Novastrike Update Brings Trophies…Right Now

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Hey folks –

I’ll keep this one short – the NOVASTRIKE update is finally out. Again, highlights of the update include trophies, tamed difficulty modes, customizable controls, XMB playlist support, and more.


You can also read about the NOVASTRIKE trophy requirements on PS3 Fanboy’s trophy page.


I’d definitely like to thank QA, developer support, and my account manager – they were very responsive in helping us get the update out this week. As always I’ll be reading and responding to comments here.


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  • Just played into stage 3. Even on recruit, its still damn hard. But at least its not as rediculous as it was. I think the difficulty problems come from the following:

    having to deal with 2 seperate guns, which each have different weapons to cycle through. On top of the omnigun. Makes it tough to be shooting 3 weapons at once, pay attention to enemies, which weapon your useing, how much health you have, etc.

    aiming the ground bomb (cant remember the name) is WAY hard. you move the stick either way and it goes way off the target. I prettymuch dont use it at all, and opt for the shredder(?) to take out ground targets.

    I really think the problem most people have with this game is due to its complexity. I like the complexity for the challenge, but i can see how some would be turned off by it.

    BTW, i read where you said you can play the hardest setting and barely ever die. You are the man.

    • Hi rbanke. Hope you still find it to be a lot more manageable overall. I know there\’s more to manage with a couple of weapon systems (and multiple weapons under each).

      As far the Trembler bomb – yeah, in our focus-testing we saw some were really comfortable with it, others not so much. But it does have proximity. But we also made sure to improve the Shredder\’s auto-lockon.

      Anyhow, I hope you\’re able to still enjoy it.

  • sweet!!!!!!! just purchased it!!!!!!!

  • forgot to add, thanks for the update. I hope you guys get some more sales, i bought it day one mostly to support you guys.

  • Downloading the patch now.Ready to give it another try.Thanks!

  • 2 questions
    will there be a demo?
    what are you guys working on now?

    • Hi chip14. Right now we\’re just going through the submission process at SCEE (for Europe), and then we want to work on a demo shortly after that. We\’re not really working on anything else just yet – right now I\’m just trying to make NOVASTRIKE a game that can be more enjoyed by both existing and new owners.

  • Thanks for supporting this game and listening to the critics. I was waiting for this update and will get the game now!

    BTW, I’m still stuck on 91% for Super Stardust HD Trophies… darn Bomber Trophy is ULTRA DIFFICULT (should’ve been a Gold one).

    • Hi FreQaZoiD. Well, from what I\’ve seen, our trophies aren\’t quite as difficult to get as SSHD (although our Legendary trophy will challenge a lot of players). Thanks for the support, and hope you enjoy the game.

  • Thanks for answering my question. I plan on buying this game now.

  • thx for the update.

    how many Trophies you already have Kevin!?

    and give us a hint on what those hidden trophies might be!

    • I have one trophy – Heralder No More. But don\’t worry, I\’ve gotten them way too many times while testing the game. But right now I want to see actual customers get the trophies first, then I\’ll go ahead and get them. :)

      Hidden trophy requests already? Sheesh! Well… Considering it\’ll be less than a day before most are revealed (I\’m sure)… What if you were to beat the game without failing a single objective (on any difficulty)? That would be kind perfect.

  • why is it impossible to log into the blogs on playstation blogs from a Ps3??

  • It would be nice to know what all trophies are available.

    Once someone posts a list, I’ll add that info to the trophy thread in the forums as well.

  • Forgot to ask a question in my earlier post. Does the trophies Destroyer (Destroy 500 aerial opponents on any difficulty) and Ground Sweeper (Destroy 200 Drealus ground structures on any difficulty) accumulate through several playthroughs, one campaign or just one stage for instance?

    • Hi Pesico. Your progress is saved as you advance – so you can beat the first couple stages, save, quit, then resume later to continue progress on Destroyer or Ground Sweeper. Hope that helps.

  • Hey Kevin. Nice that you guys just drop an update in like this. Surprises are always nice.

    Quick question though. I don’t have the game, but I’m trying to be a trophy pig. Do you think someone could mention to Sony, that there are a lot of Qore subscribers that already have Call All Cars, and we’d like to spend this $10 on a PSN game we do not have. I for one, would download a game w/ trophies. (hint, hint)

    Thanks…and get EU your game.

