versions of the game alive. It’s like you’re apologizing to PSP and PS2 fans for not being able to afford a PS3.

    PSP version I might get anyway do to it’s networked game play (not sure if you mentioned if this was adhoc or infrastructure or infrastructure via PSP to PS3 firmware update) and because it takes advantage of the hardware. I would like to see more games take advantage of the PSP and PS3. Also PSPtoPS3 connectivity as well.

    Anyway thanks again for posting and making what seems to be an amazing game that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I’m hoping for a story that surpasses the drivel of the first 3 films. Even hoping that Apprentice lives beyond TFU and comes back for a game placed after the return of the jedi.

  • No Trophy Support(TS) support = no buy. Wow, our gamers look like a bunch of whiners to put it kindly. I never thought that would be a deciding factor for any gamer is does it have Trophies (/facepalm), not the storyline, gameplay, fun factor, replay factor or even controls or word of mouth but trophy support. I guess I haven’t gotten into the whole trophy getting fad don’t think I ever will. If these same gamers want home, I can see it now the convos it will strike up.

    homeguy1: Hi, welcome to home, lets go to my house so you can check out my trophies
    homeguy2: could careless
    homeguy1: but I got lots of trophies
    homeguy2: I could careless trying to play CoD4 or T5Online you trying to play a game or what
    homeguy1: ok

    • I\’m really hopeful that positive word of mouth will spread about the game because ultimately we tried to build an accessible entertainment experience (on all platforms) that a lot of people could play and actually finish. We\’re all Star Wars here, so we also tried to make a game that Star Wars fans would appreciate, with a story and characters that seem authentic. Hopefully, we came close to the mark on all those fronts.

      In terms of exclusive content and features on the various platforms, that\’s always a really hard call. We wanted to design games that took advantage of the platforms to the best of our knowledge (which was difficult because we didn\’t always have all the information about every platform), and also respond to the information we had about the ways people tend to game on the different platforms. Ultimately, I think that each version has a pretty robust feature set (and all provide the same storyline and an \”unleashed\” experience).

    • I meant say \”We\’re all Star Wars *fans* here…\” not just that we\’re \”all Star Wars…\” though that certainly describes me. :)

    • I meant to say: \”We\’re all Star Wars *fans* here…\” not just \”We\’re all Star Wars…\” (though that certainly describes me :)).

  • Not buying it cuz ive never been a star wars fan. And who gives a flying flock about trophies? I know i dont. As a matter of fact im sick and tired of hearing about them. Yesterday the only news on this blog was about novastrike supporting trophies? Wow great news..not! So now its to the point where trophy news is supposed to be exciting..? lame. screw trophies. I wish they never brought that crap to the ps3 cuz it brings out all the little whiners crying when a dev chooses not to implement them. Play the freakin game for what it is damn it!

  • I was planning on getting this game, but after playing the demo, I don’t think it’s worth $60.

  • battlefield bad company from ea is getting a trophie patch, some companies do listen, my advice, get that game, and wait for the trophie patch to be implemented in the ps3 version before buying it

    lucasarts has enough money to dedicate one day in implementing trophies in the ps3 game, if you really want to play the game, just rent it

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