  • I agree with MeltTech. It is good that they are including trophies with this game. Nice update. Now if only Fallout 3 gets some sort of trophy support..

  • No playstation network card= no game ,meh i dont blame you guys at tiki,sony why do you do this to canada!!!!!!!why!!!!!!!!!!

  • For the love of god, STOP WITH THE HIDDEN TROPHIES!

    They will not stay hidden…their requirements will leak onto the internet, and they will no longer be hidden. Save me the [DELETED] trouble of wasting the bandwidth.


    Any game that features “hidden trophies” from here on out is UNECESSARY! If this trend continues, I will never support a game or developer who does this. This is getting ****ing absurd. Do you hear me Tiki? Tell me what the hidden trophies are, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I’ll consider purchasing your game that has by all measures been a total catastrophe among critics.

    • Hi Madman. Sorry that the hidden trophies angers you so much, but we only did three (and they\’re just bronze). They\’ll be exposed within a day on any trophy list.

  • Hey Kevin remember me ?( the guy that you suggest play again the game with the new update in your old post here ). Well, im downloading the update now, so, soon I can talk about about the Novastrike “reloaded”, Thanks for the trophies.

    • Hiya JBruno, yep, I remember you. I hope you find it more enjoyable. Feel free to post your thoughts, of course.

  • hey hidden trophies are fun!! ;-)

  • Thank you SOOOOOO much for patching this game, it was just waiting on my hard drive for THE REMEDIES O.O. However it’s official the game wasn’t only difficult before, but I also suck at it. Before it was just umbarably hard, now I could use some advice on bombing stuff and what not. Don’t suppose we could get some videos here on the blog. Keep getting my ass handed to me on stage 2.

    • Hi KazeEternal. I can defintely look into doing a guide. In the meantime is there a particular objective on Stage 2 that\’s giving you the most trouble?

  • I will probably get this game next month. I just spend $60 dollars on the PSN just the other day. But I will get this game because it look fun.

  • this blog entry makes me think of the Unwritten Law song – ‘seein red’! LOL look at all the comments and then all the replies from Mr. McCann. CRAZY. there was a point where he was replying to everyone! Devs should take note, this is how you run a biz. Seriously great job Kevin and everyone at TIKI. I’ll be sure to check this game out (I hadn’t even heard of it).


    • Thanks, lakaihigh. I feel it\’s pretty important to be responsive to the customer base. And if you pick the game up I certainly hope you enjoy it.

  • @ lakaihigh

    Agreed. I actually read every single post just to see the replies.

  • Been playing and maybe I just dont understand this game that well,but it’s still hard on recruit. Just seems like the weapons aren’t powerful enough.I’ll keep playing,but still needs some tuning I think.

  • Hey, this game looks pretty fun, but as far as gameplay is concered, is it similar to that of SSHD?

    • Hi MegaClank. It\’s really not a twin-stick shooter like SSHD or Geometry Wars. As some have stated, it\’s a bit more \”old-school\” – most of your weapon systems fire in the direction that you\’re heading (although you have some weapons that are seeking and/or special purpose). You\’re also always traveling at set velocity (although you can afterburn to do temporary speed bursts).

  • See what happens when the person who starts the post responds to lots of comments? Support! I can’t believe Kevin replied to so many comments. Just on that alone I commend him and will pick up the game!!! If only othere (Jeff) would follow in his footsteps, Sony would be a better place! All we ask is for some answers…
    Once again, thanks Kevin for taking time out to talk to us…

    • Sure thing, safil. As I\’ve stated in some earlier replies – I do feel reading and responding is important, and this update was heavily based on feedback in the first place. If you pick up the game I hope you enjoy it.

  • Hidden Trophy
    Don’t You Die On Me
    The friendly rebel Heralder must survive through the end of Khara (Stage 3)

    Thanks to Draenis

  • thanks for the patch Kevin im loving it ^.^

  • Well died again for the third time on the first stage at the Heralder..Gonna give it a rest.I can get into the top couple thousand at SSHD,but can’t do crap with this.

    • Hey enewtabie – sorry to hear that. When you get to the Heralder – how are you going about attacking it? I would definitely recommend staying to the sides or back (and not flying in front – it\’s an instant kill if it runs you over).

      On RECRUIT and SOLDIER the friendlies can really help. If you want you can focus on enemy fighters and let the friendlies do most of the work.

      Again, sorry for the frustration you\’re having – if you can give me more details I\’ll try to help.

  • so kevin will u guys at tiki stay behind the ps brand with new upcoming games?

  • there is a problem after i finish a level the screen just goes blank[black screen] and nothing happen then i quit the game ;/ even with the training after i finished it it goes blank , anyone experiencing this?

    • Sorry for the delay in respodning, CoOoL_BoY – I was having trouble posting for a bit. Maybe they thought I was spamming. :)

      Anyhow, sorry to hear that you\’re running into an issue. Did you purchase the game, or did you patch it? I\’ll try to help as I get more information. Again, I apologize for the frustration – this is the first I\’ve heard of this.

  • man even though i never played this game but seriously we haven’t seen any othe honest blogger than Mr Kevin……replaying nearly every post ^^RESPECT^^

  • Just bought the game. I haven’t had a chance to play it, (homework), but I’m looking forward to it. Thanks again for the support Kevin, (I think you may have the record for responses), and everyone at Tiki Games.

  • Great work guys,

    I made a promise to my self, that if you fixed the issues and added Trophies I would get the game… well I’m downloading it at this exact moment!!

    Thanks for the love for the community, we hope more cool games come from Tiki!


  • Well, having spent a little time with NovaStrike after the patch, I’d say it’s definitely more enjoyable.

    Then again, trophies and custom soundtracks can probably make any game more enjoyable.

    Although I must admit, before the patch the music was my favorite part.

    Anyways,Thanks Mr.McCann.

  • Well on stage 2, pretty much on the first objective. Takes me 2 ships just to take out the targets. I seem to lack technique for destroying everything on the island without taking heavy damage. I try taking out the little ships first and anything in the air, but i always find myself trying to make a strafing run and obviously lose my shields and get down into the red.

    I’ve tried making mini flybys on the perimeter of the island with little luck. I just can’t get my aim good enough to hit my targets. Precision is killing me for lining up the crosshair on bombable targets.

    It really just seems to come down to my technique while playing. Maybe to much stardust HD always RUSH RUSH RUSH with that game. I feel like I should be able to effectively use the weapons, but I quickly become over whelmed by what I get so its hard to remember what each does. Man I suck at this game lol.

    • Hi KazeEternal.

      Have you tried sticking to the Shredder for the time being (maybe you are – just not sure if you\’re having trouble using the Shredder or Trembler Bomb – or both).

      When you line up on the oustide perimeter runs – do you try fly off far enough so that you can head back toward the island and make just little heading adjustments (versus trying to turn around when everything is in view and having less time to compensate)? Also, the Shredder is fairly reasonable at locking on – if you fly in the general direction of a ground structure and hold it steady it should lock on fairly well.

      Beyond that – flying over that island is pretty deadly (as I know you\’re aware). If you can stick to the perimeter it\’ll help a lot. Also, there are two structures that are fairly explosive – on the south siide (where you\’re flying up toward at the start) there\’s a structure between the launch pad and the laser battery – if you can blow it up it\’ll take out the fighter on the launch pad and the laser battery. On the north side of that is another one of those structures that can blow up two turrets if you take it out.

      There\’s definitely something to be said for not rushing headlong into certain objectives. Are you also using electro-mines? They can be great to drop a couple to deal with smaller pests while doing the perimeter runs. I\’ll try to help more, of course, but just some quick suggestions. And I\’m seriously considering doing a small guide write-up.

  • thanks for answering my question
    i just purchased the game

  • I hope you guys release a demo when it hits the Euro store (I’m still uncertain about it).

  • Kevin, thank you for the update. Can’t wait to try it out again. I as many others are in the middle of updating it…I am sure.

    I do want to mention that I find it awesome that you take the time to talk to us here in the forums. I wish all developers would be this communicative.

    I know you have mentioned that you have a lot on your plate with getting the game to Europe. Any thoughts on what you might on the type of game you want to make next? Totally understand if you say no comment.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Remmulak. Glad you enjoy the support.

      If there was any game I could next it would be completing the first game we were developing – a handheld RTS game for the PSP called Galaxy\’s End. No, this doesn\’t mean we\’re working on it right now, but if I find the opportunity to finish it, I will.

  • Kevin, One question
    -Destroy 500 aerial opponents on any difficulty

    Does this accumulate in all my plays in the different levels and difficulties or it has to be done in 1 playthrough, for example on recruiter from stage 1 to the final stage?

    • Hi Morphine16 – I\’m not sure if I responded to this already (I did some responses that I think didn\’t go through), but just in case…

      Your progress toward stat-based trophies is saved. So for Destroyer if you were to play through Stage 1 and Stage 2, then save and quit, then resume later – you\’d only have to earn the difference. Hope that clears it up.

      Ground Sweeper takes longer than Destroyer – it feels like you\’re blowing up a lot of ground structures (and you are), but you\’ll get Destroyer first. :)

  • Wow. This is a big update at over 200 MB. I’m surprised you guys called it v1.01. Seems like it should at least be v1.25 with how much good stuff you have packed in. I’m actually only downloading it just now, but I have no doubt that I’ll be able to get further this time! :D

    Just know that you’re always welcome here. I look forward to anything and everything you guys bring in the future. :D

  • Quick question, on Ground Sweeper: Destroy 200 Draelus ground structures on any difficulty. Does this keep track of all kills on any difficulty or do you need 200 kills on 1 difficulty.

    • Hi bryanh7. You need to destroy 200 ground structures on a given difficulty. You can\’t blow up 100 in RECRUIT then another 100 in SOLDIER to get it.

      That said, the progress is saved, so if you\’ve blown up 100 in RECRUIT, quit out, then resume later you\’ll just need to blow up 100 more.

      Ground Sweeper takes some time. If you\’re blowing up pretty much all the Draelus ground structures from the first Stage forward you\’ll generally get it on Stage 5 (Tolak 1). Hope this helps.

  • Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys!

    I love the fact that you guys are still supporting your games after launch. Kudos to you guys!

  • Cool haven’t tried this game might now only because of tropies :)

  • Hello, Kevin McCann I just purchased Novastrike becouse Ive been waiting for this patch to be released and I have to say, I really enjoy this game. After playing many of the markets dual stike shooters I had to get used to the controls alittle bit, but once that was finished it turned out to be a $9.99 well spent.

    Seeing if NovaStrike sells well, or better is there a chance you will continue to support the Playstation Network, and if so more exclusives or multiplatorms.

    Along with that question, how did you enjoy working along sony for the launch of the patch, and Novastrike all together?


    • Hi SpookyJuice. Thank you for your support, and I’m definitely glad you’re enjoying it. Regarding getting used to NOVASTRIKE after playing other dual-stick shooters – when we were developing NOVASTRIKE I wanted to make sure it wasn’t another dual-stick shooter. There are very some well-executed dual-stick shooters out there, and there was simply no need for us to go there. But at the same time I underestimated that while NOVASTRIKE is still a top-down shooter, a lot of players nowadays are very used to dual-stick shooters – so NOVASTRIKE incurred a higher learning curve. Even the objectives added a layer that I didn’t think would be an issue.

      Regarding platforms – we have no immediate plans to take NOVASTRIKE to any other platforms. If anything I’d just like to improve it on the PS3 over time. We definitely want to continue working on the PlayStation 3 (and possibly PSP again). Sales definitely influence this, but we really actually do like working on PS3 and PSP.

      As for your final question – well, NOVASTRIKE was a pretty tough experience. I’ve been in the industry over a dozen years now, and really had to finish the game under far less than ideal circumstances (finances, a very small but dedicated team, and so forth – plight of many an independent developer).

      Working on the patch/update was actually a lot smoother than the original release – mostly because the game systems were done, and we had over two months to work on the update – pure production.

      However, working up to the original release was a pretty dark experience at times. Like a lot of independent developers, we’re often trying to find funding. We had some originally, but that went away (some investors had invested in us and another gaming studio – the other studio lost them a ton of money, so then they backed out on us). That cost us a lot of resources we had planned for on NOVASTRIKE (as well as another game), plus then we had to self-fund NOVASTRIKE to the finish line. Again, we’re not unique here – it’s not a given that a contract will last through a game’s completion. In some ways I’m grateful we were able to finish the game; a lot of independent developers don’t even get that chance.

      As to working with Sony – the overall experience with Sony just got better over time. In the beginning I was definitely impatient with not getting responses now and then, but the truth is that they have a lot of publishers they work with and we’re just one of the many publishers out there (and pretty darned small at that). I think part of it is also just a weeding process – if you can keep persisting then the support from Sony will get better because they realize you’re actually going to finish what you started. So by the time we shipped NOVASTRIKE I’d say the relationship with Sony was (and still is) pretty good.

      Anyhow, sorry for the lengthy response – I’m a fast typist, so it’s pretty easy to whip up semi-detailed responses. Hope you continue to enjoy the game.

  • So how do you think someone will do at this game now, who may be below average at skills for playing this type of game…is the easiest set really easy, or is there still some ramped up difficulty. Then only thing keeping me from buying this game is the continued discussions of how difficult this game really is. I just want to pick up this game and play through on easy first, and not throw my controller at the TV. Then after playing through easy I would play again at ramped up difficulty. Even with the patch though, is this game really easy on easy?

    • Hi frostquake. We really tamed RECRUIT and SOLDIER. Naturally I\’m still seeing some comments in here where some players are having difficulty – but at the same time I\’m also watching the leaderboards and seeing more and more people progress past stages that were originally too hard in the first release (we added showing the last stage completed in the update – and this also helps me track this). But again, I\’m understandbly probably still not the best-qualified to answer this. Hopefully for more folks that were frustrated with the original release\’s difficulty will post their feedback.

  • Playing it right now! LOVE IT! Can’t wait to grab up those trophies!
    Great work on the game!
    I really wish everyone would give it a 2nd shot it really is a good game! Plus trophies ROCK!

    Thanks for all the support! I hope to see more games from Tiki Games!

  • BTW Would love to see the RTS game for PSP that would make my lunch break at work ROCK! =)

    SCEA, Finance that RTS PSP game!

    • Hey SCEA, looks like you\’ll have to fund Galaxy\’s End for the PSP – or Enforcer_X will come after you. :)

      But yeah, we\’d love to finish it. Also, I\’m glad you\’re enjoying NOVASTRIKE (per your prior post). Have a good week.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I’d like to thank you for how much you are responding to the community. I love seeing this in developers and it helps me feel better about giving them my dollars and support.

    As a big shooter fan, this game had my attention but the review scores turned me away. I’m interested in trying the game out with the new updates and perks, but I simply gotta play a demo first :) I look forward to playing the game, though!

  • 10:08pm Kevin is still replying to posts man that is dedication!

    Game is so good I am still playing it and I have to wake up for work in 4 hours! lol

  • it’s time 2 hunt .

  • First off:
    Hello to everyone at Tiki games! As a whole I would like to thank you all. If some of you have a chance please read this yourselves.

    Second off:
    Hello to Mr. McCann, how are you? I ask this cause I’m not here to complain about anything really. I’m hoping to give you a break from all the same boring comments “price drop… it was too hard… blah blah blah”

    Personally I think you people at Tiki did a great job the first time. It was not that it was too hard or hard to control, just to many people can’t multitask or learn new things fast enough anymore. They want the satisfaction of winning handed to them on a plate drenched in ketchup. I also think games are too easy in the current form. Maybe Novastrike and the new Bionic Commando Rearmed helped some kids realize what it was like… just with a little zaz.

    I’m also thankful like another great game (warhawk) that you used the xmb music feature and not a personal jukebox. It seems more like how it should be done, clean and easy to use.

    Joining the big boys with the trophies is also a great step for your company. I love to see a “small scale game” make it in the big leagues.(can’t believe they called it that… thought it was “too hard”) Congrats too all of you for being more caught up on you current release rather than work on something else, I mean that.

    10$ for this game is a fine price. 10$ barely buys anything in the present time. I’m 25 and feel old thinking about 1$/gallon or 85 octane… how much for supreme plus now??? For a gallon of milk? I put 10$ in smoke every 10 minutes… it’s just money! It’s earned to be spent or hold it for no reason…

    In short, your doing great people. Keep it up and I’ll gladly be buying your next title. If you need a good tester let me know, my PSN id is my name and I’d love to help sometime if ya ever need it.

    Thanks again,
    p.s. please no TouchyED comments please, i’m so tired of you!

    • Hi danklown. I appreciate the feedback. And while I did tone down RECRUIT and SOLDIER I made sure to keep VETERAN and especially HARDCORE challenging.

      I\’m glad you\’re enjoying what we\’re doing overall.

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